I am Zombie: Action roguelike

Author: Newcore Games

50,000+ install


I am Zombie: Action roguelike – Move and Shot! A legendary roguelike shooting action!

Detailed info

File size: 43M
Update time: August 13, 2021
Current version: 1.018
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Newcore Games
Price: Free
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Customer review


Doesn't load anymore. I purchased the $15 character since I play the game everyday on my breaks at work. After I purchased the character the game doesn't load anymore. Not sure why

firman rusdi bachtiar

The gameplay was good, but why this game warming my phone so fast. Playing for 10 minutes, my phone's just getting so hot. Can't play too long, the game have limited time to play due to phone specification.

Chris McCulloch

Seriously needs updating what's going on? It's been a good game so far but needs new everything

Adam E.D

My item already Yellow haha

Benjamin Jamison

Fun game.

Oneida88 Simsim

This is the game that make u stress...stupid dev

Vontrase Dunbar

I like the game. All the different power ups to mix and match. Well thought out. Graphics are good too with many levels. All the benefits and events work fine and the ads aren't that bad either in spite of the reviews. I guess it fixed. My only problem is why can't I have a choice of portrait mode or landscape mode? That's truly the only thing wrong with this game. Give us the option to switch modes.

Gadeon T.

This game is absolutely awesome. An all-around great, fun, addictive, and satisfying game.


Originally I gave 5* for the cool unique feats other roguelikes didn't think of... but there is no dismantle feature in the gear system..which ruins the whole cycle of shoot loot sell upgrade when items aren't too difficult to attain but they're all grey or green and there's so many in each category you can hardly ever fuse them. Also only main levels and 1 Xmas dungeon(???) which is easy and pointless

Ethel Harper

It's okay

Windee Yuson


Chris Rodriguez


Brax Atikus

it's addictively fun

i don't like anything


Justin Saltzman

I am enjoying the game. The only thing I noticed is that the damage output and multiplier needs to be increased.

Grant Gibson

Great game very fun and very free to play friendly. Please keep the monetization the way it is and it'll stay 5 stars.

Michael Dewey

I like being the zombie and the controls are good 👍

Kevin Lucas

Zombie Boys and Girls are fun! <3

go mavs

please fix your app games soon. . can't enter the game.

Chad Cogar


Troy Wheeler

Every time it start game an try to let me use joystick to move it force closes

Fat Luffy

I love it

Ibrahim Shakir

very good game

Terry Bushe

Loads of fun! Simple controls, plays smooth, great game

Daniel Sooba

Nothing to rave over.

Daniel Lawton

It's a good game to play

Mohamad Fitri Rustam

I like this game guys.. because I'm single hand players...

Herman GOOGLE maps


Super Boat1211

No daily login reward, stop deleting my review

Carlos Mansilla

bad graphics, same Archero style game. nothing new or innovative.


Fun so far, a few oddities, will have specifics in a bit.

Lexy Teo

Watching ad to revive doesnt work, ican only pay with diamonds even after watching ad. theres basically no choices of zombie, only 3 zombies, hope theres more useful updates. in the shop its all Gem, or through cash play, nothing to purchase. disappointed..

Yong Lup Ming

no horse run



TMG Da Teach

pretty dope gameeee ngl

golden wolf

I think u sgould make it like that u can equipt other zombies to fight along ur side cause it would be better to have help so pls update it like that btw this was before i played

Danas Andriulaitis

Brings something new and original. Doesn't feel like another clone, really enjoying it so far. Well done devs

Vahid Gh

Similar to dozens of other games... Archero, Tales rush, ...

Elisa Litz

부활을 위한 광고를 시청... 그러나 그것은 실패하고 카운트 다운은 계속

Homeless Gamer XX9

I love being a Zombie


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Nelson Aquino (realNelsonAquino)

Great game. No Ads during gameplay, only if you want to watch one for another chance. The gameplay is smooth with no noticeable bugs. It's fun too. I really like it.

Aero Bien Sta Romana

The graphics is not good, the movements feels delay ( specially the dash ), the projectile speed of enemies are weird (maybe because movement feels delay), the character hitbox i think too big, the enemy hitbox really needs to be fixed( my attack either goes through and deal no damage and or some of my attacks dont register damage *only one of to bullets register damage*). Im pretty sure that the problem about delay and graphics is not because of my phone

Rowen Joseph Nolasco

This game wont let me play it it sucks. Uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjh

ศุภกฤต เก้าเอี้ยน

It's fun. But please have more character.

Irene Callanta


sonny han

이런 장르의 게임을 좋아하는데 그래픽도 좋고 다른 게임들보다 재밌어요