Idle Gas Station

Author: BoomBit Games

1,000,000+ install


Idle Gas Station – Manage a gas station! Upgrade your business! Car enthusiasts love this game!

Detailed info

File size: 150M
Update time: July 5, 2021
Current version: 0.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: BoomBit Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Martin Leitch

Advert app

Arzoo Ali

The best game

janjelle steinfurth

Game needs sound

Tiger Gaming

Op gam

boody station

The camera is so bad

Gurupritsingh Bawari

I Completed this game in 3 hours

King Of Scorpions

Sorry nih game lu terlalu berat jadi tidak cocok dimainkan bagi saya

Russell green

Good game way to many damn ads tf

Larry Hailey

To many things on home screen. Can't really edit. Boring

Pavithran Ganapathi

U can finish this game in half an hour..that's it..

A Google user

Good game I love it, But there is bugs and glitches.

satyabrata debata

Thish is a so good update pls

Ziyad Madanli

Very bad game

Parth Gaikwad


Ana Banuelos

Every time I try to go to the next world it logs me out for no clear reason it's either a bug or glitch,it would be a pleasure if you did.

Illusion world

Time waste

Sina Kekaye

Great game but adds keep coming also if you have adds to turn off your wifi anyways Great game.

Kris Zarns

My son installed this game which is clearly meant for children. It kept serving ads for another game which involved sexual scenarios and bondage. He's never had ads like that for his other games.

Pamela Jessica Hull

Game is fun if you can get to play it upgrade one thing and have to watch an advertisement level up say take cash without the increase and you still have to watch an advertisement. Watching more advertisement than playing it is irritating

Andrew Lindsell

So SAdestfuying

Aiza Aariz

Hum not

Jyotsna Makwana

गाज जेवि

Michael Gill

All good bro 🙂👍

Philip Kruger

Don't buy remove ads, as they are not removed

Aradhya Padamwar

This is a happy game

Kris Kelley

For me it was horrible lol but with a whole lot less adds it be great for lil kids

Marius Sonnenberg


Stefan Barnes

I played for 2 minutes and Uninstalled. Nothing like what I thought. Way way too easy and way way way too many ads

De'carlos Stewart


Ashraf Naik

Best game

Crazygamer Gaming

The game is fun however the ads are way too intrusive rank up watching ad rank up watching ad

Albert Krisztian

Good game, when will be the next maps? I would like if you guys could add 5 new maps. 🙂 And a blue Mustang as a new car for the next map. 😄

ken davis

Way way way to many ads!! Would be a solid game otherwise

Sanjay rawal Sanjay rawal


Aarav M

I like cars and fuel so my favorite game

ਰੋਹਿਤ ਚੰਦੇਲ

Nice game

Rachid Anthony


Giorgi Shonia

ads everywhere

simpi dutta

Good point !

Prince pal Singh


Freddie Romo

Worst game ever!!

alok barseria

Nice game.


Nice game

DoNiHiesT 77

Wiw wow

Hafeez Khan


Abajit Das

Hmm osm

Rohan Joshi


Jay Jeet

Very best game

Poonam Yadav

I just wabted a PC game called Gas station simulator that was played by Techno Gamerz

Prena Khatik

Nice geme

Chotu Don


John Lacey

It would be a better game if there wasn't too many advertisements.

Karll Lawrence Kohler

Great game.10 stars.

Elliott Staker

When is there going to be more parts to open


Uninstalled in less than 5 minutes. To many ads and even declined to watch ads and they still play.

Arham Haider


Zohir Saeed

hi this game is complit

Nvehhsh Bebdbebs

Fun and fast pace I love it


This is my favourite game

Rajpal Singh

Best game

Martin Britvich

I like it too much

krishna reddy

Not good

Swiz Is live

Hey dev plz bring more new mods fast. By the way it's a too good game keep it up .


Don't download gives you ad after ad and then when you can boost your income miraculously needs available

Ashton Flowers

This is the best game ever played

John Rafael Estacio


Hareram Shukla

Hgj Hj Nnm Hh Q H In 😋😋😚☺️☺️🥔🥔🐯

Zyad Reda


Travis Carson

To many ads

Vishal Nain

This game a very dirt game or no features in this game or ya game sabse kharab game ha mere 110 mb kharab kar va di kharab game na

Rushikesh Kulkarni

Don't even think to install. .

Jitendra Gautam Official


Chad Rudge

Is the very good game

mohamamd althunibat

Ads ads ads and more ads


Add factory

Amaraa Z


Parthapratim Konwar


Pavan Udhan

World's worst game

Ujjwal Raj

Worst game i had played ever

Nidhi Gupta

This game is amazing

Joe Dirt


Rehan Sorathiya

I install this game but it's lacking alot so I uninstalled it... Please do something so that I can install and try again

Free Fire

Hi Gaurav Kalaskar

Mahesh jsp

Super ok

friendly bot

Bad because of all the ads

Chelsea Hill

Too many ads

Orange Devil

OK first of all, this game has too many ads and when I even turn on wifi and mobile data it shows me ads too, like how the hell does this game do that? Secondly, I Paid For No ads and I get ads every minute like bruh this is a scam I want a refund. Third, Stop deleting my review over and over again.

Chris Barnes

Holy ads

Mohammad Aazam



Only Ad

Alex S

Terrible gaming practice. Unless you love watching ad after ad...then download this game. Upgrade once? Ad....upgrade again...,.another ad, rinse and repeat in an never ending circle commercials. Thanks, bt no thanks.



Rahul Zope

Ad khupach ahe

Darren Bussler

Ads, ads, ads & ads. Need I say more? Steer clear of this one.

Sajan Prithvi Prem Kumar

this game is fun

Subham Sarkar

Worst game ever

vivek Rawat

Good game

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Sworaj Shrestha

I thought that ads were optional but man this app only wants to make game so that they can earn money from it I mean even upgrading stuff, it wants us to watch ads. People who try this app will be too disappointed that the even installed it.

Md khaleel Pasha

Super game