Idle Distiller – A Business Tycoon Game


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Idle Distiller – A Business Tycoon Game – Own the biggest alcohol empire by building & upgrading breweries & distilleries!

Detailed info

File size: 82M
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: 2.46.5
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: KANO/APPS
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rhonda Stevens

nice game, took me two full days to get to level 8 for playspot, but long term it's great for people who like living in a game not for those that just want to play an hour or two now and then, full marks though 🏆


Tutorial makes game fun, but once it's over nad your on season 7 (15mins into game) the game becomes disgustingly hellish awful grind for a game in the category


Quite a good game.very fun .

AJ Taylor

pretty fun.

Rosharn Walker

Keeps attention well and moves along reasonably well. I enjoyed this.

A Google user

Kano is a company that does not fulfill its promises on giving rewards agreed in an Offerwall.

Tammy Mccaw

Awesome game 🎮

Sandra Fowler

This is great but I wish there were an option to remove ads

Wes Steele

Good game to play with friends like this game

Elizja De La Pena


Ernest Savcenko

i feal like it needs more work for example different bulldings some of them are nothing special you could add a casino maybe when the player gets to a sertin level you can add a skyscraper

Big Willy

good game fun

Shadowalker Biss

Lately I've been having trouble with your ad bonuses. When I try to double my cash when returning to the game the ads won't work/play. So I lose out on a lot of extra cash. It makes it annoying when trying to get on top of the leaderboards in the events.

Ras Nagger

Good job

Ronni Sax

I used to really enjoy this game but lately the events have been changed to make it impossible to get anywhere in them without spending money. Even watching ads you cannot progress much

Steve Kallay

this game and costumer service are amazing. thank you so much


It could be fun, except within about 2hrs the quests/progression is rigged to force you to either wait days or pay $. Yet another one where bad monotization singlehandedly kills it

Alexie Ponce de Leon

great game to play

T Duff

OK game. Nothing exciting or unusual.


It's a good game to play

Mark Worthington

fun and great for quick gaming


Their ads never load!! So you lose the bottle caps in the suitcase and the money you accrued while off the game!! The ones you NEED to finish a season because they want you to pay instead of actually delivering what they promised!

Brian Kucel

Fun for a few days but redundant and no fun differences or distinguishing features between seasons (which you can blast through in a day or two before you have to reset) means that after a couple days you're bored and looking for a different game. The special event missions are fun since they last longer than the seasons, but will no real incentive to win, they too fall short (I came in 2nd place overall and no noticeable improvement or prizes awarded)

sean davies

Tap tap tap tap, nothing else to do. Very boring!

Steven Morris

fun game

Lord Stanley Sigstad

I hate having to reset everything to zero after the conclusion of each chapter

slarty bartfast

this should get a reward as the most unenjoyable game on Google play.

Eric Carr

Railroads too much but otherwise not a bad game

Chandrasekhar Yamana

It is having bugs...need updates

Johnny Onetime

Bestestest game the deciverse

Ryan Watts

Great game! Wish it was 40 gold coins to watch a video

Nastasha Craig


Raymond Brooks


Anthony G

Looks like fun. Downloaded. Enjoying it so far. But, whenever I watch an ad for extra stuff I get stuck in it and can't get out or back to the game. My only option is to close out of the game completely and go back in but it's making me not want to go back in everytime I go out.

Ronnie Declue

passes time easy to get

Adam Rains

great game


great time killer

Peter Thompson

Really good game. I think what stands out is the fact there's an actually story which adds something else and makes you want to keep playing. Adds are also optional. Would be handy if there was a countdown on the buildings so you could see when it was going to give out money. Also sometimes the drop off bird comes when you can't do anything. Finally I wish the upgrades for all buinseness didn't make you wait while each building gets upgraded. But really fun game

Karen Bailey

A fun game...for the first few minutes, then you need so many bottle caps to move on that it gets very tedious. Enjoy for a short time if you want but don't plan on this as a long term game.

Wendy Graham

love the game ☺️

Jeff E

Was enjoying game. Got new phone and it won't sync from old save. Update: support responded promptly to emails and restored progress from old device to new.

Pete Williams, Jr.

Will not load

Jason Weaver

It's similar to other games, but it makes you choose things to do whether you want to or not. If you want to continue playing without using up you items it doesn't matter. Once there is an arrow pointing at something, you do it or you can't continue. Also, wants you to connect to your social media. Too much interruption during game play

Kyle Loos

I was having fun until the bug during the most recent event where col Davis would not work. I spent a ton of gems to be in the top of this event but due to it not working was quickly passed. Put a ticket in and the response was buy more gems to get enough to automate colonel Davis. Sorry but that should not be the answer. Done with this game. Going to miss out on how the story develops but not worth it to me.

jane willow

OK but not what I expected better really !

Morten Otterstad

Ad-driven game, just a money maker

Ria Conner

As of lately playing this game has been horrible, the only way to get the things you need is by the diamonds or whatever special thing you get in the floating chests or spend money on them anyways the ads you have to watch are getting to the point of not working and blacking the screen out, at that point you have to close the game out and miss the coins you earned while away or the chest gifts. Are we looking to fix this issue soon? It's been going on for at least 3 weeks.

