Huntdown – Crime doesn’t pay… unless you’re a bounty hunter.

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: June 4, 2021
Current version: 0.1
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Coffee Stain Publishing
Price: Free
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Customer review

Arnaud Richli

Best game of my Year 2022 **



Alexander Gabriel Cariño

Its like contra + cowboy bebop

Ryan Sanchez

Gameplay is a little outdated but the controls graphics and style with sound is amazing.

firman rusdi bachtiar

Interesting, finish the trial stage, doesn't have planing for the full version. Out of cash.

Mikey Crawford


j bg

Best run and gun game i ever played perfect gameplay and art 5 stars

Jimmy Thompson

Basically contra. Not satisfactory.

Zawisza Czarny

Amazing, I actually playing this on my nintendo switch, but I'm considering purchasing this game on mobile too.

Gilberto Reynel Jiménez Rasgado

Si bien este juego se encuentra disponible en múltiples plataformas, es de resaltar el excelente port a smartphones. No por nada los medios le han dado una puntuación muy alta a este juego de temática retro. Lo recomiendo ampliamente. This is one of the best videogames you can get on playstore. The 2D graphics are great and the soundtrack match perfectly with the videogame history. A must have! 👌


This is one of the best games to play on phone as it has many environments, epic boss fights, amazing art and voice lines. I really recommend it, i list it as "must try".

Betony Miller

this game is awesome it cost money but worth it! i think there should be a part 2. i beat the game in less than 2 days and got 100% THE END WAS CRAZY! im not going to spoil it but totaly recomend. the easter eggs are cool actedentaly found them the one that changes the end is cool EDIT: IM STILL PLAYING A YEAR LATER! IVE BEAT THE GAME OVER 100 TIMES NOT JOKING IM OBSESSED WITH THIS GAME

Sabelo Nkosi

The blood, the guns, the environment. Everything about this game is great, and for the fact that each stage has a different gang to defeat with different abilities and different looks. Just amazing

Aaroncharlz Alavaren

this is the best 2d platformer shooter i ever played in mobile

Artsrun Khangeldyan

Downloaded the game, played the trial part. Liked it a lot, wanted to buy but could not do it, tried again and again, still did not work, so had to uninstall it. I even sent an email to you guys. No answer. Such a shame.

Mary Lou Trevino


Peleg Alluf

I saw a freind play it and got intested, i really love retro games and this a great game by itself. It might be a bit difficult but still not a souls games. Its a good game but it always crashes


Awesome job with this game, the retro music and style, the pixalation everything is just an art work ty guys it is worthy of purchase

Em Perfect

Totally love this game. Everything is perfect, good control, great design, great level. Love the gameplay.

Lisa Symmank

Can't get past the first boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vince Millar

Please make this game available for Android TV

Dodo Mt

Excellent port and a steal price wise. Works in coop and has good controller support (tested with PS4 controller 🎮).

90's Space Mountain

The benchmark of retro style platformers. Think blade runner meets metal slug. There is so much attention to detail throughout the game leading to such an enjoyable experience, it's always fun replaying levels. Can't thank all those involved enough, hope they release other games. Usually just listen to my own music with Android games, but connected headphones halfway through completion and the soundtrack and effects elevate it to another level. This is a labor of love.

Brett Jones

Cool Arcade😃

Alex S.

Игра не плохая, но нету синхронизации прогресса.


Easily one of the best games on the playstore, it can be difficult at times but who doesn't like a challenge. 5 stars from me, and thanks for making such an awesome nostalgic game, love it ❤️💯👌🏻😎

Daniel Moulton


Thomas McCormack

It seems the controls only work for an original Xbox controller. This is too bad because I far prefer the d-pad on my 8 bit do android game pad controller. You can remap the buttons but it shows up as another button on screen and you cannot remap the d-pad.


Very Challenging and exciting but sometimes frustrating haha so far it's great i feel like playing Broforce again but on mobile


Holy cyberpunk! This game is Rad! Hats off to ya Easy Trigger Games & Coffee Stain Publishing for this game 👏👏👏🥳 P.S. please make a sequel 🙏 I'm going to buy it on console too as soon as I'm done writing this review. Also, I'm buying one of those Arcade machines that has this on it too with the 24in 1080p screen and two player support. Check it out on they're website!!

Wim Oweh

For those confused on why this isn't free, this isn't a gacha! It's a real game with a demo. If you like it buy it don't complain like a brain-dead clown. Best game on android. Great controls. It's like I'm playing it on my PC.

