Hidden Object: Coastal Hill

Author: AdoreStudio Limited

1M+ install


This adventure game goes beyond other mystery hidden object games. Ready to solve the town mystery? You will seek and find objects hidden on picturesque locations, play puzzles unique for the genre, renovate an old haunted mansion, and make your own character!

🏠 RENOVATE A HOUSE You try on the role of a home designer and renovate an old mystery mansion, while you seek and find hidden objects. This manor is a perfect place for you to settle down and play hidden mystery games. You need a house to live in as you progress through the levels and chapters and beat hidden object levels. You won’t believe what a mystery house can hide. Are you ready to solve the mystery and play mansion games like no other?

🧍 CREATE YOUR AVATAR You will create your own game character: choose haircuts, blouses, skirts, boots, and accessories. Find the object to your taste! Carefully selected clothes and outfits give you power-ups and bonuses to have more mystery object games during the session. You can save up energy, increase the amount of coins and experience. Certain unique customization items are unlocked only while the seasonal event is on. So make sure to engage in hidden object search as often as you can to unravel unsolved detective mystery.

🔎 EXPLORE GREAT LOCATIONS Play hidden object games on more than 40 high quality scenes. You solve hidden puzzles in 12 modes: from differences in picture to find pairs. They are created to diversify item searching experience. Addicting scenes feature zoom in and zoom out option, as well as 6 hints to help find hidden objects. Experience an adventure game like no other as you unlock picturesque locations and seek and find hidden items!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS Finding games has never been so fun! Start your own guild, invite and chat with friends and compete against players for prizes while finding objects. Each contest has a leaderboard. The top 3 guilds receive prizes for completing hidden puzzles and other adventure quests. Interact with your guild members, choose strategy to reach the top before the tournament ends and everyone find objects in a picture. You will play a variety of unique search and find puzzle games for adults. These riddles will tease your brain for all it’s worth. And don’t forget: the more hidden object games you play, the more points you receive.

🕵️ A MYSTERY STORYLINE Coastal Hill has always been a restful spot. You don’t remember how you got in this hidden city: the locations look so familiar… You play mind-bending hidden mystery puzzles and interact with characters to uncover the town mysteries. Solve it – hours of mysterious gameplay and a great adventure plot complete with twists await! Each character has an intriguing personality full of dark secrets… Solve the mystery before its too late!

Hidden Object Games: Detective Mystery of the City has amazing animations and unique achievements: some are easy to get like in other detective games, and some require great skill!

If you have any questions on how to play detective mystery hidden object adventure games and unsolved puzzles, feel free to contact developers at info@adoregames.com or use in-game chat.

Join us on Facebook and stay informed on updates, events, and hints to seek and find hidden objects better.

What’s happened to the characters in Coastal Hill? Start this puzzle adventure game now and find out the city mystery in these hidden object games. Investigation has begun! Will you solve the mystery?

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 27, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: AdoreStudio Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

Elham Sani

Hi ! I can't enter the game for three or four days 🥺. How can i know what happened?

Devaleena Nandi

Sorry to say that the game is most challenging and addictive for all but not convenient for everyone. I can't understand why you had changed the process to give 200 coins at first which is helpful to continue playing.

Janet Carlson

Great sight to hand co-ordination game.

Karen Estrada

Made me start over

Jemma Ambi

Waw this game make sure I get all the best relaxation I need

Rene Ray

Good for the brain

Peter Tobin

Very fun

Martie Van Jaarsveld

So far. Good

Kaitlyn Petrole

Great game. It's fun to play and every thing flows so nicely. Just wish it didn't take so long for the energy to restore.

So Crazy Lady


Kim Bunyard

I am loving this game. I cannot say anything bad about it. It just keeps getting better and more interested. Great work. Thank you. Update...I didn't leave a review for awhile..I didn't want to stop playing...it still keeps me busy. Thanks again. Final answer, cause I am going to continue playing!!

