Home Design : Renovation Raiders

Author: CookApps

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Home Design : Renovation Raiders – Renovate the house and rent it for top dollar!

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File size: 65M
Update time: August 17, 2021
Current version: 1.0.25
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: CookApps
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cristina Saloma

This is so Easy

Doris Pittman

Im still loving this game, Its fun EnjoyEveryone❤❤❤❤

Carrie Cannon

Not bad

Terrance Brown

I love this game so much fun

Jeremy Reus

A definite must have.

Kristi Roark

The best design game that I ever played.

Pam Clark


Kayla Ellis

LOVE you table LOVE you got the wrong KAYLA ELLIS LOVE you i would table LOVE you

Tanya Parker

So far I like it. THANK GOD it's not a match 3/puzzle game.

Holly Flowers

U don't want me to

Anil tiwari

World best game 😍🤩

Jay Labay02

This game is so good

Jeffery Hunt

This would get 5 stars if the rent went up with every complete home

Jackeline Diaz Sosa

Super fun

Cory Couttee


Raelene Camarda

I just love playing Home Design Renovation Raiders,it's a great game, I feel like I am decorating my own house and I love every minute of playing this game that's why I give the game five stars.

Karen Stricklin

Started out good but it keep turning off and back on

Carol lynn Scheffler

I've tried hundreds of games. So many are like cartoons. This is more sophisticated and realistic.


Love this game. Very different from the usual games.

Michelle Visagie

I love the game but the adds that pop up at no reason isnt good

Karen Ottaway

Good game only downside is too long between rent collections and other than rent in game you'll end up paying real money for game money just to keep playing as there's no other ways to make money

cathy wheeler

If you don't come up with a new design really soon I'm deleting this game.

Jevetta Heinzman


Snelata Thakur

Nice 🎮game

Gale Stephens

This app is fun to play. It like so many others has so many ads, the only good thing about this one is you can earn a few bucks to decorate the house. Another downfall to this game is once you finish a set, it teases you. It keeps you inviting you to play but then they don't have a mode ready for you. That sucks. :( This game has become the pits. I am getting ready to remove it from my device.

Deanna Gallie

Love it

Tammy Stutes

I enjoy playing with all these games

Kori Pickle

This is absolutely so much fun, I just wished that we had more than 3 options to choose from. Like 6 or more would be amazing.

kathleen lathrop

Would be a really good game if you didn't have to watch ads to get spins to spin to possibly get spins to spin or possibly get coins it all seems redundant watching ads to get spins is a waste of time that would be better spent playing the game would rather just spin to get money after watching an ad like house makeover game so I'm deleting

Shravani Phadke

Very expensive game

Haji Shahid


butterfly laa

Nice app, it's relaxing!

Kakay Kakay

Ťuķìóř ğëļťíńì ļąńțíķ

Bettye Matthews

Very enjoyable! It is the best game I have played so far and I have tried several remodeling and decorating games!👏🙂

Melanie Telemaque

Brilliant game ,amazing designs 👏 Love the fact you don't have to play any match 3 games/puzzles etc for keys stars or money to do these rooms

Sifaniso Luyanda

It amazing

Samantha Wheeler

Love this game

AF Khan

Best game ever

Cornelia Gumbs

I have been waiting for the latest update for over a month and nothing yet. Each time I accessed the game, I am still getting coming soon. When I am going to get an update on this game?

Protyusa Nath

I loved this game 👍

Hlalumi Cengimbo

l Love this game so much love to Design House

Janis Carmichael

☺🤗❤I play it over and over again! I love it!

Avis Meszaros

Can't play game.....

Lynn Day

Just started the game , it's looking good so far

Monique Alexander


Rowena Lunnane

When am I going to get the new lot of rooms to renovate please

Terri Anderson


Sandra Cartlidge

Better than some design games because there's no match 3 and you can concentrate on designing.

Lizle Van Der walt

Its awesome guys!!!

Becky Burch

Normally this game is worth a 5 hands down but today the game did something while I was decorating that it's never done before! When I got the game I purchased the removal of ads and so unless I watch one by choice I don't get them but today one popped up in the middle of my decorating while I was choosing a wall for a bedroom and those options didn't even have a video for item option! I don't know what is going on with the game but when you fix it I'll rate it 5 stars.

