Hunt and Hide

Author: Youth Games

10,000+ install


Hunt and Hide – Symmetrical Mobile Arena 1v4 for 5 Minutes

Detailed info

File size: 65M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.1.1
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Youth Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

TheUN LuckyMe

This is really good, wish they will comeback to operating soon

Stanley Geollegue


Sara Cayton

Im sad that i cant play it anymore since this long update but good game i use to play this before you guys work on the big update hope this will be fix and i can play again



Vincent Custodio

It's cool but the problem is that I'm stuck in the main screen:(

Yshien Calayo

I like this but i can't login like it just loading so one star

Ronilo Habla

It's take me too long to log in. Please fix this i loved this game

patrick Enriquez

I love this it's so nice and very cool good game I rate him 5 hehe rate this app now

Sean Martin

It's good I installed it again but the logging in screen takes long

Harold Lachica

You can fix,because the game couldn't be install...I really love this game.

James Dela Cruz

Hey this game was so fun but plss add some more modes and add friend features i will still playing it!!😎😎😎cool game😎😎😎 Update: Hello developer can you please bring back the game if you hate philippines just say it. I just wanted to say bring back this amazing game!🙏

sɨʟɛռt ċɦaռ

A game with a lot of potential if made properly pls just release the game already it has been months of bs 🙂 why play the game when the devs only gave you diamonds when its early access without account bind isn't that pretty useless? Sure its fun but the game has a sht ton of hackers or mod players pretty unfair to the hunter. Hope when the game opens again it will make a good comeback. You can put the bind accounts in the game when it truly opens because many would be freaking happy.. Thanks.

anarhea Guevarra


Danny D Latoza jr

time to release this game?

Resauro Ferrer


jayandrei macahipay

So the game is just a test wow. I'm shock seeing my fav game is now shutdown..please give the game back' I can't find a best game like this, please I'm begging you.. this game is now part of my life,

Jude Jagasijas

I miss this game so much i uninstall this because my storage is full but now its not full and i install this because i miss playing this but when i open it it says our test is end and my reaction is scared because i cant play it what happend? I want to play,☹️

Curtlexie Tee

I love this games Superrer.... So fun😂 I hope this game will be Available Again Asap😊😊😊😊😊😊 We are a lot of player's waiting for the game reopen❤❤❤ Good Game😊😊😊

Eugene Vince De Chavez

I appreciate this game is so fun team up between cousins

Joaquin daniel Cabarles


Eunell Castro

I love this game it is have agood graphics fun to play one of my stress reliever ill play it in beta testing its so good but i felt sad when the beta testing is ended but its okey ill install new one i hope it is not beta testing any more...

John Andrew Aton

I love this game it was so fun to play

Vincent carl Cuerda

Why the app date take so long men

Cyjohn Jacob Dela Torre

So bow we cant play so I guess uninstall

Eduardo B. Calvez Jr. 2nd

I love this game but so many cheaters please solve this problem

Clinton Jr Saw

This game is fun to play even though it's only a test i hope that you fix the lagging issue from different country's and i hope that you release the game sooner because it is really enjoyable to play.

Lyn Plays

I like the game so much, especially the graphics and the gameplay. I hope that we can have another option to get up from being down aside from medkits and medbots. It's kinda annoying on how the hunters just either leave us on the ground or just drag us around while looking for the other runaways and we can't do anything but watch.

Justine Candelario

Bakit naman bawal nang laruin miss na miss na namin mag laro pls po ibalik nyona tong game nato maraming tao ang na mimiss ng mag lato.

Princeashley Bañares

The test is now ended and i cant play right now so sad

Zion Lix

I hate because of the test i can't log in now i don't know why i can't open so i rate 1 star

Von Toffie De leon

Thanks for game

Gion Halog

Honestly, I love this game but do something about hackers, make a ban feature and the test took so long, when you would like to release it?

