Horse Haven World Adventures

Author: Ubisoft Entertainment

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Create and manage a dream horse farm spanning multiple exotic sites all over the world.
Raise the perfect horse companion and join together in fun steeplechase races and activities!

– CREATE YOUR DREAM HORSE HAVEN around the world: a majestic ranch in the USA, a charming stud farm in France, an enchanting valley in Germany, a picturesque rural town in England and a gorgeous Fantasy Island.

– RAISE THE BEST HORSES: pet, nurture, feed, and groom your equine friends to help them grow from foal to adult!

– BREED over a HUNDRED unique HORSES and PONIES from the most famous ones: Gypsy Vanner, Black Forest, Arabian, Thoroughbred, Clydesdale, Shetland Pony, Quarter, Mustang and more.

– Mate your champions with your FRIEND’s to unlock the rarest and best horses!

– CUSTOMIZE your horses with stylish saddles and fancy leg wraps.

– CAPTURE and SHARE their best looks with your friends.

– RUN STEEPLECHASE AROUND THE WORLD and compete in the most gorgeous backdrops: The hills of Rio de Janeiro, Lapland’s Northern Lights, Japan’s cheery blossoms, and more.

– CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS to win trophies and climb the daily leaderboards!

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Detailed info

File size: 130M
Update time: September 6, 2021
Current version: 9.9.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
Price: Free
149 votes

Customer review

Kimberley Suazo

It used to be amazing but now it got downgraded its like a waste of space now the races are boring breeding is WAY too expensive the feathers on certain horses are not shown properly too many special horses that cost real money its getting a bit of a pay to win game everything in it is boring now and the rotation is ridiculous they drag steeplechases out too much needs a very good update to be amazing again very sad and disappointed;-; :-:


This game is kinda fun, I guess, but breeding costs WAY too much!! Plus, horses in the market are overpriced. Another thing, the ad system is very long having to wait roughly 10 seconds, after watching a 30 second ad. I also wish you could actually ride the horses. Overall, I'm still going to play.

Farming Family Chick

Game is constantly shutting off while playing, I cannot look up my friends to add them and the breeding percentage is unfair. I spent over 50 gems after spending over 4000 coin to increase the percentage chance to like 64 percent chance and it lands on one of the low ones!!

Maria Dob


Kayla Wolf

I love this game! But I haven't been able to play it because it keeps crashing..please fix this. I don't want to uninstall and lose my years of progress.

Tabi Coulam

I like this game but recently it has started becoming unplayable everytime I go on it it kicks me out or freezes I checked to see if it needed an update and it didn't. It really sucks though because I've spent a lot of money in hundreds of dollars 😬 I'd hate to delete a game I spent so much money in but it just won't let me play and when I do it'll kick me at bad times where I end up losing horseshoe power or during a power up pick..

Indigo Karasu


Evey Muzzy

Well i ummm.. well so it keeps loading when i try to get a canadianamerican horse it takes forever to load and that is my task to do

Sarah Fisher

Try it for yourself

Abcdefg Hijklmnop

I've been playing this game for years and I used to absolutely love it. Now there's so many overpriced horses being advertised. It takes me a million years to breed because it's so expensive and my game won't stop closing out after I open it! I spent 30 dollars on that game and that is just ridiculous and I can't even open the stupid thing anymore. Fix this please!

Lady Elune

Dropped my review from 5⭐️ to a 2⭐️ because I can't play anymore due to it crashing and kicking me out... I really liked the game but it's been a month or more of it doing the same... ive tried reporting it but heard nothing back

sajid khan


Teri Montgomery

Great but now it won't connect to play

Megan Griffiths

It's a great game and I love it but the reason why I rated 4/5 is because every time I send a horse to training, it never comes back until a few weeks - months later. I thought it was only a day or two they went for training, overall great fun game to play!

A Google user

Used to be amazing, now they push too many special horses for real money and the animations have gone down in quality, really disappointed

Amy Jo

This is a game adventure horse heaven world of course download please now...


