IDLE Berserker : Action RPG

Author: CookApps

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Play the easy-to-grow IDLE Berserker: Action RPG in the palm of your hands!
The swordsman wondering around Gasgaia was on the verge of death due to a critical injury, but miraculously survives because of a girl who appears out of nowhere.
However, when he realizes that the girl who saved him was taken as sacrifice to the Black Dragon Trakan, he signs a contract with the Reaper and is reborn as a berserker full with rage.

■Spectacular combat action
Feel the power of the berserker that amplifies in rage!

■Infinitely growth RPG
Grow infinitely to defeat the Black Dragon Trakan.

■Easy gameplay
Anyone can easily enjoy the game. The game is simple yet packed with splendid action!

■Rich collection
Obtain and upgrade tons of amazing equipments and skills!

■Breathtaking game contents
Enjoy various contents such as auto battle, dungeon, summon, quest, and hero growth!

■Unique costumes
Equip unique costumes and diversify your berserker concepts!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 26, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: CookApps
Price: Free
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Customer review

Perla Robledo

It's overall a good and it has a good story line and all

Bryce Meador

This is probably the best game I've played this year 🤣


best game we need guilds and PvP in feature updates , The game received alot of 1 star reviews on day 1 cause of the delayed update from google play store this game is easily 4.8 rating.

Enrique Maldonado

Good game, it has good graphics and good content but a little complaint I have is it's kind of not free to play friendly although there is opportunity for f2p players to get strong.


Add more skills and passive skills

Rickey Sparks

Best Idle Game Ever

Sean Murray


DaReal Darksaturn

O.O noice game

Aiden Castleberry

Fun game

Jose Guzman

Great game play great graphics no need to spend money to enjoy the game definitely recommend

Noah Horton

Absolutely addictive game love it 😀

Allen Lamont

Love it an it's easy for my son to get a hang of good job guys keep it up

faizal azmi

Last update make it unplayable. The game keep crashing every 10sec

Marcus Waldron

Even after update game refuses to start and crashes at start screen

Kevin Rumple

Absolutely 💯 amazing

Redzwan Shah Ibrahim

After new update the game broken on loading screen.


My first idle game experience and it is good ngl

Nick Tsangaris

I love the game, entertaining people through messages, helpful, fun to play.

leavo moradan

much better for adults who like hardcore graphics for idle

Midghtnight Gaze

Great game Yk what would be nice, having coupons that give a decent amount of diamonds around 10k-15k and a coupon within the appstore we can use playpoints for a deal to get like a 3$ coupons for like 150 points to buy something in game worth that. (EDIT: omg yall should definitely add ingame chat emotes for funnzies maybe they cost like 10k-50k gems and they give like amplify attack power the more you have. Make it kinda balanced tho (2ND EDIT: more gems from the weekly dungeon rewards.

Robert Robillard

This Game, Looks Quite impressive ... Could be Something Memorable ... HOWEVER, the 1-Type of Game, I, Hate, the Most(Regardless of What the Game, Offers...) are the Auto-Fight, Games. When You have NO Control, of your Character(Movements or Battling...)., ALL You, Do, is Choose, Fighting Options & Watch the Game, Play itself ...One Word : BORING & Uninstalling!! .. SORRY Developers, it's not You, this Type of Game, is just, not for Me.


Bad game

Nj Black Simmons

Dope game

Ronaldledesma Fajardo


DracoGames 323




Xavier Burns

Great time waster and good artwork simple and so far mtx don't look outrageous

Logan Willis

Beautiful and fun idler

Dhia kadaj

P2W GAME even the event you must pay to reach the highest goal

Buddy Kaiser

I'm really enjoying this game. Haven't seen one predatory add. Very fun and always progressing. Always something to do. Doesn't skimp on rewards. This is how free to play games should be.

Chris Hachaso

so far so good. hope it have other classes

Locust Grove Homes by Sean Jones

Nice game! Will ve playing this for a while. FANTASTIC graphics 👌

Cedric Armada

So much dopamine

Greg Gizowski

Really enjoying this. Fast paced and easy to build up diamonds

Raymond Smith

This game is..... let's just say visually appealing is a hard understatement lol probably one of the better idle games I've played as well. Looking forward to future content

kira ryusaki

Great graphics I think it's addictive

Travis Puckett

Really fun to pass the time I really love this game and I'm definitely telling my friends about this

Damian KnightRavencosmos

Amazing game

Yusuf Shepherd

Best idle game ever.

Klyron Viel Dela Luna

Game is very awesome. I love it

Gabe Smith

Quite like it

Christopher Fentress

Great game


Boring now currently p2w like hell if you want to reach top 500 you're looking to spend $200 I'm retiring from this trash money grab

Justin Kane

p2w or huge sink to advance

Andrew Page

Can't even open the game giving it one star because of some maintenance bug I keep experiencing...should fix it if you want to get good reviews lol

Eric Bennett

The game Amazing it just needs more playable characters and more of a story on how he became the way he is

Kevin Pena

Level up to defeat monsters

Ramy Samir

Not for me


Its a good game and all, but it quits me out almost every time I try to load in, and the very few times I do load in, I end up watching an ad, and whenever I do that, the game quits me out. Until this is fixed, my review is 1 star.

