Hyperdrome – Tactical Battle Racing

Author: Travian Games GmbH

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Two cars. One race track. And a whole arsenal of power-ups. Welcome to the dynamic racing world of the future.

The first car across the finish line wins the race – that’s how racing was and that’s how racing will always be. Yet with ever-faster cars and perfected racing lines, motorsport soon became too predictable. In a bid to bring fun back to the sport, ways of combat, subterfuge, and special abilities were added to the cars. A new game emerged where it’s not only the fastest who wins, but the most cunning:

Enter Hyperdrome.

It’s not just racing anymore – it’s Tactical PVP Battle Racing. Hyperdrome puts a twist on the genre by removing steering controls in favor of tactical abilities.
Outsmart and outpace your opponent to win. Whether you’re a rolling bastion, all about the epic counter-move, or just like to go full wipeout – we’ve got you covered.
Clash with players from all around the world and race your way to the top.

Craft your own strategy by equipping the eight power-ups that best suit your playstyle. Then punish your next opponent for bringing a gun to a flamethrower fight.
Collect, unlock, and upgrade your favorites. Choose from 34 unique abilities with even more to come. You can teleport ahead, lay tactical mines, or just let your combat drones do the hard work. We won’t judge. As long as you’re winning.

Choose from a pool of cars and select the vehicle that suits your playstyle best! Fast, armored or maybe you prefer an All-rounder? You can customize each vehicle individually! Change anything from your vehicle’s components or colors all the way to designs and start the race with your personal car. Dominate your opponent and mock them with your horn!

The future looks sleek. Burn rubber on one of four stunning racetracks and marvel at the kaleidoscopic visuals of tomorrow.
Complete with a thumping soundtrack that’s sure to make you raise your hands in the air – if only you didn’t need them for playing!
Crushing your friends has never felt better.

The race is on.

• Tactical 1v1 PvP battles
• Worldwide matchmaking
• 34 unique power-ups
• Customize your cars
• 6 action-packed race tracks
• Spectacular, futuristic visuals
• Wicked soundtrack tailored to each level

And non-stop, nerve-wracking, breathtaking fun.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Feb 11, 2020
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Travian Games GmbH
Price: Free
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Customer review

N Allen

Great UI, SFX & Gameplay! Fun racing game 👍 Tron: Hyperdrome (Movie Reference) More FX. NEED: 1v1 Friendly Race, Edit Name & Replays

Tay Za

have a god wifi connection but showing the connection error game is really lagging


chest unlock is painfully long, a race that could win it takes like one minute then 8 bloody hours to open the chest.. worst chest unlock for 3 hrs.. damn


This game has so much potential with the right tweeks.

Von Berg

10 minutes of instructions ..

Ben Bawden

Fun game. One improvement would be to link loadout to car type. E.G. you'd have one loadout for Tanky and another to Speedy

Márton Borsos

Game is full of Russians

boris mcnair

Fun game but it needs an update


A different twist of race and strategy, planning and timing! Great core gameplay 👍🏻



Alantral Brown

I was this game was a 5v5 racing game because it will be way more fun

Masuod Sedagat


Ksatria Garuda

Please add 4 players versus mode like in BOOSTER RAIDERS game.

Dharsan Shiva

Frequent connection issues during racing. High time for loot boxes with costly upgrades that gives very less advantage. A newbie with slightly better skills can probably keep up with someone playing for quite some time.


Very amazing game

Lear Ivan Gutang

This game is great but when you get to higher leagues you will be racing against player that have way more advanced gear than you and they can destroy all your health with one missle and then they throw drones and mines and when you shoot back they just do ghost manuever or bunny hop they recharge very quickly.

Crusader Bamienimejizos

Well at first I enjoyed the game but as soon as I came closer to 3000+ I stopped seeing players to play with just bots and the fact that you get to play with a follow human is what makes it fun but now the game is annoying no players just bots. It really pisses me off Please fix this else am uninstalling this game for good

Kamal Karimi


Jason Roth

Very cool concept, smooth and just all round fun to play. I love the art style and the game play mechanics. Good job guys!

Godwin Samuel

Free 2 level up 👊🏾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽

Morteza Asghari


Alexander Kovalchuk

too grindy... but idea is good. bot's are too strong with perfect reaction and most of time are having better perks and cards.

