Idle Farmyard – Farming Empire Tycoon

Author: Hypertonic Games

5,000+ install


Idle Farmyard – Farming Empire Tycoon – How would you manage a millionaire farming empire? Automate your farm’s success!

Detailed info

File size: 62M
Update time: June 30, 2021
Current version: 1.2.4
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Hypertonic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Muhammed Juvaid

Pretty good game i pike it but it has some bugs. Like everytime the app crashes in about 20-30 minutes , also sometime s the app may not save our date. Today i experiance that about 6 times and i am kinda angry. Fix it.

Dr Rajnesh Singh


Alan Duffield

EGG-selent game!

Volker Dusch

Intrusive prompts to watch an ad every 30 second. Truly awful

Abdul Muneeb


Rapthorne Lightweaver

A lot of potential, but the insanely slow start will put many people off. There needs to be a total revamp of early game progression, and quickly

D'Angelo Thompson

Don't recommend

Calum Smith

Fantastic idle game full of character! Really fun with the extra interaction such as chasing the rabbit for additional gold as well as achievements to feel a sense of progression. Also just as great to leave and watch your currency build to upgrade and improve your farm! Overall a really top notch idle game with loads of polish and excited to see the next game.

Taylor Premo

filled with ads

Jom Parkes

Love this game. Really nice and chill gameplay with some cool design. I like its simplicity, I can just widdle away time as I play without having to feel too engrossed by it. Achievements are a great touch and it motivates me to keep progressing. Awesome job! Looking forward to seeing what is in the next season!

Munir Abukhder

An enjoyable and very addictive game!!!

Joe king

Real good fun!

gameplayer2060 ts

Random feedback cool game dough keep ap da fork

Eric Caraballoso

Either this game starts out really slow, or I'm missing something. Seems the only thing to do is chase the rabbit around to try to get enough money to upgrade anything, which is a bit cumbersome as movement around the map is a bit clunky. I want to like this game, I want to see what another season looks like and what a prestige does, but I'm just watching ads to try to get any sort of boost to my extremely slow income. Also, there's no exit screen, and I can't back out of it.

Anya Batchelor

Amazing game, had a problem and the developer sorted it straight away!

Nathan Dennis

I am the Egg Master. Top tier chill idle management.

John Ruiter

Never really tried out idle games so I was pleasantly surprised at how much this game has me coming back. I like to think of it as bloons tower defense without having to worry about losing or about popping balloons; just upgrading and reinvesting your farm and get as much money as possible. I've found that compared to other games, the ads are very fair, I haven't seen a single ad that I didn't consent to see, none of them are intrusive. Very engaging for what the game is.

Farhad Faraji

Visually impressive


Very fun and addicting!