Heroes vs. Hordes: Survival

Author: Moon Studios Inc.

50K+ install


Will you survive waves of enemies? 🔥
Defeat hordes of orcs & bats using powerful weapons and spells.

Take control of mighty fighters, equip the best weapon and defeat the mighty enemies – vampires, orcs and skeletons! Will you finish the wave? Or maybe you get overflown with enemies? Experiment with different weapons and power ups. Level up your character and win! 🏆

💣 Run till you put down all the monsters 💣
★ The enemies will continue to encircle you. You must survive! Use swords, bows and spells to survive. Don’t forget to collect the treasures and stars that the defeated enemies will drop.

★ Each level gives you access to new powerful upgrades – would you chose new weapon or upgrade your inventory? Put your strategic thinking into practice, test the best strategy and survive the waves. Enjoy the action game of the year!

★ If you survive long enough you will encounter the powerful bosses, skeletons and vampires! Those dangerous fighters can resist your attacks for much longer and deal much greater damage. Take your distance and attack! 🗡

★ Explore new areas and new enemy types. If there is anyone who can stop the raiders it’s the Heroes vs. Hordes 🧙‍♂️🧝‍♀️. Don’t let his look foul you. He’s the mightiest of his kind and will do everything in his, and yours, power to defeat the enemies.

Heroes vs. Hordes is an action survival game. You can save the world from vampires and monsters if you use the right strategy. Play the game for free!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 8, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Moon Studios Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Greg Currie

Uninstalling the game. I enjoyed it for a while. Why 1 star? This game is singular in its penalizing login reward system. Unlike other games that keep reward you for logging in, this one wipes out your bonuses. Why bother rebuilding 10 days of login bonus after you miss one and it gets wiped out? No thanks... Uninstall and move on....

Daddy Collins

Kool as a drank

Scott Bell

A nice game. Very very repetive. Same maps, limited heroes (that are generally all the same), limited weapons so you always build the same way. It's a fun game at first, but quickly grows tiresome.

Daniel Jeffery

Good game

Thomas Watson

Fun so far...let's see if it's p2w.

Luis Reyes


Colton Tidwell

Ita great!!!

matthew enriquez

Lil time waster with permanent buffs

Alex Dup

Pretty good

Daren Bolivar

Pretty good game, the problem is that it keeps crashing and resets me to a lower level. I suppose that's fair but yeah, it just keeps crashing. I hope the devs put more optimization to the game.

Leo S

Just one issue, could you give an option for the joystick to be in a fixed position in the centre of the screen??? Sucks that it starts wherever your thumb touches the screen, really messes up the movement and gameplay. Soul Knight does this joystick aspect very well.

Jeffrey Simmons


Nicholas Nolan


Mic H

Fun but gets repetitive. Every option for the gameplay is predictable and can get boring, an easy game to forget is there

Misha Millkamp

Good game

David Wilson


Brian Foley

Just uninstalled a game of the exact same design. They both get 1 start for being profit hungry copies of better games. Garbage.

Isaac Parker

It's good

Steve Henry

Fun offline game



jorndell sitahal


Hehelonelyme lonelylonely014


Michael Laird-Gage

Fun and addictive



William Johnson


James Alindao

this game crush every 5 mins

Thor Thuren

Crashes non-stop since newest update. Needs more game modes and variety. Not really any interesting builds to create, its just very basic.

Jordan Schrader

Pretty fun game

joe gregor

Crazy high priced packages with very few rewards


The game is very fun but for when you start put, there should be more of a weapon selection.

Chip Tate

Egg union real fast. Fine dyne

lee woodcock

Great so far!

Daniel hofer


Abraham Edlin


Willy Lenoir

Not bad

Justin Medart

Love it, this is the only game I have found with a reasonable ad system. Game play is solid with in-game currency being fairly easy to get. They do seem to be currently supporting the game and even working on/adding new content.

SavvyX Banana

Slow start but it definitely picks up

Jim Michael

This game has been a blast. A true shiner in this growing genre. Developer has a laid out roadmap of upcoming features. The downside is most definitely the volume of ads, but it's a bearable amount in my opinion. There are a multitude of ways to grow in strength, all at a great pace. Many ways to customize your game play, including different starting weapons and gear to grant you varying and meaningful benefits. All in all I have been very pleased with this download.

Eric Fronek

Great game! Fun, good progression and ads are reward based. Developers, THIS is how you do ads.

Spencer Frye

I wanted to like this game, but it's as heavy on ads as most reviews mention. Got a bad power up on level? Ad. Died? Ad. Want more rewards? Ad. Ran out of energy? Ad. There's even a daily mission to watch ads. It's basically run the book on monetization which kills the fun.

David Velandra

Seems fun, I'll update as I progress


Great time killer. It would be nice if devs can also add an endless game mode and enchantments for hero weapons. Looking forward to future updates.

Dei Paulo Torralba Pe

The whirlwind skill on knight doesn't appear anymore, please fix this bug.

Liam Lockwood

The game is incredible and there isn't any bugs as far as I can see. But one thing is that the game is just like other games on the app store so I think it should have a few adjustments. But other than I think people should definitely download the game.

Lukasz Kowalczyk

great game :)

Falling Away From The Sun

Decent game. There's an actual game to play, and the ads aren't too bad.

Jesse Pink

simple game with way over priced in game purchases

Charles Wheatley

Y is it that every time I start the event or even start a wave sometimes every other wave the game just closes out an then I must open it again an let it load up . I keep losing a lot of progress that ive made an not only that it costs me att my jewels everytime I do the event I think I've spent like 2000 in Jewel an not one time have I been able to score in the event not once it keeps booting me out

Austin Lane

Pretty fun

Lazy Lightning

The worst rewards I have ever seen in a freemium game.

