Hyper Survive 3D

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Hyper Survive 3D
Imagine you woke up to the apocalypse. The virus has infected the world and it’s been one year since the zombie apocalypse began. Get ready for the terror, horror, survival, and fighting against zombies. Build your camp and survive the waves of zombies. Prepare yourself for a survival arcade game!

It’s a whole new world out there. Build your strategy and write your own story. Gather whatever you’ll need to survive during this devastating period. No matter who you are, where you come from, and what you used to be before. Welcome to the Hyper Survival 3D.

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Developer: Skyloft
Price: Free
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Customer review

Manuel Nielsen

This game is fun. However I was tired of the ads. Paid the highest tier for no ads and free rewards, still have ads and have to watch ads for rewards.

Cloyd Marshall

Why have ad every 15 seconds u can't even play the game

John Felix

Mamatay kana

Kayn Richards

Good game but WAY too many adds

Michal Xxx

I love it


It has good potential but theres just way too many adds, i get its a free game and now you offer to pay for no ads or whatever, but theres just way to many in the free version.

Saikrishna Raddy

Way too many ads,u get a ads like every 30 sec


Ads to frequent makes game play unenjoyable. Esp when your being attacked. No thanks already deleted I don't have time to waste on waiting or the ads to old for bs.


is a good game

Gates Raya

Could have been a great game but the forced ads are terrible. You have not even advanced in the game to really get the feel of it and the ads are already making you lose interest.

Monte Turner

game play is frustratingly slow.

Noreen Foley

Please let us booked the same wkend for the 6th and 4th November for our holiday as we are away 🙏 😢 😞 😪 😔 will not have any kind words to help you to make it up as I am still in need to be able for my daughter and I love her very good ❤ 🙏 I will be a lovely ❤ 😀 💙 😊 in a while and the other pieta

Bali Garg

Excellent job 👏

Wak Rijal

it's so stupid when ads come every 30 second.. seriously? done uninstalled!

Mike Gaddass

Pretty annoying bug, loading an advert and trying to close at the end sometimes triggers the play store to load, not your fault but when that happens, your game resets and I lose whatever bonus I watched a video fir.

isael y veronica Arrona


Landon Lilly

Love it

Saad Qureshi



Could be an okay game to pass time, but the other reviews are right. Way too many ads. I can deal with ads to play a free game, get your money. But I can't do anything at all to progress without watching so many ads. I'll be walking around and get an ad. Collecting wood and get an add. I played this for around five minutes. I got like five ads in those five minutes. Less ads and you could have an alright experience.

Kelly Mbanugo

In level 1 it won't allow me to progress because the timber factory button disappears and I can't progress

Syahrizad Roslan


Sergio Sanchez Guzman



Died once and now I can't find a single zombie when my objective is to kill 5 zombies

glynis nunn


mahmoud ramadan

to many Add

Amerido Berrios

Hot mess

Ethan the viking



very nice

krishna chandar

Ads are coming while playing the game itself. Ads can come as part of rewards but not while playing game.

Geratt Schmidt

Ads every 15 seconds. Pay $10 to remove them? Total scam game

linda rodriguez

who gives a lot of fun I like these games

Humberto galindo

I like this game is pretty fun

Charles Nicholls

The game itself isnt bad at all, but it is completely ruined by sudden ad break after ad break after ad break, every 2-3 minutes! Uninstalling, I can't stand it. I will check back now and then for updates that curtail the ads.

adam ahmed

No response

Pranti Rathod


ishant gameing

Guys is she is game very better



Dinesh Karmali

Omgt t

Shelby Flores

Game was so buggy for me I couldn't even play the game it would load I'd move the character and then be forced to my home screen

Mayank Karmakar

very good game

Victoria Ridley

Too many adverts and not paying over £6 to get rid of ads

S1B. Kripin . c 22


Angellouise Montefolka

I don't really recommend it , it doesn't make sense on what to do

Brett Jones

Horrible. Could be fun game. And you could buy bonus add ons to support creators but still..... Ads every 2 minutes. Unbearable.

