Idle Animal Evolution

Author: ZPLAY Games

1,000,000+ install


Idle Animal Evolution – Combine the genetics of the two animals!

Detailed info

File size: 135M
Update time: July 30, 2021
Current version: 1.03
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: ZPLAY Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dx I

As far as idle games go: mildly entertaining, but don't bother to beat. The final upgrade takes months even with ad boosts, longer than the rest combined, and gives nothing of value. This is a game of preset merges that pretends it is random. If you get a specific father you will get the same mother every time. Only the order in which you get the combos is random. Also the rainbow question-mark creatures go to waste seeing as you are forced to accept the one(?) pairing.

Richard Drinnon

Every single person who plays this game gets the same hybrid

Brody Harrison

It's a good game but I wish it had more animals you know

Sebastian Fields

Panda butterfly

Malakai Morgan

I have never seen an app with such aggressive ads. Obnoxious. Uninstalling after a literal minute.

FraterVVV Flores

Most people cannot even download the game so giving it one star

A Deese

Amazing I love it also its so cool

Noah K



I can barely play the game there is a finger pointing to everything and a sign saying "Tap to Evolve"

David Driskill

fun game but you always get the same thing as your friend

Gianna Alarid

The game is pretty fun overall. But my biggest problem is whenever I have the app I'll play for about 10 minutes but after that it will get stuck for a minute then it will just kick me out of the game and I'll try to go back into it but it just dies the same thing over and over. And lastly it picks the animal you get to merge which isn't as fun because I would much rather pich the animals I get to merge.

Babes Roman

Can't play

Quincy Jenne

Three was the best I could give it because this game is very fun but I wish that you had more animals that you could combined than just eight different things because I feel like you'll be more fun because as soon as you're finished you can't do anything else.

Jozlynn Marsh

I was you can choose who to breed. PLZ do it for me!

Charlie Furlong

I like it but the reason I gave it a four because when rejoined it reset my progress please fix it!

Lesley Young


Tyler Wyman

Good game needs less ads

Lucy Kimber

Great game the only thing is when I want to watch an ad to get something it says there are no ads available pls fix this other than this the games really good

Rachelle McCorkle

It has to many sponsors, closes by its self, and it has a lot of things that are near the DNA button.

James Reid

I love this game you merge 2 anamals and merge lem to gether Its so fun!!!!

Nettie Kat

A sign wont go away bc it blocked me from doing level 2 and 3 could not finish could not play it was in the way

Jason Hetrick

It's fun I've created a little bit of animals

Ramil Borres

Is good game

Aamnah Sajid

T Hujjj

Ashlee Kehrer

It's really hard to make more money in the game

Brittni Kersting

I just love it so much

Mansoor Mansoor


Cheesy Blox

Froze my whole phone and could only use power button

Aayansh Chakraborty

Weird but briliant

Payam Natajansar

خیلی جالب است

Haydari Arash


Selena Woods

I want to choose my own hybrid

sheila Natividad

This is kinda weird but the one with a flamingo is intresting

Rob R


isaiah Gentry



Best game ever

Sandy Cortez

I give it a 3 because I like it but i wish that it would give me more animals to combine

mandypants mcgee

It takes a Long time for it to load

Paula RichChance

it was ok but it was werid🙄


Weird graphics it's super boring there is a bug in this game fix it now I start working on a animal and my tablet sits off do not download


Runs badly and crashes all the time, kinda funny though

karen johnson


Levi Simp (Simp)

Weird, but a cool concept! Maybe you could add more animals in an update, so we can have even crazier hybrids? It's just a suggestion though, you don't have to! Anyway, just wanted to leave a review, keep being awesome!

Justin Richards

Fun for a few minutes but everything appears to be predetermined and content is very limited. Don't be fooled into transactions.

Danishmohi Mohiuddin

This is the worst game it keeps kicking me out like what it's so dumb I hate dis game it's just so bad please FIX


Constant add bombardment. Uninstalled very quickly.

Dan Gerber

Why does it take years to download 😠😠😡😡😣😣😾😾👿👿🇲🇬🇲🇬

Jasmine Richardson

The tap to evolve will not go away and preventing me from scrolling

Fire fox Junior L.i.c

Cool the way you combine animals but pls add more exotic animal then i could give it 5 star rating

T Paka

Its so interesting and it's to learn in seances

Whitney Botkins

This game is fun just I wish you could make the the new animal and then battle it out with other animals

Lanas logic

This game is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire 15 years of living!!!

