Home Quest – Idle Adventure

Author: codeSTREAM

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🏡 Build your Town
You find yourself in an unknown place. Unsure of what these lands might hold, you decide it’s best to grow your settlement. Provide housing and farms for your people. Create workplaces, military facilities, and more.

⚔️ Recruit an Army
Once settled in, eliminate threats, fight your enemies, conquer the lands, and expand your reach. Choose between different units and army compositions.

💰Manage your Economy
Keep an eye on your resources, assign your workers, and fine tune your production chains. Expand your settlements to acquire rare resources.

🧚‍♀️And More…
Experience a story, and learn about the inhabitants of a foreign land. Work together with a tribe of mythical shamans. Go through hardships, surprises, and fun as you progress!

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Update time: Feb 18, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: codeSTREAM
Price: Free
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Customer review

Aditya Bahira

Such a nice game, it's really interesting game, I would like to upgrade if I get some offers, but it still worthy, can play Limmitlessly.


Amazing! Any thought on adding sound tho?

Wolfie Allen

fabulously simple and complex at the same time. No annoying ads or constant popup offers. Thoroughly enjoying it

Andy Williams

It gets too complex after the superwell. It is too finicky to balance grain/flour/bread on the first 2 settlements with the beer on the latter. I just give up. I finally gave up altogether after accidentally uninstalling the game trying to leave the beta only to come back and see the day's worth of playing not having been backed up. I don't care for these homegrown backup solutions. It also uses a nonstandard port for backups which means I have to punch a hole in my outbound firewall rules.

Danna Loren A. Cruz

Boooooooo!!!! This app is very garbage.

Marlee Rogers

genuinely a fun little roleplay game with a great story

Emily Styler

Good, but could do with an update and some QoL upgrades. It's been quite a few months now. Would love to see the ability to choose all your soulwell collections at once, and maybe a stables production to create ranged army units. It's a good idle game though, with lots of potential.

Feras Ahmad

The game is really good ...just I hate that they force you to buy specific units so there is no strategy in the game at all...and the limitaion of the building ..so after a couple if days you have too many resources and nowhere to spend them.


I decided that I dont like waiting for counters

akasaka sachie


Daniel Awesome

Awesome game, although for some weird reason, my game is lagging every time I look at my meager 385 numbered army(it's probably just 180 or less in real count). I have no idea what's happening😅 Edit: I just updated, and I think my progress has been deleted😬


Things get boring after town 3...everything costs so much and materials become useless once you go to the next tier... Thousands of ornament and marble just to build a vineyard...must be the most decorated farm I have ever seen

Renz XVI

A good challenging idle game. It will get you stuck and you have to figure out what you need to progress. It is fine but then the game starts to slow down, the offline progression on start up also takes forever to calculate... I start feeling like I need to back the game up because of all the effort, but the cloud save asks me to log in... After all that, the cloud save doesn't work even though the change log said it fixed more sync issues... I am starting to doubt I'd get to finish the game.

Gopal Gupta

nice app

Hari Kishore Sepuri

It's simple n good

nathaniel nsibu

Simple but good and interesting. Update: I really loved the first version. The new version...

Cracked Crystal

very simple but extremely addictive

Dong-Yoo Park

Really good game. But it's not something you can play continuously, it's more a game of waiting. It's a game for playing between other games or on and off during the day. I've played hundreds of idle games in my time, this has brilliant potential if it was quicker. I even have gold version and still really slow play. Unfortunate.

04 Ariant Zaki Noor Hafizh

kenapa saat fast forward tiba tiba layarnya tidak bisa disentuh juga fast forwardnya tidak jelas, kalau fast forward kan artinya mempercepat lalu kenapa ini malah tetep nungguin ya, saranku diupdate berikutnya fitur fast forward lebih cepat biar ga nungguin

Daniel Moser

there was a bug that the furnace building was never displayed for me to be built... got stuck at the early stages


Seems fun I don't know if I would call it an idle


I find this game frustratingly addictive. no ads what so ever so it's great. Building the armies and filling soul wells is my favourite part.

Fade Nadan

There's story, upgrades, things to do. Goals. Cute graphics. I bought a couple packs. I really enjoyed this. Can't fault it at all. Plays kind of like an idle game. The story is well written.

Nick Knack

Great game so far; it's just a shame it's so short. I look forward to future updates to the story! :)

Gilbert Musatics

Tedium - the game.

Christina Bacon

it used to be alot better, but the forced army building with no freedom of chosing and no tactic behind it, just made the game alot worse for me, its an ok game but they really dumbed down alot of the good things since the big update

ditona Long

Love it!!

Matt B

Enjoyable experience, slightly too passive later on but that's fine



Ron Lindhe

Very neat, very addicting

Travis Vest

Really neat and simple design, great for passing time. 👍

Silver Shiny Charizard

played it on three phones so far and loved it every time! genuinely the only thing standing between me and buying the upgrades is reading the google pay tos

Kora Lionheart

Incredible game, one of the best out there, addictive resource management with no greed, pay to win or even ads, I was so surprised, It's well worth trying out!


