Idle cat makeover: hair tycoon


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Idle cat makeover: hair tycoon
I have a cat who wants to be a star.
Please help its dream come true through a makeover!

The adorable kitty needs a cool hairstyle.
Get the kitty a professional make-up as well!
With your help, the kitty will be a great star.

Various kitties will visit you, including orange tabbies, grey tabbies,
calico cats, tuxedo cats and so on!

Hire staffs to expand your hair salon, and help the kitties in need.

The best beauty salon in town for hairstyle, make up, spa, and even cleaning.
Make sure to get a gorgeous dress for a fancy party.

Create unique, customized styles for your own kitty avatar!
Customize your looks by combining stylish and trending outfits.
Send your kitties to parties after their awesome makeover!

You and your adorable kitties will become the Meow’s Next Top Stars!
Listen to the orange, grey tabby, calico and tuxedo kitties and tend to their needs!

Make your hair salon great by playing the addictive tycoon game!

Walk the red carpet and show off your avatars in the photo booth.
Visit your kitty friends.

Level up the Tycoon stages and meet a new kitty!
🔌 You can play “offline” even without an internet connection. 🔌

Let’s play CAT games!!

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Update time: May 26, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: TREEPLLA
Price: Free
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Customer review

Big Chiefette

cute and fun but the story in the beginning played too fast for me to read and I missed alot of it

Minty Kitty

Its Super Fun!!!


Super cute but I can't play it. It freezes over and over again. It's adorable with mild translation errors but definitely playable if you don't get the freezing, rip.

JJ Gamez

it's a cute game and if u have a style like me u will loveeee this download it!🐱🐈🐾🐾🐾♥️♥️

Suzine Jamili


Nevaeh Robertson


Blue Bell Flower

It fun and easy to understand! I love cat and playing such a cute game makes me so happy! 5/5 stars!

Rose Wolf

Absolutely fun, its so adorable, if your a cat lover you'll love this game, I highly recommend, developers you did a great job making this game its amazing.

Kelly Snead

😐😯🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰halo do da doat so fast &faster

branwen earthmother

Great game but ever since the update I've had some pretty annoying issues. At the wardrobe there's a constant red dot as if there's a new item or the shop is refreshed but no matter how many times I go in and look through it I can't get the red dot to go away. There aren't any items ready to upgrade, no new items, so I'm at a loss as to what it's for. It's just a minor annoyance, not critical, but definitely getting on my nerves.

Kisaki Kyoto

I was really enjoying this game, but now it no longer starts. It just hangs on the logo loading screen. Reading the reviews other people are having the same problem. If the problem is fixed I will raise my review, but right now the game is literally unplayable.

Alia Ahmed

So cute20/20

Artemis Donovan

I love this game so much but I am rating it 4 stars because I am extremely bummed out because the game no longer will start after the most recent update. Just sits at the "Treeplla" screen and that's it. Will rate 5 stars if this is fixed please! I miss playing. I just got the VIP for the event too and now it's wasted because I can't play.

Tiny Rat

It's been a long since I enjoyed a tap-tap/idle game like this. I don't normally spend money on games but I've put a few quid into this one, which brings me to why I've only given 4 stars. I purchased the £15 premium pass for the event system (I never spend that much on a game but I enjoyed this one so much) but since the new week came in I'm not getting the pass benefits. I've tried restoring purchases and nothing happens, please fix this bug, £15 is a lot to lose on a mobile game glitch. 😞 TY

Zero Rose

A very cute game but you get spammed by ads like every 30 seconds unless you want to spend $10 for premium. It's very very annoying for a game that is otherwise incredibly cute.

Shamira Jones

Very cute. I like it. UwU

Mystic Cat Studios

so far, cute, but a little bit ad dependent.

Jennifer Richardson

amazing game! love how there are little adds but i mostly love the art and gameplay! keep up the good work!

Tina Chan

Super fun. I bought the $10 vip status and it was worth it. I've been playing this game for 3 days in a row. I love it! I hope I can find more games like this one!

