Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon

Author: Neon Play

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Build your golf empire and become the biggest golf tycoon in the world!

Customer review

Louis van aardt

Fun little time waster.

Mike Price

Way to many add videos. Really takes away from the game.

Dustin Owens


Jesper Madsen

Very unbalanced game. Not worth upgrading and it's just a matter of time to get enough money to open up the next tee (which again isn't any help to advance in the game)

Ann Marie Campbell

enjoying it , easy to use and navigate

Dale Manuel

Wasn't sold to start, but killed a few afternoons.

Jamie Hawthorne

Fun and time consuming

Ian Jones (Ian)

OK game, fun to play. You have to watch millions of ads to do anything but that's OK because you expect that. Annoying that nobody ever uses the club shop or bar so you don't earn any money, and there is some weird quirks where golfers don't move for ages. Massive increments in money needed for new holes etc always means you want to keep playing.

Leah Evans

Good game

eric kosokowsky

3 days in and still going

Joey Svenson (FinalTry)

Swrf t switch

Shawn Murphy

Uninstalled. At least half of the ads it makes you watch for rewards don't even give you the rewards. I emailed them to report the issue and they claimed they would look into fixing the issue and it's gotten even worse since then. Don't waste your time.

Favig 1995

I like the game but 4 things are missing 1. toilets 2 .kiosks 3. a driving range 4. caddy's please put this 3 missing things in the game then I will give you 5 stars

ryan spalding

App sucks. To many adds. Holes cost too much. Money takes forever to start rolling in.

Matt Kennedy

Good so far. Slow. Made it to hole 14! Crazy grind. Like others said it becomes a point of simply just loggin in collect money and log off. Need something to do

Kirk Klemz

After the front 9, it gets a bit tedious... Upgrade everything as fast as you can in the Gardener's shed!

Leigh Fraser

I've enjoyed playing up to hole 8 but to get to hole 9 is such an insane price increase it's taken all the enjoyment completely away. Hole 9 is needed to be able to host tournaments at this course and obviously progress but to do that is going to be such a rediculess grind even trying to get close to the money needed. From hole 9 on the devs have turned this into an advert watching event and it's just not worth the aggro to try.

Ryan Pratt

Very addictive game in a great way.

Jackson Mcquade

Calm down on the ads and way too grindy

James Ashton

It's good to play & easy to understand my club is going well so far & great detail If u really want then u can watch the people play golf .

Ron Bain


Aloysius Dean

Needs more bonuses and things to do. I enjoyed it in it's early phase but now that I have all the bonuses and things maxed level I'm slowly not enjoying it anymore needs a update.

Adam Guther

Fun till hole nine, then very slow

Sheridan Sawatzky

The game seems pretty abandoned.. once you reach having 9 holes unlocked its just more of the same stuff with little to incentive. Also many of the "perks" you unlock for short amounts of time appear to do nothing at all.

Alex Romans

Fun game. However, It has consistently not saved my upgrades for the parking lot and terrace but still finishes the golfer training. Really annoying having to do the same upgrades every time I load the game and getting set back.

Ben Neufeld

After hole 9 it becomes an unenjoyable grind designed to push you to watch ads and pay money like all mobile games

Byron Samuelson

Enjoying the game but my players have been standing still for 2 days. Now i dont earn any money. Not sure what to do

Adam Gaboury

Just another ad funnel game

Adam Kerr

Fun and addicting

Adam Barton

Not enough to do, game is virtually completed. Pros all maxed out, 100s of exzra training points, and can never finish higher than 80th in comps. Looks lile its been abandonned by creators

Scott Eyre

Good fun

Jose Peña

The game is good but needs work. First the game needs an improvement on graphics, Second needs work on customization meaning the type of golf course it could be like various and Lastly the cost of building green should be lower.

War Pigs


tyler robinson

It's been a fun game I haven't gotten tired of it yet.


Earnings multipliers don't work when the game is not constantly running.

Nic Thompson

Ad heavy, but interesting


Good entertainment

simon mills

Nothing like what was shown and why to many bugs in play . So only a star given.

Chad Estepp

Fun game

Donald Jones


aung khin


Kevin Lee

Pretty Fun, don't have to spend money, probably get bored after a while but will be good while it lasts.

Andy Dicken

Awesome game

kyle harvey

Really enjoy the game and it's fun way to pass some time


This game is such an attention Grabber

Atticus Jeff Zyuone Palanog

I love this game i don't have issues with the ads so update this game so i get new stuff

Justin Cook

Enjoyable. But fix hole 7... it absolutely destroys the pace of the other players...

Matt Hays

Great to pass the time. A little pay to win tho

Jonathan N Love

Seems to be an add funel for the same adverts over and over. Not updated enough. Constantly waiting for updates.

Neil George


Vickie Sicotte

There's a ton of adds in order to go forward you have to watch a ton of adds


It's a good time killer. I just wish there was a way to move from hole to hole while upgrading so a person could upgrade them all easier.

Derek Yarno

Pointless "game" to watch advertisements... Have you ever wanted to play a "game" that just poses as a game to make you watch advertisements for other games all day? Well have you hit the motherload! This game is so little of an actual game it ought to track how many ads you've watched to make them money and kick you in the bits and pieces every time you log in. The graphics and premise are there, but It SUCKS. Wanna watch some ads and waste your time... here ya go. Sit back and enjoy ADS!

