Hoop League Tactics

Author: Koality Game

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Hoop League Tactics is a fresh new take on the sports management simulation genre. Take control of your basketball team and lead them to victory in turn-based tactical action. Manage your players between games by upgrading their skills and scouting for the next prospect to join your squad. Whether you’d rather control every action or watch from the sidelines, how you decide to play the game is entirely up to you!

– Control the action with three pointers, dunks, blocks, alley-oops, and more
– Draft prospects, negotiate contracts, and improve your team with trades
– Develop players, increase experience, and unlock new skills
– Manage fatigue and injuries to keep your team ready for the next opponent
– Play, watch, or simulate any game from around the league in Spectate mode

– Get drafted as a rookie and begin your legacy
– Earn multiple end of season awards such as Most Valuable Player
– Lead your team through endless seasons and win as many championships as possible!

– Full customization of entire leagues, teams, and players
– Import and export custom leagues with the community
– Additional save slots for Season and Career mode
– No Ads!

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Update time: Apr 13, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Koality Game
Price: Free
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Customer review


My only hold up is that I can't change quarter length mid season or post season. I have to start a new team or career if I think the games are too lengthy. If that changed it'd be a 5 star for me.

Mehdi Bagheri abhari

عالی بازی خوب راستی دو نفره ازش فیلم بگیرین بزارین توی آپارات

Tracey Tite

My son loves the game hes such a goat.


its really good even though im not even good at strategic games

Antonio VG

This is peak mobile gaming. This is what old school mobile games were, offline entertaining games to pass minutes or hours playing. This is what mobile games should be. Congratulations to all the creatives and developers working on this game. Everyone nailed it.


Great game. I really think you should do an American football version of this. With career, season, etc. It would be dope and It would probably attract a lot of people to come and play it.

Jackaboy 9000

Great game, absolutely in love

Markjohn Latorre

Ai was sucks


Could use a bit of work but overall fun game, kinda like retro bowl but for basketball, also wish more stuff was free if it was then probably 5 stars

Glonger Carter

May you please have a football game??

lil beam


Eddy Pierre

This game is good, i like the career mode and the season mode, but the game doesn't work on bluestacks so for that reason i take it down 1 star

Marco Sandoval

Its pretty good I got the full version I love everything so far especially career mode the only downside is in career mode it says you're first round pick by the Cavaliers yet the first two years you dont even get to start or get to play in any games.. I've tested it out if you play the all around archetype theres a chance that your character wont be starting.. hope you guys fix that cause no number 1 pick overall just sit on the bench

Taetae Mouton

This game is amazing I am going to buy premium right now!!!!

Naomi Irobiro

I was gonna give a 5 star but just experienced one ad after one that I just finished. I totally recommend the game 100% but itś just the ads.

mike Trinidad

Good game but can you put atleast 8 teams in each conference to make the exciting


It's like 2k just pixelated. Wish there was a couple more details though. One is the fact that you can't add accessories, and a recommendation is to be able to costomize the league for free because the came can get boring over time. Overall it's still my favorite game.

ÆsafÆ PlayŞ


Smooth _ND

Good game, has potential, but customization in this game is an actual joke. I saved my league and even put it on autosave, but nothing saved and now that was all for nothing. Doesn't deserve higher than two stars.


Best game ever

Thomas Hammock

Fun but it gets boring


I like it everything about it I think y'all should and all-star season too it will be nice and pretty cool to see.

Tim Gilbertson

Didn't like it. Just boring.

Billy Kyle Johnson


Edwin Lopez

It's fun not to hard and not to easy and you can increase the difficulty if it is too easy. It's also a great time consumer if you have time to waste. You can play with a friend in exhibition although I hope they had online multiplayer where you control your own team against other people and head to the finals

Rd 24

Can you please add dribble combos please


I like the game it's good but I just don't see or feel like we as a community should have to play for the full get to have fun.