Aaron White

Good game of what I can play feels like ever 5 sec an ad pops up

Cristelle wouters


Sean Edrick Gianan

so good


cool game 12/10 uwu 😎

Thanu Kailu


Percy Navarro


Yes Pp

Pretty boring,only at lvl2 but the constant running from collectors to building isnt fun,hell the zombies arent even a threat after building walls


遊戲玩到一半就進廣告 是殺小啦 我到底是玩遊戲還是看youtube 幹

Valerie Strain

This game is great it's a good combo of a first and second person shooter and a little bit of a tycoon vibe keep it up👍

Isaiah Osborne

EPIC HIGHLY RECOMMEND LIKE THE REST ARE just lying well... Probably not but just turn off WiFi or turn on airplane mode like simple and yes the add is right and yes you do make a base and yes.. there is mild violence great for 7yr Ld's boys or 9 yr Ld's girls⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🤟👍🙄

Jerimiah Hartmanstorfer

it the best in all my game

Evan Muskopf


Barb TOP

I love this game it is so much fun

Charlie Anderson

They cheat and steal from you I paid for the no ads and rewards without ads and after the 1st level my purchase was null and void and asking me to buy again. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME THE ADS ARE PRACTICALLY ENDLESS AND THEY WILL NOT HONOR YOUR PURCHASE IT IS AN ILLEGAL SCAM

Aishuu Aishuu

Love and game

Laily Oraon

Not downloading

k3 paNda


Alexander Watson

Too many ads. I ended up with an ad just about every 30 seconds or so.

Nooh Ali

op ge

Anthony Nieves

Keeps freezing keeps kicking me off to the main screen

Miles Carpenter

Your game would be pretty cool if you didn't have to have a commercial every minute besides doing a commercial to get bonuses after about 10 minutes and each minute there's a commercial your game gets boring so 1-star only!

Rozita Aziz


Kourtney Woods

I wanted to like this game so bad but I do not understand why there is an ad every 30 seconds.

Robert Mardini

teash game my mom said we hade state of survival at home this is The game

Daniel B

Has potential. Good concept but had WAY to many ads, at least an ad every five seconds.

Stacey Mejia-Jimenez

best ever

Ruby Monnery

It was an ok game, take away the ads and it's still ridiculous hard without watching ads or spending money. It could be really good but it was ok sad to say

Vikash Kumar

Good game

Leonis Yggdrasil

The ads should not be every 5 seconds! This is annoying af, and ruins the entire experience

Raelynn Lang

it's very fun

Maxim K

Overall good experience but slight bug, the cottonman ain't black

Said gameing

The game is very amazing

Aadith A

GOOD game

Ayushpandey Shivapandey

nice game my brother love this game

Nick Aniello

Paid for no ads and rewards with no ads.....still get a ton of ads.....

Pankaj Barik

Phbbino 😙😙🔥🔥😎😎🇮🇳

samantha dixon

I have no Woods

Sandey Turner

The levels are fun

Malachi Hayes

⅔ game play, ⅓ adds. And for a free game, that is absolutely horrible. I don't spend money on games, but this game might be a 4 or 5 star game. Unfortunately my patience is about as expensive as money. The game is not worth paying for, and as is, is not worth playing.

Komol Pal


Darmamogan Marimuthu


Francisca Gutak

Water hell im can,t dowload you have any other person stupid

Copernicus_Robby Rian D. Bernardo

i love you and i love it

Alinawaj Khanapure

And I was like I was just thinking

Parnava Ray

This game was awesome 👌

Rudra Pratap

So many ads in this game. Its so boring game

Arlene Tubio Alviola

Super cool 😎

amie beech

I love this game

Toh Shu theng

I am scared of zombies he will killed you dead

Richelle Lou Mercado

I like this

Bryan Williams

I love zombie apocalypse

Elijah Holt

it's a fun and addicting game but i don't like how ads pop up while im playing

maker v3 and crator real fight anims yt lol


Matty Ralston

smooth game play

Joshua Palfreyman

Great game

Nooney Mira