Hidden Epee — Hidden Object

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Hidden Epee — Hidden Object
Enjoy the most thrilling hidden object game, solve puzzles and find rare and powerful artifacts. Start your adventure journey in Paris during the Age of Enlightenment. Paul de Gris will help you find the enigmatic Silver Epee – a mythical object draped in magic.

Explore hundreds of cryptic locations as you search for clues and unlock new puzzles to solve this ancient mystery. You need to venture out into the Other World where danger lurks around every corner. Embark on haunting quests alongside brave allies, dodge the corrupt authorities, and harness great powers to rid the world of evil!

Strange eclipses have covered the сity leaving the population in a panic due to the mystical disappearances of residents. No one but you has the skills to face this threat. Plunge into the unknown and get ready to:

● FOLLOW a gripping storyline that reimagines life in 17th-century France
● COMPLETE quests and track your progress along two different maps
● FIND precious objects hidden inside beautifully realistic locations
● ENCOUNTER mysterious characters that may help or hinder your mission
● IMMERSE yourself in this mystical world through sharp and colourful graphics
● CHALLENGE your skills with captivating mini-games and hidden object scenes
● ASSEMBLE valuable collectibles, unlock unique achievements, and play with your friends to up the ante
● ENJOY the game for hours on end as you discover new things with every update!

While this game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases within the game. You may disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

You can play this game both offline or online.

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese

Compatibility notes: This game performs best on high-end smartphones and tablets.

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Update time: Today
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Require Android: N/A
Developer: G5 Entertainment
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tina Marsham

Love this game, even if the shop items are extortionate

Tawanna Rhines

It won't let me make an account because my email is used for a different G5 game! Yall need to fix that, that is not fair!!

Star Fire

One word...amusing!

Jim Wagner

Would not keep operating

Josefina Cagle

I love this game so much i always play it with my grandma and we alwAYS win

Virginia Wdzieczny

I liked playing this game

Diane Lewis

I like the game so far i haven't played for that long

Neill McIrvenna

Good for now

Judy Davidson

I had fun playing this game

Grey Alicea

I like the game ,its a challenge and relax your mine .

Carolyn Phillips

I like it

Dawn Crabtree-Gay

It's ok.

Capricia Avery

Hello! I would like to tell you, I tried to enter this game but it kept disconnected more than 3 or 4 times maybe more. The game seems something wrong. Please fix it ASAP. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

Judith Quinones

Love the games

Early Shabbir



I enjoy this game

Susan Hebert


Teasha Wing

This game sucks.

Meryl Lee

Great game with characters I don't normally. I like the way the items change around so never boring but also exciting!

Debbie Wheeler

Not liked

janet eppley

Why do you time people some scenes are hard to find everything because you move the them.

Susan Rixon

Very good game

dave easthope

Love the games doesn't crash as much as hidden city graphics are cool

Brenda Bell


Carol Fox

Terrible! Wanted to play not download Anything

Normandy Helmer

Generally a good game, lots of potential. Glitches & crashes a good bit. The Market is just plain tedious; seldom lets you strategize, requires that you buy tools to win.

Donna Nix


Beverly Burchfield

It has very nice graphics and the searches are challenging without being impossible. I still prefer Hidden City, but I am sticking with this one as well.

Kamaniya Metsuta Arujawi

This game is better in term of creativity and story -- judging by the new game mode, dark and light. But can you please get rid of the portrait mode? It looks weird and the scene doesn't fit the screen at all. Just stick to the landscape mode.

Barbara Whitaker

Good technique


Wow I think I've found a G5 game I like it's just busy enough the animation is nice .

Celine Swatek

Good game

Karen Rosenberg

Too difficult for these old eyes to see objects.

Debbie Barker

Very entertaining enjoyable

August Hopper

Oh wow its a great game good idea.

Olga Kuti

Its ok

Lawanda Dixon

Very fun

gwyneth van rooyen


alan mason

Could be better ...

Deborah Claiborne

Great game

Catherine Tesoro


Kathy Webster

I like hidden object games

Sally Pickles63

This is a cool game to play

Donna Jackowski

This is a very good game of hidden objects.