Nicario Graham

Man I cant-I-I ca....... I cant recommended this game enough!!! Get it!!! If you love action.. GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!

Abhinav Mohan

Great game but you need to purchase it 😥

Sergio Lopez

Todo el juego esta al 100% por 100, y gracias

Mac Fordbecker

I'm not gonna copy paste someone review saying the game is great (like i always do). But this game surprisingly, it's good. Control that actually work fine on a touch screen and engaging gameplay. But i have one issue while playing the game, everytime i enter a boss fight the game will always stutter like hell. And it's not only the game that was stuttering but also my entire phone and after i close the game, the stutter just stop. And pls try to fix it or add more optimization to the game

Jedi Luke

its to ahre for my brain to function

David Kasparek

Bloody excellent game!!

Muhammad Azim

My phone has small screen, i wish the game could be adapted wit it though Anyway great game

Anggy Gamara

Tidak ada kata rugi membeli game ini. Dengan keindahan pixel yang tinggi dipadukan dengan style cyberpunk 2D jadi LUAR BIASA, detail pixel game yang sangat bagus, soundnya yang epik. Alur cerita serta efek2 yang sangat detail diterapkan. Sangat bagus sekali untuk di beli. Saya berharap kepada developer akan ada level baru selanjutnya. Dan DLC baru. Serta mode baru. Jangan engkau sia-siakan game ini. Percayalah game ini bagus sekali.


Cool game


This game is HARD, even on normal difficulty. And that's a good thing, though my thirtieth attempt at the second boss means I doubt I'll ever actually finish the game. Also the fact that checkpoints don't save between sessions is annoying, so sometimes I can't be bothered starting a session. But the TLC in this game is so obvious I don't regret the purchase at all. This one will stay on my device for a long time.

فان بوي مرداس

The "Demo" is the first 3 levels, Stop saying it's not a free demo you mfs. A DEMO IS A PART OF A GAME TO SHOW THE CUSTOMER WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO BUY ( it's not the full game you stupid idiot ). + great game ( has some issues like having the game stops in the middle of the level but it happened to me like 3 times and I beat the game twice soooo..... Oh yeah the game is actually really easy if you're complaining about B. B. B. or S. H. then the problem is with you not the game, just git gud bro

Larry TM

Love this game, but I couldn't see the hockey player boss because the energy bar ui covers him completely. The game is awesome though! I knew this game was available for other platforms and was happy to see a mobile port which is perfect for me using 8bitdo with my device but this ui placement is a difficult fix I can imagine. And yes I almost beat him even though I couldn't see his movements but it shouldn't be like that . I know this is hard to optimize for so many different devices.

Chris Chambers

Great game and I even decided to purchase the full version. However I'm running into some rather aggravating issues during game... The first one being the controls randomly increase in size to the point where they dominate their particular side of the screen. This forces me to pause the game, go into the controls settings and readjust the size, which only lasts temporarily. Secondly there needs to be done other way of advancing rather than die and try again until the pattern is figured out!

Shin Nummy

Only a couple hours in but so far this is my favourite game on Android, so hard to find a good side scroller with game pad support, will probably buy on Steam too when I get my PC working again \m/


This game is so much fun I gave it 4 just because it doesn't have co-op mode

Dian Miller

This game soo much easier with a controller


I have finished this game recently, and it was a great game! You must try it out! Also this game needs a sequel

Luis V

This game is amazing big thumbs 👍 up to the developers

% Glorzo

All problems solved promptly. Example to all the cowboy acts out there!!!

André Buckland

I was floored this game was available on Android. It's one of my favorite action games on PC. Now I can play it on the go, smooth as butter, on my Pixel 5 with a Razer Kishi controller attached. The buttons aren't mapped right by default, but at least you can re-map them. This is the way mobile gaming should be done! A free download trial of a fun action-packed game that runs well on the platform and can be purchased in full for a fair price. No naggy ads or Microtransactions. Happy to buy.

Dipesh Kumar


Roland Hercules

This game is fun

Reinier Anthony Sevilla Laude

Pretty awesome game!!!! So Retro!!!

Suraj Y

Very creative and challenging game. Only for 80 and 90s fans

ginaxxgod games

Amazing game and insane replay value

ثيرموس xx


lee greenhill

Very good game thank you 👍

eren Yeager

Esse jogo e tao bom que eu acho que deveria ser pago

Druettus Edward T.


Carlos Aquino

The game is awesome, but a have a problem. I paid for the game in my phone but I can't play the full vertion in other of my device.