I can't get glassmaker I defated the army to unlock it. help.

Darren Goodair

At the end of chapter 2 you can run out of battles (whether honor or decorations). Please don't do this, I want to finish maxing the military upgrades and the garden seeds before chapter 3. Excellent unfolding incremental regardless! How do you use the gold coin and where is the wicked key?

Emily Jo

nice little back game

Lynn Erasmus

I really, really like this game. I'm currently only building my third town and still have a LOT of playing to do, if I look at the pictures on the Store. It requires some skill in balancing resource production and I appreciate the fact resources continue to build even when the game isn't running

John Harold

Doo beep bop do bi ka dap bop boop

Trixie Wolf

Fun, interesting incremental.

V.L.Rohlui Pachuau

Its a nice game for a little time pass its fun to just manage stuff and control people

Justus Kazungu

Very nice game

Jonathan Fernandez


Morgan Drake

It is great to play and I love it so much and I hope people have fun playing it like I do

Thomas Löwen

It's a fun idea but the menus are all over the place and I found myself constantly jumping from page to page. There must be at least 20 menu pages and it gets worse the more you unlock. Most pages are too large for one screen so you have to scroll and they all look very similar. Makes the game a challenge to navigate and play, as you're mostly busy trying to get an overview.


I do started to play this game from yesterday. But there are some bugs the developer must take a look. I have unlocked the furnace building but the building isn't showing in the building section. If this bug is fixed I will give a 5 star rating.

Scottie Robinson

Really like it, but $10 seems a bit steep for full use of game features. Maybe I'll upgrade to one of the packages, but not both.

N. R.

I really enjoy this game. There seems to be a bug when fighting through valhalla because during the 2nd or 3rd exhanges of attacks suddenly all 60 of my knights die at once. My guess is some count somewhere for a single knight hp is taking such a large negative value its essentially forcing the damage to negative infinity which is then shared across all of the tanks because they share damage. And this only kills my entire frontline like this, the mages and healers die normally.

Adam Gregory

It's okay, I liked it before the updates. It's too grindy now, open the app and tap three buttons and have to wait for materials to come in again (an hour or more). Changing it so you can't retreat after a single hit was probably good. If you ever re-release the first version of the game, the one I liked enough to spend money on, let me know.

Vishal Dudhia

Please add music to this nice game!

Rabeeb Ibrat

Nice game overall, however, gets frustratingly in the end.

Jake Mitchell

Great game, and my favorite mobile game ever. Everything about it is just epic and there is so much to do!

Clint Muse

app does not open for me

Justin White

good time killer

joey mckee

Simply great

Rajvir Daniel Singh

I spent an hour playing idly and changing things pretty actively. I found it boring unfortunately.

Alexander Roux

Super simple graphics that I love, the storyline is awesome, this app keeps you hooked but not unhealthely so. This app is going to be a permanent fixture.

Aaron Wyatt

Text-based idle builder with a surprising amount of depth. Opts for an actual story(in perfect English, I might add) instead of a rebirth system, which means the game does have an end at the time of writing(took me about a week playing Gold Edition), but the overall experience is enjoyable enough to give 5*. EDIT: Redownloaded game and content has been updated and expanded substantially. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Derek Burlingame

Great idle game. It doesn't use the same trick that other games do of ramping the cost of things exponentially until you can't do them in forcing you to reset. This game is slower, but feels like you're making regular progress. For the last 5 weeks I've had something meaningful to do every day (heck, every hour if I want). As opposed to most of these games which last maybe a week before I'm bored with their gimmick.

erez dagan

One of the most fun games I had in a while. Nothing fancy but it's made quite well. Can't wait for the next chapter and what the devs come in next

Vanda Varga

pretty addictive! I really like it :)

Jochen B

Happily married, a daughter, a house and a small garden. A great job and two cats. My life was pretty good. Then I downloaded Home Quest; Addiction kicked and all I paid attention to was this game. 24/7/365. My wife and daughter left me, my cats got lost in the house ,due to all the mess from no cleaning, or in the garden, which has become a jungle now. Job? What job?! But at least I got this game and my progress. I wouldn't want to have it any other way! I AM HOME QUEST! 17/10! I recommend!

John Byram

This is a "Good enough" game. It has it's flaws/complexities/limitations, but it doesn't ruin the experience for me. The one feature that makes me the most upset is having to purchase a package to unlock the name changing feature. I understand supporting Indie devs and games, but that feels rude, in my opinion. Oh well, it's still good enough.

Max Tripp

Fun and enjoyable, hoping for many more chapters to come. Very simple but with a charming amount of character. Wish there were more games like this.

Pandy Pan

sleek and minimalistic, but still attractive and addictive. super fun, easy to pick up and learn, much harder to put down! I do wish there was a bit more explanations about things sometimes. still haven't figured out what halla is...

Nick D

Great game from an independent developer. Came recommended by the Reddit incremental games community

Alaa Ghanim

Didn't think I would like this game as much as I do. Keep coming back to it everyday.

