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Home design: Mansion Interior
Welcome to Home design: House & Mansion Interior Makeover.

A letter from her deceased aunt broke Abby’s peaceful life. Her aunt hoped that Abby could inherit her house. As a price, Abby must help restore the glory of this old house. If you were Abby, how would you choose?

If you ever dreamed of having a mansion of your own, now’s your chance! Don’t miss it and download Home design. Move into your mansion in the town of Belltown with tons of rooms, gardens, swimming pools, playgrounds, and so on! Everything you can imagine you’d find in a mansion, we got it here in Home design: House & Mansion Interior Makeover!

1. At each level, you have a specific list of goals, just complete them before you run out of moves and then you will be rewarded with unexpected prizes
2. Switch two elements next to each other in order to get three or more similar candies in a row to smash them
3. Coins are important. You can use them to decorate the houses
4. Choose the styles you like and become the greatest designer in your friends

1. Puzzle match games with hundreds of levels
2. It is a totally FREE decoration game
3. Beautiful and lovely graphics
4. Easy to play, but still takes skills to master!
5. Solve puzzles by using and combining special boosters and power-ups
6. You can play while offline (no Internet connection required)
7. Our dedicated team is working hard to create fresh new content for you

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File size: Everyone
Update time: Apr 2, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Jewels Match Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Karen Walton

Having Fun! ThankYou!

Linda Lewis

Cannot get past level NINE!!! I should have listened to the people who gave reviews. The game just keeps going to an advertisement and you have to reboot the game, play it and win, don't get credit and goes back to an ad again. Like someone else said don't bother! 🙄

shan gathoni

Great game


getting ready to Uninstaller, freezes up after every "free" bonus videos, great game IF You can get thru!

Jan Lopreste

Fun little decorating game, different rooms and choices. I've played dozens of these. This is one of the better ones!

Glenda Beck

When you can watch a video and you know you're going to win the game, the video conveniently will not play and the game disappears and you have to restart it. You're basically playing almost the same game over and over again. Don't waste your time !!!!!

jason bright

Great 👍 and fun 😀

Mallayya Swami


Vaishali patange

Nice game

Kathy Baker

Love this game and all like it

Nthabiseng Lefothane

It's absolutely a therapeutic game

Kylie Earle



Just started game but seems good.furniture is very nice and game is fast paced and challenging enough to be fun so far

hussein husseib


Hannah Patricia Presidente

Its downloading now but i know its beautiful

Shaylan Curry

My only big issue is the colors are SO BRIGHT! Like dont get my wrong, the color combos are pretty nice but like, the bright colors are too bright. Other then that it's fine, not a bad game

Randina Kay

Bro this is the worst game I have ever had first they don't give you enough coins second it's stupid on the amount of tries they give you and third it's just a horrible game I really don't recommend it don't play this game it's really not worth it

Eurie Cutie

gada ko

Kelly Richcreek

Fun to play.

No think Anyway

I don't like this

Mashell J

Stop with the ads back to back 🤬

Kostas Kaiafas

We have to pay and i am poor

Simona Lupo

Non è quello delle foto

nuhi khan

So good 👍

Pamela Bowling

Love the game. Very relaxing.

Janice Smith

Well it going ok at the moment so we will see ok it's brilliant

Jaci Moore

I just started playing this game. So far I like it. This game has a variety of decorations to pick from. It gives you enough turns to actually play the game instead of watching ads and draining your battery. There is ads but they're short.

Jazmyne Reed

This is fun but i do not like the ads and i do not like the puzzles

Pamela Farmer

Fun very addicting. Worth a shot 😁

EVA Wilson

I.m having so much fun with this game

Joanne Laplante

I love this game its so amazing

Robin Mashburn

It's a fun app

Tittu Chouhan

Dfgghjj jujkkokkjh to be a u the ki he to be able to get a new job is to be able or willing to do a lot to tum ne le liya to the same to the ki milane the wa

Agnes Montgomery

Love it.


Love playing calms my anxiety


Rapid tone easy Funny

Sahar Adnan



So far enjoying this game, decor could be a bit more interesting.


I love this game its so much fun for designing and I wish u can add more e options

aliya emambocus

I Like it so much💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

Kimberly Marinelli

Love it 😀 😍 ❤️ ♥️ 💕

Gayle Grenfell

Loving the game

Lindsay Richardson

I love allof the cool features

Asma Alzoubi


Marian Cox

I'll take the challenge and see how far I can go in this game thank you Marian

Sonja Keesler

This game is awesome and most of these games on here that are home design are awesome games to play they're all different some could be better than others but they're good. Now I do have suggestions like maybe allow us design how we want the bed or how we want our the bedding design and color just. I do have other kinds of ideas and if I could make a a home design myself I would but don't know where to start anybody got suggestions?

