Idle Bee: Dessert Story

Author: VeekingGames

10K+ install


Enjoy the idle bee game with adorable bees, Start a dessert story with them
Build the greatest dessert restaurant in the forest!

Easy Game Play:
-Plant flowers, gather nectar, collect honey!
-Hire chefs to make desserts with honey!
-Serve customers from all over the forest and make friends with them!
-Improve your restaurant with new ornaments!
-Manage wisely the honey spend and desserts earning!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 20, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: VeekingGames
Price: Free
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Customer review


It fun and not so much ads it's my favorite game! (:

that guy

Didn't get past loading screen

Hamza Hhh



Really like this game but there is something wrong with the bee porters that transport pollens from flower beds to machining. I have a bunch of porter bees but almost all of the bees would transport pollens to only one floor and neglect the others, so my other floors are barely making any products


I love bees, thank you!


The bug with Hive bees has to be fixed. The bees just stand still, not carrying processed honey to store into honeycombs at all. There has always been a straggler there and here that didn't work, but by now all hive bees just stand still, instead of stashing the thousands upon thousands of units of processed honey. This ground my cooking to a standstill, because honey isn't being collected at all. This happened both before, when game had hive and kitchen parts and now when there is only the hive

Rebecca Eppelsheimer

it literally wont let me click on anything

Tanya Lussier-Normil

It's very fun and I'm just in love with the bee theme but there's not a whole lot of content available.

Aiden Mason

No no no


It wont let me click anything

Freaky Hacker

The game works just fine, those comments are old and should not be displayed at the top. Tutorial worked perfectly.

Ted Lo

This game it cant even work on the tutorial please fix it.

Amanda Miller

It's really fun when it works. I've had to uninstall it twice so far because it won't let me do anything. Frustrating since I got decently far into the game both times before it did that

Shelly Craig

Makes me feel like my screen isn't responding cause I can't seem to click on anything.

Patricia Cruz

This game definitely caught my eye with its cuteness, it's a good idea but there is a delay with the tutorial, so there's no way of knowing how to earn coins or how to do anything really. When you try to tap on something, nothing happens, then you have to guess what you can tap on only to have a screen pop up but you can't tell what it is you tapped on to open it because of the delay. I will give more stars if the bugs are fixed and the tutorial starts as soon as the game is opened.

Hannah Caves

It won't play

Katy Ford

Game unplayable because you can't click on what the tutorial wants you to

Regina Avery

Not even worth playing 🙄

Kimberley Adams

I can not play i can not buy the first colony it will not let me.

Janet Dowling

I want to play this game! It won't let me! It stall/stop!!!