Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon

Author: Neon Play

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Build your golf empire and become the biggest golf tycoon in the world!

Customer review

Clint Muse

fun game .. lots to upgrde.. ads allow u to build at your own pace. or enjoy the play and upgrade .. does not take long like some have said.. played for two hours straight had fun..

Perry Minielly

More ads than game.

evan sarrazin

Lots more fun than the regular games, slightly more interactive because you can watch them golf your course

Leopold Elzanowski

Amazing game loads of fun no forced ads and I think really balanced pricing even if you just(not play for some months) leave it for a while like I did I came back and you might aswell start playing it alot however once things start to get expensive it's more of a wait and upgrade but that'll hopefully get fixed otherwise great game

Michael Wintermute

Kool game


I love the music in the game it's nice and clam so I can relax I just want to know what song they had for their game

Whitney Bookout

Golf game Lol

Maritza Potgieter


Dan Varilly

This game is amazing. It would be a 5 star game, however, the lead golfers freeze often and stop all progress on the course. This is a big issue, but the game is so well made, I paid the 12.99 for an awesome ad free idler. Please fix this issue and its a 5 star game all day!

Donald Suba

It's not a fast paced game but it is enjoyable


Oh no no,

Tawon Ar

เกมสวยดี ลื่นไหลดี แต่ของแพง ได้เงินน้อย กดดูโฆษณาไม่ค่อยเล่นด้วย

B Wunder

Lots of fun

Favig 1995

I like the game but 3 things are missing 1. toilets 2 .kiosks and 3. a driving range please put this 3 missing things in the game then I will give you 5 stars

Terry joice

Good until 10th hole then got boring very quickly uninstalled

Chris Graddon

Needs some more updates...

Alan Saler

Is kinda fun needs more in-depth tutorial about the small hidden things you have to do for your pros

mia mine

Great game! Maybe make it so we can make a character and play/upgrade him. Reminds me of simgolf for PC.


Not enough actual game managing, just a bunch of ads to watch to progress


Fun time killer

hunter green


Colby cheezer

Fun game

Tom Thumb

Best one yet

James Pitt

Would be a tree a really great game if u could change the holes, extend the hazards and have other money making items

Brandy Sibenaller

Play it

Sam Calibre

I genuinely like this one. Do more of these kind. Do a basketball one if possible.

David Bulfoni

Too hungry for poor people

ko myo

Zaw Htwe

Jon Small

Ok but then there is nothing else you can do with it

Daniel Romero

The game is great it's a good sim.

Matt Hurt

Fun out first but it quickly because a game where you make more in game currency outside of the game so you only go in the game once or twice a day to collect currency and level up the course. Leveling up the course starts to become incrediblely more expensive than you can afford so you have to level up one thing at a time

Justin Osborne

It was a good game early on. But as I progressed it got to the point where I was only able to log on one or twice a day so I was no longer ever able to upgrade anything.

Todd Kalutich

Needs new courses. Short game to complete

bj morgan

You are unable to send your golfers to do the tournaments which is very disappointing

Chris C

Too much ads

Martin Cummings

Great wee game. Nice, chilled out time killer.

Jen Spahn

This game is so fun and I can't stop playing

Chris Webb

Fun and not too many ads now which is good. However even if you max out the golfers skills you can't really finish higher than 80 in the tournaments

Eron Ringler

costs to much to get your back nine

David Ooi

Boring game that is ridden with ads

Jake Jake

I just love this game 🎮 it is so cool thank you guys

Andre Jodoin


joel tidd

Way to slow on the new designs been waiting about a month for the up coming upgrade

Debbie Hardy

I love this app

Brandon Hubbs

Game is fun but it is impossible to place higher than 80 in tournaments. My pros are all maxed and still can't break 80. Also once the course is done there's nothing to do. The tournaments you hold are pointless and repetitive.

Joseph Fernandez

Solid game for golf lovers

Ian Clarke

I am only deleting this game because it is pushing an lgtbq agenda on me. I do not think I or my children should be watching a drag queen advert. You should be ashamed of yourselves

Drew Westbrook

Obvious bug. When closed then re-open golfers wont play unless full zoom...and a bit of control freak...gotta this gotta that to continue or else your course falls short...ex. the bunkers on the first hole...why is that there? A par 3 second where they lay-up??? Far far far from perfect...oh and the ads. Literally cant play for 5 seconds with out a much needed ad. Good luck. You'll hate it. Thanks for getting the simgolf like "ball rolling" again..watching ads...for that

Kevin Lynch

After a few days started getting ads during play. Talk about a bait and switch.

Dylan Tan


eric christianson

Ads ads and more ads but not mandatory

Jamie Zydonik

Great fun and entertaining


Fun up until the point you hit a paywall.

