Idle Coal Mining Inc

Author: Lion Studios

1,000,000+ install


Idle Coal Mining Inc – Dig and be rich!

Detailed info

File size: 95M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 0.25
Require Android: 7.1 and up
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
9 votes

Customer review

Cody Pardue

The glitches need to be fixed. Makes it extremely difficult to enjoy


Love the game

Don Ochoa

Game locks up when trying to open chest now. Unplayable now.

oyiem iem


starhonu maxine

The game is unplayable. The menu screen gets hidden and can't see to play the game

Mohamed Ali mohed



Scam game. Too many ads, if u pay to get rid of them u can no longer access menus for progression, as well as you can never achieve 4 stars to get to the next map.

Phoebe Chau

Can't open any chests all of a sudden. When I click on it, it gives me a screen with the background and a #2 in a red bubble but no chest and can't do anything but quit the game.

Sk Sahid


Matt Salyer

Watching an ad only boosts revenue by two measly minutes

Ian Holcombe

Why show me managers if there is no way to buy them? Can't even figure out what gems are for

Jonathan Elizoglou

It's calming and well organized game!! Ads is only on the bottom so that's nice! 4star cause doesn't sign in with google games 😔 it's pretty important to me.

Md Sajjad Chowdhury


Nirvair Singh Dhiman

Very nice game

Komara raju Raju

It's good It's good and this gravity is so nice creative Yo bro good creating next time this type of games you can release this my request and next time you should keep when we are touching about a button all vehicles have to edit five star to you this wrong should will be again repeat I want play your games this my order

Adam Milkowski

Can't get past the first map. It seems to be stuck on only having 2 stars. Hopefully that gets fixed

chad smith

Another grind and watch ads to play don't waste your time or your data.

Matt Nope

Doesn't work. In the very beginning there's a part where you gotta click one vehicle to speed it up but it won't register that you're tapping it. In the very beginning! Fail

Abubakhar Fatvani

I love this game but that is not much states to play please add some states

Dyck Family

How do you assign managers? Every time I try it won’t allow me to assign any of them. Help!

Nick Ruby

Managing coal is pretty awesome, Learning new skills along the way.

Iceberg News

Unable to play because of the bugs

Kere Gilles

Read the reviews and decided not to even download. Lots of complaints about glitches and ads. But the main reason in didn't try is because there was absolutely NO RESPONSE from the developer, not even the usual copy/paste ones.

David Golden


J (Reapered)

i like the game bug the lag killed it for me. the banner drags the life out of the game. its more interested in your money



Dhammika Hewa Arachchi

After get addfree l, there is no resource supply. Before get it watch add and get points for update. But after that no supply and just get 1.1x increment abt points. Not worth. Dont pay any cents ti this liers.

Phil Rose

Have to accept advertising cookies to play, if not there is a very annoying banner across the screen.... And after 5 mins this banner is then blocking a required button, so impossible to press and progress in the game

Md Sagor


David Von Montojo

No. No ads if you not online.... favorite game⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐😀😀😀.

Syed Azis

So fun

Sean Fuhr

Fun little time sink, however i am unable to access the shop to get chests for more managers. If that's fixed 5 stars

Art Regalado

I'm really enjoying it

Khandakar Tania


Jennifer Lovett

Nice. I do not know what to say?

Adrian R


jugal patel


Dibaj Shirazi

Too much glitches

akash chavan


Krispy Critters (Arizonajirt)

Never updated. Been playing this game for a while now. The developer is too slow at doing new levels. Been waiting since November for the 4th level to work on. I've reinstalled it twice just to play stuff over. But the wait is getting old. Still waiting for the next update. Been almost 10 months. Reduced rating to 1 star for that reason.

Ralph Trynor Jr.

Don't waist your time, good game but it's done in about 3 days to beat the game. You can't go any further in the game. FYI, the ads are not that bad actually, I don't understand why others are complaining so much about them, when the ads are optional. The game would take longer if you don't watch the ads because that is how you get most of your money is by watching the ads.

Daniel Leach

Sweet time killer, unfortunately adverts are making game crash... Update: Adverts no longer make game crash, unfortunately now the Snow Mine everything works except the dump trucks therefore I am unable to complete any tasks... Rating changed to 2 stars

justix games

You get managers out of chest in the shop and the shop isn't even there

Bjørn Handeland

Bought the ad remover and like some other user that comment, i also have to quit the game to get the boosters. And where is the store? I try to click the pluss sign on cash or diamonds, but nothing happens. Needs a lot of improvements.

