I Am Fighter! – Fist of Kung Fu

Author: Hs Soft

50,000+ install


I Am Fighter! – Fist of Kung Fu – Kick enemies & knock them out of the arena in an online pvp fighting!

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File size: 70M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Hs Soft
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sabara Patoli

Yyyyyyyyooooooooooooo this game is sick no adrotice

Wan Nazri


King Cease


Gian Desepeda

i like fighter type games a lot thank you for making A good game for us

Ariyan Araf

I love this game this game is so Amagitation

Clarino EZ


Nerissa Delcano

i really like the game it dozen oh cool weapons and cool animations

Gourav Chauhan


Andre Williams

it's ok

Rnonny Megafu

it is ...nice and wonder ful .a nd good

alejandro hernandez

Me gusta, rápido, Buenos gráficos, super nivel de combatividad; aunque como todos PUBLICIDAD EXCESIVA

Michelle Tinamisan

God God God God God

Duane Nash

The game is ok, it needs more enemys per level also new enemys more weapons and an arena where you have 100 waves of enemy for more rewards ect

Shanita Lizaan


Simon Porter

this flighting GA is ACE

Andrew Krauss


Pablo Sam

it is fine but how do i buy weapons

Baby yoda JacindaArdernforever

Too many ads,ffs! 🖕

win htaik



It es amazing game 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🚃😠❤️😡😘😠😘😡❤️😔😘😘


I think it's really cool

Ehis Fredrick

nice game

Anaitkumar Anaitkumar

David 6


So nice Iove it so much 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Rocky Coleman

cool game nice work.

sina pitsa

cool game

Pete Infante


Shane Elford


Wesley Isley

pretty fun game

Gerome La Beaux

Good Game

Md Minhaj Mir


Jonathan Au

very good fun

Steve Adamo

nice game thanx 🤏

Johnson Segun

Wow 😲 I love this game, it the best game I've ever played it has no bugs

David Bulfoni


Godwin Chilenje

super fantastic

Ma Yin Thu

I Like This games Because it is Action.

Krizia Bentulan

Magand to gem

Krishma Basnet

enjoyable and relaxing game I like it in first time



Mondli Tshabalala

Best Gaming i hope there will be harder bosses somewhere somehow because once you have strong weapons its useless to fight hard its kinda boring going to the Gym Like Getting Money Is One Thing But Fighting To Get Gems Is Another Level Of Experience Top Gaming Experience But The Easiness Is Just Boring Only Noobs Love Easiness 😁😁😁

Nathan Williams

having to.pay for the weapons is what made it a 3 and not a 5 should be able to unlock them as you progress and pay for.the other fighters would be a way better option

Victoria Gill

I have one suggestion can you make it to where we can control any of the characters in the game like that guy with the blue kicks and stuff please

Michael Pointer

love this game such great respect to Bruce Lee

Keyamo Godson

very good keep up the good work

Jacob Hall

a lot of action

John Patricj Balaba

Good job

Sahil Rana


Say Tan


dwayne pama

Best Kung Fu Game Ever!

Crispin Madriaga

This game is Amazing

Soe Myat Min


Marcelous Mcdowell


Mark Evans

Just starting i like it.

Frey Aviata

cool az

Parag jyoti Saharia

king of china

Tema Zenar


Solomon Gonzalo

Just play

Games Android


Raymond Rose

It's good but you gonna be watching ads more than enjoyn the actual gameplay

Michael Thompson


dillip swain

Hey this game is asoweme but i want to play the next part of this game please make the next part

Megan Beach-Deegan



fun beat'em up game. nothing like a classic

Lewis Armstrong

I had it before it's a good game keep it up

Selorm Ashiagbor

This is like the best Kung Fu game. I have ever played

Philasande and Siboniso Mkwena

Me this game is good

Jonalyn Dela cruz

it's good I am like fighter

Malaivasan lokesh Malaivasan

Very good game you try please. ..........

priscila pangilinan

its so cool

Super Gaming

This game is very good

Congo Rwanda

Amazing game

Anthony Willis



I like this game

ဇင္မင္းသူ ဇင္မင္းသူ


Prince Kanyepi

This is the best game ever

Reggie Luff

Mad game bro but not to By this game but really good

Gaolathe Ndiane

It is a very fun game


It is just great

Mohammad Ziyad Batua-an

Really cool game this is one of my fav now this game is alot cooler than my naruto and mobile legend game so cool so good SO REPRESHIIInG XD anyways good game you made its so cool, so good, and SO rePReshiNg XD.

NiemSp x GB vVsv


Neil Oldrieve

Love it

Sandile Tshabalala

I love this game 🎮 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Waren Sastrillo

I like this game this game give me a inspiration to make a story of 15 years old boy who do anything to his achievements and hundreds of goals i make it this story to simulation game so i wish this game wil be a most famous game ever chance 100% so make a new cool and exiting updates for the new world game

Jia Alzona

This game is really nice I love this game but I have something to ask u first is add 10 fighters in pvp second add another map third fix the fighters and last one is Make a new map So Pls make that anyways this game is cool u can fight but add sandbox too!.....

Ezekiel Buenaventura


Cardo Dalisay

I'm dragon

Mike Parson


Maria Luz Gajisan

it's really good

fernando doroga


Md Mone


Frank Matonti

I like it it's so cool but you should not have to buy things

Lunatik Lanes

good fun. addicted

Nandevi Baniya


Eshaan AA

noce game

Fd Detera

This game is so good but the in pvp and i just fight with enemys some of my team get frozen and the enemys pls fix it

lee greenhill

I'm a big Bruce Lee fan. thank you great game 👍

Sharmagne Claire

I like this game🤗

william moshimane

amazing game,I love it❤

Rocella Lourdes Santiago

=)8 90+1000.??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?