Artor Frank

Used to be a potentially great game, but now its a DEAD game. Newcomers race mainly against bots and once you ca 3k trophies, they then get rewarded with impossible matches with players at 14k trophies...totally unbalanced & unfair. A real frustration.

Eslam Rabie

repetitive , also i dont think they r real players

Gifty Quayatey Dede

I love it

Doctor Midnight

Luv this game

Kyoza Raja

Good game , but classic bad chest system. Can't open 2 at the same time.


SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

João Neto

Fun but to monotonous for the price it has in the end


The best for gamers ❤️❤️❤️

Ajayi Yinka

Innovative spin on deck building game

Eddy G.

Fun so far but you do not recieve rewards from watchimg ads. The game crashes.

Ngozi Ibeh

It's nice race


The servers sure are loceted underground. It always says that i lost connection. Making this game offline sure would be better.

alexander kovalchuk

it is grindy but the idea of the game is great!

Marcelo May

I like this racing game. Its exciting and sounds great.

Roham Darvish


Sahil Yadav

Very good👍 Oooooooooooo

Mario Lowe

Update(2/9/22): I'd try to incorporate the secondary domination mode instead of just for increw challenges. Also maybe adding a crew vs crew feature that lets you have open challenges to other crews that can be accepted by other members of a different crew , it possibe. (Orginal Post) Great game (Real Person Rio) Good racing game, love the loadout and cars. The only downside is it will occasionally disconnected while playing which can really mess up a game.

Tyson Miller


Tipsiz Gqme


Saucy boi

Chest unlock time too long, card amount too small


Repeated crashes during tutorial

Luku Esia


John Hansen

Game is fun but the experience could be a lot better. It's obvious that you only play against bots, even after leveling up a good amount. The rewards for watching ads never work. Clicking "X" to close ads either takes you to the app store or directly installs an app on your phone.

Christano Civilien

I like how this game is a multiplayer, game because if I have a brother, while me and my brother, could play the game together

noobs forever

This game is really cool, music, gameplay, the leveling up system, but I just wish there were more players, like, 90% of the games I played was with bots

Yamil Pozo

Debería de tener modo offline y también algunos desafíos

Jason Arbib

Amazing graphics! This game is the rebirth of Anki Overdrive (which sadly, is no longer sold). The gameplay is something new and exciting. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!! :)

Derek H

Watching ads doesn't always give rewards because it thinks you're internet connection gets dropped.

Lavan Smith

I didn't think I was going like this game so much but I do I actually do 😎

Esmeralda Morales

Can you add some more cars and nice game

Anmol Jain

the game is nice. the music, gameplay and maps are futuristic. my only issue is that the game is purposely slowed down. having to wait 3 hours or more for every box to open. the levelling up of car and power- ups is also painfully slow process that will take up days. after a given number of races per day, there are little rewards for winning. i actually found it fun the first day and made about 30-35 races (winning most), but the rewards had diminishing returns.

Mann Kakdia

Very power up racing game I loved it

Gjergji Guga

Best racing fight ever played

Sean teders

Decent game so far needs more players so I hope you get the game. Other than that it's fun sometimes challenging

Luis Munoz

Its a fun strategy racing game that is addicting. A race that is different from other racing games, stragetic n thrillfully fullfilling. Could be a good indie on the Nintendo!

Chaos Disorder

Fun simple game. However ads for "free stuff" just crash the game. You have to wait 3 hours or more to unlock boxes you've won, and you only have 4 slots for them..making playing more, pointless. Almost everything requires rare currency, which you barely get.

Aryan Pandey

this game is really nice it has giod graphics

omid vojod

Need to many time to be better and interest

Amirhossein Mohammadi

I like it

Kushal Patel

I am in 6th legio

Farhan Ahmed

Needs some minor bug fixes and a more modernized clan system. I.e show when clan members are online. Also the game loses connection after watchin an ad for reward, and it doesnt give the reward: for me at least.

ze lemons

Good spunkies👍🏿


I really loved the game... however i just see no effort put in it anymore. Its the same thing over and over again and that mames it bland and very boring.

joanna magtibay

Take dat elimination loser

Benyamin bj

بازی عالی هست اما هی وسط بازی هی علامت اینترنت ضعیفه میاره (ولی بازی ادامه میده )در صورتی ک اینترنت هست و سرعتم داره مقداری لگ داره و سعی کنید اون صفحه اول وقتی وارد بازی میشید خود صفحه بازی رو یکم تغییر بدید و در کل این مشکلاتو حل کنید و قیمت چیز ها گرون یکم ارزون کنید


Really Good Game!!!