Thomas Stump

Was enjoying the game till it erased my progress and reset me to a new game. Guess it is time to move on.


Pretty cool game Although as usual need to pay if you wanna progress quickly. wish prices were half so every one could enjoy *Brew'N*

Zenobia Nye

I like this game but I really don't like the fact we have to start from scratch they can at least let us keep what we earn from each level.

michael frostick

Nice fun game

Chris King

too much lagging

Lane Adams

To many tutorials and talking screens

Darin Kolls (Valorian)

Very simple game. Just started but not sure where this game is going.

mo wid

Never would fully load

James Lonergan

I like the art work. Stop with the never-ending tutorial! Let us just play the game!!

Leon Hill

Where is the update in play store? Tells me to update the game to carry on with the event, but there is no update!

Tia Fleenor



Great game to help pass the time by. And awesome help representatives because I had a problem with one of my events and it lost my progress in it and they responded fast and helped me out

Catherine Lee

Really enjoy the game. My favorite format too. Totally have fun with the topics and convo, so much fun! 08/25/22, I'm still loving this game. Idk what people are complaining about the ads for, they aren't forced and they benefit your game! They aren't a lot either. The story lines are fun and there are new ones often too. Keep it up! I love it! It's enjoyable and definitely not greedy as others said, not at all greedy! I'd give you 10 stars if I could!

olive da 1

because of dog 🐶

Julio Torres

It's all good

Jonathan Fredrickson

I want to rate this game higher, I really do. It starts off fun with just the right amount of challenge. The story really draws you in. After a few chapters into the story, it quickly becomes a grind where you either have to farm for a week or pay money. The ad rewards are great early on too, they also quickly become useless.

Russell Hope

Came for the game but got bombarded with unnecessary story

Frederick Smith

Very addictive

Recon 420

Third world trash

Darran De-Roeck

this is one of the addictive games I've played

Doe Gray

A recent update has made it so events are no longer enjoyable. Going through an entire event without recieving a single card that effects all stations implies you are trying to force me to buy cards for cash but your store is over priced. I'm not dropping that much cash on an event that is over in 4 days and then my investment is gone Deleting game. You have made it impossible to progress without spending cash and their are too many other games available

Paul Jones

Great game do whatever n go

michael frier

Not a bad time waster lol 🤣

little Ben george

yaaaaaay I am on level 1,000

Robert Lee

Not a game it's a story spend more time skipping story line then anything

Jim Rost

What's up with having to watch multiple ads for prizes. If it continues I'll need to move on

Faye Mouton

fun 😊

Rogue Ale

Who's playing the game me or your dumb arrow

Will Wallis


Irene Bennett

Ads arn't shoved in your face and it's pretty entertaning.

ABaconDogeYT 2

It's just the exact same thing over and over. You restart you get a new place and that's all the game is and I don't enjoy it. I wish that everytime you restart, you'd get a new tab or item in the shop.

Zane Barrow

Do not play this game if you think it respects your time. bottle caps are the largest obstacle for advancement and everything costs them. you WILL go long stretches of time waiting to get your cards to the REQUIRED levels before the game can actually be IDLE again.

Leo Villalobos

Kool game ... If íts what you want to do

Avery Norris

Finished season one but the game freezes on season two when it tells you to buy a gold crate. I even tried uninstalling and installing it back on but had the same issues still.

Aiden Ford

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Stephen Phillips

Not bad

Tori Linsley

Their game ads were honest and it's a simple game with an easy to follow story lind

J Char

Played for awhile and game gets repetitive.

Haftling von Miene Denken

Game is just like every other idle game, Matthew from customer support is great, still haven't got my payout from justplay but not the apps fault. Game is alright but nothing to write home about

Big poppa Stoner

damn good game

soul taker

I'm on a new season and I put the automatic collector on and now I can't co any further

John Turner

Just started playing like it so far

Shawn Heaton

There so greedy for money pluses I got 99.99k and they stole it so I quited

Jackie Turbett

fun wee game ...

Rizwan Shaikh


Pete Johnson

The story is neat enough. The game really suffers from being too greedy. For example, watching an ad gives 30 bottlecaps/event currency. The cost of upgrading something is in the hundreds. Watching 10 ads isnt enough for a single upgrade in most cases. Either lower the cost to about a tenth of its current or multiply ads revenue by a factor of 10.


hours of fun

Rich Smith

It's fun so far

James Carr

Just a reskinned and stolen version of Budfarm.

Azad Haddam Banna'

I played it about 2 days now, and my experience for this games is not much, because is like other tycoon games, some character are behind pay wall, and fast Pace at first, but the rest is pretty slow. I hope u can up the bottle cap for upgrading character to 0-350 instead of 0-250, because everyone will just download at first, and the rest they will gone, the play time is crucial, because when their play time is high, the more they will to pay for something. I guess thats my suggest. 6,2/10

Miyu Debudebiru (miasmicSiren)

Quests, which are important to progress the very lacking plot, become practically impossible.

Timmy Fehr

Not bad game play, just alot of scene where u have to read witch a little annoying, worst part, when they freaking forced me to share on social media, witch hell no and I couldn't do anything else from there on

Bethany Ferras