Hungry Hearts Diner 2: Moonlit Memories

Author: GAGEX Co.,Ltd.

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Hungry Hearts Diner 2: Moonlit Memories – Run a classic Japanese diner in a story-focused shop simulation game!

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File size: 140M
Update time: August 29, 2021
Current version: 1.0.8
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: GAGEX Co.,Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review

isma -



So happy there's a sequel! Gagex makes the only games woth playing. Hope there's a 3rd one in development!

NoName Ismypreference

Great game. Didn't spend one cent. Definitely waiting on part 2. Good job creators I really enjoyed it.

cindy cabili

I already play the first story game of hungry hearts diner and i love it i really hope that theres 2nd game and here it is im so excited to play this game well done.


such a sweet story anf fun little game

Paulina Susanti

The graphic is pretty and detail. The ads are understandable.

Ralph Matthew Tañedo


Kelian Wulandari

This is one of the best games I've encountered so far. The gameplay, the storyline, the cute characters, everything is perfect. It's really wholesome. I'd recommend this to friends fo sho.


the storyline is very interesting and i really loved it♡

Mabel Zhou Vandreas

I've been enjoying Hungry Hearts game, but this time the ads would pop up in the middle of the game. That part it quite annoying.

Jessica Ivory

I love the little stories in this game, they are so well written and fun to play

bam kaye


BONGATO, Jerlyn L. MST-Mathematics

The game is super goodddd like ive'd been playing it everyday, I really recommend this game, it's very addicting and great and u can earn money fast if u upgrade some things but I rate this 4 stars cuz the things I want to buy is very small, there not much I can buy in this game..I hope u put more furnitures into the game to make it more and more nice, now I have a really big chunk of money now and I don't know what I am going to do cuz I just buy all the furnitures😅, but overall it great.


It's just the kind of game I was looking for, awesome work!

Feny Smith

Mostly idle with nothing going on makes the game boring.

Sean Bertoia

Loved it as much as the first except for the constant ads that sometimes break and make it so you have to restart the game

Veronica Ellis

Just relaxing 😌 there's not much to it

Laven Acha

Very fun and very entertaining to play! But it's really have one problem. Ads. It's popped up whenever i tried to cook something but other than that it's an amazing game!! and i very recommended to those who love culinary ❣️


The story's heart warming.. I cried man.. 😢 Love it..

Mark Anthony Gordo

Thank you

Elvaretta Angela

Done all the quests, expect side quest (might doing those side quests after this). Man, when i heard the grimm supposed to take granny i freaking gasped sknssj then when mako (?) can see him, i already know there is something wrong in here, yeah the fate change he said😭😭. Poor grimm, he did think that his son didn't safe from the fire accident back then. But what he didn't know that, his son Masaru is actually safe and he is mako friends. So sad that he can't seeing his son for the last time:(

Arya Sinha

I loved it! This was an even better version than the previous one... The characters and their stories were sooo thrilling❣️and u won't get bored at all... Washing dishes and cleaning tables these additions were really nice to the game...keep it up!❣️❣️

Anik Das

I never played such story based game before so it was my first experience with this game, and tbh it's really a great and wholesome game. I loved every character of this story and specially Granny. This game really made me smile and the ending was great. Looking forward to more games like this. Now I'm gonna play the part 1 as a prequel lol.

Dionette Castillo

Is cool

Aubrey Tolibas

Heart-warming game, i love playing it

Jennie Liang 2

Beautiful story, a simple fun game, easy to play. Thank you for the game! Nice graphic & gameplay

Noelle Rose Melgar

Like the story. The game sequence is awesome for me.


Oh Mai.. I really love this game, & the nanny is so cute, and those foods always make me hungry for no reason. & also there is no lagging or etc. So calm and rilexing game. good job!!!! 👍

Tanushri Ghorai

I love it

Christie Widiarto

Fun with a great story


The story line of this app is just do good and heartwarming i think this is most great story game i've ever played

Christina Benesh

Just like the last game it's such a gem among these other apps. I will agree with some people about how some story elements didn't feel as complete as the first game but the overall main and side stories were really enjoyable! I would wish to see an older Mabo take over the store if there's a next game!