Aj Grey

I cant log in😤

Via Marie Mejias

nice game 👍

Nathalie Ramirez

The only downside of this game is there are sooo many cheater

Mark Vincent Rojas

i hate this game so much because every i am open this app is pre testing what the heck

KAGC Arts & Crafts

omg.. wonderful game ever 🙏

Selpre Baylon

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angelo paolo Genavia

plss back the game i miss him...

Neri Champlon

This was my favorite game why did you end :(((((😭😭

Christian jhay Sillacay

I really like your game but where is the full version and it is just test is there full version the game is fun

Mister Nice Guy

Awesome and unique! Keep it up devs. I hope you'll add more cool stuffs and modes like Zombie modes or Battle Royale. ❤️❤️❤️

Christopher Alvin Isabelo

This game is good please release the new version

Joenette Aguilar

It's all fun until cheaters came. Lol I will never going to install this again. I always report cheating player but they never take action. The game is good but yeah it is not fun when you play with cheaters. 👎

Ethel Mae Lamar

Dodong sander

SpY DaRwIn 13th

Only test

Renato Dadobo

Thank you your games

Alftim Natividad

Too many cheaters already I give it 1 ⭐

Jr Johnroque

Why😭😭😭 i can play

shane patrich Hocson

At first i was like what is this i see the other hate commet and 7 just try it its been monthand u peole who just comment amd they not still playing it the people who made this try really hard so just shut up

Van Lennin Gonzales

I love this game but it's January,25,2022 it's opening I'm wa

Joleen Salustiano

Why am i getting an info when i open the app it says the test game is over?

Tristanjake Eder

Sooooo I love this game because they give mi diamonds

miguel cabatingan

I like the game but please do something about those cheaters. Anyways, goodbye SEA1 server🙂

Iguro Obanai

I lost my progress, and now you always set the test server... When do we play the official game... Giving a compensation reward in a test game pretty lame...

Moos Sick

Its 3 star cuz it has its pros and cons. All in all I like the mechanis of the game and the game itself as its somewhat unique but its take too much time waiting in lobby, cheaters and op items and one only map make the game boring and annoyed.

RamRam B

The game is fun and addictive and the game is also well ballanced. It is also fun how you interact with the other players in chat. Although the match up lobby could be much better, and you should be able to use your desired character of choice even though the host of the room/lobby selected "runaways" or hunters for the lobby. over all really fun and awesome game I love it!

Divina Floro

Maganda laro

Vincent Quinito

I cant log in anymore . And there's so many cheaters with unli ammo , money , no cd . It suckss !!

Syronne Roxas

I edited my review and it's now down to 2 stars instead of three cause I've been teaming up with cheater or against a cheater and it makes me annoyed, example of this cheats are unlimited life, ammo and even coins I guess cause they keeps throwing and throwing stuffs that needs coins to use.


Game is Good but sometimes, there is a problem on control, i dont know if that is what they call bugs. Also there are some cheaters on game. By the way, When will be the game back?

Marie Jean Llenes Santos

I love the game and I love the cheaters, they help me rank up... And I'll wait for this game to come back again and become official. And thanks for the fun.

Steven Calahat

Its fun and have 4 character

Bea Zhaira Mangaring

So good and exciting game but pls do something about the cheaters don't tolerate any bad bahavioral in the game

JM Cruz

4 stars because I really liked the game, but there's an awful lot of cheaters and I'm hoping that you will investigate those reported cheater and do not tolerate them...That's all its a fun game

Justine Ilagan

Why cant i play it why

Melan Lopez

The game was trial rate you 1 or none couse is not playable

Meimei Chuchu

It was an amazing game however, the game developers should really put anti-cheat because so many players cheat their way and it ruins the game.

