HeroShip – Adventure Idle RPG

Author: PlayHard.Lab

10,000+ install
Role Playing


HeroShip – Adventure Idle RPG – Hero! Ship! Adventure! Treasure!

Detailed info

File size: 91M
Update time: July 30, 2021
Current version: 1.4.203
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: PlayHard.Lab
Price: Free
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Customer review

Francis L. Clément

Old ...Fix the saving restarted twenty time ffs u can even buy stuff then lose it New rely nice as expected

Fuza Kenna

Still no cloud save?

Monkey Butter

One star for asking for a rating as soon as I booted the game for the first time. Don't do that.

Gamer Forfun

Please fix it.. Loading is stuck at 7%

adam vavlitis

Stopped being able to collect money.


Minor glitches with the treasure chest. Can be a little bit difficult to play with-ought it.

Joy Hall

Worthless. Wont even load to actual game . Havent been able to play at all

Silver 01

The app crashes online or offline at the intro of the game.

Anisah Arief Putranto

Ok. Gaserty tyuiohjeasdd Caerty naemon @🥰

Lamy Chopes


Andy Febrico Bintoro

Need cloud save for this kind of afk game. Need google play achievements too.

WL Pang

So many bugs happen such as i got xero gold from auto hunt reward and passing through stages.

Kenneth Hoang

Terrible game. This game crashes over and over again. Dont play this trash.

Việt Cường Tạ

I cant login another device :((

Ja'Quaylon Mayfield

I like the art style and the gameplay, but i couldnt play more than a few minutes. It would kick me out the game, and reset my whole progress.

justice paul bazilwich

asked me for review before i evem played the game

Tim Beans

Game starts on a black screen and crashes. I tried to reinstall a few times but still the same problem. I have a moto g7

Chris Alexis

App not responding!!!


Needs more heroes and elements like water, electric, earth, light and dark

Michael Marshall

Was a pretty good game very easy to play. However It showes no internet connection and won't refresh my dungeons and Dailey challenges but still loads ads. Any solutions?


Neat game but gets boring

tYu .K

This game just crash out of nowhere. And the game data will reset. Seriously, it's been awhile I found such a trash and garbage game

Joemari Butlig

The game is awesome but the thing is, its hard to upgrade the skills. Like you need 150 skill orwhatsoever thing to upgrade your skill to only level 2.

8M_B13 Sevilla, Vince Diego

aAAAA so goodddd so far I'm enjoying it. I hope there'll be more updates soon like for a wind element and more heroes hehe.

Mark Gaveria

scam recharge..

Lainela Descartin

Good game

Christopher Beck

don't ask me before I even play the game

jia hong Choi

No cloud saving, too much ads

Dillah Morni


lucifer archangel

I play until stage 29, and its didnt give me gold for clear each level, also the auto sailing not giving any gold. When reach lvl 31 its more worse, they didnt give you any gold and meat for clearing level also for fast sailing.... Send email already but nothing happen or even reply my email.

Truyển Thanh Tạ

I think there is a bug for equipment drawing, I never got a Epic class bow, hmmm

salah muka

Decent game, but ads dependent. Yes you can progress without watching ads, but hey, those ads offer much more for your progress. Uninstall for now.

Michael Blackwell

So I am enjoying the game, ads are optional but the rewards per add are pretty decent. As of right now. Hopefully the rewards scale with the cost of things as I progress. But worth giving it a shot. Good job devs. 👏


No update for google save or Facebook save... Waste for time to grind

Katherine Craw

Seems like a cute game if only I could play it. Constantly crashes I can't even get through the first adventure.

kathleen ryan

Sorry i cant read dots.

Hiro Sujatmika

nice job for dev long live

Charlene Hixson

App doesn't work at all. Can't play a game that won't open.

Mark Florence Capili

This game is cute. Adventure with merging system. I love this game but... The apps are crash then after you log in again game start from The scratch. Progress of the game can't save even if you have a data connection or offline. I hope the developer read this. Thanks.

reza irfandhani


Will John Ardiente


Thuận Nguyễn

Cute and relax, 5*

Артём Логинов

Such a seemingly simple game is absolutely not optimized. Constantly freezes, ads crashing. It's trite, I don't want to go once again, because this is not entertainment, but torture.

Kakashi Sage


Jonathan Golba

Solid RPG that makes itself unique

Patricia R Mouser



amazing game

Aston Barnes

Would be a pretty fun game, neet art style and plays smooth. Unfortunately there are ads after pretty much everything, you don't need to watch but you will miss out on ALOT if skipped. Need to be able to pay to remove them.. Will improve stars when and if its done before i uninstall


You ask for a review before I even load the game? Have a review!