Kye min

The game is very calming and enjoyable. I love the background music and the animation as well. This is my go to game whenever I feel out of place. I wish it had more upgrades

Angelica putri

Addicted !! 🥰🥰


Love it 😊

890 115

A good time killer. Each of its storyline has it's warmth and subtle sadness in it, reminds me of Midnight Diner. Not to mention the looks of the food is always making me so hungry. 😂💕

Zhulhul Ikram

Wholesome story, a good wholesome story

Danilo Raquel

It's very fun and a nice gameeee

maximina Laurencio

Omg!!!!! I can't believe there's a game like this it's fun and cute. But little bit hard on the energy of the grandma 🙁 but it's pretty cute and really heart warming ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Caramel punch シ

Rlly amazing cooking game its aesthetics fit a lot! But i wish there was like going home after work and smth like that extra features uk but ur choice! Just my recommendation but ite completely up to you.

Stella Lim

Love this game! The music is relaxing.

Veronica Alecsis Valloyas

This is a very enjoying game with great stories.

Andreo Kamau Jäger

I wish there will be a 3rd Hungry Hearts Diner. What a beautiful story. Family comes first! Ask Grandma .... With age comes wisdom and much more love. It's worth a try, trust me, you won't be disappointed at all. But we need one more HUNGRY HEARTS DINER or many more ... Yes! Many more stories from the life revolving Grandma's Hungry Hearts Diner. Best of Luck 🤩🤩🤩

Lyka Ponteras

Good game

lisa lucas

lovely game


Too many ads. I am currently playing the version 1, so I tried installing this too out of curiosity in what happens next. But this version is very annoying. The ads are popping way too much.

Kazumi Senpai

It was a lot of fun to play this game I have no regrets the game was perfect for me


yall should try, its amazing.

nelissa naranja

this is my fav game ever

waseem ahmed

Good game


I'm crying, I like the story even though I haven't played 1

Yasha Sharma

I don'teven have words to explain how incredible this game is... loved it sooo much..

lelyana lee

The music the picturesque old Japanese dining place with Oba-san cooking foods ... melt my heart. So far I'm enjoying it. Good Job!

adhi bharata

Jempol 2

Zulfa Nur Fadhila

The game actually simple and easy, I enjoy it to release some stress but I didn't expect to feel warmth from their stories, feels like I met some different people in real life with their own worries and stories. The last massage make me tear up.. I finished it on several days only and it's sad that suddenly I was already on the farewell ep, had to say goodbye to the grandma

Sama Mohamed


Muxlisa Baxtiyorova

This game is so interesting and so exciting. Especially stories are very interesting. Life of different people, their fate... I was going to cry Chapter12.( Granny and grandson's "death"). But there is little thing that space for dishes should be added BC 6 places for dishes is a little bit weird cause costumer's turnover Was increased( I really love this update).

Diana Laine Montaos

This game is the first ever to receive my review/rating because IT. IS. WORTH. IT. It made me laugh, cry, and smile more than a 500 pages of book/novel could have ever made me feel. Thank you to the people who took their time to build this game and write its story. I will forever be grateful that I was able to discover this game. Here's to more magnificent games to come!


The game is lovely, I really enjoy seeing how people have grown up and changed after the original hungry hearts diner. My only frustration is that even after paying to have ads removed, the optional tv ads are both intrusive and frequent, with a full banner across the screen and a loud noise. The sound even plays during cutscenes! I solved this by turning off sound effects but it means I can't enjoy any of the other sound effects.

Margiecute Sarabe

This is so soft game!! I like it 😍 will I wish I can eat those granny cook ..coz I never experience it 😥 coz my granny die so soon.😥 love you granny!!

derry pratama

Fun games. Addicted.

gechelle illustrisimo


Bees Quiet

One of the best game i ever played. If u have ad problems u can just turn off the wifi. I love the stories. Feels like i am the owner of an actual diner. Very heartwarming. After a long tiring day playing this game really makes me feel good abd refreshing. I am looking forward to 3rd game for this :)

Adreian Vila

I knew it! This game will reach 1 Million Downloads soon! and look at that! 4.9 total ratings! The last I saw that was Monument Valley! Finally another great game I can attach myself upon. So far I finished the first game and now I'm enjoying this second one! Happiness, sadness, and tears are all over the place, and this game is just the loveliest you will ever find here in the entire app store. I love your games Gagex. I really do.


