Hiddenverse: Witch’s Tales

Author: Icestone

100K+ install


Hiddenverse: Witch’s Tales
Match and renovate in a fun hidden object game. As n heir of an abandoned castle of the legendary Morgana, team up with a young witch. Master 10+ find and match modes.

The magic story you’ll love!
When you merge witchcraft with matching gameplay, it becomes a true matchcraft! You follow the story of a young witch who aim to become a renowned enchantress and dreams to meet Circe, the greatest of all witches. In order to meet her, the heroine has to learn magic and update her skills. The nice gameplay, cartoonish art and dozens of find & match levels, this hidden object game offline is fun to play for all fans of casual renovation games.

Lots of hidden object game modes!
If you like to play match pairs games offline, this puzzle is a must-try. It offers a variety of find and match modes to unlock as you complete the chapters. At first you only have to match pairs of items in the level clutter. When you progress, you get more and more challenging tasks, such as to find pairs of objects which are of different size or color, or find triplets. The hidden objects can be cluttered in one or two heaps, and can be moved or not. If you are really up to the challenge, then try to only tap hidden objects from the list below the board.

A bewitched castle to restore!
You can earn up to three stars for hidden object levels. You can then spend them to renovate the old castle which you have inherited from the legendary sorceress Morgana. Little by little by step you will rebuild the walls, glass the windows and mend the floors. For every renovation step you will earn a puzzle piece. Complete the jigsaw puzzle to unlock the following chapter.

A little time-killer to play offline!
Most hidden object games today are large space. Instead this finding game is a low mb game which you can play offline every spare minute. Return every day to collect your daily bonus and replay whatever level to earn more stars. Enjoy this puzzle game on your phone or tablet and master your pair matching and searching skills.

Detailed info

File size: Everyone
Update time: Oct 22, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Icestone
Price: Free
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Customer review

Amanda Burke

I like

Tracy Evans

The game cuts off when I make a purchase that will advance me and I have to repeat the level

gary sullivan

Fun challenging

suzette hebert-turner

I really like this game but now I'm stuck on level 84 it won't pass over to the next chapter. So I guess I say I give it a one star maybe you can help by fixing this?

suellen brimm

Awesome 😎

Trupti Kapadia

It is FANTASTIC game.But Giving three stars,Very interesting and innovative hidden objects colourful game...but it's too much chellenging...as set timer...in level 112 five leaves you have to swap here and there items to find are 40🤔🙄.....i want to know any game players who ever found all 40 items ?🤔😏🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Otherwise game is so much Fantastic...i am unable to complete the level 112 from last three days.

Sandra Hardgrove

Love it but need to get better. Keeps me on my toes.

Sharon Lawson

Love it

Nora Canada

Love your game!

P Lyons

Challenging.but fun

Marica Johnson

Game doesn't load.

Ann Griffin

It cuts off before I even finish first scene.

Donna Mitchell

Sucks. Too slow to load

Marta Louro

Not even close to be what I was thinking,I'm looking for the game with the princesses and the frogs,my favourite game of all and it disappeared, witch frog prank tales,can u tell me why it was removed?? And don't tell me the game is here cos I can't find it,if you could send me the link I would appreciate it, I've looked and looked and I can't find it!!!!!

Tammy Lyall

Love love love this game cant put it down the more I play the more I love it! I now have it on all devices its so incredablyfun i love ,love,love it

Parrish Willi


Cathy Mosley

Would not load well..

Teresa Ali

love this

Kathryn Collins

Great game. I never get tired of it. It is challenging,sometimes hard to pass but you can and will pass them just have to keep trying. Always a different challenge it's one of the best games I've played in years.

Sherry Reed

Interesting, good for memory


After playing witch's prank I was really excited to play this one. But unfortunately the game keeps crashing after the intro. I've tried Uninstalling and reinstalling as well as power cycling my tablet but still nothing. Edit: the team was really quick with replying to my review therefore have given my rating an extra star for the response time. I'm hoping they can fix the issue quickly.

