Idle Dice

Author: Lutsgames

100,000+ install


Idle Dice – Roll Dice, get Points, Upgrade, Repeat

Detailed info

File size: 28M
Update time: December 17, 2020
Current version: 1.3.384
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Lutsgames
Price: Free
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Customer review


I like it but I think more color would help. Black and white is kind of plain. Also, there is no place I can see my BP (Bonus Points), unless I go to the shop. I think it should be on the main board. Ty!

Eric Agnew

So fun. Love it.

Sandy Kovacich

It gives me lots of fun and prizes.

Alex Peterson

This game combines 3 of my favorite things: dice, cards, and idle. Was able to kill some time on my long flight, good time killer

Jacob Sosa

est e

Damion Wildes


Dru Sorrell

Tis game is chill Edit almost got all achievements and the game has only gotten better

Joey Smith

Decent incremental, could use more help text describing various buffs

Dylan Coleman

Great game, almost no ads, and has good mechanics.

Rehan Malik

Add a option to disable the background or change it to something plain and simple for lag reduction

Richard Drozd

Love it

Silvia Trpcevski

How do you unlock the last thing in idle dice

Joseph Vineyard

Fresh take on idle games, I'm diggity digging it. Yee

Mason Dog

Getting progress is intensly grindy but overall decent

Count Wizard

Very very laggy and not much that makes it worth that lag

Jagger Myott

I played on my school iPad and couldn't get off

Richardt Radek Larsen

Still relaxing and challenging. I palyet this before, and enjoyed it immensely and I still do. There a a lot of choices, but you aren't rushed through it, so you can play at your own speed.

Michael Lonergan

Its a great idle game, and I've spent a good year-ish on it. Previously my only complaint was that getting your deck entirely gold was very grindy, but booted today and my save is gone! Would take multiple months to get back lost progress, and I just can't do it.

Evan Zeits


Samantha Jones

Could really use some settings to tone down the flashing and crazy sounds.

Andrew Bittmann

I love thisgame it's so fun yay

Endless Void

So far i like this game i am suprised because every other dice game i have played i didnt really like and i liek this gake its easy and its very fun

Mint Scoops

So far good

TheeBigBadWolf TTV

Too many ads.

Colgate 9 Out Of 10

Kinda slow to progress

Crazy GamerG

It's a good game if you're looking for something simple or a time killer.

Nolan Davis

A very nice game, though I wish I could mute the sound

Jailia Thao

It's on coolmathgame

Joseph VanVeckhoven


Dan Swiger

I love this game

John Kaiser

Really fun game and can teach you.



Jeaney Cox

Low tech but fun, very akin to old 90s computer games

Lili Moe

I love the simplicity, and the UI is really nice once you get a feel for it, but you need to work on the dice randomness. I found a pattern that I won't disclose that broke the game entirely. I suggest fixing it. Promptly.

Ian Ham

Good game very much fun

Kyle Maricle

I thought this was just going to be another idle game and watch numbers go up. Suprising as it is this game is actually quite addicting.

Wilson True

Nice little time killer

No J

Badly optimized. Really power hungry even on lowest quality for such a simple game

Langoustine E

The laggiest game I have ever played. Sometimes the fps goes below 10

Tj Rb

200/10 its so good i love it so much it even got on coolmathgames witch is something i wish my future game will get on

Arief Budiarto

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Stacy Jackson

Not bad

Mone't P.


Junior Sparkman

This is one of my favorite games on mobile

Brothers Gaming Plus


Kelton Murray


: Patrek

I had a lot of fun playing but after a while in the game there was way too much small lags.

TJ loving

Worse version of the one on cool math games (even though the cool math games one doesn't support mobile)

Alex White

Good game to pass time.


I was enjoying it but the optional ads are a huge help and they have all stopped working for me

Sabastian Montez


TYR3S3TH3PR0 ???

This game is the definition of idle games!

Christian Schuh

Just a really fun game,from some amazing developers. I would really recommend their other game, idle superpowers, because its somehow even more amazing than this one lol.

Jamy Culp


Karl Abraham

Liking the basic mechanics so far. Only done a few prestiges, but I'll keep playing to see what else this game has to offer. QOL I'd like to see is scientific notations.


Very nice idle game to pass time!


I like the game but it keeps absolutely slamming me to review so here ya go.

Ryan Jones

Fun dice

Jonathan Pena

Very good, slow progression, but very addicting. I think it could use some pace adjustment but other than that little to no ads at all and I love it. Highly recommended.

Hyrulian Wolf

I would love it if you let me play the game ... I already gave $50 for stuff, take your review ... Stop asking me every 5-10 minutes

Zack Stewart

Good game

Lee Thomas

Something to do when bored.


Dice everything is dice

Handana Nurul

Cool gsme

Crayton Lange

Not sure why. But it's one of the best idle games I've ever found. No real complaints.

Rasheed Miller

Really fun but takes a while to make progress.

Short Geraf


Omar Sehrawy


wiktor wiktor


Jude Dornbush

Super fun


Fun somewhat strategic love it

Marcus Killingsworth

This game is a very simple concept, so I didn't expect to have as much fun as I have been. Being able to prestige, and continuing to unlock new features keeps everything fresh. This game is very low commitment on time and definitely very fun. The premise is simple. You roll the dice and get points. You can unlock more dice and multipliers as you go. Then, when you start unlocking the playing cards they give you modifiers to increase your progress. There is an idle mode too.

Jacqueline Anderson

Very nice game and surprisingly passes the time, please keep updating to add d8s, 10s, 12s, and 20s,


Like gambling, but you dont lose anything

Jake Carroll

My phone ran the app terribly so I uninstalled but the website works better and it's a good game

Jason Johnson

I want to like this game more than I do, and have spent a decent deal on it. But really, despite being an idle game, it just takes a lot of tapping to progress, progression is slow, and the UI is extremely sluggish - it feels like playing a flash game from the 90s.

Rick Bridges

Addictive really good game

Max Gruia


Hunter Wren

Very fun idle game

Remy NoneOfYourBusiness



Although I was going for the concept of this game, one thing that really prevents me from playing this is that it's very poorly optimized. Even at the lowest possible graphics, this game still runs at about 20 fps and it's not supposed to knowing how simple this game really looks. You wouldn't even need a graphics setting for how simple this game is if you didn't pull a yanderedev. I wouldn't recommend this game for lower range devices till the devs fix their spaghetti code.

Kane Davis

This game is amazing

Bruce McGuire

Its good

Ethan Towle

I'm so glad I can play this game on mobile!

Craig McCarthy

Great idle game with interesting mechanics. The stand out mechanic for me is the random cards you choose for leveling up, these make your strategy constantly change and keeps the game feeling fresh.

Josh South


Michael Arches

It's idle...


Pretty good

Stiches 26

This game is really fun

Nicholas Griffith


Glacial Rose

Pretty fun for time wasting.

Carrie Kaus

This game is really relaxing I really enjoy playing it

Ashley Moyer

It's the best game when you have no wifi and great with wifi I played it for some time now and I love that there is a multipler because it's so helpful

Mavrick D'Andrea


Michael Mitchell


Sean Thompson

I remember playing this on cool math games

Amanda Henson

Love the game

muffin man

Pretty fun, really like the elevator music.


Really fun. Occaisonally laggy though. Could increase offline time as well.

Dawn Coffee

I've come back to the game more than once. That says a lot.