Idle Dig Gold: Craft Adventure


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Enter the world of professional gold diggers, explore new lands, dig for gold, fill your ship and take them to conquer new lands! You will enjoy smooth gameplay and super beautiful graphics that we have dedicatedly built and created. Build your strategy and use measures to expand the land, dig a lot of gold and upgrade your boat. This is really an addictive, fresh and unique game that will turn you into a gold digger enthusiast.

Improve your skills and mine gold your way and become a high level idle miner. Find the most valuable gold jewelry, stones and minerals, explore and search for gold deep in the earth and claim the title of gold digger king.

What makes Idle Dig Gold: Craft Adventure so special?

Idle Dig Gold: Craft Adventure is the perfect combination of both Merge and Mining Gold games, creating an amazing game experience!

Collect gold both online and offline
Many gold mines, many unique and new pieces of land to explore
Collect all kinds of upgrade cards to become an idle gold mining tycoon
Beautiful 3D environments to explore

Explore the world of our gold mining game today! We promise, your idle digging journey will be full of fun and novel experiences.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 4, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

John Ward

Recommended and the best if it's genre. Hopefully the devs will fix the Google link that takes you here.

Louis Miranda

Fun game. I think it is better than the goblin mining game people keep referencing. Easy to level up. All in all a fun experience. Only issue I have ran into is trying to link my account with Google. Like someone else stated it is just bringing up the page for the game in the Play Store. I'd like to see that being able to be utilized as well as maybe an achievement system and/or leaderboards.

Sami milly

Sooooo laggy. Like the screen won't move or u can't click for seconds at a time but it's very frequent, I didn't touch the screen and the game went to the app store, it also didn't save some progress I made and forced closed and when I went back on it didn't save anything but spent the money still so I was out of cash and no upgrades at all. It has good intentions but didn't meet my expectations at all.

Matt Shronce

Gold and Goblins is better in all aspects of your game maybe y'all should try it and see what a real game is about

Trevor Bianchina

I kinda like this game. Problem I have, when I watch a vid for coins or books, it takes between 30 seconds to almost 2 minutes to get reward as it freezes on the screen. Also when you merge the guys, it doesn't move sometimes. Would be a nice game but I will have to delete.

Ken A

This is nothing more than a very poorly executed, very poor copy of Gold and Goblins.

Andrew Hollywood

Complete rip off of a goblin mining game, even referencing the pirate miners as goblins at points. Also incomplete tutorial messages, and very much a cash grab with so many ads on a beta version.

Angela Briggs

Made purchase when logged back in all gems collected are gone

Scott C

A mind relaxer!

Lisa Williams

Good game

Matt Cakuls

Game crashes, lost all my progress and my purchases

Alex Mitchell

Much like gold and goblins

Thorne Shadoe

The game is so heavily directed by constant streaming ads, It makes the game slow to respond and it is almost unplayable. Its a shame too

Babs Hill

Sorry not for me

Ute Sarauer

Lame, booring game is not worth to download. FAIL - UNINSTALL

Mason Bristol

I go and click on a chest and freeze. 2 ) I go to link this game and all it does is go to Google play store and all that you see is uninstall or play. 3 ) you can not login so I guess you would have to fix the link game first.

Med Jamac


Paul Condliffe

Not bad but I cant see any of the numbers or text,fixed now

MrWestlea APD

Had to reinstall game as a big ad was blocking my top bar after update. Now I've lost my no ads purchase.


Tried to link Google play and it brought me here.... So much for changing my name, huh?

billy mowberry

I collect gold and can't see how much I have plus the bars on everything are never there and it is annoying

Wolfie Allen

Same as gold and goblins. Identical in fact

Carmelo Cabezo

I was supposed to tap something to start level 2 but nothing registered and could not proceed.

chetan nigam


Willem Swart

worse game ever