Idle Billionaire Tycoon

Author: PlayHard.Lab

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Idle Billionaire Tycoon – Ever dream of becoming a millionaire or billionaire? Make your dream come true in this idle tycoon simulation game!
You can make all your dreams come true here, in this idle tycoon simulation game!
Clicker games are so old-school. No need to click your fingers off for money anymore!
In this idle tycoon simulation game, you make money by doing nothing!
Charming, interesting managers are ready for recruitment. Recruit and assign them to the right places to build up the best business empire ever.
You’re a novice businessman. Nobody knows what awaits you in your path to fortune!
But that’s fine. This idle tycoon simulation games provides you with the most convenient way to become a billionaire.
Lean back, and enjoy your way to riches. Exciting storyline: gratis.
Enjoy regular events. In this idle tycoon simulation game!
Run a new business in events, earn money and expand your own business empire!

– Take over businesses, make money, and become a millionaire.
– Recruit and assign amazing managers to businesses to automate them.
– Clear various missions and take over streets all across the world.
– Try hostile takeovers through Negotiation Battles and make even more money.
– Enjoy the amazing plot.
– Operate various concept event businesses.

This idle tycoon simulation game is free-to-play and doesn’t require extra payment.
However, in-game purchases are available in case you want to level up quickly or obtain certain items immediately.
You can still obtain enough items for free, so feel free to enjoy the game!

This idle tycoon game requires internet connection when starting the game for the first time.
Once you start the game, you’ll be able to play the game offline as well.
No more stressing over excessive network data consumption!
No additional downloads are needed after the initial download.
Download the game and start building your own business empire in no time!

If you have any questions, or ideas that can help improve the game, please send your comments to
To become ever better, Idle Billionaire Tycoon will always listen to you.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 26, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: PlayHard.Lab
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sandy Morelos


Ntokozo Shabangu

I love it so much

Michelle paden


Kristofer Caasi

Best tycoon ever

Bharat Nath

Good Game 🎯💯

G386 420

Better than I thought it would be a little more to it than just clicking an atleast with each add your compensated with rewards an double income

Gellsi Macul

I got legendary

Arnel Bahum

Good game

Jamie Cronin

Best game everrrrrrrrrrrr

Louis Terrazas

Most awesome

Alex McIntosh

This is bad

John Feltner

Love it

Nehemyah Moon

It is a very good game

Chocolate Cream

I can't move to another place just because i can't take over company, it's ridiculously hard to beat while upgrading and having the legendary is not useful

Wanda Harper


Jaiden McDaniel

Super fun game become a millionaire I love this game you will to.

Farhan Chowdhury

I am trying for a long time, the game does not open, it is loading, it is not open since the update

Meenu Makkar

Very good game

Akhrienuo Awomi

It won't let me log in the game. It keeps on loading forever :(

euria polemou


M. Yusuf Nyle

Great game. Too many ads. It's a freemium game.

vvarun Srivatsa

I thought that this game is like other games but this has other level gameplay😘😘😘

Pijus Bhattacharya



You might think it is like the others a clickbait pay to win but its fantastic fun time killer

Ne Li

Kinda good8/10

robin sanbuenaventura


Virginawan Alessandro Chevin

Good overall


Not sure if you want to play with friends you know what I said you was going through my phone you sure you have a bad phone number and you look at that game that was very nice to see I knew that was a great game but I'm not deep thought I

Keith Anderson

Pretty cool game. Hate having to watch the ads. Lol

Xelic 51

Too hard to catch up with negotiations even with high lvl legendary. Also the spike on lvl 41 manager to 42 increase 2 times gold bars

Alice Cummings

Very good overall, haven't had to spend money yet but for this game I actually wouldn't mind.. do wish it was longer though

Boris Piva

Very nice


Love games like this 5 stars

Angelica Velasquez

Not fun alot of glitches

Hmm Mmmm

A cashgrab, nice plot and gimmick for idle game

Daxtar Vora



I'm having a lot of fun with this game!

