Home Pin – How To Loot? – Pull Pin Puzzle

Author: GAMEE

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Home Pin – How To Loot? – Pull Pin Puzzle – The best puzzle game. Pin the pull to save the man and his wife, build the home.

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 3.3.5
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: GAMEE
Price: Free
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Customer review

Derrick Snell


Ebony McDuffie

It started getting boring.

Faith Firestone

Too many ads

Beth B

it's such a fun game but way way wayyyyy too many advertisements!!!!!!

Rolan Gooch

ok not great

Stephen Brady

Too repetitive, suggest options to have specify the type of levels you want: such as wife save levels, furniture levels,or gold gathering levels would make it more enjoyable.

Stephanie Brown

so far so good... lots of ads... down right to many actually... I know it's a free game but dang....

Larry Griffin

it is fun but I no it is going to get harder

Anil Soni

S fu 7 ft 5igeg RSS Ed Sheeran

Josefina Diaz

it ok

Kurt Isakson

great game

Harry Vogel

Fun game

Deb Izonline

Too many ads, the levels are easy so you're moving through them fast and there's a 15-30 sec ad every two levels and often its hard to get back to the game. You feel like you're watching ads more than playing the game and it's not worth it to pay to remove them. Uninstalled.

Prabakaran J

My name is prabhakaran

Kayla Miller

I have a lot of fun playing this game but sometimes it's really easy😙😑

Kurt Doll

A commercial keep cutting the game out redownloading the game every time you play a commercial no fun

Barbara Workman

it's really fun.

Tara Anderson

I give it one star because it loads slow. It's over commercialized. Every level has an ad. Not worth the play. 😞 I was looking forward to playing this game too. 😢

Spyros Hadjipsaltis

Tooooooooo many ads!!!

anthonytedy bunadi

The apps game with ads ads ads ads ads. 5 ads game

Richard Ferris Sr


Brian Kucel

Small child's game. No challenge, ton of ads

Matthew Williams

Too many ads. There's so many good games on here that are ruined by the ads. Makes me sad. I might pay for removing ads if I could actually play the game. I spend more time in an ad than I do in game. Good game, bad delivery. You have got to give us a chance to play these games without so many ads.

Lynn Gardner

ok game

April Elliott

Like the game. Hate too many ads.

ShyB3a5tm0d3 09

I hate this game .

F Hughes

just started...like it so far

Al Stines

Why can't we have an option with the black character that's not ghetto looking? Like with a regular shirt or a suit? There's no need to be that racist with the stereotypes.


cute game

vmu sdc

Still some ads, but not that much so far.

Margaret Montalvo

it's cute, I you like to pull pins 📌.

Willie Cook

I love this game 🎮 ❤️ 😍

Bharath Naresh

FUN game😃

Celtic Bracelet

Just getting started. It's fun, and like the ads. There have been a couple of bugs, but nothing to deter play

Latoya Brinkley

to many ads

Larry Hensley

good game like it

Karlie Loveleas

passing time. easy so far but you can go onto auto pilot to play the game.

Kami Smith

too many adds

sunny kumar

Bekar h

Turea Landrum

This game keeps you on your toes! So much fun playing this game



Linda Wheeler

Love it

Veda Wolfe

Very confusing at the start, becomes more logical!

Karen Anderson

Graphics are choppy, nothing of the "preview" was present and commercials are at every click.

Darrel Turcotte

it's simple but it's fun

Laura Ducote

to many ads but the game is fun.

ladonna Lambert

less ads

Ledon Goggins

The game won't come up on my phone so why is this

marymargaret sirmay

need more interection with choosing things for the house and to many commercials and not enought pay back. but it was somewhat entertaining

Phyllis Gardner

Great game. I like playing it

Deepesh Sharma

Not working

Machele Ashton

ads at least wait until the end of a lvl.

Lori Cuadrado


Bobby Yerke

Way to many ads. I probably won't keep this game because of it.

Paul French

sexy banana very good very nice

Blake Huie

I'm tired of having to go home and not being able to collect the 5x rewards for watching a video after beating the puzzle or being able to tap to go to the next puzzle. I keep having to go back home then go to the next puzzle. Other than that annoyance it's a pretty fun game.

Tonya T

less ad time between would be nice

Dana H

l like it

NanJo Crews

Game stopped loading.

William Hagan

Fix Ads

Dale Moreno

Crazy amount of extra long adds! Huge waste of time! Nothing fun about wasting time!

80's Snorklover


Chris Kur noot

to many ads

Kami Davis

Love it

Sanu Sanuu

It's ok

Ed Srader

quite enjoyable so far

Latasha Dargon

fun little game to pass the time

William Stinson


Timothy Smith

to many info commercial.

Carmen Maddox

Fun game so far. I hope it gets more challenging.

john cass

10 minutes playing. 8 minutes watching other gaming ads. lame.

Dragon D. Lionhart

great game!

santhu ananya

such a worst game I never see.. boring game

Tia Davis

Fun Fun and more Fun and Funny

Charles Xavier

I enjoy this

khalid alshahrani

Gameee I got an issue mommy long legs loves daddy long legs please pretty please some of the comment say that huggy loves mommy long legs Change it please

David Dixon

too many ads

Sanjana Datta

very nice game I love it☺️👍

Michael Pattow

I burped. uwu

Wendy Jones


Alethea Fields


Aqib Shahzad

too much adds in game

Brian Peacock

Great thingz


Donna l aurel Jone


Played something very similar to this about 3 years ago. Love these games. Keep me hooked.

Monte Paynter

Very Cool Game 🖖🤗🎉🙂

Nitin Bhoir


Kay Fishbaugher

Good very good

Vincent Muarray

so far so good no ads but I know they are there.

Beyza Fernández

so far so good to play, I like it

No Thanks

It is a great game. I would offer a full 5 star except for the inappropriate sexually explicit ads. Seriously! It should be an 18+ only because of the disgusting ads. You should remember kids play this game. If this is not fixed soon, I will delete and make 1 star. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Gina McLendon

Fun game. Some levels are harder than others. Ads only between levels and not during play. I truly appreciate that! 😊👍🏻

Cheryl Sprague

Wayyyy too many ads can't enjoy game

Jen Smith

to simple



S R.R. S

far too many adds

Edith Njenga


Jims Sims

this game sucks

C.L. P

finally that pin pulling puzzle everyone's been advertising. pretty fun game play, medium amount of ads. worth the download if you've been wanting to play this kind of game or just like puzzles.

Riley Putt

I really love this game the thing is tho sometimes when I beat a level it shows a black screen I get out of home pin and go back in so many times but it still doesn't work