Tamerlan Dusetaev

Perhaps one of the best 8-bit basketball games, but small problem with shot bar which makes me take away 1 star

Kyle JWilly

Two giant complaints. One, in the carrer mode, I swear the shot percentage is ridiculous. If I don't get it 100% in the green even if it's a 90% chance make it whigs way tot often. Two, why in the clutch does the other team always seem to magically block buzzer beaters. It's ridiculous

Mpilo Gumede

I can't buy premium that's why 3 stars

arlee ryan

Good game needs a little more action and fun for others

Michael Diederich

I like it but in 2 minute quarters I was 27/30 for 3pm scored 81 with my point guard season one


Bru dis is retro bowl but like basketball and yu can customize yo characters sheeesh I luv dis game ong Bru

It's Mak


jk hyper

Go crazy

George Hewitt

This game is awesome I love it I wish you guys would make a football version kinda like this game. Can u guys please make a baseball version, no retro baseball games have taken off yet and I feel like you guys could create an awesome baseball team.

Joshua Stradford

Question 3: R: Did France produce a powerful monarchy? A: Yes. France had the highest monarchy near the conclusion of Philip II's reign. "Philip II created new officers to oversee justice," the text says. He also consolidated his hold over the French Church. France had the strongest monarchy in medieval Europe at the end of his reign." E: My answer is correct because it was written entirely by myself.


I really like the game its very engaging. You can find yourself losing track of time. Great for long drives, not to many adds either. But I do suggest for the coaching league that players develope faster. Or some players do. Because if you draft a superstar they won't become one until there 32

Kalil Bell

Really good game love everything about it

Nate Baker

Couldn't be dumber

Clay Carroll

Shockingly good. Part of the Actually Good Mobile Game renaissance we're enjoying at present.


Fun offline game,but you need to add coaches , coach tendencies and player tendencies because I'll be on fire then my coach will sub me out in a timeout but let the other team go on a 30 pt run until he calls another time out.

smithy Rocks

Great game, here's the reason why 4 1. A lot of custom features behind premium 2. Repetitive Ideas 1. Add where we can get traded by owner randomly/or if we're not useful 2. Add more contracts (it's all 30m... With same years) 3. Add stuff to buy money with, house, upgrades, buissness, etc 4. See full player stats not career avgs... 5. Add better hof forumula currently all you need is 1 championship and 1 other states like dpoy or lead assist 1 year, instead base it off personal stats.

Carlos Ruth

I got addicted to prizefighters and now to this game. Why u creating so good games?? Very awesome game

Jessa Sarah Grube

Ok now after playing the game for a rough 2 weeks i think im finally ready to rate the game. Now as you all know this game is specifficly focused on a carear mode. I wish you could be like a coach and instead of being a player. Your a coaching for a team. And with that out the way here are the things i want to talk about that are (good) about the game. Now the pixelated graphics are REALLY nice. I love games with pixalted graphics. Its a really cool arcady feeling. The gamplay is very (cant fit

Dan Gryphin


lord beerus

I pove baskettball and this is hood

Cody McCulloch

My new favorite game. Easy to pick up but hard to put down.

dae walker

(Update suggests 2022 ) 1 Fastbreak. 2 crossovers. 3 more hairstyles. 4. different eye colors. 5 All star games if you may. 6. Lower steal chance. 7 more animations. 8. If they get hot they have there on badge like for example if The player Koality Game got hot it would say shooter and his shooting goes all the way up to ten.

Martin Canchola

Was hyped for this game when I saw it on the store. It's just an ad pusher. The whole game is like 'look check out this feature!' Then when you check out that feature it's like 'now pay us money for it' interrupting the game or not letting you begin until you throw money at the devs. Then of course you can't play a game without coming across an ad but I get that. I just think they could be less intrusive. Doesnt seem worth 4 bucks just to play with settings on a game I never even got to play.

Thomas Young


Haridas Mauro

One of the best basketball simulator but missing something like, *Some of the hair color *Add some color when on fire *Some other skills

Aidan Chunn

Great game! Can be addictive at times.

Ash Brygger

good time!