Kleix Vleix


rc de la cruz

A lot of cheaters

Harry Krish Liwanag

This game is so cool, I like the characters, skills, abilities.... But there is one tip that I can't use because the character is not there, I'm talking about the character named LEO could you add this in the character in the list and there is so many hackers, oh I forgot who ever been playing this game use Nightmare Maker as a hunter she's so op with the patrol dogs and submachine gun that's it thanks for the diamonds -HUNT3Rx

Che Arevalo

I like the game but hackers make it boring. Fix this immediately if you don't want losing players. Also, fix your server, you should have multiples servers as your players are getting more and more each day.

paolo bosque

This app won't last long i mean this game is hack don't get me wrong its still good and refreshing and im new to this game but its new and it has already mods player and wheres the fun in that. I think this game is great but i dont like players who use mods just to win and demoralized others fun for it

Ezra Dela Cruz

Gandaa nya sobra sana bumalik pa tong game nato🥰

priincess alli

ilove this game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ghost Bunny

i love this game but ahm... can you add anti-cheat in next update? :)

Triscia De Guzman

Hi I have a problem in this game there's so many Chinese is cheating and I want to fix that if there's new update,but it's fun

Robby Lubiano

I super love THIS game 😍

Echo XD

we need the official release :)

Joriz Quiaoit

Tell you what, i'm going to rate this game 5 solid star :> for one little condition,ok?, :< :< .\_/. REMOVE THOSE CHEATERS!!!! I ENCOUNTER THEM A LOT!!.

Jeson Muhong

Pls there is camper plus there is cheater and make the characters 5 hits pls camper means waiting for to rescue the teamate using bait my team mate to kill us add report pls

Marlon Nogales

Many cheater in the game im not injoying the game 😰

Steven Alovera

Sobrang ganda ng laro nato dude, pero isuggest ko na lagyan nyo naman ng swipe camera katulad ng sa mobile legends habang nasa ingame para nakikita namin mga kakampi namin kahit malayo sila saamin, salamat....

Meowi Bear

always encounter cheaters

Milky Buns

We miss youu huhuhuhuhu I like this game and so beautiful graphics ss 😭😭

Ashley Guinto

Thanks for free dias and super cool game

Jebelle Blancada

I love this game so much and making a lot of friends Thank you!! From Philippines💜

Vince Stoneripe

Very nice strategy game and nice graphic hope it will continue to grow and event

Lance Lester Anore

Edited:Definitely i like this type of games,I wish that runaways have a self heal to heal whenever the hunter changed target without putting on the confinement room,a major movement speed to have a chance of longer containing,of course balancing,binding account ,Events,Anti cheat Hackers are really dominated the game,put a lot of characters,emotes in-game,Costume too what is the purpose of dye without costume?,and Seriously Lol ended the beta again? when is the global release?

Leanna M. (Leah)

A very fun, enjoyable, addicting game. So far, I have no problems whatsoever within the game.

Pizarra, Michael R.

I like this game but after some weeks many cheaters are playing

Zack Games

So many cheater the game


I still rated it neutral and to be not harsh too much for the devs. My last review was about being op of med bot but I found out that you can counter it with poison (√Solved). The problem now is: (1) Matchmaking took so much time, the longest I encountered was 16 mins. (2) Bad connection, most of the time I having a red ping and load for some time. (3) Hackers with unli money was becoming more relevant. (4) Why does we gonna loose our data after the test. Dias giveaways was non sense.

Marvel HRE

So first of all, I liked the game. But there are cheaters now :)). They have unlimited lives, unlimited ammo, unlimited money and reality-bending superpowers :)). This game is good, and has potential but you need to do something about the cheaters. If you're going to remake this game into something even better, then please do something to ward off cheaters in the future :)). Thank you.

Ivan Mangilit

so many cheaters pls ban them its so hard to play now because of them

Yen Tirante

You should improve the game so that there will be no mods or cheaters

Fernando Padasas (Connor)

It has so much cheater

Jasmin Lopez

Number of cheaters in this game is out of control and devs seems to be not doing anything. Wasted my time leveling up just to encounter cheaters.

Jan Nino Girasol

Plsss fix this game they are hackers on the game and unlimited skill


Lol hackers