Idle Angler Tycoon

Author: SnowWolfFunGameStudio

100,000+ install


Are you ready to run the world’s largest fishing grounds?

Carefully manage your fishing grounds,get more wealth to upgrade,and become a world-famous fish tycoon.

How to make good use of your grandfather’s small pond and some small fish.Attract more tourists to fishing through continuous operation and expansion.Make more money.Use this wealth to make your fishing grounds more luxurious and get more interesting fish. Create the most luxurious fishing ground known far and near!

Detailed info

File size: 93M
Update time: August 31, 2020
Current version: 1.0.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: SnowWolfFunGameStudio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Alicia Tello

Terrible,soon after downloading i launch the app, before even playing an ad appears, I click once to play and boom another add, I couldn't even play Uninstalling, this game has too many ads we want to play with less ad interruptions, DON'T WASTE your time getting it, AND GAME DEV'S Don't bother replying, i know you won't fix the ad problem WASTE OF TIME

XiaoQuan Sha

Ads are very fun, this is an amazing ads game

Richard Bankes

Ads ads ads nothing but ads

corllecta nelson

Is good


Too much add! Very bad Irritating

ria duplessis

Does not eben go into game

Noraslina Noraslina

This is the nice game

Kyran Gilmore

The game seemed great. Then I opened for the first time and got an ad before I even clicked. Then another ad comes every 30 seconds or so. It doesnt feel like you get to play much. All about the income from ads so I'm uninstalling. It's a shame because it has the potential to be a good game, but greed ruined that

Tyler Welch

Ads are constant and long


The gameplay is great, but there are a lot of ads

Lisa Grass


Iris Val

This is fake money

Welcome Back

Forced to watch ad just to open the game and forced to watch add every time you upgrade anything. And ads are 15 seconds plus, and unskippable and offer no reward for watching and are extremely repetitive.

Third Degree Toast

Don't bother. Starts an AD immediately every time after restarting the app 3 times. Not worth it.


Too many ads

LaTisha Parsee

This game is rigged for you to give up before you make money or win the prize, you have to watch two ads before the game starts, and you only get pennies until you get to just over $30. After you get to that point the only way to get your pennies are the few times you can claim free money daily. For the prize you have to watch 10 ads and mostly the spinner lands on sorry or the fisherman which means you wasted your time. Also you only have a few levels. I don't recommend anyone play this game.

Erica Moura

Game is keep crashing itself

anime overload

The ads are out of control they pop up out of nowhere and when you're loading in the game they pop up if they can fix that the game would be great

Wiracha Solomon

Don't want to start over

Rey Vale

Nice game

Rito Lagumbay

nice game

Dillon Welch

Like it but I would love it if there were less ads randomly popping up.

sadboy ff


Lednoom Mang Rai


Georgia Vizard

Good fun

Dinuk Ranatunga

There are too many ads

Eddie Chin

It is a good game but there are just way too many ads

Павел Хаджиев

Too much ads. 3 only on startup, nevermind dual ads.when I refuse bonuses from ads(level up/offline revenue). Ads on START UP. As in you open this app - you get and ad. BEFORE THE GAME LOADS!

Bill Alto

Played for about 2 minutes. Actually, I tried it for about 15 seconds. Ads are way too intrusive. The rest of the time was watching ads that are impossible to close.

James W Parrish

CUT OFF THRESHOLD for PAY in this Game is $45.37 . Must be another "Unity" game!!

Hemalata C

Too many ads :(

Hasif Khamin

Good game

Mark Recommends

Big scam

emmanuel mata

I love it,,,

James Wesley

Do you want to just watch adds instead of playing a game?? Then this is for you!! Get two forced adds as soon as you open the app even before you see the loading screen. After 15 seconds of playing, its time for another unskippable 30 second add. That's all this is, don't waiste your time trying to play this

MAMSCORP Indonesia

Like it

Dave Moreton

Fake game. Google needs to shop using them. We need to start taking this people to court. DO NOT PLAY

Alex Gitti

Wow an Ad before the game even started. Are you guys for real.

jeremy loi gabor

Add just pops out on its owna dn you can't cancel it.

Lapa Killa13

Its a ad app. Played for 5 minutes, actual game time 0 min and 20 seconds

Take Shiro

Dont play or download the game.. just an app that full of ads with nothing rewarding

CMCC5474 Trump


Meg TheLovableDork

Nothing But Ads. Loading Screen I Went Through 2 ADS. When I Upgrade Ads. Don't Bother

Elijah Grubb

Too many ads

Martin Williams

I love fishing

Jessica Lynn Potter

Love the game but the absolutly ridiculous amount of awards makes it not even worth playing.. played for 35 seconds and then 8 mins of add are you kidding me. Deleating this game asap

Lisa Titus

One of my favorite games! Winning real money... And no Covid Blues.

