Human Tested


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Human Tested – Crazy physics-based game where you can discover the life of crash test dummies.

Detailed info

File size: 70M
Update time: August 19, 2021
Current version: 12.1
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: HOMA GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dhairic Dizon


vishal murthy

Average game with huge number of ads. Total buzzkill.

Dillon Goley

sheesh it is very good no Cp barely any ads and it is so fun.

Damon Harrison

Ad overload

Arfaxad Martinez

The game is good but your advertising is bad because it showed the player with a minecraft armor but I go in the game and there is nothing with the Minecraft suit

Troy Whiteside

weird game just getting started

Alexander Cellante

This game is a fun game. I like the quality of the game and also the fact that if one of the pink characters passes you, the game doesn't count one of them as the winner. It only stops when you: the player gets to the finish line.

Michi Tadey

Gam is not good

Rahul Raj

Gandu game

the 7 year old pro

Looks great

Raka Nurviraksafala

This game make me angry 💢😡

Sandra Mary


Gage is cool

super good game

Sanchi Yadav


Karam Al-Kofahi

Sh*it !!!


This game is highly rage inducing.

Shelly Jamwal

good game very satisfiying lol rip english

villege chohan

Best game ever

Lourdes Hayo

i loved da game 😄😄😄 😄😄😄😄 😄😄😄😄😄 😄😄😄😄😄😄

Matthy world

this game is not that bad tho.

Biswaranjan Mallick

Very useless game Too many ads I don't like this game 😡👿🤬

Gwen Eaton

Very fun

malik Burks

it's ok

Alexandro Dos Santos

I like the game but the hammers,the ball that swings around,and the saw I'm like 5 yards away from them,and they hit me! And it makes NO SENSE why your gating hit, from then!🤔😡.If you fix this I will give this game a five star rating!😀😃



Danny Bennett

I love the graphics it's so good like it's like literally my best game I like sniper 3D the best but if you know that game you should check it out sniper 3D but human tested is the best I installed it because it seemed fun on the ad and it is it's literally like the best game you guys should check it out bye 😙

marcus Harvey

game is good

Jennifer Gaudieri

Ugh I want to be a VIP jeez like like next update can you make being a VIP a free and can you add a star Darth Vader armor next update on the game and that would be sick and everybody would like it and otherwise can you make being a VIP free and you get the Minecraft Steve armor free.

jose farias

Cre v a w y sjwuxj fo3broke, vt47tgkhonbk v7fnt

Bryan Alas


Mandeep Kaur

cool game

Jason vorrhess The killer


drake G Ramos

It's fun and it's bold

Steven Carey


Zander Pettit


Alex G

It's a good game but when you pass level 50 you just get the same levels over and over again. It's a good game I think they should add more new levels into the game.


is no good Game

street 2drag

great game

Venu Gopalarao

Now now this game is very fun but two sides on purple date sheet them and beat you

Victor Raices

I like this game