Hungry for Home: A Cat’s Tail

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Hungry for Home: A Cat’s Tail – Suspenders is off on a grand journey to get home!

With a food truck and his little brother Chibisuke in tow, come follow the Nyansukes as they travel the world!

Trapped in a box, and left across the globe, how do we get home…!? Luckily our new friends are here to help us, and with this food truck all that’s left is to cook, cook, cook until we get back home!

Suspenders and Chibisuke are off on brand new adventure!

【How to play】
■Create a menu!
Match the items to create new dishes!

■Serve your customers!
Sell your creations and earn enough money to get home!

■Complete your Nyanstagram story!
Meet new friends all around the world and connect to their with Nyanstagram! Trade messages and photos with them, and maybe you’ll even get ideas for brand new recipes, from all over the globe!

A must play relaxing experience for all cat lovers and cat owners, foodies and gourmets!

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Update time: Sep 7, 2022
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Require Android: N/A
Developer: TOHO CO.,Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Momo -chan

Love it

Jade Barnes

Very cute game.

Michelle Villanueva

Just love it

Melea Espineli

Good game


so cuteee

Reuben Du Plessis

Fun game

Brian Alexander


Cilicia Rodriguez

Would reccomend

Miyoni Naomi

I love it, the game is very adorable and didnt push you to watch ads hahahaa but I still watch ads

Ko Haku

I love everything about this game, so chill, and all the cats is so cute. Love it, recommend. Pls make more and more story

Elizabeth Cross

Don't ever watch ads. It kicks u out of the game with no rewards.


Its wo cute and has minimal ads. I love the story and how fast paced the game can be

Van Nguyen

Great stories 🐱 and not overload with ads. Love this game 🎮

King Voljin

It's a cute and fun game, definitely relieves some of my stress.

Porta Apirachadaporn

Love the art style and character. Easy to play merging game. Storyline is also interesting.

Arkhaine von Weiß

Love the cats, love the humor. Very heartwarming game.

Jacqueline Rosario

It's actually a really fun merging game. The story is nice and the characters are cute. The ads aren't forced so I don't mind watching ads for rewards. Highly recommend. Edit: Some parts of the story aren't translated in english.

Brittany Belton

Im not bored anymore whileplaying this game!

Lizzy Taylor

Cute cats

Oghenefejiro Oghenerukevwe

Interesting and calming😌😌


I like it so far ^^

Faith Torbeles

It's a good game and I wish it was offline too so I can play everywhere

Heart Shake

I enjoyed this game so much. You can just play at your own pace without being tension.

Poppy Aristanti

soo cute


I have a great time playing this

Rashidova Yasmina

It is very cute and relaxing i really enjoy this game

Allysa Putrie


Cristiana West

Fun, sweet, gentle game. Apart from the beer so far it would be great for all ages


It is very easy to earn money in this game, but sometimes when you're buying food it gets overpriced and your money goes down quickly. I absolutely love the art, animation, and story. This is a cute game for everybody to enjoy! I really like this game, it's one of my favorites. I love that the game is internet-free (dosen't need wifi) too! I would highly recommend this game.

colleen peterson

So much fun

Chloe Richardson

Very very good❤❤❤❤

Vicki McCoubrey

Fun game

Bro Strider

Super fun!!

Zerlinda Vitriah

I love this game


재밌는데 유료아이템이 역대급 비쌈


This is a fun game with the story and the art is also cute. I just hoping it will allow us to login with Google or Facebook, so we can save our progress. But, overall, I love this game!

beby dasilva

ilovvvveeeeeee the story smmm

Liezha Rajaie


Jessica Zafitra

love it

Majs Gado

Nice game


Very very cute♥️ I also love the story or the chapter but my problem is the coins will auto collect when I'm grinding so I wish that you could add some unauto collect button right up in the settings and It would help me alot because it's way more satisfying when coins is not auto collected. And it's very easy to get coins in the game but really expensive stuffs or products and it's getting very expensive when you already upgraded many times that all- I wish you respond♥️


Currently feeling this

Saya Montmorency

Got all the way to Belgium but then it crashed and made me start over


is soo cute!!

Dear Sriwirattanakul

So adorable i love them ❣️

Ainaya Choiru Nisa

Nice banget si

Ian zachary c. camacho

So cute and fun

Rosamel Kelly

super cute little merging game. story is adorable, art is adorable, good time passer.

