Hidden Object: Coastal Hill

Author: AdoreStudio Limited

1M+ install


This adventure game goes beyond other mystery hidden object games. Ready to solve the town mystery? You will seek and find objects hidden on picturesque locations, play puzzles unique for the genre, renovate an old haunted mansion, and make your own character!

🏠 RENOVATE A HOUSE You try on the role of a home designer and renovate an old mystery mansion, while you seek and find hidden objects. This manor is a perfect place for you to settle down and play hidden mystery games. You need a house to live in as you progress through the levels and chapters and beat hidden object levels. You won’t believe what a mystery house can hide. Are you ready to solve the mystery and play mansion games like no other?

🧍 CREATE YOUR AVATAR You will create your own game character: choose haircuts, blouses, skirts, boots, and accessories. Find the object to your taste! Carefully selected clothes and outfits give you power-ups and bonuses to have more mystery object games during the session. You can save up energy, increase the amount of coins and experience. Certain unique customization items are unlocked only while the seasonal event is on. So make sure to engage in hidden object search as often as you can to unravel unsolved detective mystery.

🔎 EXPLORE GREAT LOCATIONS Play hidden object games on more than 40 high quality scenes. You solve hidden puzzles in 12 modes: from differences in picture to find pairs. They are created to diversify item searching experience. Addicting scenes feature zoom in and zoom out option, as well as 6 hints to help find hidden objects. Experience an adventure game like no other as you unlock picturesque locations and seek and find hidden items!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS Finding games has never been so fun! Start your own guild, invite and chat with friends and compete against players for prizes while finding objects. Each contest has a leaderboard. The top 3 guilds receive prizes for completing hidden puzzles and other adventure quests. Interact with your guild members, choose strategy to reach the top before the tournament ends and everyone find objects in a picture. You will play a variety of unique search and find puzzle games for adults. These riddles will tease your brain for all it’s worth. And don’t forget: the more hidden object games you play, the more points you receive.

🕵️ A MYSTERY STORYLINE Coastal Hill has always been a restful spot. You don’t remember how you got in this hidden city: the locations look so familiar… You play mind-bending hidden mystery puzzles and interact with characters to uncover the town mysteries. Solve it – hours of mysterious gameplay and a great adventure plot complete with twists await! Each character has an intriguing personality full of dark secrets… Solve the mystery before its too late!

Hidden Object Games: Detective Mystery of the City has amazing animations and unique achievements: some are easy to get like in other detective games, and some require great skill!

If you have any questions on how to play detective mystery hidden object adventure games and unsolved puzzles, feel free to contact developers at info@adoregames.com or use in-game chat.

Join us on Facebook and stay informed on updates, events, and hints to seek and find hidden objects better.

What’s happened to the characters in Coastal Hill? Start this puzzle adventure game now and find out the city mystery in these hidden object games. Investigation has begun! Will you solve the mystery?

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 27, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: AdoreStudio Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

Leslie Gale

I download the game. But it fails to download the graphics n that.

john tousey

Enjoying the experience with this game

April Sim

this is the second time i playing this game agian👍😘 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Hi is me..... i come back to playing this game agian🥰😍🤩☆☆☆☆☆☆ Hi i sadenly deleted my profile in the game 😥................and now i start the level 1 again..............how i can go back to continue my level please help 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Poppy Jones

Do not like the mental hospital phrase. That is disrespectful. Will be uninstalling because of this.

Karen Edwards

Paid 4.99 today and didn't get purchases

Jona Kina

Love it

Terry Webster

At the beginning it was a real pain it kept turning itself off and it would start itself and go right off again but finally I don't know what happened but it came on and it's been working great and I'm having a nice time so far

Kim Reynolds

Great game so far, just started so we'll see!!