Andrea Benz

Too much going on at once but never has been dull

Jane Morpeth

Cute storyline, some nice hidden object scenes. But the match 3 element is way too hard. The needed colours barely appear giving you little chance of winning without multiple tools, which naturally are expensive. Other M3 games create bombs etc even if some are chained - not this one. It's putting me off playing; that and some scene drag will probably lead me to delete. Update: deleted after trying night mode. Drag horrendous. Quests queued in unplayable unwinnable Match3. Pointless playing.

Linda Quin


Radames Torres

It's a great game

Bernadette Vanhoutte

The 3 match game is by times ridiculous. We are supposed to match exp. red and blue but what's not there red and blue! Or other colours. How are we supposed to look for items in the other world where it is so hard to see. Why not add torches there? Otherwise a good game but long. It's not the best G5 game.

Judith D Thompson

This game is to much of a story for me.

G Campbell

This game doesn't give enough rewards, is too hard too fast and honestly, doesn't make sense. I really hope your team works to improve it

August Hopper

It's a great game wow make some more of these kool

Andre Brockschmidt

Bit slow, but nice

Wendy Crough

Nice game. Like the storyline.

Bertine van den Oetelaar

Just like everybody else: the match 3 is impossible. It's not a challenge, it is a reason to delete this game, just like the others I tried. Locations get too difficult too fast. I'll give it another week. Grafics are great

Lynne Oliver

Enjoying this game .... so far


It's great. Easy to get into and follow, different type of challenge than in older games. Great art and music as always (can you release the music from your hog games in Spotify to enjoy it away from the game?). I love the faction idea and while I prefer the story concepts for previous games (Sherlock, hidden city, hidden treasures), this is really fun too.

Neill Mcirvenna

Really enjoying it good game

Stephanie Houck

HORRIBLE!!!! Yet again another match 3. Do u guys ever do anything else? Impossible to pass levels in the match 3 w/o tools & dumping $ to buy crystals to buy tools to pass. This is 1 of ur worst HOGS. UNINSTALLING 4 GOOD. Tried to give 2nd chance....ur match 3 ruined this game for me X2. Deserves no stars. Negative a million stars.

Sandra Kane

Excellent game!A real find.Thanks G5!

Dennis Lumière

Theres a few issues, like its a bit laggy at times. The little characters on the map during cutscene seem to disappear right away after the cutscene, it seems like a bug. I'd assume they are supposed to stay there for the duration of the quest. Another thing, the animals during the scenes moves in your other games, however they don't in this one. That'd sort of disappointing since i enjoyed the moving elements in scenes. I like the new faction feature, its interesting. Still need guild system.

Kira Tristain

The match 3 is the worst , why put the location pictures there? It takes a thousand and one tries to even win it! Its not challenging if it is anything its very frustrating and takes the fun out of playing the game. Do better.

Rebecca Mcalister

I really love this game

Andrea Melissa Petersen

😴 boring

Janet Dear

😞 sadly way to much story, tap to skip didn't work, got so fed up with it, shame 😡👎

Florelita Murallos

Very engaging but sometimes frustrating🥺

Georgina Kimm

Very good at the moment

Elizabeth Grasso

3 match game quests are almost impossible to pass. ruined it for me. everything else was great.

Carrie Brooks

Interesting game

Divya Bishop


Kathy Eller

Good game


BREATHTAKING graphics, unique plot and a variety of scenes. However, sometimes it freezes and it makes you get bored by playing the same scene again and again and again, just to gain the item you need to move forward. Keep up the good work !

Jenny Sanders

Alot of talking and story that I don't really find interesting. The hidden object part is decent though.

Meri balian aghbol

Very very nice and addictive and colorful games ,thanks a lot for all g5 games

John Pedro Pologon

A new game. Yaaas. I'll make it 5 stars for now and let's see if I enjoy this game. So exciting

Nicky White

I am loving the storyline, the games are varied as expected from g5, and the drawings are lovely!! Enjoying playing so far!!

arica ward

Good game

Jane Sawdon

Finding the item is the fun bit understanding the game different matter how do you retrieve the item from the inventory what are there they for what is the candles for there no information great information if you want to spend money but on the whole the game doesn't give clear instructions why collect items if you carnt use them losing the will to keep playing

Amanda BURKE


susan nuttall

Great game to play

Paul Denmead

Shame, has potential to be a good game if it didn't keep jumping or freezing an if it were slightly faster as seems too slow at moment

Aleksandra Herezo

Love it

Wik Jon