Catherine Bales

Fun to play

chidinma cynthia

Nice 👍

Charlotte Brisbois

Seek and find game, very entertaining.

Debbie Myers

Very fun game

elizabeth johnson

It's fun but hard to get weapons to defeat monsters so can not complete daily task, cause u can't summon monsters cause u have reached your limit.

Naomi Messer

Pretty cool I enjoy it

Katelyn Haarala

Absolutely love it. Finally a game I can really get on board with!

Standell Jones

I just love it. Very intertaning and fun.

Elizabeth Roland

Just started. Pretty scenes plays well

Ron Hossler

Good game needs more items to find

Val Souto

Very interesting game. There are different games so it doesn't get boring. And no constant ads either. Great game!

Mandy Wright

I loved this game, I've spent alot of money in this game because I found it enjoyable and wanted to support the game. However I opened it after two days of not being able to play and my game's progress is gone, despite being logged in with Facebook! I've tried everything including emailing tech support and the only reply was automated! Very disappointed!

Maral A-Z

Hi there. What's going on? I'm not able to log in and play since last night!

Louis Hepi

Fun way to test sight

Judy Miller

Good game!


Downloaded to my tablet via friends wifi as it said offline but isn’t, requires active internet signal to play, giant rip off, uninstalling immediately

Caroline Krukiel

Just started playing this game so far it's been great.


Waiting for energy to refill is like watching paint dry... It takes ages!! No fun at all

Sandy Fischer

Fun so far! Easy to follow

Janet Dennehy

A little confusing but getting there.

Marion Thompson

I downloaded this game again, seems to be working great, enjoying playing the game, missed playing it.

Austen McIntosh


ragergamer 614

Fun game

Mattie Pam

Love it

Magdalena Muniz

Liking the game nice

Tammy Bartlett

Absolutely love this game. My new favorite. It's a fun game to play. Absolutely the nicest people play this game. I have joined the best guild ever. The nicest and most helpful people ever. I recommend this game to everyone. I promise that you will love it too. 🙋‍♀️😍💕👍👊👍❣🥰💖💘💝💕💛💚🧡❤💞❣💙💝💘


Different from other hidden object games.

Rose Riley

Fun so far just started playing

Jill Bussey

Great game

Ann Lamm

Pretty good enjoy it very much

Denise Welch

Been playing this forever..it's one of the best.great graphics beautiful .never get tired of this one! Never any glitches ..a lot going on..give it 5 star

Brenda Shirley

Takes to much data

Jody Clauson

Lots of fun

Sue Roberts

Good experience so far. Fun game, a lot to do to relax.

leticia saunders

This is one of the best games may be the best

Evelyn Weideman

Really entertaining, enjoying, a lot

jennifer Vancleve

Fun game!!

sara rabie

I want if i have energy at the end of a level to be added to the next level😉

Michelle F

Love this game

Shimaa Ahmad Nagy

Nice game

Laura love Rubio

Love this games good for the brain

Mad Digger 007

It's ok

Chris Thompson

Says can play offline but you cant.

William Campbell

Tougher than you might think

Annelize Hattingh Viljoen


A Google user

I like the game so far the graphics are beautiful in fact.plus lots of side game flow ,spelling games, matching love this game

Lauri Bawden

Fu. Game just frustrating you run out of energy so fast

vigay luna

Funn and entertaining and chill game

Lisa Alleman

Fun game, would give a 5 in I could use my coins for engery

rebekah brown

Loved it...until ads started playing after every level! Thinking im going to Uninstal it now. Doesn't even give an option to purchase without ads.

Marion Robb

I like this game, although being an old girl, some levels I simply can't do..anything at "night mode" is far too dark, and my fingers can't move fast enough to search in the small time given...so the game stalls for me,basically, and as the sections on night mode increase, I'm playing less and less. What would make the even better would be an option to change mode for say, a diamond or some cash. Otherwise, it's a fun game. Dev comment..thanks but screen brightness doesn't assist issue.

amy cowie

Wonderful tutorial. Could make use of different words or pictures. Sometimes feels repetitive but the game does get gradually difficult.