Bethanie Stiles

I just started to play today and already I enjoy it. I love most things with cats and this game is very cute and simple to play to!

bunny stark

Loved it .. till I got a new phone I lost all my progress.


super cute, easy to play and easy to get lost in. I love dressing all the cats up and the room decor for your lil cat <3

Sam Gleason

it's cute

Jo Chu

There's no way to save your progress


It's a great game but all of a sudden I couldnt load in so I uninstalled it and reinstalled but all my progress and payments in that playthrough gone ....and cant get back

Josephine Butler

So, I don't know if it's something on my end or what, but for the past couple of days I've been trying to load the game only to be stuck at the Treeplla logo. I have tried resetting my phone and all that but nothing seems to be working... Other then that I love this game💖

Jessica Migatulski

pretty fun

Chantel Partenza

Good game, good game.. But one problem with the app is.. Crashing. When I first joined the app showed the little cat saying, "Hello Boss!" and then, in a blink of an eye, it crashed. As I was upset I started to research reviews. 1 stars, 5 stars, ext. Please fix this, for chromebook I tried clearing space, didn't work. I hope you can respong to my review sooner or later, as I cannot stand an app that crashes once you open it. Like Mystic Mansion, it crashes after clicking start, Please fix. - CP

Noel Apaitan

Thank you for the Response Wish you the best in making this wonderful game😊

Cory Landry

fun but the manager for register is too fast I have 4 cats waiting in the salon part

Ed Edwards

Awesome cat dressing up game to play

Charlotte Vaughan

I love this game

JillAnna Harlow

such a cute and fun game to play.

Jessa Phoemela Popanes

5 star because is this so fun but you wanna watch add from outfit 😉 end from money ☺️

Sophia is the Bear

a typical tycoon game but cute graphics and honestly playable without the ads even if they do have a lot of them.

NotSoFamilyFriendly 00

I really really love this game but it keeps freezing and crashing. Its really upsetting.

Soetatik Soetatik

Yeah perfect my way cat pets


Ty for making this is soooooooooo cute ty TREEPLA 😁😄😃


Super cute game! Some things bother me like how the 2x button is where the recieve button should be. Otherwise? Good.

April Morgan

Oh my goodness 🤣😃

Fidel Cabantac


JT Iscy Anime


avelina simpliciano

Cool buddy

Rose Blossom

It's a fun game with one problem. When it displays an ad, more often than not it's cropped in a way where the close button doesn't appear, forcing me to restart the app and not giving me the reward. Edit: I do play in portrait mode but it still occurs. If it helps any, I'm on Chromebook

Tiamenla Aier

This game is very nice you can even decorate your own rome😁


I hate how everything resets so you now have to add more levels to your managers in order to automate them and then you're backed up because someone's too slow, and clicking the banker doesn't make him speed up.

Adrianna Burt

I like it

Monica Bohn

Cute game so far...just started playing it. Will update my review once I've had more time to play it.

Alyshia Parnell

Good game, but could be better. Really need to give players more crowns. Even if it's like 10 crowns for the free cabinet. It's impossible to get crowns. It's even more impossible to get blue or purple managers. It's cute but definitely not an idle game.

Janie Robertson

Changed from 4 to 3 stars because once you hit a certain point in the game it becomes imposaible to get tickets for upgrades other than spending money, its very frustrating when i very much enjoy the game and already spent some money.

Mňaulína Kočičí

I love this game

Kimberly R.

The art is great, UI & general coding of the game is smooth! However the quantity of rewards for completing quests is too low. The amount of crowns needed to lvl up is difficult to collect because of this, even when watching ads. Plus you can only get gems from the crates, by completing quests, which usually requires crowns to lvl up managers, but you need to spend gems for more crowns, to buy and lvl up managers, and automatic the shops. Will contune to play, & hope to see it more balanced 👍

Selena Wilson

Cute game, there should be more cards & tickets given for staff & clothing, the heart contest is stuck because I need to update clothes & I have two floors with no managers.

Dorine Austan

This game is very good but I get stressed when there is a lot of customer

Carissa Sudul

I want to like this game so badly, but I can barely play it! Even with low resolution on and restarting the game, it freezes every few seconds, then after forcibly closing the app, it takes a few more seconds for the music to stop. I spend as much time waiting as I do playing, unfortunately. It looks really cute, though.


