Howrse – free horse breeding farm game

Author: Ubisoft Entertainment

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Howrse – free horse breeding farm game – Breed horses, enter competitions and run your own equestrian center

Detailed info

File size: 9.5M
Update time: October 11, 2021
Current version: 4.1.9
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
Price: Free
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Customer review


love it super fun just wish you could add more horse breed like Clydes

chloe creech

bad bad bad donot wast your time on this


As a long time player on the website (though I no longer have my original account) the app is a welcome addition to gameplay. I mainly use it for caring for my horses on the go, and have no complaints. The dev team is extremely hands on and kind, always ready and willing to listen to any complaints or suggestions you may have, and are quick to answer questions. I've been around for some major changes and some small ones, and this has been one of the best.

Selena Wetter

I used to play this game on the computer when I was younger. I now have a new email address and can't access my old account so I tried to make a new one and it won't let me it doesn't even say why. It just doesn't do anything when I press summit..

Ella Lane

kinda hard to figure out the competitions

Jamie Ricci

I've been playing this game for years. They are always improving and making it more and more interesting. Stiil wonderful.

Karim Eltannir


Nightbear Afton & Friends

I love this game! I've been playing off and on since 2016, and I just love the challenge of raising my own horses! 10 out of 10 Best Horse Game!

Caitlyn Donnelly

I used to love this game and thought it was amazing but looking back and seeing the little improvements made, I think otherwise. Its a fun simple game but gets boring rather quickly due to a lack of updates.

Kiana Saiz

This game sucks im stuck at making my profile I can't even get in after I feel everything out This is a waste of time I wouldn't download this game if I were you

Emerson M.

It keeps giving me the join me on this page to continue playing and then just takes me to the store and I've already confirmed my email

Heather Peterson

I love the game I really do but the people on the game are really rude I was just asking for help on the discussion page I was asking how to make equestrian center and instead of helping me they said I was impalite and I should make a new "thread" but I tried telling them I didn't know how to luckily this one guy told me how to then I said to the guy "thank you at least someone is nice enough to tell me" then this one guy said "I did" which he didn't he just told me to take the tutorial with

Sue Becker

I don't see what there is to do in this game.

K Johnson

It glitched at the Grand Prix intro stuff....nothing moves the screen past it. Theres no where to click or move....

Demore Sables Dairy Goats

Very Expensive to buy items and buying items is the only way to get ahead

Wioletta5yrt Poplawska

I really fun game where you can play with your horses.

Emily Mattson

Just as I had remembered it from my childhood! The tutorials are very helpful and the mobile format has no issues.

Diana Guy

Love it i wush there were more breeds though!! Tbs are bit overbred!

Makayla Clark

I really like this game, but unfortunately I'm stuck on the grand prix tutorial. It's trying to give me something but I can't accept it because its glitching out. I don't want to, but I'm very close to just deleting the app.

Michael Stremer

The best game in the world until you finish this one objective and she makes you give her a apple. Then it forever glitches and I can't do ANYTHING. Otherwise best game in the world

Arianna Weaver

It lets me get to a certain point and then it won't let me do anything anymore and it's getting very frustrating

Katherine Michel

Tbh I've played for years and it's gone far downhill, the latest is the mass sales bans basically making your account unplayable and the lack of sympathy or reason to why the ban was made, basically bot responses only. A lot has shed to light also on the laws that this company breaks. I advise you not to play this game, put money into it cuz you'll just get banned for no reason except that howrses so called perfect machines think that you were doing something wrong.

Sam Hartwell

I love this game dearly! I have played it for years and I still adore it! Im not a fan of pressured game play and this I can pick up and put down at any point without feeling like I'm missing timelines or that I constantly need to be playing it. But when I do play it is still engaging and there are always new games being added and played through with honestly great prizes all the time! I've never paid for the extra stuff and I don't feel as if I'm missing a crucial part which is perfect for me!



Kylie E

Going down hill.

Kenna smith

Good game


The game is fun, the app is glitchy.

