Home Designer – Match + Blast to Design a Makeover

Author: Tamalaki

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Home Designer – Match + Blast to Design a Makeover – Design your dream home and enjoy playing a unique Match + Blast decoration game!

Detailed info

File size: 136M
Update time: August 4, 2021
Current version: 2.15.7
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Tamalaki
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lois Dugger

love this game

Vandana Surywanshi

Very nice geme

Melody Clayton

great fun game I love it try and see for ourselves

Cali Weeks


Colena Hughes

this is so much fun.

Susan Ladd

You have to many ads

Robbin Gordon

Good Game

Nancy Higgins

love your take

Janice Laine

I read your policy in its entirety. You are spies! You hack into my phone for an UP address which is none if your business!! I will report this to the US Congress.

Christie Flores

Designs are nice as are the colors but boosters cost too much and I have to keep playing one level after an other to try to get one piece of furniture. Not enough coins gained by winning levels. The game has become tedious for me. Uninstalling.

Brenda Lau

I just started the game.


I loved this game until it came to point where I had to play 5 or 6 times to get one piece of furniture.

Annisa Ronquillo

I enjoy the game


not good

Angeline Christine

Too many ads, and it's very annoying

Tracie Foster

I'm hooked😊

John Bernard Herrera

New Games 2022 To 2025

Jeanette Stone

Love it except that I can't use my android pen with it.


Can you please update this game ☹️?

Samantha Lawing

I really don't like this design game because u start to play the game&u get into the game& after a will u can't get the ads to play all the way through to get back to playing the design game .so not even worth downloading this design game

Dhruv Dhiman

Ya to kuch jada easy ha

Lillie Young

Love it!

Annette Andre

very enjoyable and fun to play

Denna Luedecke

So far I really enjoy it

Angel mae Bungcad

This game is easy to play

Pankaj Chavda


Cecilia Haug

love it

Neia Charles

I thought there were no ads. I don't like them they are trying annoying !!!

Manish Mandal

Yah wala game bahut achcha hai isase time pass ho jata hai please aap log bhi download karke game khel kar dekhenge wala game Kitna achcha hai beautiful

Immar Khan

IT'S excellent game for home decoration

Yolanda Wolfson


Malik Kashif

Nice game

Adi Garima

Too good game

Shari Deveney


Sajal Ansari

very nice game

C Hammond

Ads making app crash. Every third if fourth ad the ad freezes and I have to close the app I had to replay one round almost 5 times because the ads after each round kept freezing. That is very annoying

Alvin Pariyarath Sunny

Hey I Reinstalled This Game After A Long Time ,Now I Lost All My Progress and even connect to facebook option is missing !!!!! Please add a option to teamup as groups with those whom have the game and play events, compete with other groups worldwide. Hope to see in the next update!!!! The graphics are extraordinary!!!! I love it 😊 Happy that you guys added team options!!!!

Angie L

Waste of time. Another vehicle for ads posing as a game. This is one of the worst with like a 3:1 ratio of time watching ads to actually playing the game.

Hae Jin Lee

Love it all the way

Susan Brumbaugh

I love design my house

Ntombekaya Peter

it is beautiful game it is Rom wow barroom and ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it is wow ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and beautiful house 🏡 ❤️

megan pamplin

so much fun

Amber Conklin

Loooove it!

Kay Fielding

Downloaded last night played it tried to play it again today and won't load, loading bar gets half way and stops loading

Kara Tollefson

I like it. I've only just begun. the games are not difficult yet but it's getting harder. I hate that things get more expensive and you have to play two or three games to buy one decoration item

Benjamin Kolbek

its a lot of fun

Ivan Reynolds


Amy Lopez

pleased with graphics, challenging but fun..

Valarie Mahelona

awesome game

Sumith Gujjeti

Describe your express optional nomskar nomskar

Karen Stricklin


Michael Wilson

Too hard too soon. Not why I play.

kristin amundson

Ads...ads...more ads...even more ads. It would be a good game, but out of every 5 minutes played, 4 are spent on ads.

Joseph Viscusi


Lauri Robinson

Still waiting for new rooms. You said on 9/2020 you were working on new rooms. There has been no new rooms in 4 years

reetu yadav

Does not start .....

Brenda Washington

excellent game

Cynthia Shawhan

This game is really great but there's way too many adds.

Luz María Perdomo

Horrible. Too many ads ¡

Debbie Hengesbach

to many ads.

Kittikat Takesabreak

Very annoying. The characters talk too much. Why are those dialogues even necessary? Why can't they just save their conversations for AFTER the places are finished? Having to suffer through these conversations is a waste of my time and joy

Beth Walker

Spend too much time winning game for the things I need to design! They should give more points for winning which would give you more time to do what I love to do, DESIGN!

Chantal Paula Pratts

loved,make flow with ideas

Heather, McDonald

Lots of greys and browns. They're okay as base colours, but how about some splashes of colours in blues, reds or greens in the accessories. Bright red or teal cushions or other bright colours. A bright rug on the floor or the curtains. A splash of colour in a painting or two on the walls or items that decorate the room. It's just all drab with no signs of life. No options I would choose.

Bobbie Miller-Roberts

love it


Every time i click to watch an ad to spin/double the coins the app crashes...

Rajkumar i Gajffh

AnjilBaikol love

Aroti Saha


klm mc.

Great game, very addictive, not frustrating like some remodeling games.

Josephine c human

very good

Leisha Wilkinson

This is a great app with lot's of beautiful furniture's!!

Zoe Bannister

Once or twice played

Linda Eades

Been playing about 1 week and really liked until level 148. Game constantly crashes, can not use points for tools or boosters etc. Emailed and got same lame excuses: near wifi source (to get nearer I would have to sit on it), check memory (your game is only app using too much memory) turn off and restart device. Game is useless if I can not get tools ot boosters. Will give another few days then will uninstall.

Joanne Terrone

I purchased a 7 day package and am still getting ADS

Carmelo Rosario

really good

Susie May

it's hard to play when you're broke in real life 🤣 but this one is a blast

Myra Nunn


Richie melen

Not good they make you watch adds after adds. Very annoying 1 star

Jenifer Aldamuy

Very cute and fun

Shokoofeh Hejaz

lovely Game !!


Crashes constantly, NOT a problem on my end. Uninstalled.

Billy Jones

Not fun unless you pay.🤑🤮


I love all of their apps! Wish there were more!! So fun

Dennis Sheffield Jr

I was enjoying this app. Until the annoying intrusive ads started popping up. They invade phones, overheating, and kill the app. I'm leaving until the ads are gone

Olivia Sambo

Best game ever!

Brenda Royal

love the desines

Reginald Mull

I love to design houses even my own also ❤❤🎁

Amelia Elias

it's a nice game

maureen psathas

I like this game but what are the blue tickets for. I have thousands and don't know what to do with them! Thanks!

Narayan Ram

First try I think is good game but try this game 🎮 😄

Maria Cruz

Me encanta este juego paso horas con ellos.

Talha Tahir Arain

Nice game

Mauro Incani

Great game . Test your patience.

Brianna Dinkins

This game is injoyable

Cydnee Rowley

You are my favorite home game

goody afokwalam

Not to mention, It is Dreamy.


Beautiful and perfect and gorgeous

Kerry Ann

I would love the game if there weren't so many ads.The odd one or two is acceptable but after every level it makes it ridiculously annoying to keep playing.

Dawn Birkett

I gave it a five star rating because the graphics are good and the storyline is ok. the puzzles are easy as well.

Judy Hill

pretty good so far