SuprChickn 77

Connection issues block upgrades. I've seen games that give upgrades whether or not ads play. The player shouldn't get penalized when the ads don't operate as they should. Fix that and game has real potential.

YourBoy Kco

The game is cool just need to solve the connection issues with ads and time subtract on packs also could you lol give us a closer can view as another option 🤷🏽‍♂️ also can't wait for more cars atleast 1+ each class. A truck, a bike, a Bugatti or Lamborghini all battle ready 😋 championship for groups to compete cuz i see yall announce top winners on Facebook but wb those who don't really use fb an want to see or wanna participate in some sort of event


Great game. Deserves more attention. 4 stars cuz it has got connection bugs. Says I'm disconnected even when I'm connected to the internet just fine. Also, I can't watch ads as apparently, ads make you leave the game and you get disconnected, so no rewards. Besides all this, this game is a masterpiece.

Alexha Alexandrino

It is a very simple but fun game I really enjoy it

renzo Rafael

dat godssss

iman movahed


Abhay Gawande

I love the game plz Add New stages and And Sticker with low Credits We want It plz Give Us Updates Becouse Game lags sometime in the match loved it

Naufal Luqman

So unfair

MohammaD AlizadeH

The best

Sumeet Alhat

Too much lag n network connection error ingame

Kevin Lopez

Very cool

Nhayati Ash


Jual das

Matchmaking is trash

Giovanny Cabrera

Super fun game but I don't know if you guys are updating it, so I really hope you are thank you.


Game's great and you did make a lot of improvements. But I don't understand, are all those opponents real players or bots? And can you give a 2v2? And also, reduce the time of those box opening. Can you make it to 30 minutes or arround there Plz?

Affan Malik

Best racing game ever for me

Darius Nanton

Close shots to losing close shots to winning and I really love this game my favourite Power up the shock admitir

Dujhani Campbell

Good game play good graphicks and fun way to play no faults so far

s2000 Mightyvids

I love the game great physics 3 selectable cars And weapons like drones and more But i wish the game had a livery and a a car that looks like the ford fiesta and a manual mode with a race track and you can steer the car and i wish it was offline too


Vary fun. do recommend.

Max Power

Super lame. Must PAY TO WIN. Sorry, no green backs for you. UNINSTALLED.

Shweta Singh


Tyson Miller

I love it. It's a entirely different perspective of racing. Were you don't have to worry about driving. Really cuul game


Edit[3]: 1st time didn't try the game, Always-Online-DRM :-( offline vs bots should be possible! 2nd time I give it a go and I have a good time, but the matchmaking is completely f**ked, playing against others with as many as 5 times of trophies are no fun nor fair, if this don't get fixed I will eventually stop playing (yes that). If isn't enough players online for a good match just let me play with some bot at least is fun and fair enough. BTW the game is (still) completely P2W! (good by)


I suggest you use this game

Joe Thomas

Very nice game

Sanjay Bhadra

This is a very good game I have played it for many years

Eduardo Dominguez

Great concept. Racing against others with abilities feels fantastic. Friendly races are also a nice touch, especially with the destructive game mode. With improvements in antimatter currency accessibility, the addition of more types of cards, and the option to search for other players to recruit for your team, this game could really blow up. More game modes could be nice to play with more players at a time. Buying customization options seems too expensive since antimatter is a scarce currency.

Aruinbaatar Temuulen

Maliin emt

Roland Tirel

Takes a long time to get on a good enough level to race all active racers but once there it is an amazing adictive game. You can be part if a real active team and earn powerups so much quicker !

Jensen Ackles

Great game. But it is a dead end now. Hope it gets a new launch and good upgrade. This game can rival clash royale pretty much both of them have same concept.

Oviyaa Sekaran

Super game