Gilda Williams


J Zac

Fun game!

hussein hallal

So nice i am a girl

Thiang Rapthap

Worst game ever..sometimes you have to play the same level which u jst finished,its really annoying..dnt install this stupid game.

Raya Ivanova

This is a very fun fun game I love it

Eleanor Lyons

Very cool game love it

Nicole DeMarchi

Game has false advertising and is not like how fancy and nice like the pictures

Elenah Dela Rosa

so cool

john kara

I didn't like it because you can't design your 🏠 free

Lyn Jones

Love this game

Cori Brightharp


Teresita Base

Like it

Alisha Hall

Great game

Raquel Christan

Best game just wish it did not have where you match

Salma Naderi

Really good,I love it because it's so fun and good if you like designing.

Shelley Alee


Magda Gonzalez

So far I have been enjoying the game

Chelsie and Brett Thomas

It is fun.

Juanita German

The game is a lot of fun 2 play

Tejie Applegate

Gives me great satisfaction.

Erica Galicinao

I thought it wouldn't have puzzles since it said 'causal' Only but once i played it it had puzzles , so i give it a one star .

Talia Buttigieg

So fake. Bad disghin choices. Photos are so fake that they show you.

shirley marsh

Yes, this is a good one. I love this type of game and you folks done good!! Thanks. I'm back to enjoy your game again,I really do enjoy playing it.

Peleg Drozd

Not as advertised

Pushpa Pachaiappa


Hareem Zehra

This game can really teach you how to become a home designer 😘😘😀😀😀 & how to choose your home interior I love this game alot this one Is the best game I have ever played and I also loved the option they give us

Flora Rice

Great fun

Maddy Schroder

first of all, false advertising?? thr ads are nothing like the actual game. second of all, the game is SO glitchy. I can barely play without being kicked out of the app. horrible concept too.

Maryam Mokhtar


ruhi naseem


corrine mckeever

I do not like writhing any reviews but I spend a l out t of mo mg at ok n this ga mhm e they c hhhget re at and when I just played this 'll ash game it did n o.j. t allow me to put my bomb mix to hhhget ether to win. That was not good and then ask mmm e f2f or m out at money and it goes higher and higher.

Toni Roberts

I can't wait to play this game my dream is to be interior designer!!!!!

Salma Sultana Hira


Nelly Sikoyo

Cool game love it

Banafshe Zahabi


Sri Rohit Nandigam

It's wery coo

Mondella Howard

Love the game so far great decorations great graphics

Kate James

Not my type of game. IM not Really into puzzles to get money and buy furniture. It Was ok while it lasted

Jacqueline Achieng

It's the best app I've ever played

Aleeza Sami


HerDeigh Enaje

It's so cool and easy I know there's a lot of ads but you can just turn off your wifi and no ads and it's offline too I recommend you this now!💖💝

Janlyn Buenaflor


Zeina Hazem

This Game is good but I thought I will just design but to unlock the good things you need to watch a add if you can fix that problem it will be the.. most beautiful game thank you for reading

Dolly Sarkhel

Very very very very nice game 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

J.Teresa Rozario

This app is very bad because when I tried it and I finished all levels it was white again and guys you like want all the games for your kid that is only in one game then download girls game it is a very great app I am going to give it a five star for sure to guys I am going to be looking for more designer games I tried all this but they still have like I think there copying that candy game which we like put the same thing in the same space so I will give this one star guys 🤗

Nikol Ivanova

Not only it's nothing like the add, but when choosing furniture you can only obtain the best looking ones if you watch an ad. I do not recommend the game.

Claudia Farris

I love this game because it would let you decorate the home and omg it so much fun even I want to live In there but the fact is about this game is like a dream home

Hassan abdallah


Abigayle Miller

Lovin it whoo hoo


I like this game .it is very nice and good I will play many games but this game is really good I think it's one of the best game

Cindy Guzman

Amazing 👏

Aksha Munaf

I like this game but we have to play puzzle than only we aren't new things but no problem 😊

Yasmin Helmy

Since my dream job is a decorator it's perfect for me I love decorating anything I even decorate my room and it's just really fun and I know a lot of styles and this makes me know even more styles and you even play a game to get money to buod in the game it makes it double fun and there are people that hate adds but yo me there weren't a lot of adds and I didn't mind if sometime there where hope this helped!

Lisa Treuil