Anton Shishkin

Very good

Michael Wilkinson

Really enjoyed the game until I reached the awakening challenge. Somehow I can't do ANY damage to the monster. His health never goes below 100%. And since I can't defeat it I can't progress to B. That alone dropped two stars for me

dj Jones

The game is good but it's not great because 1.the time limit when I fight a boss I know I can defeat the boss but the time limit runs out before I can 2. It takes way too long to get materials to level up your status please fix this

BogVel The Gamer

Fun game, funny people to talk to while u grind 24/7 like a giga chad beserker.


easy to play

marang gaming

Not smooth in a 4g ram phone why?

ahmet yılmaz


Kyree Vlade

So far so good will update the review after some time. Edit: The game is the usual numbers game even though you play optimally, it will still lead to the point where you need to spend or wait for a long time before progressing.

Patrick Franz Diaz

The graphics are cool and i really like the skills system but unfortunately i thought that this is a offline game that i can play whether im online or offline wherever i go but i realize that "Offline is for Offline progress" not the game 🥲

Furry Goddess

Need more games like this. But without competition aka leaderboards.

Nathan R.

Fun game that doesnt take to much activity comparted to other idle games

Cristian Dumitru Popov

LIAPP alert, connection denied. What the f....? And then it exits.


Troll game company that supports terrorists.


Same old idle game, hit walls fast and a strong feeling to have to pay to even progress. This happens very early compared to other idle games though. Once they stall out of there isn't other things to do all you do is let it run out check it every few hours without any progression. There are a lot better options in the store for free.

Oleksii M


Steve Nichlson

1 star. P2w strong on this one. You gotta buy each pass once you do the level pass, stage pass each 1 cost more. Try it out. You will see what I mean. You also hit a major grind for experience.

William Slayford

Old like this game for wasn't online all the time it would be good if that was an offline game

Ben Rohner

Games very fun for Idle game join the guild discord for hints help and learn the game :) good luck to us all !


I was accused of cheating, even though I didn't cheat, I've been playing for almost a few weeks in the post that was told to me, I had to contact customer service but I don't know where to contact customer services

ko htu aung

This is´t offline

Matthew Gherman

Really cool game. Love the art style and super fun.

Seishin Kan

Looks good so far.

Abhay Agrawal

Nice game !! 🔥

2 tall

Works just fine now I had to delete the game and reset my phone but that was 2 weeks ago and I'm on a new z fold 3 in the pacific northwest

MD Sonu

That game is so nice i play him and Love him

Kairen ZED

One of the best action idle games I've ever played. Stunning visuals and effects.


The game is good. I like the style. Would love to see more story in it.

Giozyx Yt


Ryan Cantu

Lots of freedom in this game, fantastic

No-Life King 21

Pay to continue the clearing fun? After playing for a week I am now stuck very slowly getting stronger compared to the gain speed at the beginning of the game. People who just dive to the game carefree would just mess-up stat build. ATK upgrades mostly useless even with CRIT to mobs and bosses having high def/hp. HP upgrades are pretty much just for show (still haven't died even little to no upgrade). Don't get me started with skills having laughable effects for lacking lots & lots of upgrades.


No need for the 1 star reviews on release day when some maintenance was needed. Also, it takes a hot minute for updates to be fully available on the user end. That being said, this is truly looking to be my favorite idle game, to date. The theme, artwork and enemy design are very appealing. Gameplay is simple to learn and feels very rewarding. Great skillset customization. Ads are only for perks and cheaply bypassed. Ignore the impatient people and definitely give it a try. Coupon codes change.

Jeffrey D Smith

They put a chest icon over the loot text; I was already on the fence about continuing, but if this remains, it won't be a hard decision anymore.

blind Panda


Dylan Perkins

Very fun so far ngl but why does the battle pass keep changing to Japanese and not letting me open it

idle berserker

best idle game PLS PVP

arish royals

Updated: solved by itself. old review : Stuck at 60% loading screen 😞😞😞 8/128 specs.


Would really like to try the game, but I still can't even login to play. Hope the devs work out the bugs soon.

Jeffery Abraham



Holy bat wings in brine batman!!!! ----->*AAA Mobile* <---- if I could title this review, unique take on the Idle genre, Equipment is very vast but basic enough even the layman could understand itgives a dank and dark brooding feeling while killing basic mobs then BOOOM, he goes into a God of war rage type mode. And just makes you feel so good when you clear out multiple levels after ascending your equipment. I did not get my free outfit yet devs!! Cant wait to play more....actually .....

Jeremy Howard

The number display needs some reworking and the success rate of 30% on runes is kind of frustrating.

Corey Arrington

Love it!! Fun and easy to play.... great to pass the time

David Gardner

Ok so far

smegzz -_-

I hate idle games but apparently thata just cause the rest suck, anyway great game and if you are a fan of idles definitely download this.

Bhopali Shah

Nice game


Updated review: I've spent about $12. I don't mind spending A BIT if I like a game, but they go too far with price. Costumes for $50 each? Are you KIDDING? lol. There's no real content. The tiny bit of story you get before you start all, then it's endless grinding. There are quite a few bugs. Some harming people's gains. Censorship is EXTREME. Regular words are censored. Still think they might catch as many whales as they can and abandon. Would be a shame, as the game has real potential.

Alisha Smith

Edit: Works now. Started playing and it looks nice. I really like the art style. Stuck on the title screen. Pretty disappointed but hopefully it gets fixed soon

Robert Desmarais

maintenance for 2 days straight? not. good way to start ..

Yamen Al Ahmed

Amazing game and good quality but it's hard to get more power so can you make it a little easier or decrease the hp of the bosses. every thing else is great 👍🏻👌🏻

Mark Surmanek


Djodson Philemon

Very Amazing game.

Blake Brinkley

Solid idle game that looks pretty. The whales are kinda interesting here.