Aditya Dhyani

This game is very good 👍👍 good 👍😊😊

Jearna Tan

It's super cool and pls add 2x money event plsssssss

brian doughty

Been playing for around 4 weeks. Can't get past 2 stars to upgrade to next level. No way to "spend" the gems, or upgrade "managers".

Robert Bedsole

I like the game.

Bipin Bhai


Jan De Moerloose

I'm fine with data collection for improvement of the game. I don't get why opting out of targeted ads hinders your ability to improve the game since it does not affect their number and your revenue, only my privacy. I had to quit since your giant "fix this" box overlapped the "go ad free for X days" 's close button that randomly popped up. Choosing privacy or a game where I got less then a minute of gameplay? Bye.

phillip devoll


Ragnar Viviers

Enjoy it .

Jakub Hájek

There is a bug that glitches the whole map, when you try to go to the next locations, hud dissappears and the game keep on going on the same map

Grant Starke

Ratio of game play to ads is ridiculously terrible. Play 10 seconds, watch a 40 second ad. Pay $13 CDN or it's an ad-watching simulator. Might be an ok game but I'm not watching another ad to find out! Give us an hour ad-free trial.

john campbell-white

it's good but it froze on me after 30 mins so thats a no no,so sorry fix that for a better review.

Abood Gamal


Saiful Islam

Nice game but Bou ring


Paid the $10 no ad pack then helicopter and the stuff that require ads disappeared unless I restart the game $10 not well spent. This game is so broken I need to see about a refund I can't even access the store to spend my diamonds.

Ricky Troutt

To many ads, causes the game to freeze up and can't even access upgrades cause it doesn't pop up, waste of time and download space. To much glitches, and ads can't play the game. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON IT....

Tim Hooker

Cannot move onto the second stages of worlds. Keeps looping ha e to restart app and even then still doesn't load map

ashive judoonanun

This game are very very very very very very very very very very very very very good

hopperz x dance

Good 👍🏻

Błażej Bagiński

Poorest mark for the poor practice of displaying huge, obtrusive banner as a punishment for valuing the privacy of my data.

meheiddine jad

I'm kidding, there are parts of the game that we don't see sometimes I press a machine to improve and it appears halfway, (review your graphics)


Won't let u open chests anymore

Casey Kosten

Nice game

Benedict Biju


Felicia RIcks


Josh Wenger

Game is unplayable ui disappears and merges into the background fix this and I'll re review when playable

veronica bates


Shinobi Gaming


Rob Brown

It's fun.. ads are not bad

Siddhesh Mahajan

It was so amazing played for us

Yogesh Bhil


david clapp

Don't spend money. You can't get past the first map... No updates since Nov 2021. Avoid

Hummara Anjum


Lawrence Collard

Way too many ads, I won't play more than another few hours at the most, probably much less.

Aaron Gibson

Unlimited % good Forever ♾️♾️♾️♾️

Paul Byrne

Another money grabbing game filled with ads to get anything done. If you do allow their cookie's you get a banner plastered across the screen..... RUBBISH

Eric Rand

How do you get to stage 2? Fun for first map. Everything maxed out. Then I try to move on the Snownime (2nd map) nothing happens. It stay on first map. But, when I click on anything, it will lock the game up.

curtis fontenot

Worked my way up to go to the next area in the game keeps freezing

Naresh Barik

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Matt Przecha

Done first level won't allow me to go to snow mine I like the game but I can't advance and no one answers my emails deleting game cannot go past first level

Allan Rushton

Puts a banner across the screen if you opt out of analytics, uninstalled game.

Kirby Galo

Where is booster. I don't know this what's is happening. Is very bad

Mo Le

Lots of fun draws you in some, graphics rough

Suica a

If you don't allow them to track your info for advertisements, it'll leave a blocky bit of text in the top half of your screen blocking your view, even if you allow them to use your data for technical support. What a waste.

Maira khan

Very good game

koos van der walt

I'm only playing a while now but it seems like a ok game

Mitch Gilbert

It's a good pass time. However only 2 * as the developer is so desperate for you to accept all their marketing and cookie rubbish that key features of the game cannot be accessed at all. Bit of a shame.

Erik Swartzell

Just started seems fun so far


Very good game

Peter Graves

Several glitches in game. Daily chest won't open and defrent devices like diggers and dump trucks stop working.

Richard Stauty

Fun CT


Unless you agree to all their data collection and ad targeted information they put up a wall of text in the middle of the screen that stops you from clicking icons behind it. It will not go away until you agree to everything.

Aaron Willard

fun and entertaining


Boring AF

Raz H

A game about ADS. Anything you want to do requires watching a 30 second ad or waiting hours. Good idea but very poor execution. Clearly a bad developer.

Padmavati Nagampalli


Dhan Nagarkoti