Michael Chacho

Got boaring

Spider- Pool

It's a bit of a mystery

Deanna Schlanert

Becauses i liky

Alimansari ansari

2021/ 8 /5

bb ss

It's a good game fun to pass the time. But it keeps crashing

Jaime Rios

Stops working alot plz fix it.

James Quigley

I can not play this game help me are u kidding me

Bessanee harper

So I like the game it's so funny but when I get to the back legs on the first animal it kicks me out if you fix that I would like the game more I would rate a 4STAR

John Harp


afton kids

I would give it 5 stars but its to realistic for the way there models are and its scaring my 4 year old brother

Angelie Agabe


Matthew Wilson


Hurricane Ivan

It's annoying how you can't create as many as you want make it so you can make about 1,000 animal combos cause it's not fun in the end and I'd like the idea of deleting a creation you don't like also add more animals

Andre Hokom

Meh. It was fun at first but now, if I hit ONE button it crashes my tablet and I have to turn it on again.

Raymond Hart

It was fun for a little bit but then gave me a 50%discount and then I couldn't do anything

aiman miawaug

This game is good reason can continue

ian Belardo


Lexine Luszcak

It is very fun

ddr gamer

this game is great but what if it was in real life and game best

Trent Jehue

Just wrong the animals look spw.romh when u fuse them

Adanech Worku

THIS IS SO AWSOME!! I play this game like 2 weeks ago. I AM JUST SAYING WOW!!! Like when the animals were changing It was so so SATISFYING LIKE REALLY SATISFYING! HAVE YOU EVER PLAY THIS GAME BEFORE!?!? AND YOU HAVE TO DO IT BUT there is just a one tiny bit of problem when I was still playing it was glitching for some reason but I LOVE THIS GAME AND GUYS YOU BETTER PLAY THIS SATISFYING GAME FROM ANY TIME ANY WHERE SO PLAY THIS GAME RIGHT NOW AND. PLS fix the problem of the stuff that I tell ya.

Jdnd Nndjd


Tyler Vails

I have made a teldel hen it was fun

Ida Mcclure

You can't pick the animals you mix which sucks i think if they change that I will re-download it

Dorothy Belcher

There's so many ads I can't even make a animal I do not like this

Michael Dixon

It's doodoo

Christo van Tonder


Harlow Gambirazzi-McCarthy

Well let's start with the game randomly closing whenever I open the game also I tried uninstalling the game but it didn't work also the first animal I always get is a panda butterfly I want to make my own hybrids... I'll just play hybrid animals instead

Renee R

Yeah I'm not going anywhere for you xx 😂 i was thinking about the whole day to be with him in his own life is so good at the moment and the other side is a little more about you guys doing anything for the day off and then you can get the 💰 and you know how you been doing it right back in time and where are you going for you and the kids are in my head 😂 he is a little more about it all in the morning apparently the same way as you know how you feel about it all in all my life is too mucfound

Jordan Peters

I don't like fusion the panda to a fly but this game is AWESOME happy 😀

Charlie raby

This game is amazing my friend told me to download it so I did I don't think it would be so cool but can you delete some ads you have almost 91 ads

Jessica Humphrey

Boring unlike the ads

jesse stolarczyk

I wanted to make and hybrid my own animals......but you can't the game "randomly" chooses for you you hit a button and it spins and selects the mom and dad and if you don't like it you can skip it ONCE ! For example earlier in the game I got Panda and butterfly I didn't want that but two animals later Iam forced to do this, also you have to gather an absurd amount of DNA to evolve and it gets higher and higher the further you progress in the game. Please let players choose their hybrids !

Aimee Dodge

bad game

Anas Alsalihi

This game is fun but it kicks me out of it

wyatt is awesome

This game is pretty cool but I think that it should difer more. Like a panda shouldnt always be mixed with a butterfly, or a horse with a shark.

JandB Fisher

This is a good game but it kicks me out every 5 seconds so that's y I gave it 1 star so plz fix it but if u don't this game stinks so fix it

Johl K

So so so good! Whst you get after is so smazing!

mere wolf

Make your own abomination

Gavin Roach-Poitras

It's annoying how many ads there were and the game keeps crashing

Rebecca Lockwood

This game literally gave my iPad a virus! DO NOT GET THE GAME!

Red Games


A Google user

Soo cool

noah stari

Like the fusions, but there's only about 8, and the becomes extremely slow for the last two, even all of the ad buffs active and an auto-clicker.

James Keith

It was a good game . Yes. Good bye.


This game sucks!

Bernadett Blummer

Why have they have no star is because me out it takes me out

JoshAndJamie Schlemmer

Everybody is talking about adds but you only get the same animals even if you wach a add it just gives you the next animal bad game also the adds are bad aswell