Eamiel Patawaran

I love buisnesses games I finished it it's so cool🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Ernest Fox

Another game that has ads that IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE GAME. I give games 10 glitches. MADE IN CHINA!!!

Charlotte Rolston

Cool game for a little while gets boring after you play for a bit though !!!

Panda Man

Really fun game when your trying to kill time. I do find it gets a lot slower in the later levels unless you buy some stuff to help speed things up.

Marciano Mapson

Good game

David Jr

Gool Game

Anthony Williams

Boring. Theres hardly anything to do. Like where's the multiplayer? Why is there only one event and its the same one that only last two days then it resets? Were is the critical thinking skills the developers should have by now?

Noah Acker

This game is great really recommend playing and you don't have to spend money to progress



Lucian Baker

Wouldn't even load the game

Fee Peters

Okay, so far

Quinton Lynch

Money is all over the place goes from hundred thousands to billions to letters


Really great how the AI manager can activate abilities constantly but mine barely activate... Balance out out you idiots

Sergio Navor

No adds

Golden Girl1104

It wasnt too bad at the beginning, but onve i started playing the events it got super annoying. The beach event makes it so hard to level your guys up high enough to automate them, much less to clear quests

Luke Best

Its good

Zeekie Zeek

It was a good game until the latest update. Can't load the game


The game is nice there aren't to many ads and it's fun to play.

Sameer Khan


Brandi Garrett

Loved the game. Even after our got harder to win negotiations because it was impossible to catch up with how strong the other team is. This new beach event ain't it though. It literally s*cks. I have been playing all day and barely have been able to upgrade anything. Either fix the Pancho board to offer more rewards specific to consultants abd upgrading managers or just bring back the casino. I'm likely to uninstall now though. If I can't progress in either part of the game there no point

Banu Priya


Rhi Hetfield-K

Love the game, Love the casino event... the new beach event is not so good though.. very difficult to get enough cocktails to level up managers so a few of them are not automated for ages.. the pachinko only gives a few cocktails and seashells but no marbles or consultant coins so have to get them from the air balloon of which there are only 20 in every 24 hours, unlike the spinning wheel in the casino which gives a chance foreverything... was really enjoying the game but getting bored now.


Just installed some many ads and the game has locked up twice and had to be forced closed

pri vate

God tier idle game

Kathleen Di Stefano


Tyrese Forrest

This game is so fun

Davedrick Ganious

I like it

Daniel Lewallen

It's a good game ,event is very hard. But it works fun game and story. Would have gave it 5 stars if it wasn't for event.



Jester Willings


Mr E

There is too many walls stopping you for weeks at a time or you have to spend

aj thomas



Best game I have ever played thank you idle billionaire tycoon

Muhamad Iezwan

after the update, cant play, stuck at loading..

9B-Abhinandh Kc

Good game

Jaycob Tenchavez


Luis Olmeda


Rick Hanson

Fun addicting game

Manny Gary

Best game ever made

Willie Sorrell


Jack Bauman


Black Rp1



Nice game

Marc Faulkner


Fw.yo.boy. Jayyy

It teach me how to own buiseness

Mei mei

This freaking game is fun!

Val Koz


Ramanuj Deepak


Sammy Njoroge

Really good

Shamia Parveen

This game is so opportunity dude

Deniz erbas

Very nice and easy

Jessica Zondi

This game is the best I love it when I I am playing with my friends and family services my aunt and thanks for the best game

Samir Kamble

Love the game

Jason Newton

It is vary fun


Good game

Umang Hisariya


Jennifer Rittenhouse

The hostile takeovers completely kill the game.

Skip Odiorne

Hit the end of the road. What now?


Best game ever!!!!!!!

TimmyTimmyHall y'all


Jeff Freeman (greasemonkey099)

It a good time killer not too stressful

Mila Mandic

It's the best game out

Karen Brant

Hi Nnnnnnnniiiiiiiicccccccooooolllllaaaaassss