How To Loot: Pull Pin & Logic Puzzles

Author: A42 Games

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How To Loot: Pull Pin & Logic Puzzles – The hardest among puzzle games for adults. Logic puzzles you can’t beat!

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File size: 78M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 1.4.6
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: A42 Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Oka Lokanata


Luke Brumley

Game is pretty good so far. Probably the closest thing I've seen to those ads on TikTok. I'm only a few levels in. One thing I've noticed is while trying to move a pin near the edge of the screen, I will accidently swipe on the edge controls and it will close the game instead of opening a pause menu or something, meaning I have to start the level over again

Samantha Moulds

Really good so far will get more challenging as it goes

Sonia Villa

Fun game to get lost in

John Ellison

Good so far. After installing the ap, I opted to spend $3 to not have ads, and so far I haven't seen one. The game is fun and appears that it will become more challenging as I go along. However, it appears that playing the opening levels may not give me enough stars to unlock the next chapter ... UPDATE; I now see that the part I thought needed more stars than I could get was actually the next chapter. I still have levels to play & get stars with.

nicole brayer

Fun! Ads are quick

John Doe

Two stars for concept, which is good, but zero stars for implementation, which is the poorest there is. You have to play a level over and over again dozens of time to get it right.

mukhtiar rind mukhtiar rind


Matthew K

Great fun game! Hopefully new levels come out soon!

Sergio Schuler

Actually a 'pull the lever' game

Chris Leftwich

After seeing hundreds of Evony ads (knowing they are a lie) I searched for a REAL pull the pin game. Here it is! This is the game without other stuff I don't want. Ads are always annoying, so when I decided the game was well done, I paid a whole $0.99 to have them removed. I recommend this game to anyone searching like I was!

Ender G.

Cute, quirky & actually about the puzzles that that other game Evony tries to misleadingly advert is the main focus of it's game.

H. Clarence Bentley

Actual keys game with a fantastically unique story line

Manda Diane

An actual pull the pin game! Great job!

Brayden B


Christin Milloy

It's like those fake ads except they made it real.

Vl Coffin

Fun free game, if you don't mind watching an add in between levels. I don't have an issue with it but for those that do there are options that make it cheap and easy.

Shelli Carol

Good puzzles and reasonable ads.

Mian Mobile


Christopher Withey

Simple. Cute. Overall fine, with minor problems: the ads, as mentioned elsewhere, are more frequent than ideal ($2/$3 to remove), and the hit box on the close button for the ads is hard to tap/too small. The in-game translations to English could be much better. Interactable objects can be difficult to drag or hold, depending on your screen size/zoom level/finger size. Nice to see a Unity game doing well. Might pay later, if the game keeps my interest. Kindest regards to the devs.

Ian Kirk

Unsolicited notifications.. one star.

Fiskie Rexie

Exactly as advertised!

Merlin Griffiths

It's a peg pulling puzzle game. Not like those other games that advertise they are, and then aren't. This one is.

Kevin M.

An actual game with puzzles like the ads 11/10

Kirk Sharpe

I like it!

Jacquie McGiffin

Challenging and fun

Stephanie Lee

Fun game but more than that it's so satisfying to actually play the pin game!

Colin B

Its fun

Wadih Anthony Tanas

This actually is a "pull the pin" puzzle game unlike those liars selling other games. I'm actually more of a hard core PC gamer but this game is fun to play.

Obasi Favour

This the best brain teazing game i have played so far

Mike Foster

It's very frustrating, she keeps walking and you are not ready for her next step or trap.

Stacy Ferda

Cute story, some hard puzzles, but I don't have to build armies. It's just my speed.

Charlie Hawco

Brilliant game, just very annoying how you can't fix the screen rotation, it doesn't adhere to your phone's settings - but other than that, I love it!

Jennifer Hanwright

The puzzles are complex which makes it fun. Can be a bit fiddly though. The plot is somewhat interesting, I can't say I like the characters at all so far. Worth the small fee to get rid of the ads.

Jamee Powell

Pretty Good. Finally an ACTUAL Pin Puller game, not like those fake game that show it, but have very little. (looking at you Evony) The physics can sometimes work against you when trying to 100% a level, and you'll have to restart, which 9/10 times spawns an ad. But ehyre short and skippable, plus you can pay to turn them off fairly early and cheaply (you can use stars to make it even cheaper.) Overall it's a nice distraction.

Sal D


Hendrien Els

Fun so far

Jason Scott

Logic puzzle if your IQ is your shoe size.

Ndubuisi "Jkid" Okeh

One of few games that feature pull the pin gameplay

Bethan Oakley

Finally a pull-pin game that is as advertised! It's fun, logical, and has a story too (but if that isn't your thing it can be skipped!)


Great game, good challenge, and a not unreasonable amount of ads.

Sofir Woodd

I had to watch tons of adds to get to level 6 and now I can only watch adds because the next level is not opening.

David H.

Screen keeps moving when I attempt to move the "pin" or whatever

m johnson

A true puzzle game, love it.

Louise Woodbury

Fun challenges that force you to think logically.

Ben Jackson

It's not a bad game.

Keaton C

Actually quite fun, and unlike other similar games, actually looks like it's advertised ;) good work y'all, A++

Luke Katafiasz

Fun reminds me of old lemmings game

nicholas van

Screw evony, this is the game from the adds, no other bs, just puzzles.

Michaele Bennett

Really fun game. Just hard enough to not get frustrated. Story line is cute too.


Fun puzzles so far, cute graphics and a cute and funny story to go along with it. Saw your game recommended on one of those fake ads and you guys also seem like the kindest people ever!