Jamie Kellam

Great game lots of things to do keeps you interested

Jimmy Scogin

Hard to get used too, but once you do it is fun

Donna Hanko

Changed my rating to two stars. Its a free game but Not enough energy to play for more than 15 minutes. Uninstalled

Viola De Anda

The game keeps shutting off everytime I turn it on.I love this game so I hope you can fix this problem.Thank you

Sharon Dodd

Love the game but it needs somewhere to save so you don't lose all your progress. Had to change phone and had to start again from the beginning. Also wouldn't play and still wont on my tablet

Abigail Rambo

Fun relaxing.. challenge.

Emily Taitt

Been waiting way too long for an update. Uninstalling.

Lena Jones

Can't get level 3 to even load. So irritating still can't get level three to load it keeps saying coming soon. I loved this game. This sucks

Lisa Masse

An addicting game with magical graphics !

Owl Pirate

I've changed my rating. I really love this game! It has sooo much potential, and could be so much better. Im just aggravated that you need to wait for so long to get your energy back up, so you can play! There need to be sometime better. I would purchase energy, but the its way over priced for the amount they give you! Also, we should get a choices for the remodeling the castle, instead of the game choosing what and where everything goes and is. Like I said, could be a really great game.

Katie Franklin

Game has continuously crashed while trying to get through Level 1 everytime I've tried playing it. Wasting energy that it costs to play each level because it's making me still spend 12 energy when I go back in to play again. Again this is ALL ON LEVEL 1. Complete disappointment in this game. Deleting it to stop wasting space on my device.

Annette Richard

Fun and addictive 😁

Lynn Nachreiner

This game is very challenging, it's awesome.

Never Kiss And Tell

Beautiful and unique style gameplay. I love it!!

Teri Crookston

I absolutely love this game! Never seen another one like this, wish there was more games like this one. ThanQ for creating this unique game. Love it soooo much!


After reaching level 47 game crashes every 2minutes. In the middle of level, in decorating room, just black screen and back to phonescreen. Upsetting, guess had to deleted, I liked it otherwise

cindy harvey

I installed game and tried to open and play. Everything I pushed play it kicked me out of the game, so I Uninstaller and re installed the game with the same outcome.

Momma J

I love this game, but recently it keeps shutting down in the middle of me playing. I've uninstalled & reinstalled it, but it just keeps doing it.

Alma Carrillo


Ace J

Completed all of chapter 2 completed the puzzle and couldn't move forward. Uninstalling

michele de Ridder

Sucks keep kicking me out after level 1 😐

emily lorrayne

Great game up to level 100. Level 100 is definitely rigged to be impossible without powerups. I have run out of those and there doesn't seem to be a way of obtaining more without spending real money. Will just have to replay previous levels, I guess. The art style is nice and the story is engaging (it's a shame I won't be able to continue/complete it...)

Dee Mason

U took 900 stones off me for more time. I didn't get the time and the game crashed yet again,

Candace Furtado

Awesome game....

Teresa Bletcher

Very good game I'm on level 100 it impossible to do you don't have enough time to do it .

Cindy landaverde

Kept shutting off.😬This game needs to be fixed!!!!

Angel Baker

Crashing and i barely got started. I literally just downloaded it, played maybe 3 levels and everytime the level was beat the game crashed. No very good if you ask me. Had it not kept crashing i might actually like it. But i dont know i havent seen much of the story or gameplay to tell

Mayada Salha

Cool game

Charity Cogburn


Renault Griffin Sr

The game wouldnt load at first then it went back to the home screen...Bottom line is this game should be removed....it really really SUCKS.....

shiva hemati

Excellent game

Mandy Wolsey

I just downloaded the game and couldnt even finish first level it crashed , i tried twice and it continued crashing!! It looked fun but wont be playing this!!!!!

Donna Nix


Sherri Boone

How can you make matches everything piled on top of everything you can't tell what's what other wise you would have got more stars I'll try again later other wise I just delete game

Jean George

Can't play won't go any farther than the main screen than shuts off.

Yvonne Lewis


A Google user


Jessica Lelik

Game keeps freezing up.

Maria J. Clark-Adragna

In a word? HORRIBLE😝😷

Joe Steward

Love it!