Derrick Sartin

Simple concept but still good for taking up time. Could be better with some mini games like putting or driving challenges, but still fun.

Jason L

Wish there were updates to continue on. Max out at 18 and nothing left to do

Dan Racki

Doing this for the in game credits

Brent Dodson

The game is fun to play and helps pass the time. Spending the $$ to get rid of the ads was helpfull with getting coins faster. Once you get hole nine, youre basically done playing unless you spend nearly $1500 to be abke to open hole 10. Tge stars needed to move on are scarce, and the amount needed is astronomical. So that doesnt really nake much sense. I have no issue spending some momey in a game, but $1500 just to open a all section of the game doesnt make good business sense.

Vince Zitek

Addicted! Watch those adds while streaming to get that quick big money. Works out great. Watching adds is optional, like that


Income is poorly optimized to the point you should not upgrade past hole number 2. Hole 3 is quite literally a waste of space seeing as maxing it out which cost nearly 100 mil only nets you just over 3k per person. Hole 1 and 2 are the most profitable holes in the game and any purchases beyond them literally lowers your income and wastes time. Not to mention once you hit Hole 7 the price increases exponentially and you are stuck waiting DAYS to buy a hole.

Darleen Peters


Andrew Ball

Absolutely worthless. They do update it. If you want to just watch a bunch of ads find something else to do it on.

Alex Karabinis

Fun at the start but the costs go up exponentially as the game progresses making it very difficult to build out a course. 9th hole costs 343 million which takes days to earn can't imagine how much 10-18 cost

Drew Butler

Very addicting and simple

Josh Sadler

Love it, like mall sim but golf!


Boring game once you hit hole 8. Gotta wait many days to get your hole 9. Its just a game for you to watch ads. Nothing fun about this game at all. Don't waste your time.


Good fun, a little repetitive but still good

Tommy Gormley

It is amazing and when I have head aches I play the game and if I'm bored

david gallagher

Started ok but it just takes a ridiculous amount of time to build up your money to unlock the holes and so on, 3.34 billion to unlock a hole is stupid, could buy a couple of golf courses for that 😂😂😂

Tyler Waldrop

I feel just like a Mar A Lago criminal. Best simulation for treasonous classified document stealers. Only 4 stars as they haven't added FBI raids for realism yet. Hopefully in an upcoming update, then I will change to 5 stars.

Andy Rose

A lot of ads but if you can get past that then it's a great little game the ads do help by giving you coins too so not a complete waste of time.

James DePalma


Evan Watt

Absolutely amazing but to go from 13 mill for hole 8 to 300mill on hole 9. You need to add a driving range that would be insane. But overall a great game. Never gets boring

Jeff Brisson

This game sucks. Uou can't make money fast enough to be enjoyable. And WAY too many adds. Save your time

brett dicks

Great so far

Greasy Muff Cabbage


Joshua Williams

Good time killer.

Mason Sears

It's great concept and is fun at first, but progress slows down and prices seem exorbitant. The pros also seem to not earn skill points after a while.

Ben Taylor

Unable to refund accidental purchase of literally the most expensive purchase in the game immediately after it happened.

Jacob Chambers

Love it as a golfer?! It's super fun

Cory Clark

Great game! Fun and interactive!

mark bansley

This isnt a game its just a ton of ads over and over again. Please dont waste your time downloading this

russell holley

I'm editing my first review, this was a great game but now that everything is maxed out there's nothing left to do. no new challenges , nothing just collect my money and Start a tournament.

Simon Jutras

Too many stuff going on, not really clear what to do.

Dario Leandro


Steven Cooper

Very addictive

Travis Vanderberg

So sick of this game... Mainly because those videos don't give you the rewards... Plus so many other bugs...

J Day

Could've been great but after playing for an hour or so, it's just an add funnel. Reminds me of the classic Theme Park games but lacks any customisation, strategy or real gameplay. Developers have focused more on add pushing than gameplay. So it's pretty much, watch a video, earn some coins, press one of the green buttons, wait, rinse & repeat. Developers need to decide are they creating a labour of love or an add machine. I know what I think.


It's fun if you want to live with ads but other wise it's pretty fun ngl

Brian Mcnamee


Nathan Davey

Gets really difficult to get anywhere past hole 9 and you soon get bored of the same thing everytime you play

Wyatt Bugg

Even if you don't like golf you'll love this game

Tyrel Burton

What do we do know that we beat the game? Course has all 18 everything is at lv 15 or higher now what?

Jonathan Lomas

Game is fun, just a bit annoying that the costs for building new holes jumps up massively after hole 8. Have to wait ages before you can build the 9th hole.

Jonathan Barr

Fun game. Excellent clean, simplified graphics. It can get a bit confusing to work your way around the menus at first, but at worst it's remedied with some time. It's ALL about ads. That's sort of annoying, but I get that's how t make money, since in-game purchases are minimum and they don't really push you. Overall a fine, well-thought out game.. I'm enjoying it.

Chris Auten

Very fun idle game

Mary Anne Coleman


Jacob Beuerlein

Fun stuff so far, only complaint is the weird graphics with the golfers on hole 8

Shannon Alford

Very laid back ,but interesting and fun!

Allison Locke

Fun 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Frederick Harris

Nice game to pass the time