Heroes vs. Hordes: Survival

Author: Moon Studios Inc.

50K+ install


Will you survive waves of enemies? 🔥
Defeat hordes of orcs & bats using powerful weapons and spells.

Take control of mighty fighters, equip the best weapon and defeat the mighty enemies – vampires, orcs and skeletons! Will you finish the wave? Or maybe you get overflown with enemies? Experiment with different weapons and power ups. Level up your character and win! 🏆

💣 Run till you put down all the monsters 💣
★ The enemies will continue to encircle you. You must survive! Use swords, bows and spells to survive. Don’t forget to collect the treasures and stars that the defeated enemies will drop.

★ Each level gives you access to new powerful upgrades – would you chose new weapon or upgrade your inventory? Put your strategic thinking into practice, test the best strategy and survive the waves. Enjoy the action game of the year!

★ If you survive long enough you will encounter the powerful bosses, skeletons and vampires! Those dangerous fighters can resist your attacks for much longer and deal much greater damage. Take your distance and attack! 🗡

★ Explore new areas and new enemy types. If there is anyone who can stop the raiders it’s the Heroes vs. Hordes 🧙‍♂️🧝‍♀️. Don’t let his look foul you. He’s the mightiest of his kind and will do everything in his, and yours, power to defeat the enemies.

Heroes vs. Hordes is an action survival game. You can save the world from vampires and monsters if you use the right strategy. Play the game for free!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 8, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Moon Studios Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review


This is a really good game

Victor Guta

Nice grindy game to get into

Reginald MacGinnty

Fun so far!

Ben Patridge

Great game! Very fun and loving the updates. Keep it up! :)


Have even bought a lot of energy but I keep losing energy every time an ad has an X and I click on the X and it takes me to Google Play I go back to the game it restarts and doesn't let me resume

Derek Smith

It's Fun

Cooper Leaich


Zachary Van Houten

Just started and I already love it! Good job!

DownRoad What what

Ok so far

Rus Bogdan


Cindy Lanier

I give this game 5 stars for the ability of the player to decide how they wish to play and easy way to change. Low ads, but ads I liked. A way to keep and try different heros as well as deciding what weapons to choose. I like the graphics. There is no talking back and forth. Just fun playing. And enjoyable playing. 😉

planet green eyes

Great game.....

Eve Barn

Uga booga

Dalton Justice

Super fun and easy! Love this type of game 👍💯

Steven Fontenot

Great game so far

Megan Urbina

I just love it

Michael Nilo


Jordan Gonzales

It's really good most game aren't hard but as you go on harder and harder it's just really fun

Kody Coupland

Just another fun horde game

Alix Shafi

A great game

Todd Moore

Pretty great game, seems slow at first but quickly ramps up into a game of true survival

Shawn Fuoco

Very good

Joe Lange

Fun way to pass time

Damian barta


robert Rodriguez

Dope game

Chris Nicholas

It's actually kinda dope almost a little bit kind of but not really.... download it! Play it! Consume consume consume... all jokes aside it's a good game

Larry Williamson



They gave me gold so 5 stars

Six Picard

Fun time killer

Zack H

grindcore af

Matt Osatchuk

Fun game....for once the preview was like the game play

Matt Siebert

Game wasn't so bad but you get hit with ads and a review us pop up after the first level. If you don't choose 5 star it just closes the menu like they don't want you to review at all. Those are scummy tactics to manipulate reviews if you ask me.

Michael kola

Bestest ever 💖

Jeff Henderson

Black screen ads kill your runs and waste energy. Ad removal is over $20 for a clone of a game that costs $2.

Kenneth Robinson


James Miller

Fun game

Adam C

Very much p2w. I can farm all day for orbs and it won't get me much. Oohh you want gear? You'll have to pay mostly for that, or just play forever and buy grays to merge. Good concept hoping somebody else makes a similar game. Of course it's true. If I change my mind and respect for the hero orbs I spend gobs of gems because I'm always starved for hero orbs. I'm stiffeled by the lack of gear and hero orbs.

anthony craven

Good fun destroying mobs in many different ways

Bryce Singhurst

Edit: Development team got a hold of me shortly after this review and were able to resolve the issue insanely fast! Great game, daily player (until now). I am on a 71% good bonus streak but the game suddenly won't let me click anything. It loads up fine but I literally cannot use any of the interface/shortcuts. Going to lose my streak, already missed a dungeon, and can't do my daily quests for three days now. I wrote support but got no response.


