Hiring Job 3D

Author: Kwalee Ltd

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Hiring Job 3D – So many jobs, so little time!

Experience what it’s like to be in the recruitment and HR department by undertaking necessary tasks including, sorting through resumes, conducting interviews and signing off on employee’s holiday.

Become the backbone of the company and do what it takes to gather the best employees for the position whilst becoming the top recruiter.

It’s time to start the working day, so grab your pen and paper and let’s get hiring!

Hiring Job 3D Features:
– Sift through potential candidates
– Conduct interviews
– Get the right person for the job
– Become the best recruiter
– Take care of the employee’s you hire

Detailed info

File size: 109M
Update time: January 28, 2021
Current version: 1.0.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Kwalee Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

santosh amin

Such a cheap you guys are .. Guyz please do not download there is only adds and if we switch off our data than game can not play without add and also I just downloaded this game and now they are asking to update wow what a fraud guyz you are seriously.

Nisha Mistry

Well, my 8nterbet was bad so it kept on lagging. But if it wasn't then I would give it five. But either way I was good but a little boring.

Aiden Banana

Disgusting and horrible, ads every 20 seconds. How is this even playable?

M Dexter

Holy ads batman. I mean yes devs get that money button at 1 to 1 ratio

om shekhda


Prithika 0504

No so much fun...But nice

My Daily Invest

Too many ads it's ridiculous


It is a good game but everytime you finish a job there is always a ad, which makes it very irritating. And when u get a new outfit there is a ad after that it just goes to my home screen. This is a great game but if u could take care of this it would have been a 5 star game

agent s savannah

again s again r again a again c again d again Savannah Mr x work GMI

Tanmay Verma

Frequent ads. Ads come after we complete every level.


It could be a potentially good game, but the cake is a lie. It's just a virus waiting for someone to download. My phone froze, is lagging, and is also kicking me out and making me do my password multiple times. Do not download or you will have a virus.

Laura Deupree

So many ads. Gameplay is simplistic.

Ewelima Smolarczyk


Ayza Khalid


Korie George

Nothing but ads when you make another game it should be nothing but ads when u start all off these mobile games are just ads and lies.


I give it 3 stars, mainly because it wouldnt download, but thats not the creator fault. If I get it to download I will edit this review and say what I think!:D Okay I am editing this review. IT DOWNLOADED!!

Ibrahim Javed

This is fun for 9 year's

Maria Ellaine Rosas

Too many ads

babita prusry

The worst game I have ever known of 👎🏻

Mary Grace Briones

There are many strange things that is going in this game. For example: the things that they borrow would go to their stomach. There are also many advertisement.


A single player game that requires internet to work, which means it doesn't deserve my time

Ese Anika

This game is ok just the ads are to much and sometimes u get questions wrong from your own opinion

Andrea Ziolkowki

I cant play the game i cant stamp or grab the stamp it like it freezes i have to exit game to fix usuely but this dont work so that y it a 1 star.

Rachael Reed

Doesn't work keeps freezing up when you get through level 1

Siona Mallick

This game overall is the worst simply the worst game to ever be made. I have a iphone 12 and beleive me a lot of spare storage and yet this game hanged by entire phone and bugged it. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. Its simply horrible. If i could have then i would have given it 0 stars. Worstttt game everr

Najouni Cameron


Travis Greene's Biggest fan

Usually when I'm stamping, The app freezes but when IM not stamping , it doesnt freeze,please fix this!

ThE VLog ArTisT

It's same thing repeating

Jacob Mitchell

Too many ads.

Dilpreet Singh

I gave 4 stars because adddds.... Obves I hate ads

aisha gucci

Because it has alot of ads like everytime i complete every job here come a ad popping up like ugg i hate this

Gaming With Diamond

And I always wanted to play a job Game and it looks so fun!!!! Love it

aisha tauseef

Too many adds

singing by hooby shorts

worst games of kwalee

Stuart James

I have to keep exiting and entering the game it kinda sucks but if you fix that one glich in the game then I will rate it 5 stars

Unknown User

Too many adverts

Casi Kayi

Is pretty great but the holidays are confusing me.


Fun time killer


Thus is horable this game just goes to a black scree and somtimes frezzes and i have to go off and go back on multipull times this is the worst game EVER!!!!!


It is the best for when I grow up