Idle Delivery City Tycoon 2: Cargo Transit Empire

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Idle Delivery City Tycoon 2: Cargo Transit Empire – Be a manager tycoon & improve production and delivery.

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Customer review

Mighty Possum

Game wont load.

Chetna Chandra

I can't even load the game



Avron Fernandes

Why are random parts of the game in Russian or some other language? Right in the middle of the game, an unknown language pops up and everything freezes.

DIY Republic

Jf b

Inda jwp msg mama

Saya Pro iprooof Imoof Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre

Tim Roden


Jay Chen

Hate it when prices are unrealistic for items in game. E.g. a semi truck upgrade 999million.... makes the game cheesy in my mind

jannie swanepoel

Jannie Jannire

Charnae Leigh


danny Cobb

I like the game but I had one issue it wouldn't let my close out the app at all

Afsheen Minnat

I love idle games i only install it not any other games

Pfizer Chief

The screen is far to populated trying to force people to misclick purchase will be reporting to Google for review

Jeffrey Benson

I compare this to adventure capitalist but 3d and using the same stylized polygon graphics that every other game has been using. I've been able to play so far without watching any ads or caring about gems, which is nice, but I also can't find anywhere to spend those gems yet anyway. The game can complain that it needs an internet connection after simply switching to a different app and back. It's not much of a problem to dismiss that pop up but the frequency with which it occurs is just silly

Keith Walton

Shame the task in the second and third world is the same as the first just slower. Is some variety to much to ask

Jon Baatz

This game made me in the game currency in million to billion fast than I was expecting which is kinda awesome its real easy just follow the steps of the tutorial and your gonna be rich in this game fast than u can imagine :D

DeSean Baker

and idle sims for transportation, cute and fun.. add more dlc map to keep the game going


This is very easy game

R Vid

Good game i like it.....but please make it to offline game...

Taniya Kumari

This is a very good game

Savage vlogs

Its awsome amaxing

Stavhen Geoles Taaca

I love the game! Easy and fast game that you can literally enjoy for a few hours without getting bored or sleepy, I recommend it to anyone 😁