Muhamunawwara Hashim

Great experience

Panda Avocado

THIS IS THE CUTEST GAME EVER!! I love the cats and I really like the apprentice of different cultures and their foods. The names and characters are a bit stereotypical but not in a bad way. I'm only on the second part right now but rest assured, I will be playing the WHOLE game.

Ryan F

Fun and cute

Jemma Williams

Cute, time consuming and like a lot of Japanese games involves a lot of grinding for money. However, the story and the artstyle is really cute, with a lot of sweet characters to get to know. I really recommend as a destressing game.

Zenia Aulia Rahma


Kanesha Kincaid

Cute Game

Isabelle Harlow

I loved this game, it was cute and well made. I exited the game for the day and when I opened it back up the next day all my progress was erased. Otherwise it's well made


I like it! It's cute


Το παιχνιδι αυτο σε παραπλανει νομιζοντας πως θα βπηθισεις γατες να πανε στο σπιτι τους ανταφτου παιρνεις ενα παιχνιδι που φτιαχνει φαγητο και απεσια μουσικη υποκρουση .για αυτο το λογο βαζω ενα αστερι στο παιχνιδι αυτα ειχα να . Θελω γνωριζεται πως σπιτικο σας συνουσιαζεται . Συμπεριλαμβανοντας ολα παραπανω η μεταφραση του παιχνιδιου θα μπορουσε να χαρακτηριστει με την πενια

Joyce Salonga

STRESS FREE GAME! You must download this game :")

rowie beriña

Good Game Good Story And Heartwarming 5 Stars Recommended Game

Ngân Bảo


Sophia Ysabelle Reglos

I like this games bc it's fun and casual.



careless camel

Very cute time killer. It seems like there's a lot more to the game than meets the eye.

Unknown Blue

It's very fun. I have only played for a lil bit but it really has my interest already. Lol


pretty good game. simple and good storyline. very recommended !


Good stories, the cats are so cute. I think it's slow pacing game. But I finished it in two days, because I watch ads so it's faster here and there. Ads not really annoying. So it's great just to try to play and finish it.

Huda Othman

Its relaxing n cute game. I loved it.

Charnae Leigh


LF Santa Cruz

Had to lower my rating because the bonus ads are almost never available. And when they are, and I chose to watch them for the bonus, the game just acts like I chose not to watch the ad, so I miss out on virtually all the bonuses.

Nur Najihah

so far so good

Thư Trần

This game is cute, fun and relaxing 🥰


This is the best game I have ever played the design is really cute and the story is amazing and there is no ads unless you want something more like double money

Austynn Harris

It's s really cute game love the art style tbh I was bummed when I found out they were going to Mexico instead of Japan aka their home😞 but at least they get to experience other food around the world I love these characters the little brother is so cute 🥺

Alvea Koh

I love the concept and art. Most of all it can be played anytime and anywhere. ❤️🥰 But I hope the vibrations can be turned off though.


ntab jiwa

Lee Ruizhi

Is ok

Alex Stallard

Very adorable game. Lots to do and very fun to play though i have noticed a couple spelling errors, but it dosent bother me! Definitely worth installing.

Quỳnh Đỗ

Cute and funny

HateChocolate Dance

So cute ჱ̒⸝⸝•̀֊•́⸝⸝)‪

nug nug

I'm addicted to play 🥰 This game is so good and cute. It's easy to get coins. You guys should play it too. It's recommended! 💜


Saw my friend play in class The game is really cute and got hooked within 10 minutes after playing 10/10!!

Dina Apriyani


Jeff Wong

best game ever


Super fun game. Storyline is cute and it's easy to play with and without ads.

vaibhav mundhekar

It's a great game but sometimes the music can be a bit annoying

สรวิชญ์ บุญญาธนสวัสดิ์

Really cute game Translation need to be improved a bit but its all good man

jevaney hutara

i loved it omg, really fun game !!

Nailah Khansa


Cimpou Dapun

2nd to comment!

arga mitol

Simple and fun game


I love this game! Super cute and really fun to pop on and play for a while! ~ ♡

Fondra ponton

Tail end

Michael Simmons

Helps pass the time and the story is pretty good too.

Lex Cobardo

Game is gorgeous! I'm so happy to play this game! I love that it can be played offline and I love the rewards when watching ads! Highly recommended!

Kwvggifx Cggztvr8.

I love the game it take my stress away

John Doe

Very cute illustrates of gorogoro nyansuke world