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Wanna live the fantasy life? Design luxurious properties for the recent lottery winners each new episode. Play My Lottery Dream Home today, an exciting and addictive game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Start a new creative hobby! Play with home decor styles, express your creativity, and improve your design skills by creating amazing interior spaces for overnight billionaires! In My Lottery Dream Home, you get to make incredible choices by creating aesthetic designs, renovating homes, and seeing your clients’ dreams come true. Have fun exploring impeccable designs in ultra-quality graphics. Gain inspiration from top trending Pinterest home designs, play with IKEA like furniture and apply your new ideas in your real life.

-Renovate homes for recent lottery winners ranging from the newlyweds to Hollywood celebrities each new Episode

-Explore luxurious properties including vacation villas, celebrity villas and many more

-Play with realistic home decor inspired by Pinterest.

-Design, renovate and retouch the old buildings and rooms into modern

-Express yourself with an incredible variety of high-end designer furniture, lighting, flooring and other decor.

If you like HGTV home remodeling shows and browsing Pinterest, then My Lottery Dream Home is a perfect home design playground for you. My Lottery Dream Home is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

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Detailed info

File size: 73M
Update time: September 14, 2021
Current version: 1.2.04
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: CookApps
Price: Free
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Customer review

Felicia Nkechi

Please there's a bug that needs to be fixed The graphics and all are awesome, but after completing the first level, it's impossible to move to another level. Please how do I move on to the next level? I really love the game and I don't want to get rid of it

Michael Kisenyi


William Fouse

Easily to play and great graphics and layout designs.l

marie hunt

Fun game

Lisa Howell

Fun to play

Megan Clarke-holmes

I don't like the amount of ads on it but the games good

Fatima Ali

I install it it's a great and nice game I read the comments of people.The peoples are discussing about adds and all were irritated from ads I hope this issue will be solved soon but I like it so much so I gave it 5 stars

Woo's kukukaka IS DOPE

The game is fun, the decorating is pretty cool but very expensive....but puzzle thing is so boring. Also, even tho I earned gems, I still have zero gems and too many annoying ads☹ Pls fix this.

Asma Amiri


L 24 Aristha Mandal

I love this game

tar venraj

This game is good job

Abdullah Liaqat

Nice gamd

DoYour Research

Uninstalled, way too many ads! Even when using money in these games, continuous ads! When will game developers learn, these games are 10 a penny, you ruin the enjoyment by ads, we uninstall!

Salome Tusashvili

Good and easy 👍😺

georgia riddle

Great game love it...

Maliya Petillo

It is so fun

Amelia Pearson

Better reward system than most games these days

Colleen Burke

This game is so simple to play there are some adds but the are about games that are recommended for you

jean Brand

Love the game play it all the time if only lol xxx

Jochebed Davis

This game is amazing I mean WOW


No Liek Gamas

Precious Cindy


Dentro Demi

Lovely game

Sharon Leq

Love it 💕💕💕💕💕💕

pam Laraby


Marasigan Maila

Its a good game there is some ads that bother me sometimes

Saba Ssss

The game is great and good. Thank you for making it😍♥️

Debra Grace

I love this game

Rorisang Manabalala



Mm yaa outstanding game

Trinette Green

It good

Jasmine Snyder

It's great

Donnamarie Moores

really relaxing

Trevor Pence

Good Job Truths Now that much closer to Woody 🦄 💗 👧

Rameez Nick

Rameez nice 🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰

Wanda Goodfellow

I just can't get into a game that starts blinking at you where your next move is. It looked like a pretty good game too.

Vernita Mills

Good game

dion colbert

Cool game

Natalia Danielak

It's not so bad but to much updates and other stuff come up so I'm annoyed

Petricia Henning Tucker


serena ivie

Good game

Sandy Blevins

Great game

Kevin Man

I love it

Jade Trosper

So much fun 😁.

Peter Vallian

This game is amazing

Yoosha Hamed


Pauline James

I love all my games in my spear times after work


Best game chalenging also

Jenney Sabin

The games that you can like play and then you can choose what things you can add in it so I gave us a five star

Roslyn Adeniyi

Lots of fun great designs love it

Anna Ventura

Great fantAsy game! Makes me jealous!!!!

Carole Gaynair


Mujeebuddin Balkish


Nikki Morris

Its okay and the decorating is fun but the match 3 seems a little boring. Most ads can be skipped after a few seconds so thats good. But yeah the match game is a bore.

Laz Rick

Just crashes all the time

Janet Black

I like it


I love this apps

Bianchina Leolein

It is a very good game

Auston Soto

It's a fun game. I would recommend this game for anyone. It's like candy crush but you get to be creative and design different houses and rooms.

S Ebrahimi


Autumn Smith

Great game 🎯🎮

Marisol Figueroa


Bushara Aleem

I enjoy 😉 every day

Kay Pea Uzumaki -Queen of Underworld


alayshia bland

It is A-OK game

Wara Yasir

I love this game and This is best game for Me I love this game I suggest all the Download this gamee And play this is amazing Game thank you developers Thank you so much And plzz one thing ad One mistake the Mistake is ad This mistake is solve The game is amazing Once more thank you again thank you so much For giving us This game

Amy Johnson-Hughes

Amazing game!

Janine Van Staaden

Interesting and challenging love it

Delores Bradley

Enjoy fixing up your beautiful house great game love it

Mishek Joe

Good game to play

Verinique Robinson

Awesome fun! I like this game


I hate this game

Megan Warrior

Love this game it's relaxing and fun to build a house when you don't have money

Tarali Bangthai

I love you

Eliah Olivares

I love this so much

Siew Hor Chong


Deanna Carvana

So fun to dream

Jasmine Graham

The game is fun but some of the levels can be really hard

Glenrose Monyela

It is nice

Gricelda j Rodriquez

Love this games make more like this one

Sara Moten

I have played lots of games like this one but they suck but this one is awesome

She' d

Great game. Good for PTSD/OCD.

nita gibbons

Love the game!

William Holton


janice de kock

Cool games

Tithi Adak

Awesome game

Nyles Martin

I love this game because you can desine your own house

Joseph Ridenour

I love this game probably because I love expensive and luxury property

Theresa Brandt

Excellent game 😁

Kanchan Pandey

Bakar game hai

Radwan Ibrahim


sandra tilbury

Good game

Ronnie Knox

I like this game it's very creative but doesn't really have enough options to chose from

Gail Winship

Great game

Crash 4.25

love it.

Tanya Trader

Great fun

Reem Eltaweel


Nafiso Mohamed

It is so good this game but the last episode is not working for me

Amie Parker


Oluoma Hilary Ofoegbu

It has been fun all through like I never imagined that it will be as interesting. It is the best game I have ever played. The most interesting part is that I just downloaded it together with other games but I can't quit been on it for the past 3 hours.I don't regret downloading the game and nobody will. It is the best game ever and I'm sure everyone will like it.