Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon

Author: Neon Play

500,000+ install


Build your golf empire and become the biggest golf tycoon in the world!

Customer review

Angela Coey

Takes too long to level up

Joel Burgess


Amanda Rok

It stopped giving me the option to double my earnings when I logged back into the game, it seemed more interested in getting me to give it a review than hear it is. I have deleted this game off my phone. Don't waste your time, graphics are poor and takes forever to upgrade your course. Even for a free game this one is pretty lame 😒

Dennis Diekman

Why doesn't the pro shop get used or the food courts/bar?

Rob Mcmuffin

very fun and involved idle title with very few interruptions.

Lance Freeman

Great game if you like to make money and upgrade your golf course.

martin bill

To many ads, can't progress without watching ads or buying. Bought all shop bars etc but they never get used waste of time.

Tony Martin

Nice idea but: 1) game is too basic. No build times, too easy early on, doesn't really matter what order you build or upgrade items. 2) after a few days I had built and started upgrading items then the costs became stupidly high. E.g over a million to buy a comfy chair! 3) you earn more money from watching videos than from takings. Must be a good earner for the developer. Overall a really good idea but no longevity to this game

Mitch Hall

Pretty much over after you unlock hole 9

Bradley Bussiere


the brotherhood

Its a great offline game

Sean Edwards

Once you've got all 18 holes the game has no point. There's no aim for progression. Getting to Max everything out is all that was left to do and that has also become tedious.

Alan Althaus

If you like building golf courses, this is your game

Joram Kritas

Players never in the lounge. Cars love to crash into the median strip. No balls ever go in the bunkers or water. I don't mind paying a little to get the most out of a game but the prices are a bit high. This had huge potential but hanging for updates

Jake Mrenica

I know that most games like this you hit a point where it becomes more of a grind than anything to collect stuff/money unless you drop serious real cash, but it came SO early in this game. Able to get holes 1-8 pretty easily(maybe 2 days?), then it jumps from hole 8 costing 14m to hole 9 costing a 30x increase and let me assure you adding that hole does NOT increase your earnings by even close to that amnt. Bof. Good idea, trash execution.

Grant Keeping

Good game.

Jason Dollarhide

It's a fun game. The cost to build things is way too much. Most of the time when you watch a video to.triple your offline income it does t work

Brandon Burke

It would be nice if the prices for holes didnt sky rocket. Lost interest very fast. Takes too long to just get to 5 holes..

Jonathan Roberts

It's a prrtty fun game until you get to hole 6/7 when you are forced to watch 10 ads at a time or buy premium for $13!?! before being able to afford anything. It's a money trap. Not to mention either programmed poorly or maliciously to cut your earnings by ~75% while minimized. I was at the point where I could leave the app open and generate the same amount in 5 minutes as I could in the next 2 hours away from the app. Plus it drains battery like no other (maybe it is just poorly programmed?).

Harry Stello

You never get through this unless you pay money. I don't mind watching ads, but if it costs 5 billion to build a hole and you get 10 million for watching an ad, totally waste of time.


Good game constantly being improved

Joshua Barnes

Fun and addicting

Sean Boyer

All about money.

Cassidy Davis

You have to pay for everything right from the start. Hate these kinds of games

Alejandro Raffaele

Don't waste you time. It's not a bad game till you reach hole 9, then the costs of everything is absurd. The game was designed only to make money making out of you watching ads in order to advance in the game (which after hole 8 you get almost nothing) Don't get to excited, the things that you upgrade they downgrade over time HAHA never seen anything like that. Payed for ad free which didn't work. Refund required, game unistalled

Thomas Folsom

Fun game but always crashes after a few ads

TYler Mitchell

Slow start of game doesn't get any faster or more enjoyable

David White

Having good fun so far

Charlie Fields

It was fun at first but after the first 6 or 7 holes it just took way too long to make any real progress.

souleymane sangare

Fun game

Travis Singleton

I never earn offline earnings even though I watch all of the ads

Elizabeth Lacey

It's cool, different

Geoffrey Goodrell

Well, the game was pretty good until you purchase hole 9. Then the holes 10-18 cost billions of dollars while only earning pennies offline, unless you wanna pay. Either way, the game doesn't keep you interested while building up billions to purchase more holes. It's boring but ill hold off uninstalling hoping an update spices it up. Hope you read this. And that invester coming through wanting to only invest that is about enough to buy a cube of ice in this game. Step up your game

Edward Lydecker

The videos for 3x the amount of coins never works. Total joke. Just another money grab game. Dont waste your time its quite boring especially when it cost crazy amount of coins to do anything and then the 3x doesnt ever work. What a waste of time.

Oskar Oskar

Way too much ads.

Inbound Mirror


Scott Stephen

Would have been 4 star but seem to be making less money since the update

Jason Mihaere

Not really a tycoon game. More an upgrade game

Jacob Sanders

No intro or explanation about what i need to do. Not user friendly and quite boring

Sean Adams

Game play very slow. Golfers hold up the course because they wait for hole to be finished instead of playing at a real pace. After hole 7 the cost jump is astronomical. Been playing 7 days and not even close to upgrade. Not worth your time.