Melissa Evans

I enjoyed the game but I have been waiting for more options that were supposedly "coming soon" for months so I guess I will be deleting this. Disappointing for sure!


just fun to play

Charlene Ward

This game is so cooooooooooool. Glad I found this one. Please bring more like this one. Thanks for a beautiful game. Love it. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Mpumi Ntombela

Pretty good game. But you have to wait long to design other spaces

JR Tolkin

Its fun and upbeat. I wasnt clear on the reason certain choices kept popping up? A few more options would be great . I like it a lot though. Good job .

life with chrissy and riri

Love it it's the best i see so far

Robyn Campbell

When is the new rooms available I've come to a stand still

Djelita Kristianti

Its a great game decorations

Lydia Sims

Too many Dang adds! Every time I do a job, it's another ad showing up. You really got to do something about those ads. You won't have too many playing this game.

Jessica Chavis

Fun but super frustrating. There are way too many ads and when you try to click the little microscopic x itll try to be slick and take you to the app store to download it. Then when i try to return to the game the screen goes black and i have to close it out and reopen it and it goes on and on like that


Easy and Fun. It's good to not have to play games to win coins for decorations.

Meghan Condie

I love designing houses

Tabitha Totten

Love this game, high quality and fast-paced!

Rocking Gamer

Awesome 🤗

Joy Idara

Better than the other one but it was a wonderful experience you have any other good games

Joanne Harding

I truly like the game. But what you recieve after you finish one room sucks so bad . Not sure how long I will keep playing. Please look into increasing the rewards!

Exploding Mango

I Love It 😊😊😊😊❤️❤️👍👍👍👍

Crystal Harbin

I'm about to fall asleep with the useless chatting

Michellejayne Tipple

Brilliant game x

tom coolidge


Jobell Ramasasa

i can now decor my own house,i've learned a lot

LeeLee Is Me

This is a watch ads to progress game and honestly there is nothing to play other than decorating so if you're in to watching ads then this is the game for you.

Maxine Holme

I'm loving it.

Laura Probst

This is the first non-match three decorating game I've played, so it's nice to decorate without having to "work" for everything. That said... There are TOO MANY FREAKING ADS!!!! Seriously, even in the middle of placing an item or reading the story/dialogue, up pops an ad! I get that this is an ad-supported game, but if you push your players out because of aggressive ad placement, then you're left with a dud game. I don't mind choosing to watch ads to get rewards, I do mind ads shoved in my face.

Bianca Adams

Great but they talk to much they can talk when I am done with the house but so far so good

Stacey Romanuik

Good game all in all but miss side games

Mohammad Sema

Sherry Taylor

Love The Choices Of Decorating Inside And Outside Graphics Are Awesome A Really Great Game Love The Fact That You Can Get Free Items Also Still Having Fun

Charles And Charles Sitton

Waste of time too many ads

Kathy H Baker

I've just about given up on ever getting to play this game again. Still waiting for new rooms so I can renovate again. How long is it gonna take?


I played 30 seconds and only managed to put a floor, It put me up 2 ads in a row, then i returned to the game and it became laggy, i couldn't play anymore. a real failure

Lauren Rondeau

Great game

Jongho Flower

ADDS A LOT OF ADDS honestly I am frustrated because of adds because where ever you tap you would have to watch an add and then suddenly playstore pops up which is ruining the fun.

Radha Pokhare


Ernestina Carter

It's so much fun 🥰😁😊😜😍

Karabo Ncube

It's nice game

Thoko Hlatshwayo

ilike this game so much things are beautiful


so far i like it. it gives you more money to start with for decorating. it also has ad options for decorating items. i like the spin wheel that enables you to get more money as well. similar games i have played you run out of money fast and cant keep playing.

stephanie seay

The few reviews I read had me hyped up to play. I wasn't even 10 seconds into the game & an ad popped up...a very long ad at that. Uninstalling..

Nikole Philabaum

I can't even play it . It keeps saying conection losts even if it is still on the internet and data I uninstalled it like the game though

Christine Burgum

Good game


❤️ing this game already ...

Sonia Jaggernauth

I like the thought of playing make over

Hazel Brown

Please add more rooms. I see people have been asking for a while now.

Tray Gibson


Norma Thompson

Enjoying the game, love the options of choice.

Danielle Larsen

My FAVOURITE game.. until it glitched. One day just wouldn't load anymore saying no internet which there was; I uninstalled & reinstalled only to lose all my progress even though I was signed in through FB, and now not only am I back at the start but I can't play match 3 games to earn $$ because the option doesn't exist and ads just pop up randomly every 30 seconds. Such a disappointment.

Clara Cameron

Great game love designing.

Marth R

the game itself is fine, and the pricing systems weren't outrageous like some other games. I uninstalled bc there's too many ads - why bother buying one style with money instead of the free one when I have to watch an ad before I can select it anyway? Save the ads for when I choose them. That in addition to there just being way too much chatter. I don't care what every character thinks after every single style change, it's distracting and annoying.

Carla Collen

Not a very good game 😤