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My home, my garden, my dream! Your dream garden is only a few taps away! Revive barren backyards, replace garish garden sets, and replant flattened flower beds. Design your garden any way you wish in this peaceful and relaxing match 3 home & garden makeover game.

My Dream Garden Features:
Get in touch with your inner designer
Mix and match to design your dream home & garden and give yourself the garden and home design makeover of your dreams in the #1 garden design game!

My Home, My Garden, My Dreams
As a gardening designer and home design makeover expert, characters in the games will depend on you for their house design and garden. Help your clients design their one of a kind dream garden!

Discover amazing gardening ideas for your own home
Our skilled gardening and home design makeover designers bring you beautiful gardens for any trend: peaceful, rustic, modern, spacious, small, you name it. Whatever your makeover style, these home design games will give you lots of ideas to use in my home!

Relax with calming match 3 puzzle games
The fun and free match 3 puzzle games in My Dream Garden are designed to be fair and enjoyable for players of all skill levels – these are the best house & home design games and garden games!

Discover beautiful gardening ideas for your own house in the best of free home design makeover games. If you’re looking for garden games or home design games, look no further! The #1 out of all home & house design games will let you design home, design garden, and give yourself the best home design makeover!

My home, my garden, my dream!
Dream big and discover your inner designer in My Dream Garden today!

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: August 26, 2021
Current version: 1.23.7
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: CookApps
Price: Free
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Customer review

Alice Christine

Makes you do another download then game freezes up with crazy looking screen. Terrible development.

Christine Ciufo

Great game. Too many crashes. You can watch ads to get bonus coins or extra moves, but when you do, you have a 50/50 shot that the game will crash. Otherwise, I love this game. Very addicting. One of my favorites! Hopefully they fix the crash issue because it's getting to the frustration point of quitting.

Sahishaki Zamader

Bad gaem 🐖

Ipungchile Ipungchile

This game is amaging i love it so much it feels we are in the real life garden

Mahdera Bairwa

Aarushi birthday


It is a beautiful game which helps us to beautify the garden and appreciate nature.Thank you for the game.

Shawnie Glymph

Fun and relaxing.


Easy game

Shelley Martin

Awesome thanks

Jordaniel Onza

Nakakawala stress

Kristie Fisher

Seems challenging but not ridiculously impossible so far. It is not begging me for $ to play, however I only started playing 20 minutes ago lol so.. 😆 I already finished Zoey's garden & met Andy so we will see? I play a game a week or 300 levels 🤔 then I think they are $ hungry, interesting & worth my time, or flat silly.. I am interested in 20 minutes, I gve a 4 STAR atp, BTW I have never seen a puzzle game give a plus 30% coin prize for watching ads:) Brilliant 👏

Benita Sanyasi

Terrible. Doesn't load at all. Uninstalling rn

Niku Kumari

This is a very interesting game and i am injoying

tedica flemming

Great game

Nicole Patterson

I really enjoy these types of games. So far this one is my favorite. Just started playing, but more design options than other games I've played.

Georgina Du-Pont

This game is not loading after an hour

Ritu Mondal


T Narasimhulu

No problem

account shoppe

Have a fun and beautiful game

Farrah Tamangen

It's a good game. Nice graphics. So i gave 5starts. You'll enjoy it.

Hajirashid hajirashid

Very Interesting game 😊👍👌

Mg win Maungwin


Jasvant Jasvamy


Ahamed Razeen

i like this game so much but you should devolope this game more

آیدا عبدالهی

This game is very nice .

Selina Bowens

This a very fun game

Nicola Pegg

I was enjoying it but adverts stop loading so couldn't get blue coins to water garden, I have deleted it and will try reloading

Nikki Music

Fun game however it started acting up by not loading stuff properly.

Md Ratyan

Nice game

Shivkumar Alle

Bhagyawan Alle

Nasir khan Laghmani

I think it is a use full specily for offspring

Joyce Sanchez

Delightful to play! Only problem I have encountered is attempting to tap the plans away for backyard. Cannot get to icon under plans. I really need this solved quickly.

Bhimsen padhan

Nice game

Idol Chris Pasok

This game is challengeng

Marzia Mumu

Except repeated advertisement, it was fun game. But at a point it's become intolerable for those ads.

Nan htet


Md Bodi Alam


sherab sherpa


Nilam Singh

Very nice game

Katherine Bathke

Cool game😎play the game to find out.🙂

Kaedm Kaedm


Sheena MDougall

Excellent game all round.

Anasthasia tashapeni

I love it so much ❤️❤️❤️

Amera Suhana

best game ni,tak membosankan terbaikkkk..

Ali Raza



Thank you for letting me win extra coins it makes me want to keep going you are the first game to help even a little. Thank you

Medi Narsaiah

Really having good time with this game I spend long time this game Thank you for this team I visit lot of enjoy

Priyanka Biswash


Akho kikhi

I am totally going good

Bertty Aboagye

Is such a great game

Andrew Lockhart

Good but need to do more updates I have been on level 2000 and no update for new gardens

Tammera Guest

So far it's fun and easy

Nour Cell

لعبه 😂😂😂

husnah Din


Yvonne S. Cassidy

Really having a good time with this game. Love all the different colors and all the different textures. Thanks for the team for making this so creative

Deborah Bright

Just started, will let you know after a few plays

binu ravi sankar

This game really fascinated me with all the colorful flowers. I simply love this game. 👏👏👏👏👏👍

Talent Sibanda

I like this game so much I haven't played a nice game like this one. 😊😊

Jaymhe Zyress Galliguez


Rajesh Purohit

Rajesh purohit☺

Sharon Bradford

Enjoying it so far

Binod Kumar


Candy Kyulule

I just downloaded this game yesterday and today i want to play again ...The game is not loading it gets somewhere to 75% and stucks there and nothing happens.

Sandra Rimmer

Just started game, enjoying it so far

Cindy Richardson

Pretty fun so far

ajmain hossain


Dillip Kumar


Satyen Murmu


AYSAL Pourmahdi

Veryyyyyyy gooooooood

Govelababu Nuthulapati

Worst worst game

Fizan Fizan786


Steve Reang

I like this game

Sierra Hill

Lots of fun things to do

Jenniffer Tuft

I agree with Bunbuns post. Area & objects are too small. When you get to where you have to spread the grass, the green looks too similiar & its hard to see. Otherwise the gameplay is fun.

Sangita Bagdi


Dewi Natalia

Great one 👍

Sue Davies

Very good so far. Enjoying right now

Insiya Teliya

Nice game

Mary Cross

I like it okay

Aman Haider

It's very bad

siva lingam

Really nice

Muthu lakshmi


Laxmi, Chauhaun



I love this game I don't have to even have an add

Inoka Nayanakumari

Boring game🤤🙄

Sharon Lockhart

Great if not too many adds. But they really need to update with more level. I've been waiting for months

Ugwu Chigozie

I love it but I'm expecting more in the game

Barbara Gadsby

Not bad, not what I would pick for my garden...

Walima Pervin

Very very very very very very baddddddddddd🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬




This is a good and very interesting game. Now my level 525.

Abdul Sokkor


Marilyn Brits

This is the most fun that I had in a game.

Ramnavmi Kusiku


Sonam Goyal

Very nice game😘😘😊😊😍😍

Laurie Quarnstrom

Lots of fun

Khanzadi khaani Khanzadi khaani

Having fun and enjoying this app 🥰🥰

Seni chhakchhuak

This game is so fun 🥰

N***l A**N


JT. Jasim

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