Fredrica Robinson

Love this game....but... It constantly crashes whenever there is an ad option. Want double energy? Watch a video...crash.. no double energy. Want an extra thirty seconds? Watch a video...crash no thirty seconds and ends level. Please fix this bug because otherwise this is an amazing game!

Dawn Bull

Very good ☺️ game great for testing your brain 😜 just a shame it runs out of energy else I would be on it constantly

Ladonna Smith

I love this game. Colorful,and challenging. More than Dream Walker also one of my favorotes

Karen Cook

Was quite good....but I have a phobia about scorpions and couldn't pair them up so I had to delete game!! My bad!

Mary Ann Counter

Can't play it. Kicks me out as soon as I start playing level one

Meg Pepper

It's a good matching game

Rebecca Horner

Storyline is nice, but far far too many adverts

Sammy Ann Byler

It's really fun.

Alexis Diederich

Best game ever

Tammy Fodrie

My favorite but they need to come out with more games than just 2

Tracy Knee-Nichols

Interesting and fun

Marie Burrows

Excellent Is

Annie Fudge

I enjoy the game

Penny Brown

Great app. Has a few glitches but overall is very fun and addictive. Wish there were more games like this one. Only reason I didn't give a 5 is because it freezes up some times and have to restart my phone to fix it.

Katherine Burnham

I was really looking forward to playing. Had to uninstall because it wouldn't load properly. Couldn't even play 1st level.

Tanya de kock

Nice game

Marg Edwards

Fun and relaxing. Fast paced.

Corina Reyes

Could be fun but you get absolutely No rewards. It takes forever to get past one level. They don't give you enough time. Some are really easy but again no rewards.

Suzanne Smith

I have just downloaded this game I wanted 2 play it 2 see what it was like but 3 time's I have been kicked off out of the game I know it's not me so if it's not going 2 let me play it I see no point on keeping it sorry.

charlotte haag

BUYER BEWARE. The game is fun and I adore playing it. But I have made several purchases and have received nothing! Not one time have I received anything that I purchased. Just today I tried again I purchased two different $2.99 beginner packs and neither one of them came through!!!!!!

susan marizette

Would be a great game if you could even finish level nine it gives you items that just arent there

Daphne van Zyl

I downloaded the game because it caught my attention and looked like fun BUT i can't start to play I open the game and then it crash open again and then it crashed again

Shandrea M Corbin


C.L. Davis

Love the game a very fun exciting game.

Laureen Kohlen

Game does not load, it gives the option to start and the kicks out to the load screen again,while reducing energy

Chrissy Butterfield

Love it

Yvonne Gibson

So addictive & entertaining

Hallie King

By the time you got to the second level it's impossible to play. They put everything in one BIG PILE you spend your whole time trying to get what you pressed, you press a helmet and the matching one only they make it the sword under it, when you find the sword and it becomes the shield next to it. By the time you're able to get 2 matches your time is up!

Andrea Stilwell

I wish i could give less than 1 star. I didnt even start the first level before the game crashed twice. Uninstall.

Judy Parker

Playing the game then it just stops, and leaves the game

Angela Oliver

This 🎮 isn't usually my type Iike to play , but this is different. One thing I'd change is you on get a EXTREMELY LOW AMOUNT OF ENERGY AND THE ⏲ IT TAKES TO RECHARGE IS LLLONNNGGGG.

Tabatha Giddeon

0 stars can't even open the app it closes as soon as you open it.

Tammera Sherwood

Great game for the brain

M/ Young

i love this game but it crashes constantly

Angela Robinson

This could be a great game if the match 2 didn't look a horders room ...you can not get the items even if you click on it ..it could us a touch up ...

Janarixa Lam

Too stressful. There should be an option for an untimed game play. The way you have it set up is not fun. Also the repair and puzzle section is too minimal. I don't enjoy searching for objects that are not there. You need to trash this and develop a new one imo.

Shweta Shrivastava


cara Jones

Love it

Bella Donna

Good game but the timer kills it for me eyesight not so good now..if you had a relaxed mode it would be perfect