Can we play this game offline

Aloenuh T.

I loved the first one, and I've been looking for something like this for a long time, glad there's a sequel❤️

Joanna Harry

Very relax. No rushing. I do like it.

cherylyn brigildo

Wholesome game

Vidal Erica

One of the great games that I played.I'm sad that the story is already at the end.The story made you excited to play the game.It is quite realistic the same time.Thank you creator I love it.💗

Shinta Sukiatna

Addicted, easy n fun

Yin Ee Wen

Played part 1 and enjoyed it so much I just had to download this. Game play is fairly easy and relaxing with cute storyline

Dhruv Gupta

Awesome story, much deeper than the 1st

Lea Lucero

Im playing this right now. 8:27 am of june 20 2022 🥺


touching and heart warming :") some characters are build annoying but then we learn throughout the stories that they do have certain conditions and 'tamed' by the foods which shown their true inner self ~ love it love it love it

Gianne Dionisio

Seeing that the previous Hungry Hearts finally had a sequel to offer, I didn't think twice and immediately installed this game in a heartbeat. Once again, we're offered another brilliant tearjerker of a game and sure enough, it deserves to be given the highest rating there is, if not more. Pleasingly cute visuals, simple mechanics, and most of all, a touching story—it's everything a gamer who loves stories like me could ever ask for.

Leslie Legaspi

Nice game

Nurul Aziza

Such a heartwarming game, the story, plot twist etc.. Cant help not to cry in last chapters. Beautiful


The storyline is really nice. I cannot figure out how to recharge my energy other than wait it out though. And I'm not sure what it takes to advance to the next chapters. But it is a chill way to pass the time.

Serena Tae

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME! Please, the storyline, the characters, their own storyline, the food and most importantly Granny... It made me so hooked. My heart is filled with warmth. Reminds me of my own granny... She was as sweet as the one in game. I hope all the developers and the whole team who made this game a huge respect and may you also get too easy good food among your friends and enjoy your life!^^

Erin Spencer


Christy Jacob

Amazing game

Sonny Boy Coldegira

What a relaxing game

Justin Chow

good game

Arditya Wahyu Nugroho

Love the stories! And the game manage the ads very well


Sorry had to rate it 1star. I played the Hungry hearts 1 long time ago on my tablet(now has really old software) and I liked that game, so I tried the 2nd ver. now and it freezes on my phone. It will be black screen and then the game will exit on its own. When I open it, it will restart from the first granny speaking. And this happened for the 3rd time. It must've been a good game tho. Wondering why it has 4.9 Star review when it was this laggy??

Zyra Brosas

It's fun and easy to play

Narges H

thes game is sooooo funny 👌🏻🥲




I loved this game as much the first one. Made me teary eyed at some parts ;-;

Aaheli Das Nabamita Das

This is a very good game and I have unlocked many food and I am in ch no 3 and I want to go to ch no 4 . Bye

Noreen nicole Tio

One of the best games I've ever played. The realistic conversations, to the most heartwarming scenarios. I actually bawled my eyes out cause it made me miss my father who died and I miss his cooking. 5 stars!!! If i could only give more than that, you really deserve it 🥺😭❤️

Jessa Cañete

Happy game

traidy vandea

the story made me cry

Dhasyrie Serrano

Soooo enjoyed playing.. Heartwarming chapters.....

Kaniz Fatima

This one's a little different than the first game but it's still so good. Some of the conversations between the grandma and the customers actually made me cry. It's a really wholesome game. Thank you for making this.

Malika Putri

Love it

Asma Parveen

I played hungry hearts diner too ..this game is the sequel.Trust me,if u are looking for something heartwarming, wholesome with a dash of sadness,this game is for u.Food is always the best thing to convey your feelings and this game proves it.I highly recommend it Loved it a lot 🥰❤️

Raiden Kibutsuji

I thought grandma was gonna die. Pretty nice game I hope you make another sequel.😊😊😊😊💕💕💕💕

A Google user


Rifkia Zulfa Ranti

Love this