Hot Spring Hotel

Author: xindonghuyu

10,000+ install


Hot Spring Hotel – Build your own hot spring hotel!

Detailed info

File size: 103M
Update time: August 11, 2021
Current version: 1.4.76
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: xindonghuyu
Price: Free
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Customer review

Gary crow

Very addictive game, great graphics

Melissa H

Lots of tapping

tim marshall

Found a little bug of sort. If you rent a gem room item and click to buy the gem room upgrade while the rent timer is on, the game will take off the gem cost and reset the rent timer resetting the room upgrade to level 0, so far this has costed me 100 gems, two 50 gem 💎 room upgrades, granted the second time was to confirm the bug.

Jaxon cosplay

It's so cute!!

yokai 3000

nice game a little bit hard but thats the reality managing a hotel

Angela Baker

I thoroughly enjoy this game, no overbearing ads and very simple to play and understand. I look forward to future updates.

Gabi Hagelstein

I want to love this game, but off the bat, it won't let me build the double room. It says I have insufficient energy when I have 31/32 energy and the room costs 3. I even upgraded my energy to no avail.

do dang quang

1 sao

lizzy marlow

so many clones

nadurah hussin

The money is to hard to get memek

Claire Nicole Lavarias

Game is good. Gone with 3 hotels already. It's just the reward feature is scam. Currently gained $90 but after some time rewards don't work anymore so you can't withdraw it. Waste of time. Hahaha.

Michel Teki


The Unknown

Just a pain

Karlina Han

I would like to give 5 stars. I love this kind of games, the graphic is cute, the games really nice, no force ads. 1 thing that annoy me is the upgrade so expensive, especially for electricity. When you just earn few coins from customer but need thousands for upgrade and build room, the wait become toooo long. For that, miss 1 star

Tegan Conti

A very cute little game. Fast progressing so far.

brian over

Need to get rid of the adverts too many it damages the excitement of the game this is why I gave two star

Dylan Thompson

Painfully too slow and any game with the night time skip for ads mechanic deserves a 1 star automatically.

amanda roxburgh

Activity hotel opening time keeps resetting, daily rewards constantly resetting to 2nd day reward, bugs needs fixing. Got a chicken pet can do nothing with it

Chris Heidorn

Like the game. Don't like that money is not earned in the event unless you are logged into the game.

Him Him


Mee Nguak


Angela Borden

Fun, but login rewards doesn't work and the activity hotel closed 2 days before it was over.


Being prompted to watch a video to advance during tutorial made me uninstall

Sandra D

Like the game so far the ads are working so that must have gotten fix and the characters are cute

Cynthia Jane Blankenship


Meagan Caradine

I was enjoying this game until the latest update caused it to no longer have ads. Not able to do certain thing in the game without the ads. Please fix this.

Rich Signor

Only 1 no ads. Need ads to advance quickly. Could be an ok app. I guess

Melissa Bennett

It's ok

Verne Doner

Gives me entertainment while in state of boredom

sonia thomas

Lotta fun

Belinda Etheredge

Can I restore my purchase or connect too Facebook bc it won't let me connect again and it says I already have the double profits and the no ad please help or I will delete

A Google user

Like the unexpected cute characters very much. The game is very smooth and will be cleared soon. I look forward to opening more new map.

A Google user

Very relaxing! Looking forward to game in a new location!

Alessandra Benedict

cute game! very interesting!

Sarah W

I used to love this game but after reinstalling it I can't log into my Google play account to restore my save and it continues to tell me there are no ads available despite not watching any today. I'll come back when this is fixed, until then I'm lowering my score.

Drago Dragon

Not a great game and hard. Do like the minigame tho. Might not recommend tho

Marco Waisman-Garzon

Bug renders Activity Hotel unplayable(keeps asking to purchase a rubber duck when you can't buy decorations ). Other than the constant asking of that when switching hotels the game is decent.

Shahin Mamn123


sophie bae

I enjoy this game a lot

TheAnonymas Unicorn

I love this game it gives me something to look forward to very much great for dissociation very entertaining overall I fw

Hulie Williams

Hot Spring Hotel Five***** Hotel Game

Kortney Alred

It's a good game and I might have missed this in the instructions but idk why I can't buy anything with the blue lightning things..... It's always filled up-40/40- sooo an I missing something bc I can but the other rooms and TVs and stuff bc it just doesn't let me.

jan potgieter

Its not a bad game

Jinky Garcia

good game

Samantha Nelson

Really fun game to play. Kind of reminds me of the Bitlife game.

Hailey Heinrich

very relaxing

Ke'ziah Robinson

It's very entertaining and fun! I could play this for the rest of my life!

Shaquille Oatmeal

Seems like it could've been a good game had it not taken forever to get started. Takes too long to earn momey-even when watching videos-and the items you have to buy are far too expensive for the little money you earn.

The Elementalist

Game is cute! I like the concept my only problem is the idle earnings doesn't seem to work

Julian Lurain

I wish there was a free speed up option that's all

Jenny Woodward

disappointing. after the first two hotels you can't get enough stars to progress. bought staff to get double pay. complete con.