It relies to heavily on the managers automating things. It's a common tactic I've seen from animal games (Cat Woodwork, Hamster Bakery, etc). They force you to but gems but forcing you to upgrade managers. Uninstalled. It's a neverending tapping nightmare you'll want nothing to do with after you get off the toilet. Cute design though.

Fire Lord Dev

It's almost impossible to level your "managers" up because they hardly ever give you any crowns. Otherwise fun game.

Gary Beary

Graphics are 🥰 cute. Fairly easy to understand.

Derrick Williams

love and care

Aisyah Riries

its a cute game, but the ads is verry annoying...

Amanda Pain

this is such a cute wonderful game I absolutely love it ❤️

Shannon White

its so fun

Barrie Smith

it,s so fun to play

rat king

Thank you dev team for actually reading and listening to my review. I really like the new cover art, it represents the game very well! I also like the new growth cabinet system a lot. I am still not a fan of the amount of ads needed to progress, but I know that takes time. I like this game and the content, and I think I will continue playing. One last thing, I think bathing should be before any sort of makeup or clothes. Who wants to get into clothes all dirty? Just a thought :] Thank you again!

WOKE Organics

So cute 😍

Jennie Bean

great game really fun


It's ridiculously hard to get crowns to upgrade characters, let alone get any new characters- end up tapping way too much as unlike other games - you have to get the cat to end to get the money, not enjoyable. Uninstalled.

Katrina Duffin

Just started playing and so far super fun and cute! I love the addition of the decorating aspect to make it stand out from most idle games!

Billy Enty

A really good game. Not alot of ads this is the first time I've ever rated something 5/5

Aerten Navarathna

Honestly, the game is entirely forgettable. The only thing that is unforgettable is how relentless the ads are. It's not just an ad after every level. It is an ad with every achievement, every very minor goal. You have ads for if you want to double your rewards. You have ads if you don't want to double your rewards. It's not worth it. Just skip this game entirely.

Candies White

I can't play it on my tablet so I like it really good great wait but a you don't restart when i go to a day please can you fix it but can you put a coupon code love the game

Chandra Brock

So cute.This is a 4 star congratulations but one itsy bitsy detail you should add it's the glitch at the beginning at the game I think it's my phone it the game if you could figure it out I would be glad to pay you a five star.But thanks for the game I really appreciate it.

Melissa H

Better than the teen human ones


its a great game

Sadie Crenshaw

Super cute and so much fun

Fritt Fallande

dont get rewards for watching the ads. major scam and the ad free option is a crazy price

Amber Black

very cute

your mom is gay

Love the game!!

Hope Montalvo

I love this game there is so many cute cats👍

Aylin Gonzalez

Love your app called.


lots of ads, but fun. it reminds me of the things i played on girlsgogames as a kid.

Melzeare Lizcorsgo

its a good

Alison Clariece

Would give 5 stars if the ad free upgrade wasn't so expensive. 29.99 is too much. I'd pay 4.99 max. Still love the game though.

Alex Lisk

a little confusing but fun


I love it.

Ren Stewart

v cute

Am Spooder

I am stuck at day 3 because I can't open ads to open a cabinet and I'm not going to buy gems just to continue the game.

Frank Willard

I am about to download it I can't wait to see how it's going to look when I play it but I think it's going to be awesome it might be a time killer and I will might like it so I'm about to download it

Christina Reed

This is game is so much fun

Kaitlyn Petrik

It's very fun to play and super cure! :3

Tamara Young

I love this

Denise Sadler

Game want turn off

Blue Wolf

so cute. I love it.

LaDawn Harrison

Your game is a good game for people who like cats and dressing up I'd say this is the best game that I could find in that type of category

chanise bailey

really fun game to pass time

Nia Steele

cat makeover is the best

Jacqueline Rosario

It's average. Nothing special, but I do like the art style. It relies heavily on ads and you'll be watching ads more than actually playing the game, so unless you have $30 to shell out on removing ads, you won't be having much fun.

Winnie Will

Cats :>

Mahasin Phillips

Great time killer. Nice graphics. Easy game play/tutorials

Alexandria Mullen

just a starter but it is fun