Aaron Rogers

EDIT: Holy balls there's Mahjong, too! I absolutely adore hidden object games. However, there has never been one on Android that was worth my time. I've only enjoyed them on my PC. This game is a *huge* exception to the rule as it is perfectly designed for the small screen. Great, accurate touch controls and zippy loading times. I sound like I work for the developers but I really don't, I promise; just love this game. Don't believe me, then at me @mistawh0 on Twitter, slapnuts.

Yvonne Davies


Claire G

Enjoying this so far. Replenishes lives really quickly so you can continue to play for as long as you want.

Tori michelle Link

Cool game!

Harry Evans

Very good game

Sheila Haviland

Fun game

Kerry Patche

Love it.

Punem Shirisha

Interesting game

Lily Bennett

Fantastic game good graphics and no interruptions a pleasure to play

Belinda Patton

It's fun, has a variety of challenges. It takes a bit to download, but it's well worth it. I truly enjoy this game 😍

Jessica Princewill

Beautiful so far!

Linda Abadiano

One of the best.

Janice Jenkins


Edie Wright

So far so good

Annette Evans

More entertaining for me than some games like it.

Zubaidah Md Yatim


Tabutz Singson


Roxanne Sock

Its a challenge and fun!

Joni Dove

I love this game. The graphics are wonderful. Well I have now been playing this game for 7 months. Almost daily, as it's my quiet time before bed. Can not find another that matches the awesome game. The graphics are incredible and it has a great story line. Thank you so much. Would love you to have a similar game o. Days when I run out of lives and still need down time. I've tried others including Sherlock but they don't compare.

janet eppley

Game froze up when it updated

Mahi Nanaz


Revathi Yamuna

Excellent game awsome

Catherine Anderson

This is ridiculous. You spend time and money, play tournaments and they force updates in the middle of tournaments and you lose everything, then they send an apology and a promo gift that doesnt work. Messages to their tech team are never answered, Useless, waste of time and money, so sad bcz I love the game and the community


I still love this game!! My only point of frustration is when a character wants more than one monster, and the monsters all need the same thing. I.E. five demons that needed two sets of three objects, and it took forever to get one of the items!! Thank you very much for a fun game!!!

Debra Maytorena

Just started playing but so far so good

Kimberly Jangwayne

I like the game so much

Gina Westray


Mary Oneil

Coastal is a lot of fun I think.

Lucy Allton

its fun!!!

Stephanie Oneal

I played the 24 hour quest of mahjong and it closed before the 24 hour was up. I had two more games to go it finish the quest. Why did it shut down??? I'm not very happy about this😢😢

Wendy Jones


Donna Gobrich

Just started having nno problems so far

lisa lisak

I loved Seekers Notes but it took way way too long for energy to restore; I'm talking days. This game is very similar and very generous with energy. So now I can play for hours. Thank you!

Tere Brailey

Good job. Tired of merge games

Hanelien Havenga

Nice game love it

Schawlmaine Stanfield

Great so for

Michelle Barry

Fun so far

Sharon Sharmar Sharmar

It is a really good game, plenty of different features. Will add more later.

Susan Davis

Well done, nice graphics.

Sama M.hassan

Nice game

Margaret Kerr


Zoe C

It replaced level 122 with level 1 when I changed my phone I won't be starting again as it only gets better when your up some levels took me around 4 years to get to level 122 and I'm not prepared to do it again it was a good game for every now and then but times up it screwed me over

jade hollesca

verry nice game

Nirvana Bisesar

Not working

Julian Cheeseright

Varied an interesting tasks, early days but looking good.

Ruth Skibiski


Milan Vukicevic

Relax time

Shari Hippen

I love this game

Me Justme

Hate hate the upside down and then flashlight constantly...very very old and tired of it...on the verge of quitting game...use to be fun...know just unreal with constant flashlight👎👎👎👎👎

Lisa Smith

I like this game

sherry nolting

Just getting started it's okay so far

Karmen Mills

Love this game

Audrey Glendenning

Absolutely enjoying this game


One of the best hidden object games I've played. Love it!

