Hyper Evolution

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Hyper Evolution – Chomp your way through eons of history on the long rocky road to civilization!


Dive into the primordial soup and get eating in this beautiful and entertaining survival simulator where your goal is to climb the food chain one organism at a time. Start the game as a small fish in a vast ocean and chomp your way through eons of history on the long rocky road 🐾 to civilization.

There are plenty more fish in the sea, and some of them are a whole lot bigger than you, so while you’re chowing down on your prey, just make sure you don’t end up as somebody else’s 🦕 dinner.

Only the fittest will survive, so activate your animal intuition, engage your reptile brain, get in touch with your inner caveman 🗿 and watch your back in this Darwinian adventure game that’s red in tooth and claw but provides hours of relaxing evolutionary fun.


★ The evolution’s here: progress through entire geological ages in the vast Paleozoic ocean, growing from a tiny little primitive sprat into a mighty predatory shark, turning turtle, really coming out of your shell, and emerging on dry land as a beautiful lizard.

★ Master survival in a new environment and you’ll soon be going the way of the dinosaurs, before you move up another class to go nuts as a squirrel, take on the mammoth task of being a mammoth, and pass the test to see if you’re a good, average, or truly great ape.

★ Feeling a little more human at last? You’re not quite finished with evolution just yet, work through your neanderthal attitudes, take out your caveman aggression as a hunter, and finally finish the game by settling down to a little farming as the paragon of animals and the undisputed chamption of the food chain.

★ Eleven stages of evolution with a total of 81 levels in the game, each with a new twist on the satisfying core gameplay.

★ Complete levels with high scores to unlock exotic evolutionary missteps including mermaids, 🦄 unicorns, and dragons for even more foraging fun.

★ Simple but stylish graphics with beautiful creature designs and stunningly varied landscapes that bring to life the different ages of the history of the planet right there on your screen.


Want to see the origin of species in action? Not sure that you’re fully evolved? This fun casual simulator will let you stake your rightful place at the top of the evolutionary ladder and have a whale of a time while doing so.

Download Hyper Evolution, the survival game that brings biology lessons to life in a colorful and satisfying simulator experience, and get yourself evolving right now.

Detailed info

File size: 117M
Update time: October 22, 2021
Current version: 1.1.6
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: SayGames Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Uzziel Nankomar

It got drip and nice 😍👍!!!!!!

Ania S

I am a fish now I am a dinosaur

kaushal kumar

I have given you one star because I have completed this game in one day

Daria Bonnici


Rosali E

Too many ad's like why do I have to see every 5 seconds some 30 second ad, so please fix that

Vladislovas Skierus

Too many ads, is unplayable

Nagen Naidu

I 👍

Freya Bleu Phillips

It is a very good game but maybe the joystick for laptops can be the arrows

Ganesh sangale

Good game 👍😉

Tony Moore


Woo Hoo

Not sure if this is a bug, but when I was in the caveman level trying to find the fireplace or what the image was, it took so long to find... Nothing. I thought I'd had to get eaten by a wolf but nah- after 20 minutes or so I gave up. I'd rather just eat things and grow, it's pretty relaxing.


Gets boring

Francisco Diaz

Don't waste your time; you will spend more time forcibly watching ads than playing the game.

Pamela Hilton


Addin Arsyad Zafry

Bes game tok

Fayth Beaver


Eleazar Muñoz

It's 🙂 nice

Zeph Bartlett


Megan Rivera

Cool at first but then it repeats itself once you complete the evolution and that's kind of boring. It needs more to it.

Llavin Bernal

It's soo good

Brianna James

Good to many ads but good so far


Its really disappointing when you get to the last level and then it takes you right back to the beginning

Arnav Patwal

Good game

Emmanuel Roldan

Fun game

Tirupathi Ch

Super game

Ilija Babovic

Good evolution game

A Google user

Sketchbook CCR Fredi.

minijose09 jose

Lop tpm is a great 7.30am and

Jameel Mahomed

It's not too bad as I thought it was so ya

dude bro

the ad that i got for this app was funny af

New Commence

Best game ever

Shaqil Hikaru

Good job

Elizabeth Jongte

I'm almost done with the game

ghagha dela torre

very nice game



julio lopez

The game is really cool I like it a lot..the reason why I gave it a low rate is because the ads are VERY disturbing, I'm in the middle of an evolution and and ad comes up, I'm gonna finish a lvl and ANOTHER ad comes up...I'm pretty annoyed by this.😒😒

Daniella antasya balqis Mohd naim


Kelly Edwards


Roman Valdez

i love

Richard Brian Smith

Loving this game keep updating this game please.