Dimitri Gazoulis

I love this game. Difficult at first but after that it flies like the wind

Lalo Diaz




Johnny Gamer_1

Good game But hole 3 people not moving forward

Douw Crous

This is truely one of the best management /tycoon games i have ever played it is free without forced ads hope the dont change that gameplay is a bit slow when starting out but it will be worth it love the game

jose rivera

Great game

Christian Amborn


Dodge Watt

Great game but most of the time you dont get the rewards from watching ads, this needs to be fixed.

paul fishwick

Way to many adverts

David Wynn

Hard to make progress to even start. Achievements not presented in useful order to guide player. Tend to quickly run out of money and money very slow to trickle in. Beginning players are not shown how to keep money rolling in.

Nicho Arrata

Game should be called Advertisement Tycoon. You get to build a golfcourse, but you get a pop up every 3 seconds for a bonus and you have to watch an ad to get it. If you want the ads gone, its $12. I think the game has potential, but its almost necessary to watch advertisements so you can build your holes and upgrade the features at a semi decent pace. You easily end up watching 30 mins of advertisements while "playing" if you keep clicking the pop ups.


I actually like this game but ive now downloaded it 3 times in 4hrs because it keeps freezing soon as i upgrade like a normal tycoon game and then no one plays golf just stand there so makes money earning completely pointless. Kinda disappointed as this had possibilities

Ke Jin

Not sure what I am doing wrong. I am not able to purchase hole 9. I am slowly maxing everything else

Josh Mitchell

Used to be a really great game except now as of 4/14/22 the game seems to be hit or miss on saving my progress. I can spend an hr playing & close my game but once i come back to it everything that i just spent an hr grinding away doing is gone thus I've gotta redo it all over again.

Steven Ertelt

It is impossible to install I tried on like five devices and it never work I tried reporting a bug Aunt May said it wasn't their fault a lot of time and effort wasted.

Korrey Jurosek

Fun game

Wendy Morley

You are so good at making games


Good game

Jo Chilton

Can't get it to download gets to 99 then goes back to 1

James Monroe

good game plese play

Anthony Livolsi

Not a bad idle game. The only thing I have an issue with is the ads. Yes you have to watch one for any bonuses but this game will randomly throw up an unskippable ad every few minutes. Stupid and frustrating

Blair Spring chief

Love the game to pass the time

Jennifer Boyce


Simple Green

Love this game. Takes forever to unlock holes. Went from 3 million for the hole to 300 million for the next. Just because its hole 9.... Also the coinbase ad has malware. It wanted me to install a drop browser instead of coinbase. Also do not get rewareded for viewing any coinbase ad.

Christopher Terlaje

Great experience all in all just would be better if they added more features.

Pete Gonzalez

Because this is like your a worker that you can like watch and play golf looks like golf like this game is cool and fun to play in my opinion.

Luan Faber

Nice game

Luke Mitchell

I enjoy the game, but there isn't a driving range to upgrade, I would rate 5 stars if this feature was added.

Michael Williams

Its a good game i think it just needs the par 5s to have 2 groups on at a time. 1st group plays the hole but as they arrive at the green the other group can tee off thus helping the course keep moving because hole 7 always causes a problem.

Blake Roberts

I keep having this problem where the golfers will stop playing and it keeps happening even after I restart the app and/or my device.Besides that it is a great game.



Dian Giliomee

So entertaining!!!

Gregory Gash

Lots of fun.

Paul Counter

Took to long to unlock holes

Jenn Kealey

It has ADS and it WAY TO LONG TO GET MONEY i highy do not reccomend (DO NOT TRY.)

Isaac Guapo

One thing to remember to use for your name all your lifetime is

Troy Rhein

My opinion...... it's addictive!! Probably because I love playing golf. Knowing I can't play. Lol

Jennifer Mosley

It wouldnt let me download the game i deleted some games checked my space and nothing worked huge dissapointment...

Kyle Higgerson

Watch an ad and sometimes you do not get the reward. Send your pro out for a tournament, and sometimes you don't get the reward. I'd avoid spending money on this until the figure out all the problems they have.

Joe Knapton

I have several reasons for this generous 2 star rating: 1- there's really nothing to DO while playing the game 2- golfer capacity is so low facility upgrades are pointless 3- I completed an in-game survey that never gave me the promised reward. Upon reporting to support they answered me once but never again 6 months later 4- fully maxed pros still place in the 200s for events they play 5- tourney trophies do nothing for you, not even a leaderboard 6- there's no bonus after unlocking all 18 holes


In the tell us more section it asks if this game is sad, and i have to put yes because of the absolutely terrible ads.

Noah Bertram


Christian Vazquez

One of my favorite game but it gets stuck sometimes when I move the screen but other than that it's a cool game

Maxine Snoek

Pretty cool game to play once you get started 😀

Murphy Clarke

I'm liking it lots

Jessica S

I've spent money on the game. I have had to unistall and reinstall a few times. Everytime I open the game my purchases and upgrades in the game are gone and I have to get stars and build my bank again to buy the upgrades over and over. I will change my rating when the game actually works.

ruben jaimes

Absolutely boring tutorial doesn't even tell you what to do