Nicholas Kingsley

It's not bad. The story dialogue uses very dodgy English. Graphics are nice but adverts are a real pain to try and skip

Kyle Headings

Super fun!!!

Kat Guillot

Some puzzl s don't work correctly. You get penalized for time or repeats and then can't move forward until you write a review. Cute concept although very sexist about the diva princess

StarBored UK

An actual pull the pin game 😜 amazing. See the adds all the time but no games actually do it. This does!

Ben Etchells

Fun game but interrupted way too often with ads. Once per level would be fine but every time I need to refresh the level on top of one at the start of each level is too many.

J Dingle


Brandi Spencer

An actual pin game for once instead of all those fake ads!

Mort RotU

Just like the game you see advertised that you can never find via the advert. Brilliant.


"This game is soooooo good. Like how do you guys make game so gooood? Like wow good gameplay. This is a 5 star game you guys really put effort into this and not lazy at all and let's talk about the ads! The not at all annoying 30 second ads! You guys really out did yourself. And let me dumb it down for you people it's a good game"

kazz myob

I love that someone actually made this game. It's really nicely done. The petulant princess is great and the game play is fun. You can pay to get rid of the in game ads, which run between levels, if you like, and it offers a discount after you've played a bit. Ooh and there are secret levels too if you can find them!


Oh wow, this is actually a cute game. I really enjoy it! Thanks for actually making a nice puzzle game! And being Canadian makes it that much easier to recommend (fellow Canadian here!))

Concentric Octagons (Peter Blease)

It really is that pull-the-pin game other games pretend to be. 10/10.

Luke Venables

Actually pretty fun. I haven't come across anything difficult yet but it's a good little time waster and more importantly it doesn't claim to be something it isn't like certain other games.


Great to finally play one of these games after so many fake ads on Twitter


Satisfying to be able to play a game that's actually what the ad shows (unlike a lot of them). They've crafted an amusing story to go with it.

Limax Security

Still in beginning but makes me think

Kevin Gilmartin

Pretty good fun. Ad supported with the option to pay to remove them.

Paul Chan

Good fun. I have only played the first 5 levels and I can see the difficulty levels will get challenging. Nice humour!

Zac Mackay

Actually what it looks like

Peggy Brady

Cute storyline, ads allow you to skip if you want and its just fun.

Cody B

You know those pin pull ads you see on Twitter, but the game they advertise doesn't even have them? We'll, this game is actually those, but more refined and fun!

Tom Robert


Krystyna Jannenga

Ok 👍

Jonathan Lynch

A fun game. Good humor, good gameplay. The ads are "skippable" after 5 seconds, but they're frequent enough to disrupt the game. However, after you have 45 stars, the price to remove them drops to a dollar (in US), which is reasonable. I don't like that you have to pay to make the game actually enjoyable, though, so I took off a star.

Sue Hinkle


Shya Unique

Great game, brain thinking fr

Tom Kellett

Very fun and challenging puzzle game, and it even has an entertaining story to go with it. It also really feels like the focus is genuinely on actually presenting a good game, rather than just a good way to milk you for revenue. The ads are reasonably spaced out, and there's even a discount on the (already very reasonable) price to upgrade to ad-free once you've played for a bit.

Dave Rigney

Good game.

Simon Weller (Meier-Beck)

This is quite a cute game where you can tell it was made with love and a lot of empathy for players. Well done!

Clifton Gordon

Does what it says on the Tin. Basically the game in those ads, but actually that game and not a Match three. I would like a more prominent Restart level button.

radical zombie

A fun puzzle game with a sweet story 10/10

JR Tyner

It's pretty funny and definitely more fun to play than any of those alliance games with the fake ads that pressure you to play all the time or buy shields. This game is completely free with ads or a very small price for no ads. It's engaging without pressure to play.

jackie raab

Actually made me think a little bit and im not even at a high level yet. Awesome!!

Jodi Estep

High level of difficulty, primitive graphics but no huge in app purchases so far so so good.

ann taylor

Thank you for your prompt reply concerning my issue. Great customer service and the error was on my part.

San-san Carter

Need a chance to be doing this a little longer then I'm doing to kind of get the hang of everything right now it's kind of hard I'll give an update later I just got it

Amber McCown

Actually does what it says

Happy Youtuber

This is the game is the real deal.

Kevin Columbo

Love this game. Its just like this envoy "ads" you see that shows these types but dont actually have them. And I dont mind the quick ads between games


FINALLY, a challenging Pull the Pin game! Up til now the ones I've tried have been super simple, but this one has made me scratch my head (thinking) a couple times already, and I definitely appreciate that. And the number of ads are totally reasonable - and SHORT! Thanks for a great game Developers. 🤙

Tiffany Frey

Fun, makes you tjink, ad's aren't horrible, cute story

David Carter

So, usually pull the pin games leave something to be desired, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The storyline is cute the ads aren't intrusive. Nice to see someone make a pull the pin that's well done. Good job.

Joe Semler

Fun game. Ads are tolerable.

Polly Gausewitz

The game is nice but, most importantly, the ads are not obnoxious. The game apologizes when it shows them to you. Plot is cute, too. Puzzles are fun. Enjoyable to finally play one of the puzzles instead of just seeing them in adverts on unrelated games.

Noah Cain

Thank you for making a quality mobile game that doesn't pester me with ads and is actually fun to play!

Eve M.

It would be nice to see everything at once. Having to move the screen and the sticks suckz

Colleen H

I love how this game makes me think, however, I wish it was longer than 3 chapters.

Alan Daniel

Not bad fun to kill some time with

Bryan Villatoro

Pretty fun puzzle game!