Omg the amount of crashes is increasing and outright annoying please the crashes where fixed as far as I could tell Thanks ubisoft <3 the game is great for the most part

Cq Q

For a horse lover you couldn't ask for a better game

Tiffany Harwood

It WAS fun until this one bug where I tried to log back in but it kept force closing on me and lagging as soon as it finished loading. I sadly had to uninstall and currently reinstalling it hoping that fixes the problem if not any advice ?

Anna Wing

I love this game but now it won't let me play. It kicks me out. Please fix the issue.

Melissa Coleman

Enjoyable, but still has it's issues. I have had the yearly subscription for a while now, but I have recently received notification that the yearly subscription is no longer available and that I need to cancel it. I have tried to contact support because I want to know if the extra gift I receive each month (currently on month 26) will no longer available if I switch to the monthly subscription. I have tried to contact support to ask but every time I get to the support chat my app crashes.

Samantha Miller

I really enjoy this game but the app keeps crashing and I can't play it most of the time. If it didn't crash all the time I'd give it 5 stars.

Heather Sanchez

so om my phone i was lv 19 i dreamed to be lv 20 but my phone broke its sad ii worked so hard but i can again but its a great game thank you for using hard effort on this game

Brittany Skinner

Ive played this game before and only stopped because my old phone couldn't handle games any longer. Love it. Very cute and casual game. Highly recommend

ARMY's Unicorn


Shivadharni Chinnaswamy

Two stars only for the graphics and design. Very poor customer service. No clear responses, no new events, too expensive. I really really love this game, I know Ubisoft is currently in a bind but if the company is unable to take care of it please sell it to someone who can and stop destroying the game. I really doubt this game will last like this and I do not want to see it end.

Alison Earney

Enjoyed playing this but recently has started crashing after closing the notifications which load at start of game advertising new horses

Alexis Eden

It loads to Long to get in it is the worst game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😠

gems crazyworld

I can't start the race in Mexico for the tutorial because I don't have a horse that matches the weather conditions and it says to change them but I can because it's forcing me to pick a horse when I don't have one

Brittany Montgomery

Please update the game

Shaikh Farhan

Best experience in my life and thanks the game

Lune Lotter

I guess It's cool

Hayley McElveny

I gave this game a 4 star rating because of these reasons: 1 takes a long time to load in 2 its kinda glitchy 3 not as realistic as i thought so overall its an ok game i do recomend

Anna Robbins

I have not had an event since September 2021! Not even holiday events,. Please make an event

Cassie Bradley

Amazing there are barely any ads unless you are taking a free item Amazing so fun as well

Kids Rimmasch

It wouldn't let me download it on my Samsung tablet. Over all great game.

Tanmoy Mondal

This game is not working 😔😔

Derick Narobi

Nice L

Thalana Van Zyl

I am having g a great time with this game and I'm really impressed with how real it feels I really really love this ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘 ❤

Alpha Zero

Absolute abzocke allein schon das man fürs werbung schauen keinen boost bekommt obwohl man eigentlich einen bekommen sollte ständig lästige angebote für 40€ 50€ 60€!? Und dafür dann 2 "wertlose" tiere Die man so oder so bekommen hätte

Rozane De Beer

The game is ok.But if your like me with storage problems on there phone the download in the biggest I'm a little upset set with but its ok I'm not entirely sure if its my storage or the game. I really like the game but my sister says that she has been having problems like when she s not at home she can play it because she doesn't have internet so I'm saying this for her she'd really like it if the game can be online and offline. I honestly agree with her hope u read this and have a nice day 💫

Kids Mink chevalier

I personally like this but sometimes I feel like whenever I'm breeding I'm paying a little bit to much and sometimes the designs aren't very pretty like the Gotland pony but otherwise i really do enjoy the game I've been enjoying it more and more every day and i might end up buying a horse from the shop for real money today just so i can have more fun and more horses

