Horror Bear Hunt: Hide N’ Seek

Author: Rapid Rabbit Game

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Big Bear has joined the game!

It’s Foxy , Bunny and Alligator team VS crewmate and imposter.

The long awaited animatronic crew has set foot on the crewmate spaceship and can not wait to eat them all.
Now the imposter is not a threat anymore and have to join with crewmate to escape from the Pizza factory’s Bear .
You now has to choose: whether becoming imposter to run and hide from the scary monster or transforming into Animatronic bear to hunt all of the impostor spaceship members. When the challenge is ended, if Animatronic team eliminate all crewmate, it will win and go for another room to kill the rest.

Be quick and fast. You don’t have much time to hide and run so don’t help others. Poppy can seek and smash you in a blink.

*Game Feature*
– Easy to play with just one finger: Seek your preys, hide yourself!
– Two playing modes: Hide or Seek.
– Endless levels with lots of fun.
– Thrilling time-limited gameplays.
– Full box of skins to unlock.

It’s hide n seek playtime with Machinery Animal crew and the famous Impostors. Join the game right now and experience a full package of fun!

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE! The Big Bear is coming for you.

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Update time: May 25, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rapid Rabbit Game
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kamiyah Foster

I love so fun 😊

josh smith


Ammar warrior Hossain

good game

Saroja Moghe


ivy tm

I can't install it

Amir Khan


Minaxi Kanodiya


Ronel Sason


vivek jhawar


Coolboi 16


Ubaid Ubaid


Jody McMaster


Miranda Maria Elysabeth

the game is so 🆒

Mazhar Ali Shaikh

the best

Marissa Gonzales


amjad skeeper

nice game

seri munawar

the game is best!

Marian Fowden

The most annoying ads ever. Pop up after only a few seconds of play, in the middle of a level even, and when you hit "skip ad" it takes you to Google Play instead.

Luis Rosas

it is so much fun