Hospital Escaper

Author: GOODROID,Inc.

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Hospital Escaper – I’m afraid of the hospital

Detailed info

File size: 97M
Update time: December 3, 2021
Current version: 1.1.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: GOODROID,Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review


Couldn't even play for a full minute before I was hit with ads

Janet Adjei

Bad 👎 game I hit it Because if u play and it takes long it will not come so on start

Rejien Singson


Ruff Lorenz Tapalla

too easy

Mark.rayven Imperial

Duck Suck Suck Suck

Gregory Karate


Slather Ranes

This game suck when i download this app it got ad every second it got add pls fix the add beacuse add sucks my life and then when i off my wifi it got you need network like its not a online. Game a online game dont need add like fr

gina montemayor

I kinda love this game i would givr this game a 5 STAR if there is no ads bc ads is super annoying SUPER soooo i rated this 2 STAR

Xiao Ling

Too many ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronald Charles Jasper Noe

This is cool ez game you need to off your WI FI to gone the adds

Chantelle Black

In the middle of the run away the ads come😡🙄😒😤😠

Michael Evans

I can't even run for 10 seconds without an ad I can take an ad after the game but a ad in the round yall gotta be tripping

Casey Ewing

The advertisements make it hard to play, I understand you need those to keep the game free but there becoming excessive if they are every 5 to 10 seconds

Lindsey Smith

every time I play this game while the doctor is chasing me a AD. A FRICKIN AD pops up and when I'm done watching the ad I get killed because the doctor was next to me and a AD pops up and after that I die.. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.I HOPE THEY TAKE THEIR GAME BACK BC THIS GAME TRASH LIKE BRO. TO THE TRASH 🗑

Maximus Feraco

Way to many ads. You can barely play the game 🎮

Rio Thompson

This game is decent bit there is so.many adverts if you played the game for 1 hour you probably would have seen 500 adverts and I'm not even exaggerating😡

Nurain Nadzirah


Byron Muñoz

This game is very basic. An add is placed every 15 seconds, so it's hard to even enjoy the game. I wouldn't waste my time on this game any longer. This company needs to relax with the ads, it's just stupid at this point.

Shawn H.

You have a game in your ads

Mike McMains

How about you fix the game and put no ads in it fun game other wise

John Hardman

Too many ads

Rebecca Owusu


Brianda Loreto

It was great

Cynthia Harrison

This is a copy of the real cat and mouse game,2 ads in the first. Round


A game is bountiful I LOVE YOU MY friend and beautiful game it is hospital game is bountiful I LOVE YOU game LOVE YOU

natividad murcilla

Why its mene ads here why no wife but i dot like this mene ads what heppen this game why bro plss no ads and offlline

Hera Moana

There is way too much ads and when it stops your game just carries on. When the doctor was chasing me there was a ad and after the ad the doctor got me straight away I died STRAIGHT AWAY!!!!!!

Sylvina Buadu

It's fun to play

Manula Wijesinghe

E ye eud sid dkd zod chx mx.vo...dhd nxd


just give up on making games, way too many ads

Muhammadsohailiqbal Iqbal hussain

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Tina Heiney

Bad two many adds

Dr Mursalin Parvin

Too much ads

Aaron Taylor

Ads every 15 seconds from the start of the game ... ridiculous

Matthew Edwards

It wouldn't be so bad if u didn't get an ad every 5 seconds DURING gameplay that makes escaping impossible. Not downloading this again.

Jasmyn Randolph

This game sucks literally every 20 seconds there's an ad

Willsan Willsan

Worst game

Montasir Boshra


Abatsggd Tdhdhhd

I hate games like this so many adds even in the middle of the match like who the hell does that

Moemoe Pfeiffer



So much and

Midwest Chem

There was an ad at about 1 minute into the first round and an ad after the first round. It seems like a fun game but when I got an ad in the middle of the second one too I just uninstalled it's not worth it. Another good game with potential ruined by too many ads. For me this makes the game unplayable as there's more ad time than game time. Before or after levels I can accept that.