Emily Zarins

I'm playing the game and in the middle of it,it crashes

Kelsey Simpson

Good people

A Google user

love it very fun and extremly cool

Hunter Skyline

I am having a problem with my tier 4 legendary paso fino I can't sell it or anything like that it says it is kn active content when there is nothing happening please fix this problem

Rakesh Kumar



When I lvled up to 19 I signed in on the leaderbored thing and stuff and I got kicked out on now its saying that thing were its like restart thing and it keeps popping up and I can't get in and I'm rlly sad bc I just lvled up to 19 please fix this this has never happened before..

Lovisa Palmer

Love it .

recky rainwing

Lovly game. So cute, horses arent accurate thought

Meav Mai

I love this game ! I have been playing it for years, but I am very curious when the next update will be ? I also have wondered what happened to the races and the lassow event? I thought those activities were fun. You get new horses and tack.

Anna Gehrkingg

I really like this game, but it won't open anymore. I Uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and it still won't finish loading and just crashes.

Waseem Dawjee

I love this game it's so ciol

Vidhan Khenwal

This is best horse game in world i like it so much

Jamie Mclean

Good easy game for my daughter to play,easy to play and leveling up the horses are easy,and the designs in the game are clear, straight forward and easy to level up

Annerine de Ridder

Das not work wen i instal

Briars Barn

great day

Tenn Sonn

Only issue I had was the inability to move the horse stalls! Other than that it's fairly easy to play, and the different horses to collect are a fun challenge!

Bobbie Markham

Horse Haven you are the best game out here 1007 when you begin on Facebook with the little bitty horses and I understand what it what those people are talking about but this game is good is been really enjoying and relaxes me and I get to kids race horses in do all the things that you would do you pluralize some people that are talking that saying that it's not very good game yes it is I like it animals like you said I'm thankful for the new things that you have brought into the game that's awes

Sophie Williams

Can't choose which horses to breed as its so zoomed in that you can only see part of the horse

Chené Jooste

I watch your stupid ads but it doesnt give ANY rewards it said it would....

Stephanie Moyer

**update: I emailed back and forth with support. They sent me diamonds and said they would work on it. Its been over a month, I never heard back and its still not fixed. Done with it.** I really liked this game when I had it on my old phone. I downloaded it again and now when I go into the breeding house everything is zoomed in and I can't even see what horse I'm breeding let alone change it. Not sure if its the phone settings or what but really frustrating!

Anna Miller

Love this game wish diamonds and exclusive horses were free to get this game should be made for Nintendo 3ds

Sis and Bro Playtime

I absolutely love this game! The horses are very pretty. Grinding for coins is very hard. But it's a Fantastic Game!


I love this game but a year ago it had to many updates my iPad couldn't do it, I had to uninstall it. It's my favorite game I lost my iPad I have it now I tried to install it, it worked but when I got on it it kicked me out on my home screen. I just wanna play I have enough space.

Marianna Mejia

Played this back when I was littler and loved it, got it back again and I still love it.

Leata Holcomb

I got to level 9 and i had really good horses.But when i tried to get back in it froze.I tried turning off the internet but that did not work either.So, i jus deleted it bc i tried everything and nothing worked.I would love it if u fixed this problom.Other than that it is a really good game!

Emily Sparkle

It got old for me after a while. And I didn't get far into the game. Don't download this game.

Hema Hema



Horse Haven is a wonderful app, the animation is beautiful, but do wish that you were able to do things freely. Instead of having to do everything the guide says. And when you breed, I would love to be able to get a new breed with different horses instead of the same horses. Highly recommend this app though! I just hope these can be fixes! Thank you!!!

Mohammed Ashraf

It is the best horse game but we don't have lasso event

Rakshitha K.M

Good app

tegan ziogas

most best game for horse lovers mein my opinion I really like the idea that the game is about horses and the only problem is I really want it to be offline!