Sheridan Klindt

I Really don't Like this Game. You only get like 1 Horse. NEVER Get to do anything, And lastly ITS SO BORING. I only have reasons Why I don't like this game so I will not share them ♡


Cool fun

Brennyn Cole

Very good

Trish Mcgrath


C Kelley

I love this game but its glitching horribly where I can't continue with a task. If you can fix this I'll fix this I'd appreciate it

Nadia Vizcarra

I hate this game I couldn't even join I hate it delete this 😒

Taylor Stevens

It's a fun, relaxing, game. Howrse helps relieve my stress and is a great time killer. I love how the horses look and all the game has to offer 10/10 would recommend

Toca life animals

First copying horse reality and game is bad + we don't have to buy food in horse reality so that means you copying and want more money than horse reality

Addie Lynn

I cant sign up. it tell me that I need to put a sponsor in.. I don't have a sponsor bc I found it while scrolling through the app store. Is there a way I can sign up without having to put a sponsor in?

Пёся Жёлтая

very glitchy

#Unicorn Pro

I have some ideas that I think could make the game better: A caretaker for horses Feed/care/foal/board all horses button Fix the center bug. At least for me, I can't board most my horses in the reserved boxes at my EC Maybe a way to see YOUR horses in a paddock reserved for you


Nice game!

Angel Evans

A amazing horse breeding game love all the new stuff yall have came up with

Kristy Haddock

I have just dowloaded this 3 days ago. So far i absolutely LOVE the game!!! It has my dream features (like REALLY cool horses and options!!!) that everyone can afford. For example in many other horse games, there are fancy coat patterns and breeds that you have to pay $2.00-$10.00 for, but within just a few minutes of starting Howrse i was able to buy an AMAZING coat that would have costed a lot more in a different game!!!

Arressa Gerstel

This game was amazing when it was an online website that functioned not unlike Neopets, however much like GaiaOnline, the introduction of and increased encouragement to spend real money to obtain digital consumables, or to be able to access and use "premium features" killed the entire in-game-economy and values systems from a user standpoint.

Kaitlynn Gingles

Wouldn't work. Never allowed me to pick a horse so ya can't play . Not worth it

Macy Naquin

I love this game

Crystal Benson

I want the Classic version of gameplay. The app won't switch to Classic gameplay

Dino CraftPlayz

I love the game and its very addictive

Alexi Stevens

Didn't even get to play. Got to pick a horse and then it did nothing.

Judy Landry

Its ok

Chantel Downing

Been playing this game since 2006, love having the app now.

Lona MacKelvie

It won't let me play the game it was lame

Mahesha Rice

It's OK

Rachel Harder

Very fun 10/10 wish it was better on Mobile phone best game for equestrian past time!!! ♥️

Case E

It won't even let me sign up

Grace Fairbairn

Nice game, but it tells you what to do and when. It's not simulated properly.

Katy Kat

Help. The game logged me out and now it does not recognize my user name and email!

Aicha Uwani

732mw ui ee e r t e t

Kellie Vanderbrink

I absolutly love this game I have made several accounts however yesterday it started showing streaks accross the screen and no matter what I do they come back luckily I have a pretty good memory of where buttons are but I just wish it was back to normal!!


Playing since 2008. App worked great until yesterday. Suddenly the scaling of the app on the smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A51) screen doesn't work properly anymore - cut off on all for sides. Also doesn't let me go further than the first page of horses...

Jodi Branscum

I don't like it it won't let me in the game

Timothy J. Dombrowski

Hated it too hard to do!

Julianna Fehr

Very fun 😊

Ashley Reed

Can't get free play or play ads to continue past the tutorial.


Its impossible to have fun in a game where you cant do things on your own.

Zane Zeltiņa

It's horrible :/

Foggy Lakes

I couldn't even get the virtification email

Tóxíç kíttéñ

I love this app! I recommend downloading this if you wanna see pretty horses ! The thing I mostly want to change is the hours of the horses it takes to long I mean 24 hours?