It's a very cool game, but it freezes a lot. You start playing perfectly, and suddenly the game gets laggy. Please fix that.


Wow this game is incredible it's so amazing from cut scenes to the raw cyberpunk retro sprite environments to the characters and music, it's got to get a multitude of sequels and spin off's it's probably the best game I have ever played on android hands down and I own a lot. If your an 80s kid you'll fall in love with this it's just so detailed funny and packed to the brim with shootout action none stop it's blown my mind it's what Android games should aspire to be. & it's full gamepad supported

Ibod Ruci

One of the best platformer i've ever played

Ishaan Rawat

One of the best games i played in 2022


Amazing game.Wish i could buy it but im broke and a 13 year old.Also maybe you could play till level 5 i know i sound selfish but the game Its just too good.

Cobalt47 channel

Tough retro game. Nice 80s vibe. Detailed stages with lots to see. All three playable characters have neat one liners Reminiscent of Duke Nukem but also movie lines. Imaginative enemies and bosses. So far Marko the mutant my fave. "So many presents"


I have played the demo 4-5 times now. ( sometimes $3.99 is hard to do) This game is amazing, controlls, graphics, automosphere. Just dumps you in and says "play me". Play you I shall, and buy you at some point!

mark sir

I really love the game,graphics,design,details,guns,bosses,enemys,blood,levels,but hope you add more levels or even new game cuz this is epic and add more characters to play whit it,and add vehicles to ride it.

Winston Besada

I love this app

Jiya Kumar

Nice action game

AJPlayer 360

nice game

Bavune Ankitha


4* 23*

Maybe if I could actually play the stupid thing...


Dope as hell

Drear Mouse

Epic fun run n gun, but tactical design.

Ilkin Shafiyev

One of the best games I've ever played. It is fun to play - easy to pick up and challenging to master. It looks and feels just excellent. Lots of fun experience and great humor by the way)

Elias Hawk

Free demo, considering buying the full game, it's challenging, really fun feels like a PC game, Overall great game by Coffee stain and hoping for more games like this in the future.

Sonick Lara

Dont get me wrong this game is good and im thinkin of buying it,but just the demo alone keeps slowing down until it freezes near the end of the demo so might do this on the full game,im just playin fine and near the end of the first boss it slows down amd freezes up to a point where i have to force close,even re opening doesnt do anything,please fix the frames amd speed cuz i really want to love this game

Péter Nagy

Incredible job, just like the PC version. Maximum score for design, gameplay, music etc, the team really made an outstanding effort to give you that 80s, gritty neo-punk feeling.

Wayne Towner

Awesome side scrolling shooter.

Christian Marcus E. Montelibano


S̸h̸e̸i̸k̸h̸ M̸o̸n̸i̸r̸


Илья Филиппов

It's magnificent game!!! I have nothing more to say.

Jimi Baked

Fun game great with a pad worth the dosh

Wayne Curran

Can we do something about this game because it freezes when you play it it is a sham it is a good game give it five star s if it would not freezes so can we do something about it it's not fair

Alberto LD

Finally completed hard mode. Great game play, aesthetic, and bosses. Worth buying the full game

THE epic BUM

Fire... So fun. The bosses are made cheap though, if you got rid of all of the distractions, then the bosses would get washed, they're just mini bosses with more HP.

Petal Covus

A incredible experience enjoyed every second of this

Ze Felipe

Tudo muito bem feito e empolgante. Visual, trilha sonora e a aventura em si, tudo nota 10. se eu fosse uma pessoa que compra jogos eu certamente compraria esse.

Mikael Petronius

I really love the retro and original gameplay style but sadly that you have to pay the full version bit i still like it

Miles Harris

Best mobile game I've ever played.

Rigby ،

game Beautiful We want you make part else huntdown 2 🔥🔥

Vincent James

Best game ever

Grim G

You can only aim in one direction, sideways. That is unacceptable, look at metroid, look at castlvania, look at metalslug on a God damn arcade machine. Also where are all the sound effects? Can't hear my characters gun, can't hear explosions, but can hear voices and music. Is this a joke? did you just get lazy hoping you would rake on a profit? Give this game to a competent developer please. Incomplete, not worth a single $$

Tanjil islam Jean

Well made

Dear Dead Days

Giving this one star because Wim Oweh decided to mouth off in his review about people giving this game one star due to the underhanded tactic of claiming it's free when it's not.

Dane James


Roman Bastrykov

Good one

Luis Guilherme

I have good experience in this game, but I not buy the complete full game.