The Llama Gamer 1505

I hate it because it's all like win free money when it's really hard and there's a iphone 11pro giveaway and it's rigged the more points you get the worse it gets

Nick Mullins

Ad before the game even loaded

Tim Wells

Like most of these rigged games, the payoff is good at first. Been locked at 89 dollars for DAYS and it won't give more. You have to get 100 dollars before it pays off. I have played this one for weeks only to find out it is a scam. Writing my Congressman and Senator to stop these scams. FTC may need to investigate.

Jenny Andersen


Joseph Price

More ad time than play time. This game is obnoxious with ads. I couldn't even play the game for five minutes because of the continual ads popping up. That's a sad thing, because the game looked like it has potential.

Jeremiah Snyder

I literally recieved 3 ads before the game even loaded for the first time and was constantly bombarded by ads the whole time I tried to play the constant pop-ups became so annoying that for me it was impossible to enjoy the game at all

Ba Gyi Htun


RJ Villa Pando



Please help me. My cash is now at $46.51 but everytime I collect and claim cash. The collected cash won't be added. My cash remains $46.51 Please! Don't be a scam this time I need this very much. For my mother's medicine. 🥺 I am begging, just this one. 😭 I NEED HELP.

Jonathan Balao

Nays one

Steve Laidman

Waaaayyyy too many ads. Even when you specifically select the non ad option.


So I have already maxed out everything on every level. Are there any new levels coming and what can you do with the coins afterwards.

Kathleya Perlas

Fix the bugs. My phone got hang when i install this game. 😐😐😑😑😑😑

Paul Stevens

Less than a minute into game and already hit with several minutes worth of adds, so many adds that I couldn't even decide if the game was worth playing. Out 1-10 Dog Turds I would rate it an 11.

Lady Crystal R- U.S.A

Good, so far. When I maxed out everything, I kinda didn't like that I was left with $40, but the slots and that claim button still give a handful of cents at a time - so I'm just limping along. Almost there. :)

Matthew Brown

It's fine

BH Bradshaw

📵ALERT📵 9/10 on the iPhone and the last 20 consecutive spins is either giftbox or sorry.

Chloe Knowles

Wouldn't be bad if ya can play without constantly crashing or throwing ya outta the game , obviously the development team don't care has reviews show it's gone on for months , lucky 1star I'd rate this 0 star

Jackie Buroker

It was fun but needs move levels

uranus gaming

Good game Marasigan

Got scammed, I got 9.8 in the iPhone puzzle and prepared 100 spins but after that, I got nothing but sorry and a gift box containing legend Fisher. I am playing for a month, and not yet reached the widrawable amount of 50.



Paul Ong

Ads too spammy Always appearing

Eric Suon

Nice game

Jennifer Pavuk

Literally same as everyone else. Def scam. And literally an ad after every click or after 20 seconds of no interaction time on the game.


Too many ads, one ad after 4 sec everytime

Marco Hoepers

The amount of ADs...unplayable

zainul ariffin

Good and fun game


You can play but there add in it but i got no mad at this game but you can play for free

Jean Vidal

Ilove ❤❤❤

denise howie

I enjoy the game but the ADS ARE WRONG . U don't get that much for completing task and levels .

susan amican Deluna


Blake Williams

Too many ads

Bhas ke Mooch gaming


Edelyn Berido

I love this game

Kingsley Ositadinma

Not good

Macasojot, Trisha Rose S.

This games is awesome

Plenyun 17

Dont download this game Low bonus,everytime iklan Me finish max level 7day Not give reward This game its a dream reward PLEACES YOURS NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!

Timothy Bunnell

It's nothing but ads

Muhammad Syahir

I love it !!!


More good no need make the game . Just make app to watch advertisment . Everything got advertisement . Watch advertisment for level up then get free spin win money need watch advertisment. Upgrade fish advertisment . Wow . More good I watch youtube right or netflix

Marc Andre Gladu

Ads sim. If you want to watch ads after every single upgrade you do... play this game...

Budi Kurniawan

This game is about to watch the ads. Why don't you named this game "watch the ads"?

Arturo Arreola

Its fun.


I opened the app, waited for the load screen, and immediately was greeted with an ad. Most games in this genre will at least try and hook you on their game before rolling ads. I exited before the ad was finished and uninstalled.

Rommel Londonio

I am on level max and is stocked at $46.56😤😠 What ever and however i claim the reward point, amount doesn't change 😠😤.

X 2


AX Drain

Can only cash out at $50, stuck at $46.87. Daily claim button no longer gives cash, and the 'spin wheel' which uses premium currency no longer gives cash. All levels complete, levels are maxed out, nothing left to do. 5 weeks for nothing.

arissa ariss

too many ads..its all about ads,ads n ads...

Cory Schutz

Its bad when you are forced to watch ads before even being allowed to play the game. Then ads every 30 seconds or so...uninstalled after a few minutes. Horrible game experience!

Juggernaut Actual

this game sucks! you have too many ads that it just ruins the game and not want to play. uninstalling now, bye bye

T Cole

I get the use of ads to make money but holy hell. Get an ad when you start the game, you hit the X to not watch an ad to get a bonus ad pops up anyway. Uninstalled in 5 minutes after constant random ads popping up every 20 to 30 seconds. Could have been a fun game but totally butchered it.

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