Aaron Callahan

A lot of fun, but ends fairly quickly. Excited to see more content.

Pepe Prez

One of the best incremental games. Period. Just wish the UI was a bit more helpful. Luxuries and Materials could have the current rate in brackets for example. But still very entertaining

michał wesołowski

Interesting at first but then it becomes clear that you have to log in every hours for a minute and then build whatever the game makes you. No way to diversify, every player does the same things.

Danielle Heaphey

Beautifully simple game design. Easy to play and understand. I've played the earlier 1.0 version up to now and I'm excited to see what else might be added to the game.

Sami Goodrum

So I have completed chapter two is their a chapter three? I am going to play to get a place I beat the next fight got a golden artifact but I see no way this far to get more barrics for solider. To beat the next level with out killing a bunch stopping re building them and fighting.


Issue with freezing on loading screen. I liked v1.

RADDragon 13

The idle stuff can be a bit complex but its decent enough. My negative aspect is the deletion of my save, which could've been reversed with a cloud connection, but still shouldn't happen.

Ronzell Smith

Love this game very fun time killer!


An absolute masterpiece!

Khalia Bowen

I got really into playing this game. I can't even say why really. I just like seeing the progress my little population is making. The story is well written at least.

Kat S

Another update with no explanation of how anything works. Things removed with no explanation. A bunch of new packs you seem to be expected to buy. Not even worth bothering anymore if things are just going to keep being reset or removed.

Jordan Shaw

I love this little game more than I should. It's not particularly pretty or innovative, but I find it engaging all the same. Worth a try!

David Tsui

Turn based adventure

Merethyu Ramos

This Simulation game is the best by itself easy to learn hard to master and much harder to max :)

Mercy Cat

Wow this is a slow game! I like relaxing games but this is near comatose. It has potential, a little more art and a little more play. I'll keep my eye on it for now.

Chris Johnson

I had reviewed the earlier 1.0 version, which was excellent. The game has had massive updates since, and is well worth a look. The story is extended, and there's even some pictures thrown in for flavour. Balance has been tweaked so the end game isn't able to be broken as much as in the old version. And there's actually an end game now, rather than just "You've beaten the game, please go home." Glad I checked it out again. TL;DR: No ads. Solid game. Been updated, good changes. Worth a download.

Brian Toomey

I have hit a wall with population limit. The game is unplayable

Bunny Rabbit

I had completed the first version of the game, and held onto the app so I could play any expansions. Most of the changes to the new version are good, but two changes killed the game for me. The population limits for buildings are ridiculous, and I hate that they control the ratios of army units. There now isn't any thought or strategy involved, it is just pushing buttons in the order you are forced to. Which really isn't a game, in my opinion.

Robert Osborne

Great game I don't get the one star people give it crying over it takeing to long to build or make progress it's a idle game if you want a fast one play something else 👍

karen pennell

Easy entertaining and unusual

Sebastien Bacs

Played the whole game (grinded mercury and got all 4 vollages to 2100 pop with 6 happiness) and finished it a month ago hoping for an update to continue the story only to come back to a completly reset game... I am not going to play everything over again ! How can this even happen... Very deceiving !

herman van dijk

Sometimes a slight bit slow, but a good long time idle game! Highly recoomended and not that agressively monitised!

Mateusz Malisz

Sort of clicker/idle game with extra steps. Pretty fun and as time consuming as you want it to be. I like it so far, good to pass some time.

irish lepercaun

Good time killer but the new update reset my progress

Mohammed Nasser

I was rating it 5 star but after the last update 2.1 i change it to one Really sad , i wish u fix it back

Jessica Nauth

great idle game!

Francesco Ciraolo

It was a great game. Until last update. Everything is worst: prices, buildings count limits (I also losed something builded before the update) and the interface itself.

Ktoś Jakiś

Used to be very fun but the recent update increased prices so much that now it's a painful grind! Also it wiped days of my progress!

Assan Bryant

This game has such good reviews I feel like I might just be kissing something, but it is so extremely slow, the beginning wait times leave me with nothing to do, and like when I first start one of these idle games I wanna actually feel like I'm getting something accomplished at least, but the very first wait time is super slow from the get go, it makes me fear how long things will take later. Though maybe something is wrong or like there is a setting I didn't see to speed things up idk

Emil Palm

Great idle game WITHOUT ADS and excessive p2w.

Tessa Case

I love this game but with the 2.1 update for my Android it seems to be freezing every single time I try to open the game at least three times before I can actually play it.

Che Ken

Game is great but latest update has hard capped army size to a miniscule amount compared to before which gives you no reason to invest in a larger population other than "because I can"

Not Applicable

The older version was better. The population requirements are severe and creates a dead end for gameplay. Even from a gameplay perspective, what does population have to do with building a storage shed? Get rid of the population requirements, they add nothing, they only restrict progress and slow down everything.

Francesco Perego

This game is really cool, there are some minor quality of life changes needed and - mostly - the optional IAP do not describe well what they sell, esp the items winnable in missions (you're basically buying smth you have no idea what it is). Cool game though, keep it up!