Lei Cueto

Fun game

dynemo kun

Decent but a litle strage progresing system its not bad its just nee

Mạnh Vũ

Extremely lag whenever ads-on

Jonathan Tabios


Richard M

asks for review before I even play the game and review wouldn't go away unless I did this

lucky agrawal

Really good game

Al Huang

Devs abandoned the game it seems

Subandi Sutama

easy play and so much fun

Morgan Cole

asked for a review on start up.

Carmelo Cabezo

Lost my progress after reaching world 3. Every time I get there and come back, I'm back to World 2. Please fix this.

Caruto Cruizamaki

Would probably rate more but i cant even open the game

Joshua Seegebarth

Les go

Tapiko Takupe

Don't try, you will get frustrated. The framedrop will make you uninstall the game.

Paul G

I made 3 purchases of the cheapest this and only one of them actually gave me what I was paying for while the other two just took my money and gave nothing

Restoration Repair mobile

when rerror game, the game will loss data playing

ryan martinez

Doesnt update my game. No offline rewards for me and dungeon keys doesnt refresh.

Emmanuel Roldan

Fun game

Rudyard Gaceta

It sounds good but not even being able to play it makes it really bad. Im stuck on the start of the game, dialogue doesnt continue, I will keep the game for a week, if its still the same.....


Not bad but ads free option much required


So far pretty fun.

Maxi Alexander

Weekly quest is bugged, can't progress on the task listed for days now

Steve Siew

just started and everything just ok

Jerri baird

I love it

Graeme Wong

Fun, cutesy, low commitment game. However tbh I spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. Would be nice to have an option to claim rewards while skipping the ads, I would pay for such a permanent perk. Other than that, the number of draws before drawing an epic hero should be capped at 10, not increasing, as it exponentially increases the difficulty of upgrading your heroes as the game progresses.

Jay Jones

How dare you😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

Robert Campbell

The game is wanting me to review it on the loading screen the first time I open the app... This doesn't bode well boys.

Hai Nguyen

I couldn't complete the weekly quest because the quest is not updated...

Frozen Icicle

it's fun.. justbfun

MAEd Santiago, Julius D.

Ame was great but it always, always shuts down. It just closes by itself.

Excelsior Comics

haven't even loaded the game and it's asking for rating. if game blows me away, might change

Varun Githala


Mark Daniel Prado

Keeps restarting. No save progress. I guess, it is still on develop.

Pedro Julian

haven't played yet?

Bouwe Kalma

I like the game but spent some money but havent gotten my rewards

Kuro Kuma

Pretty meh, mostly just need to top up the whole thing. Just ads ads ads to lvl up

kevin pekelny

First of all can't rate a game I haven't played yet, second watched an ad to 4x my gems and got none at all, third tried to make a purchase then the game crashed. Looked like fun at first but then just ended up being frustrating...


really awesome


The game runs like poop and crashes when every you activate a skill waste of storage IMO


Cant even get into the game


Um, couldn't play and asked for a review. Not worth the time.

Bro Reak


Michael Soh

Game looks decent but if you keep forcing me to rate before trying it proper i'm definitely rsting 1 star

Peter Yen

It's a relaxing and cute little game to play.

Rogelio Jardeloza Jr

Hello please contact me because I made an Anubis purchase but it did not reflect in my game. I hope you could reach out so that we can fix the issue. Also please include a "contact us" option in the app

Jim McCallson

So far so good, but I haven't gotten far

Andria K

It's a fun game. Cute graphics. I've only just started, but I already love it!

Afue Rion

I made a payment for under a dollar for that newbie package, payment was successful but i didnt receive my hero. Pls fix this.

Vino Vigor

Please fix this. I am unable to save my progress. Whenever I reach the 2nd word, game auto crash and when I play it again it loads in the intro. I am stuck here. I tried it 10 times. Waste of time if this not fix yet.

Rye Horrell

Would try opening the app for a blank screen to pop up and to be thrown back to the homescreen of my phone Completely unplayable for me

Văn Thanh Trúc

Paid The Package0.9 and got nothing..Give my money BACK

Alyssa Refior

Well this game looked cool so I downloaded, only to be disappointed by nothing more than a black loading screen, no matter how long I wait. So one star sadly. Hope you can fix some day and maybe I will try again