Sandeep Sharma

The game is 😘. but ads 💩🤢🤮

Mikaela Mae Garbo

Game pretty good

Chaotix Creeper

the game is overall good but the ads in-between is a big problem because it isn't playable because the game runs while the ad runs

Samantha raddings

Theres Too much ads! And its really laggy, i dont reccomend installing this. And i agree about everyones ratings. 1-2 stars (☆-☆☆)

Maleah Gracey

This game is so funny I just got it

shoe guy

Like so fun like gali gwidont dipa yor

Elijah Gilbert

This game not even bad but the fact that it has ads in the middle of the game makes this game trash we can't even finish a round without an ad.

reyniel torion

there's a bunch of ads every 10 seconds, i i won't play this ever again.

Trevon Hilgert

Add very 10 seconds IS a terrible game I don't recommend getting

Narek Sanasaryan

Գեգսյոյտե կա եըդհյեկե մի ոուկսնզ բսն նոկմ մլակսնսյ

Mitali digwal

Ti is very game very very ood

Zyre Izaac Hutchison

Full of ads don't download it

Liam H?

As a doctor, I can confirm that I chase my patients with a huge needle filled with acid.

Sonu Singh


man Aw

I mean game was fun but ads were spreading every 5-10 seconds while you're playing then you get caught by doctor, just DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Ross Erskine

Good game but there's a long as every couple of seconds that interrupts game play. The game is unusable due to the amount of ads


It has ads every 10 seconds and can barely play the game please fix you ad problem because there is to many

Tanu Fera


Kayla Gill

This "game" is just ads. Had to watch 5 for ONE 1 MINUTE LEVEL! Downloaded seeing the reviews. Let's kick this off the play store.

Izuku Midoriya

I would've given it like 4 stars if there weren't ads in the MIDDLE of the game. It's stupid and i don't have to explain further that it's a terrible way to make money, at least put them before or after?? It's like a 1:00 match with an ad every 10 seconds.

Keith Patrick Waje

20game 80ads

Sandra Ajaj

Love you too 💖😚💖😚💖😚😚😚💖💖😚🧖🧖🧖🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️💑💑💑💑💑💑💑💑😄😄😄😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇💩😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Newton Brown

I downloaded it and there are about 4 or 5 ads in each level that is why I am rating it a one so annoying this game is💩

Nicole Jackson

Too many ads cant even enjoy game. Soon as u start running and collecting diamonds it takes u to an ad... Uninstalling

Jemma Hughes

It bad don't like it

Yaseen Malik

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Elan Farkas

4 ads while playing the first level. No thanks.

Cyrge Tac-an

It's a good game but the after 15seconds ads well pop up i cant fucos Please fix the pop up of ads

Mulai Kazeni

Every time a ad come when it finishes I stay still then I die plz fix that, 😡.

Yuan Saturi

stupid game spotted

Lminionsve Lminionsve

The game was fun but ads are annoying but I like it

hossein amiri

بازی خوب و سرگرم کننده ای هست و پیسنهاد میکنم حتما نصب کنید

Kaiden John Bruzo


Thobekile Mphoswa

Boring and boring.

Ron Gabriel

Adds for life

mary ann quite

it has a lot of ads

Oceangamez Herreraocean

1% gameplay 99%ads😑

Jmbalasta12 Balasta

Too many ads

Ocea Makilan

Too much ads its online and it sucks cause of how many ads there is


your game need network bot have ads your game is bad wish your game get ban

Prince Wayne Cortina

I love the game! But when my wife is not on its not working everytime i open my wife so many ads ccan you do offfline the game?

Amalia Causo

Wow! It's so satisfying to un install because of the ads spam

Lehi Nagrampa

Too many adds bad game

Kaleb Roe

To much ads


Really fun game but them ads just pop up out of no where and u can hardly play the game cause its only ad after ad game would be alot better if not so many ads

Hesler Cruz

This is bad because their ads everywhere "you can get ads in the middle of the game" so i would not recommend

Henry Bui

To much ads

Raniel Guiyab

there so many ads in this game its so disturbing it looks fun but there so many ad so this game suck

علی هاشمی


Jacinto Alvarez

Too many ads

Anthony De Guzman

Too many ads

Jhonrius Bolaño

Too many Ads i can't even enjoy the game

Melanie Nieves

Too many ads...

Justine Banzuela

All about ads, remove the ads

Richard Alfane


koko choco

This GAME suks there are toooooooo meny ADS Do NEVER BUY THIS GAME

Eldrine Gorospe

it should be called "ads escaper"


horrible you get ads every 10secs of the game.