Jeff Clyde Cainong


Cindy Carey

I love to find hidden items, lots of 😊

Irma Gibson

It makes you think and it is sometimes difficult but it is worth it when you figure it out thank yoy

Sandra Pollock

Love the game but keep running out of energy and the energy don't fill up fast enough

Zoe Brain

Great fun

Teresa Casares

Love playing this game. Loads of fun!!

Michael R McNally


Malikah Carroll

This is my favorite game of all time, i recently have been Blocked from being able to play after updating the app, i dont know what happened as soon as i updated the game i have a message prompt telling me i have been restricted from playing the game for breaking the terms of agreement i did nothing unusual but all of a sudden i cant play anymore i dont know whats going on i reached out to tech support and am currently appealing me being blocked from playing...I have been waiting on a decision

Jordan Roop

Fun game

Patsy Bellis

LOVE GAME. I bought new Pearl task game we get more BLUE diamonds but some reason games harder less time given , harder to win and takes most all but a lot of the diamonds to capture. So I'm making Lesser blue Diamonds Still.....Please we Need those BLUE diamond for most Everything..Will you all lower blue diamond package deals even 21.99 is Unacceptable in today's ECONOMY. THANKYOU in Advance PATSYFLORIDA in JAMMIE DODGERS

Gina Montes

Love this game

Heather Bourassa

Phenomenal. Easy to play and also Rewarding as well

Oniel Daley

I love this game it's a bit challenging but it's what makes it so great

karen mccullough

Great game, fun tournament's 👏

Brianna Mason

It's fun to play, I love this game.

Sylvia Hernandez

Love it! Great game!

Emmerz Treaster

So far I like it 👌

Mehdi Fathizad

Repetitious and greedy, stingiest game ever specially on bonus cards

Nicole G

Nice graphics, very relaxing..awesome offline

V Koel

So far I love it! I like how at first I didn't know where to go but the helpful arrows showed me the way. The hidden objects are tricky but not frustrating. The rooms are very interesting and the music is relaxing. The mini games are fun. So glad I found this hidden object game! And did I mention NO ADS!!

Sahar yonesi

I can't enter the game today, the game has a problem, please help me?

Sean Greisen


Elena Poole

Like all of these search games you run out of energy fast and you have to spend money if you want to play for more than 20min but they do seem to give you a fair amount of play time for your money in comparison to a lot of similar games. This game is no longer any good, last update they increased cost 5 times more, that's right not double but 5 times more. Don't waste your time or money on this game. I'm now used to updates and they have worked on making this game better

Ketrina Nolen

Fun playing game! Much to accomplish! Excellent game


Enjoy playing the different types of puzzles

Akima Perry (Akima)

Fun game just keep freezing up..

Aaron Edenton

Awesome game

J Milton

I love this game- hours of fun!!!

Lucky Jones

Love it! Keeps me off the streets at 75!

Raven Hughes

So far fun and challenging

Steven Goodrich

Developers have fixed a lot of the issues

Rebecca H.

Really enjoying the art work in this game. The puzzles are easy but not boring. After a month of play the puzzles get more and more challenging but at a pace that is perfect to keep the difficulty approximately the same. It's a pretty great way to shut down your brain for a bit.

Fiz Kay

Godddd... why so many updates...its like every other day. there's an update!!! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Deanne Robertson


Tju rosalie

Thank you for solving my loading error issue in two days and your apologize reward. Cool 😎

Imke Ortmann

Absolute fantastic game! It is the perfect balance between fun and challenging. It can get slightly frustrating when trying to collect items to fight monsters though, maybe there could be more ways to collect them, but that really is my only small issue in the game. Best part is you can get very far without having to spend actual money and no ads. It also has an engaging and friendly community. 7/10 highly recommend if you love finding things.

Angela Thomas

Update wouldn't install (even though a previous one did), so can't play. Uninstall it is then!

Emma Wilson

Fun I like it