Hunting Fish Shooting : Hunter

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Hunting Fish Shooting : Hunter
I am very happy to see you in the ocean hunter hunting fish shooting emulator game. I believe you must have come to hunting fish shooting from other fishing shooting games. Hunting fish shooting will bring you a unique fishing shooting experience.

Hunting fish shooting is an ocean fishing shooting emulator game. You can not only experience the thrill of ocean hunting fishing shooting, but also enjoy the beauty of the ocean world. In hunting fish shooting emulator game, you can hunting shooting different kinds of fish, And you can also breed fish after hunting. Of course, you should beware of ferocious sharks when hunting and shooting. Sharks are everywhere and will attack you. Don’t on the road to become a hunting shooting hunter master be hunting by sharks.
Hunter it’s time for the to pick up your sniper rifle and aim shooting in the ocean world, and experience the fun of fishing shooting after becoming a hunter in the hunting fish shooting simulator game.

Game play of hunting fish shooting:
• Use your sniper rifle to aim and shooting different fish in hunting fish shooting game.
• When aiming, you can also check the prices of different types of fish.
• You can better understand fish in the hunting fish shooting game illustration book.
• After hunting and shooting, you can breed fish in the fish tank.
• After breeding fish in the hunting fish shooting simulator game, you will get corresponding credits.
• Of course there is also a need to prevent the death of fish.
• In the hunting fish shooting game, you can buy new sniper shooting weapon by breeding fish and hunting shooting various fish.
• When aiming to shooting the fish, Shooting quickly so that the fish will not escape.
• Unlock more ocean themes by completing the game levels of hunting fish shooting.

Game features of hunting fish shooting:
• A variety of underwater themes can be unlocked in the hunting fish shooting simulator game.
• You can watch the trajectory of the sniper shooting fish in slow motion in the hunting fish shooting game.
• High-quality color 3D graphics.
• There are many sniper shooting weapons in the hunting fish shooting game.
• Smooth game control function.
• Unique fishing shooting game play.
• High-quality underwater environment visual effects and magical sound effects.
• Realistic underwater experience.
• Learn about the types of fish in the ocean in the hunting fish shooting game.

Before the game starts, you will get an exclusive sniper shooting weapon. Of course, this sniper shooting gun can only be used to shooting small fish. You need to use this sniper shooting gun to hunting shooting more fish to buy more powerful sniper shooting weapons. Only in this way can you protect your own safety. In order to become a master hunter in hunting shooting faster.

Hunting fish shooting in the ocean world not only gives you the opportunity to prove your hunting skills, but also allows you to experience the thrill of hunting fish shooting in the ocean world, where you can experience a whole new ocean world. Hunting shooting as many deep-sea fish as possible and become a master hunter in fishing shooting. Because the world under the deep sea level is mysterious to every hunter, there is much to explore. Victory is achieved by exploring unknown areas and defeating all deadly and dangerous creatures on the ocean floor. This is a battle for survival, prove that you are the hunting fishing hunter master of ocean hunting fish shooting.

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File size: 76M
Update time: February 24, 2022
Current version: 1.0.5
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Fishing Shooting and Hunting Games
Price: Free
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