Hino’s World

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Welcome to the adventure of the god Hino – a journey to find the 5 soul stones of the sacred jungle!

Hino is a kind hearted guardian god of the sacred forest. He holds 5 soul stones representing 5 good natures of all living creatures in the forest: Harmony, Kindness, Generous, Trust and Friendly. With these 5 stones, the life of everything in the forest seems to last forever in joy and happiness.
However, one day these 5 stones were taken by demons from another world bringing devastation and death to the sacred jungle.
The mission of the god Hino and also your task is to fight those demons and find 5 soul stones in order to save the sacred forest. Run through 5 mysterious worlds, overcome obstacles and battle evil monsters to claim back those soul stones at the final destination of jungle adventure.

+ Use the on-screen control buttons to move, jump and shoot.
+ Jump on monsters head or collect boomerangs to defeat all monsters.
+ Collect all coins and support items to earn more points and buy more items in the shop.
+ Collect stars in each level to unlock new worlds.
+ Win a lucky spin mini game to get coins, lives and boomerangs.

+ Stunning graphics, funny animation bring life to all characters.
+ Fun gameplay similar to retro classic game.
+ The game is free, no internet connection required so you can play anywhere at anytime.
+ Easy and intuitive controls with on-screen retro controller.
+ Vibrant sound and background music.
+ 5 beautiful worlds with over 50 unique levels
+ More than 70 types of monsters.
+ 5 ferocious bosses.
+ Unique challenges and daily quests.
+ Don’t miss out on regular free updates with tons of great content.

Download Hino’s World now and join the exciting and unique adventure. This certainly will be the most unforgettable adventure of your life. Conquer it and relax!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Nov 12, 2019
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: WEGO Global
Price: Free
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Customer review

William Jethawa

Good game

Tammy Walker

Enjoyable an challenging fun

Vikash Mishra


Krishna Bhuyan


Mitch Monteron

nice game

Robert Usher

Great platformer one of the better ones out there, good game play, super graphics, give it a try you won't be disappointed 👍

Alex Deayton

Doesn't work, won't load...?!

sheetal sharma


Sheila Davies

Enjoyable 😉

Satyaban Ukil

Completed Stage I and stuck at Level II stage 4. Don't know how to proceed further. The developers should upload a complete walkthrough in YouTube as how to play it.

Susan Innis

It wont load

Naveen Kumar

Hey! please increase the speed of walking it's too slow , you must learn from others adventure games like mario...

Fathima Rosana

Can't work

Sameer Abbasi

Marne wala game Gadi khelne wala game Nihal

Ramkrishna Reddy

n.jhansi rani

Dennis Braswell

As with other users installed game, opening screen comes up then shuts down. If you don't have the intelligence to create games, then don't. Waste of time

Noor Delir

Happy.some levels difficult.


game won't start. loads to first screen, tap play, load back to first screen

Edwin Hodkinson

Game is faulty, only shows startup screen then freezes and cuts out. Also freezes phone. Absolute waste of download

Graig Shepherd

Looks Good ! Won't Open ! Please Fix For 5-Stars ! Thanks !. 🤔

Commodore Watty

Be if u could use xbox pad


Game won't load, says tap to play then throws me out, tried several times with no luck so have uninstalled.

Jean-Paul Balbi

Thanks for the update

Dawn Pendrak

A Lil hard

Amber Ranch

Same problem as the other hit start ...app disappears...can't even start the game

Tami Bookmiller

Love this game. Stuck at world 2 level 5 but still great gameplay and controls

Maria Farris

It s a good game want let me order extra coins tho. I pushed the button want let me pay for extra coins there need s to be something's Ng for speed booster I lv the game I can t buy coins that needs to be fixed

Joseph Warren

Like the game but want no adds. When I try to get it, the button is unresponsive. Please fix this. No matter how many times I tap on it, no response.

Baigalmaa Volodia

good game

Kinthu Kinthushan

Not supported this game. waste of time

Anshu Akash

very baad

sreedhar rao nandavaram

I am dangerous man in the world

A Google user

good job

A Google user

So fun!

A Google user

This game is harder than what it looks, that's what makes it fun. I'm finally on level 10 and can't seem to figure out how to kill the pirate chicken, at least that is what it looks like. Darster?

A Google user

Love this game

A Google user

I just installed that game and update then start to play it keep return to home screen. It wont let me. Pls help Thank.

A Google user

Good game but hanging more while playing

A Google user

Frustrated need more lives

A Google user

Started this game and was enjoying it but found one level too hard. Perservered for a couple days & finally got through the level. Loved the rest of the game just now waiting for the next world to added. Would recommend this platform game. Keep up the good work.

A Google user

Very nice but aage kse khela jay ye game smj no aara

A Google user

Ads and ads and the game and the cucu caca ñññ 😭 😂

A Google user

Great game

A Google user

Level 4 is almost impossible to get threw, it's to hard so early on

A Google user


A Google user

Bad b#ch suck me a######## fagot

A Google user

Do not waste your time on downloading app!!! starts.... press to start.... then immediately just shuts off and goes back to the home screen I tried to uninstall and install twice and still the problem happens

A Google user

Thanks you, my son like this game, and alway play it after dinner, play game about 30 minute best than watch movie,so i allow my son play game,and recommend this game.

A Google user

Great game with beautiful graphic. Good job.

A Google user

Best mario game for android. Thanks for bring childhood back

A Google user

I like this game because it is very lovely and that littie boy play very well.