Duy Phuong Vu

New update to the Divine Aura makes it hard for the eyes to see and play. It no longer looks like an aura, but now a crazy rotating rod!

Johnny Skelly

Not so bad so far

Joel Adam Henderson

I like the simplicity of the mechanics

Samuel McCord



Just buy vampire survivors. It's $3 and 1000x better than this game

Timothy Sales


Curtis Bieber

Very fun

Tyson Archer



Needs auto aim bc there is so much wasted energy & getting killed for no reason. Plus so many items fail why I hate it. Why so many videos & not enough magnets to collect so I can upgrade to protect myself. Weapons don't work like they suppose to. I have played the game over 100 times & Divine Aura dont work bug cursor glitch & getting stuck. Enemies going straight through your energy ring that supposedly kills them. Wrong again it don't at all. Got cheated on gold rush. Weak Enemies kill You



Steven Jenkins

Fun game, but please change the aurora animation. I can't look at it for me than 10 seconds before it makes my eyes hurt. It's brutal.

Reggie Williams

1 star because of the ads. I can be on wave 3 and use a reshuffle ad. The ad only has audio and just a black screen. The only way to get back is to restart the game. You lose energy. I would not recommend paying for this game. Seems the ads making you restart and lose energy might be a tactic by the developer to get you frustrated enough to pay for no ads. The issue is not ram. I have 12gb of ram. Maybe update the game and add switching back and forth stage quality before and after an ad.

Todd Jason

Game play is sub par. Not worth the download.

Nichole Brown


SC Pilapil

Why the animation of divine aura change? Pls change. The spinning kinda irritates my eyes.

Albin Philip

Game is not moving forward. Stuck in the same level for days since upgrade doesn't have that much effect

Big Stein

Fun little time killer move around kill things collect stuff

Brian Warren

Fun and stress free my kind of game..

Emmett Richeson

Very fun


Crashes quite a bit. Not worth the download.

Calvin Green

It's fun

Tyler Knight

Edit: Reducing from 5 stars because the new visual for the damaging aura ability is practically seizure inducing. Please change it. Great so far, no forced ads which deserves 5 stars just by itself, but the gameplay is actually pretty fun to boot.

Brian Borgatti

Fun little game so far. I be off the better in the genre I've found

Cory Tracy

I'm getting so annoyed cause out of nowhere the difficulty sky rockets. I saw another review of them saying it didn't get harder but I know it has. Edit: I changed from 2 stars to 1. I literally went all the way back to the first land and somehow now I can't kill the boss?! This is a joke. I was able to go back and beat those levels barely moving and now I can't at all. What the heck? You completely lost me as a customer. Idk what you changed but you ruined what was a great game for me. Thanks

Marco Chandra

Still abit laggy

Trevor Knauber

It's good

Patrick Kletter


Daniel Peach

Fun game all around, limited ads and an enjoyable experience.

Gynanic Gaming

Great game honestly, clearly alot of thought and work has went into this, the only reason 4 out of 5 is I has opened 3 gold key chests offline and my phone died and I lost the keys for some reason and didn't get the items. Other then this glitch I've had a blast playing this game.

Deborah Hickey

Good game


So far it's fun, only about 5 min into the game. Tons of "Claim this and that... kinda like In diablo immortal. They have a bunch of "special offers" that constantly pop up... Seems like a copy of Magic Survival, just MS did way less monetization.

Michael McCool

let's you decide when you want to see ads. fun game play.

Zach Terrance

Fun game

Lord Maarg

Games with energy systems are awful. Do not support.

Michael Carleton

Fun game to past the time

Taylor Stevens

The reward system in this game is less than moderate, you have to grind endlessly or spend money to enjoy it at all.

Technomancer Hammerballs

It's a good and fun game but it crashes for seemingly no reason at all when you have the game open for more than 10 minutes

dalton mcdaniel

It's ok

Ryan F

I want to like it. But these ads are too much and it's energy based. So ridiculous. The ads seem necessary in order to progress by doubling your money, reviving, and re-rolling for better abilities. At a point it costs so much to upgrade vs. the time put in, it isn't worth it. Unless you watch an hour worth of ads or of course shell out $20. It isn't worth the in game prices and it isn't worth the time spent watching ads. $22 to remove ads!? 🤣 For this? 😂


200 coins

Weng David

You missed one of the important feature. An aim button where you can aim while moving‚ I saved for fire mage and archer to see it to be bad because theres no aim button I even tried searching for the aim button

Casey Lofton


Aaric Lewis

Love it

Anthony Estevez

Love it but then I dont has a super big glitch it for closes on his own so form a 5 start to a 1 start for now sorry.

Nam Nguyen

Kinda good to kill some time

Jason Phillips

Add based heavily very heavily cam off

Jose Carlo Macariola

its ok

Matthew Robbins

Great game

Jason Ubanan

This game is extremely AD-dictive, that's right, 'AD'-dictive. Game time spent is like 10-20% whereas you binge watch for the ADS for 80-90% of your time. Cause if you don't, trash powerups would just swarm you and walaahh, leads to you being unable to even complete a wave. I'm currently at hard mode and man, the imbalance of this game is off the charts. Mobs especially that wolf from 'frozen map' or whatever is extremely tough like an elite and also has insane movement speed.

Erick Paiva

Great game