It's a pretty nice game with good mechanics

clifferd Odleperkins

Simple Basketball is best Basketball

Overlord_ Gargantua

Its a very fun game where you can join the discord server and talk with other people and join other servers where you can get drafted and simulated its really fun. Even offline its fun to waste your time and befroe hand you can just import a leafue like the real life nba to play in it with your own character or be a team in the nba

Elite Kosh个

I think this game has a lot to offer and is really good already with the customizations and different game modes to play but the controls are the only thing I dont like I wish it was just as a regular game where you could have a controller layout and just play without having to follow strict movements i think if that was changed this is a 5 star game

Kiro San

Fun but gets boring really quick very repetitive

Manuel Hanseu Arieta

I like the game play, i hope u put 3point contest.


It's a great game don't get me wrong but the fact that it is an offline game with no all star game, dunk contest, or three point contest make it kind of boring

Charlie W

It has malware

CJ Santos

Too tedious for my liking.

Landon J

Every 78 % shot I do it dose not go in. Every time the opponent gets the ball they make a 3point every time. The game is just to hard honestly. And it's impossible for me to make a 3 or 2 point shot. Every time I do try to it either dose not go in or it gets blocked. Whoever made the game make it a little easier.

Haha 209

Rip-off, shots dont go in even if I get a perfect green


It is a very fun game. I just think that you could definetly have more fun if you have premium edition. But all in all, this is a good game.


This game contains malware

Limousines Arecool

This is truly a masterpiece It's simple. It's straight to the point. There are some ads that you have to watch after every couple of simulations, but they never interrupt the game play. The pixelated art style makes you feel nostalgic for something you've never experienced before. However with a great game there will always be flaws. At some points in the matches you will not be able to move your character whatsoever. The limited movement often leads to the game being stale.But I love the game.

Dennis Jones

I great

Angel Hernandez

This game is cool but there's no way I'm paying 5 bucks for premium

Adan Silva


RC BLKDiamond420

fun to play if you have nothing to do and waste time


Bro I got the game and my anti virus said that it was trojon 💀

Andrew Lopez

This game is really good and you should add more games in the season mode and please and more players in the season and make more teams make team edit but it is really good 5 out of 5 like the game good

Salman Yaseen

If you're offline, this game is easily one of the best time killers, even if you don't pay premium.

Mike Esaman

Good game. Really a lot of fun. The best part is that it is truly free to play without an annoying ad after every action


Gotta watch an ad literally to play one game and the same for the next. I literally put it in airplane mode just to enjoy it aside from that it's actually kinda fun

SS Truks


Ismail Dervovic

Says the games infected when I install it, maybe it's not a problem for everyone but don't know.

Maurice W

I like it

Caleb Richardson

Amazing game but playing your hockey game makes me wish this had similar levels of customizability. I have poured hours into this game and absolutely love it.

ethan sparks

It's fun

Ja. Abor

For me this is a very great game and i hope add some all star weekend

Teague Brehm


Gaming with John

Good game indeed.

Kyto on crac

fun games nice when you have no internet



Xavier Forsyth

Garbage. Rigs all of my shots even if they are green. Doesn't let me steal the ball. Unrealistic and said that a player with a 1 shooting rating made 10 3s against me.




Un bon jeu, dommage que la version payante restreigne à ce point la version gratuite.

Sebastian Romero

This is such a good game I recommend it a lot

check out josejustdaily

Good game

William Quebedeaux

Yall did a good job making this game i love how you can see players stats and how it ranks them on others.

Hailey Martinez

I like this game a lot but can you add more playoff games and more teams and on the finals can you add seven games to it so it's better I love it tho

Nigel Anom

Try it

Daniel Tripo


Marc lester Cabana

Only problem to this game is to buy the premium edition and I just delete it

Loti Slave

Love your game but pls add more team like minneapolis as minnesota timberwovles and u need 20 more to add teams just like nba and pls add logos ok bye

kyle reyes

Can you make roster 20 per team? And add free throw and a foul and add new skills men

Hani Nasrallah

So fun great stuff developers