Matthäus Bicalho Patzsch

Fun game, always something to do. I wish it had a little less adds, but well, if you choose to you can see fewer adds. It's also a little glitchy sometimes. Every time I open the app there's a "sponsor" offering 0.0 money, and sometimes a add won't load for me to "ignore expenses".

Kasandra Wallace



I'm unable to link my google play account to the game. it kept giving me a sign in error despite my google play is up to date.

Ro Boat

It was pretty okay, kind of boring My favorite feature was the fruit minigame, can you make that into a separate app?

Deborah Rose


Jaden Ellsworth

Very great game, works really well, doesn't blow you up with ads and are optional for things you want to do. Also I love the game you can play while you wait very great game! 😊❤

Ashley Holguin

Update: The glitch has gone away and customers are returning, but this still caused me to lose thousands of coins! Allot of progress since losing all my coins also means losing allot of my employees. I am upset but know I will fall in love with the game again once I earn back my staff and coins. Give it time, give me time to not be upset, then this will be 5 stars once again in my heart

Ajay Freeman


Scott Woodall

Really fun... Passes the time... I'm obsessed

Cheryl M W

Very fun game, great to past time on break


Slow to start with but highly enjoyable. The only thing is that the guests never seem to check out so reception is constantly turning new guests away.

Soda Pigeon

Yeah, I like it

Victoria Sprague

Error when game loads.

hunny_ nozuka

It wouldn't loud and had to start all over again

thrill- I mean deliver

A few glitches but its a good time passer

Charnae Leigh


Gabby N

I really like the game. I just wish there were more quests and a way tonesr gens instead of always having to pay for them.

Madelyn Olson

I really like this game but making money takes way to long. Also I'm not sure if this is just me but everytime I try to click and ad to make more money a message pops up that says I've reached my limit on the number of ads I can watch today. I'm not sure why this is happening because I haven't watched a single ad yet. edit - after reading some comments I tried to clear the cache and it did nothing


The game is nice to pass the time and you can progress at a reasonable pace without spending money. It let's you decide when to watch ads (to pass the night faster, get double the income or receive some money to upgrade the hotels) which is nice. BUT whenever I open the game there's a high chance the staff will be missing, forcing me to either wait for the next day or close and open the app again which is annoying. Also the guests never seem to leave the hotel for some reason.

Philomena Carole

good hotel, a wonderful gaming experience.

Karnavati Sardar

Very relaxing! Looking forward to game in a new location!

Winn Fitzpatrick

cute game! very interesting!

Katie Bradshaw

It's good, but there seems to be a bug where the guests never leave the hotel for new ones to come in. It doesn't make the game unplayable, but it does make it less fun.


This is a good game

haRitz iFa haNun

its too boring to me. there are more better idle game than this, this game need to be improved. you can improve tutorial part, make the npc to be more 'communicative' to player, not like reading his 'text', but make it more lively. you can add dialogue if 1 set of quest/'things to do' is completed, and give another dialogue to start a quest. but, again, make it communicative. ------ i don't know if the 'dialogue per quest set' is already there, i only play until my first quest set is completed.


Like a set it and forget it kind of idle with cuteness all over.

Leo Santiago II

Awesome game 👏👏👏

Sheridan Parsons


Timothy Edwards

I like this hotel spring hotel it makes me so happy

Debbie Spiegel

Nice and fun

Alissa Ming

Love this game. Though I have to ask how to get 11 stars to get to the third hotel. I can only get a max of 5 stars per hotel.

Keysha Lane

Cute game but once I finished first two hotels, can't start another. How can I get 11 Stars to open it and they max out at 5?

Amy Gunn

I'm not really sure but at first I liked it now it's got glitches or something wrong with it. An it won't let me go to any places with the map

Gabriel Valladares

Good and thank you

Tracy Morg

Its a great concept of a game but the progression is way too slow for me if you could find a way to progress the game aittle faster that would be awesome...thanks

Doug Haas

Ok game....a little slow in the idle games

Melvenia Jackson

How do you get to

Ronalda Bentley

It good

A Google user

It's wonderful to run slowly, highly recommended to download!


Hello so I got to the second hotel and just maxed it out so I have them both maxed out but I can't unlock the 3rd hotel because it says you need 11 stars but all that is able to be made is 10? Can you guys fix this issue. Its a good game

A Google user

so cute! very interesting!

SaTorra Holley

I like it but I can't play the 3rd hotel only have 10 stars

Carrie Atherton

How do you get 11 stars when there is only 10? Kind of aggravating when you can't move on.

Elisabeth Keeler

Fun game! Great time waster. I would say the only issue I have is when switching between maps, sometimes it doesn't seem to load until I exit the game, come back in, then try again.

Lisa Green

It's fun.

Noname Nobody

I love this game, I still wait for gem discount maybe beginner package is a must.

Yolanda Danzy

Game is to slow, takes to long to generate money for upgrades

Royce Charlton

How do I get to level 3? Fun game. Slower than others like this, but a good time waster. No need to watch ads unless you choose to.

Angel Eppy

Good game but I can't get the new hotel cuz I need 11 stars & I already have 10 stars on the first 2 hotels. Which is all the stars u can get. How am I suppose 2 get the next hotel when u only get 5 stars per hotel & I need 11 to get the next one???