Aisling Mc

Need to introduce Equestrian Center into the mobile app. Everything else is great!

lisa davies

Very good to play on when your bored even though you will probably be playing it all the time because it is that good

Melena Short

Why can't I play the game

A Locke-Smith

1. Very broken (tutorial broke and I can't progress AND I can't login on the website using the account I made in the app) 2. I already asked for help (twice iirc) and was told essentially "no, that shouldn't happen" and given instructions I'd already followed. When I said I'd tried that, they reiterated that that should fix it, ignoring that it hadn't. I'm not sure why I can't edit my reviews once the devs reply to them, but 2 is my response to their offers to help if I just contact them.

Kanada Barrie

Best game ever! It's really really good game with so many fun things but I can't get passes cause I'm under the age limit and the website for parents to make it so you can is not working

Asia Swope

This game has not changed in almost 10 years. I download it every few years to see if it's any better, and it's always the same. Impossible to get passes almost, and very pay to go anywhere in the game outside of just petting and grooming, if u want to be good at anything in this game like win! U have to pay and pay or u will have to play for a few months to get anything decent!

Hannah Hastings

I love horses and I have always been trying to ride on one all of my intirlife and I have not ridden on a horse in intirlife and I just love horses 💖💖💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Anna Benish

It's great but I had heard time put in a username and other but it good go play.


Howrse is a good game. This app is lazy though. It's like the devs just decided not to code in half of the game because it was 4p on a Friday.

G.F. Hill

Not good with the phone, but I still have fun here!


Who made this game? And why? Because I love it!

Kendra McDonald

I bidded on a horse and won it took my money and didn't give me my horse

jessica back

f*** your game you got to do all the login stuff and everything supid i hate is sooooooo much dummy


i remember playing this as a kid, it was a nice game, entretaining and all, but the way they treat clients is bad, one day your account could be deleted just because some random player acusses you, or because they think you have multiaccounts, why waste your time.

Myra Belcher


Mieke Botha

Guys please tell me what is THE PASSWORD PLEASE

Kayla Davidson

I hate how I have to spend all of that gold and the tutorial is so long it makes me feel I'm being reborn and I'm living life again

Amia Hessong

It seems fun but you can't access your horses, it's hard to figure out. Too many ads!

Gayle Buckley

I cant seem to move forward. One horse hasn't been fed in weeks, because it says she too fat. So loosing interest

rebecca maloney

It's a bit glitchy and slow at times but otherwise a very fun and relaxing game for when I want to calm down and chill out after work.

Lincoln Robey

Keep it up =)

Katana the foox wolf

Awesome game!

Grace ann castanon

🐎I enjoy this game it's also relaxing to.🐎

nancy fruit

Love this game and the app is great.

Mother Russia

the app wont even log me in. this app used to actually work, im not sure what yall did in the past couple years but it is quite literally non functional now. i cant even open it

Kayla Berry

I can't even log in even though I know I have my login info correct.


I love this game. I can usually play on my laptop and can log in fine but I try to log in from the app and it always says wrong login name or password. So I go to the website version on my phone and still can be able to log in there. But the app won't allow me to log in.

Kaity Hardway

Good game but it sometimes gets a bit out of hand

Sienna Langston

This was so so bad .it takes a long time to log in. Wers hores game ever. Never again .


App keeps forcing me online instead of allowing me to work through the app. If I wanted to be online I wouldn't have downloaded the app in the first place! Waste of time, horribly glitchy and seems to have features missing eg. accessing own stables management. Overall, seemingly pointless app. Very disappointing.

Lupa Frazier

App is good, although there are still some features that require the desktop version such as accessing the equestrian center - a very important part of the game.

Mandy Kramar

As a real life equine breeder, this game gives my brain some down time.

Rachel McConnell

Had a horrible experience. I had created a profile YEARS ago and decided about 6 months ago or so that i wanted to play it again. I had put money into the game, quite a bit in fact, and my account was removed because i had "shared" the account. I was going through a tough time, wondering if i was trans, and when i decided to go back to being me i had posted that i had recieved the account from my brother. They didnt give me a chance to explain and deleted my entire account.

Myrna Waldner

It let's me be with horses when I can't be with them in real life!