Novianti Kusumadewi

I once played this game and some weird odd glitches are here when running. FIX THIS..

Mareo Mercado

It is so good app ☆☆☆☆☆

Juliane Schroeder

I vote it 1 because it takes up so much space and I barely can even play it because of that

Stephanie Godden

Good game to play and the horse as well should be more horses and more races and more breedrs of horses it is a good game to play

Eileen Hiney

I love it but you can't ride I want a horse one day 🥞🍔🧇🥘🍱🦌🦓🦓🦄🦄🦄🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🦄🦄🦄🦎🦎🦎🦎🐮🐮🐮

Gurdeep Singh DHALIWAL

This game is best in the world. I just like it but nowadays this game is being bored Not a single best event in this game I am saying this to horse heaven if you will not show 2,3 events new updates I will definitely delete this game and I will not install it again . Please improve the game some new events horses running and more many more things in the game


This is a horrible game. The only reason I gave this a one star is becuase it's kid friendly. ALL of the horse manes and tales look the same, what's the fun in that?! Also, this is NOT too kid friendly because the breeding symbols are hearts and the female symbol and male symbol on top of each other! I don't know much of anything else of the game, because I stopped playing because it was so terrible!

Jamie Norbury

Lovely game.

Julie Zezulka

Interesting that almost all reviews between 10/21 & now are missing. Even my review is gone. I've been playing this game almost from day one. The way players have been treated since mid 2021 thru now is disgraceful. This game used to be mostly free. Some small fees were charged. Reecently developers have gotten VERY money hungry & dishonest. Chaging 99.00 for diamond packs. Horse collections costing 200.00 plus. No thanks. Not spending another cent on this.

Tejaswi Chandrakar

My favourite game i have 10 years old i have playing fishdom and horse haven only and iam 14 years old today❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ágnes Schönbaum

Will there ever be an update or event or anything? It is no more fun, sorry. Okay, the last update was 6 months ago. Will there be something or can I delete the game?

Nitasha Nichols


dinesh gori

Hi I would like to give this game a five star rating but there's a problem that the game has no events like it is Easter right now and we don't have a event in the game so please make some event

Dakota Ward

It keeps having bugs and glitches out

Elsa Dollamore

I love this game so much and there are hardly any ads. At the start of playing this it was great and easy to achieve te things you wanted to do however as you keep playing it is harder to do things as everything costs sooo much money, this is mainly the only reason I didnt put 5 stars as its a super fun game. Defo recomend 😃

Malik Hadin


Phil Robinson

I have not even been playing for 20 minutes and it is the glitches game ever!

Plague Doctor

Wow, such an amazing game! I love horses so I decided to install this app because the graphics looked amazing. I was not disappointed. The graphics ARE amazing, it's pretty easy to get coins, AND I GOT A FAIRY HORSE ON THE FIRST DAY! I like how easy it is to get gems too! And also the horses hair, its just.. perfect~☆ I also love that the hair has gravity mechanics XD ty for making this game! It's amazing. But can you add a thing where you can wash your horses? That would be cool. Thanks! ♡

Darshan Appu

This game is good.One problem I had when I am downing this it will come 99% and it repeat again from 1%

Jenn Morehouse

I really think this is a great game I played it around 2019 and now i think its gotten better now over the years

Eliza Wilson

The game is so fun I love playing it all your comments are so true

Elinor Dougherty

It's a great game but after aunt carol says there's a gift in the breeding house I go there and do what it says but then it freezes.

Chrystal Fans

Do an event that the horses has the effect and have triplets

mark george

Those is the best game ever love it so much♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Melanie Kemp

So fun but i can not tame my horses if i catch one it ses i have to gou out of game and go back in whh do the game not want me to tame its unfer pls fiks it but the game is so fun but pls fiks it 🐴🐴🐎🐎

Noor Afarmach

Omg i love it you can breed you can do dressage you can do everything

Sartaj alam

Um rain