Kath Bales

Such a relaxing game love it thankyou

Patricia Keane

Like it.

Valery Furlong

Love playing this, the graphics, etc all great

roxanna fox

Fun little. I just wish it didnt take so many items to finish a quest. Seems to take a long time to get energy back. I also really hate that you have, for example, 450/500 and you level up, you dont get your full amount. You only go to 500/500 instead of 650/500. Ive lost a lot of points like that. Too many times i havent gotten any points for leveling up and i feel cheated by the game. Its not right, especially when i have spent a lot of real money buying things with real money

Tina Brecke

Far to many ads

Lupe Muniz


Sari Peterson

Great puzzles and challenges. Best thing, though, it is updated regularly, so it remains fresh even after months of playing.


I just love this hidden objects game.its on all my techno stuff.

Nela Ribeiro

Lekker game ooit love om dit te speel

clyde Pennington


Jeffrey Pearmain

So far, so good

Joanna Pinamonti

Just started but so far it's a lot of fun with many different games inside the game. And often I complain about "energy games" but so far I haven't had to stop playing because my energy keeps fully replenishing as I play. Awesome game.

Amy Minoski

Moves throughjicely, fun

Carolyn McMillian

Great game

Kenneth McClurg

Additive and fun

Dee Robinson

Good so far

Jennifer Francis

So far so good. I'm really enjoying it.

Sons Savory

Love the graphics and storyline to the game with additional puzzles/games makes the game fun and less tedious like other search and find games. Highly recommend this game for those who enjoy a challenge.

Teresa Patrizio

Can't put it down.

Rayshon Warren

Searching for items is sometimes intense but enjoyable.

Miriam Mount

Tryed over and over again to put a name in. It wouldn't except any of them.

Thomas McCain

Fun and challenging.

Sharon Brill

This game is a joke, I get energy for two days and than, when it comes time to play the tournament and get rid of monsters, I don't get energy unless I can collect it from my friends on the game! I'm seriously thinking about deleting the game and letting my friends know not to play it!

Connie Walden

Just started game but it's fun so far. I like the different games to find articles, and the story is fun.

Jan Barron

I like

Eli Guti


Blanche Weatherspoon

I'm just learning!!!give me a ili more time ..but enjoying it

Susan Clayton

Don't know how great the game may be because I started installing it and it said it was over 300 mbs , but when I read the part of , about game, it said 103 mbs. I don't have that kind of space on my phone for such a large file.

Deborha Adams

Like hidden objects vary much

Rhonda Weigandt

This game is a good game to play except when the game gets to a certain level you will have to buy energy to keep playing so I uninstalled it. I read Your response it appeared to me that everything costs just to keep playing and I don't use Facebook thank you.

cathrine asham

I loved it

Litah L

I like this game but recently kinda having some problem. In my last game i hv collected the reward but when i logon again the same reward i need to collect again (its like i did not collect the reward previously eventho i did) n today i collect the reward from puzzle boom i get 5 coupon but then when i logon again, the reward is missing as it i did not participate in the puzzle boom. Internet connection is fine.. i wonder why did this happened alot recently. Sigh

Debbie Counts

Items to be form are so small I can't read what they are. That's very bad for older people! I couldn't wait to uninstall this game off my phone. What a waste of time!!

Donna Marino

So far, this is a very well made h.o. game. It is relaxing and fun. It also has not shown itself to be expensive. That is a great characteristic.

bonnie major

It's ah good game not boring

Mayerling Muñoz

Excellent! Hello! None of the night screens work for me. I can click on two or three of the hidden objects but then the screen crashes. Can you help me?

Trisha Hynick

Fun game