Great game love it

Micheal Brown

Lotta ads, pretty fun

Anthony Uribe


Leon Keller


Ben Shaw

Energy systems are a bane on mobile gaming. Forcing me to play when you want me to is ridiculous. If I want to play for 4 hours one day a week, why can't I? I will never buy energy and refuse to buy anything while I'm so limited.

Christopher Calder

Decent game.

Jacob Miller

I was a daily player and now the app no longer will launch. It just happened out of nowhere. Stay away.

Shisune Wolf

Very fun and unique game!

Rui Gomes

Just for the price

Noel Rocha

Pretty fun shooter, survival style game. Good graphics and no bugs that I've noticed. All in all a well made game.

b-rock p b

Reviewed not based on gameplay I rated 1 star because it's freaking insane how much money you want for in game items. No mobile deserves anywhere even remotely close to $21 for anything. The only reason you do this is because there are no rules surrounding mobile gaming. Devs can charge $100 for one life if they wanted and people exist who would pay. I find it extremely ridiculous. You can say all you want but as a fellow dev, I'm not that greedy and care about my players.

Philip Biedermann



Good game

Drake Hill

Optimal so far

James Trevino

Heroes versus hordes survival is a awesome game

Draco McDonald

So far fun



Christopher Baadke

Fun and challenging 🤪

Rocky Sharp

Addictive game play. Enjoyable well timed lvl ups.

Christopher Douglas

Fun little fast paced game.

Kevin Croom

a mage archero type that tries to be more than it is rather than focus on some areas of play spreads out to many characters and abilities and then added randomizers removeing control. Just way to complicated to be fun even grinding ends up feeling complicated and confused.

Joshua Cox

Fun time killer

Jason St-Louis

So far,so good. Really fun

darren halpin


Vulsvang Kai

Golden chests should not ever have low quality rewards. Waste of time earning the gems to purchase the chest.

Jonathon Denny

Better then lonely survivor but same game to an extent

PandaWarrior218 _

Super fun, a great time-killer. It could use a few more heroes, but there's still a solid selection so far. The powerups are fun too and pretty versatile; but just like with any game, there's a clear meta. All in all a great game and definitely worth a shot

James Vaughn

Great game

Ari Berghash

Great hoard type game so far there are some ads but nothing that gets in the way of gameplay. It's a fun and addicting gameplay loop.

Drew Brew

No ads costs 22$ f right off with that, play vampire survivors, only a couple bucks and way better than this rip off

Noah Armstrong

I love this game

Dan Newsham


Michael H

full of ads and $30 TO REMOVE THEM. ABSOLUTE SCAM

Juan Santos

So far so good

Leam campbell

Amazing game keep it up

Ksei n

more rewards

Maria Metko


Ivan Vujica

I have been enjoying the free game for a few days, unfortunately I've reached the stage where I feel I need to spend $$ to be able to continue the progress at the same rate. Unfortunately now it feels like a pay to win game and have uninstalled.

Robert Gonzalez Jr.

it's fun


Would recommend an arachnophobia warning for the spider boss that continuously lays thousands of baby spiders. Not a fun level :(

Shannan Bienke


Russell Cook

Well I waaaas enjoying the game. Now it won't even open after the last update. Just freezes on the loading screen. UPDATE: So the immediate response time was pretty amazing, and reinstalling was able to fix it. Updating to 5 stars. Looking forward to more content.

Andrew Shrapnel

So far, so good. Enjoyable, easy to play & the ads aren't too intrusive

Leanne Glascott

Love it so far!!

Kyle Brown


Dwi Nugroho

Always forced closed when watching ADS

Kenneth Butcher


Marie Nelson

Pretty fun game honestly am enjoying it.

Navin Paslay

Pretty fun, kind of addicting

Jedzilla 411

Really fun

Joseph Root

Very fun


Was fun at first, but after a while it doesn't matter what, or how many upgrades because you die quicker than anything, even when you just spawned in the level from reviving. Ads sometimes will make you leave the game app, and waste your energy for that try and the progress you was at making you start over back at the beginning of the chapter (?) - level (1). Not to mention the game crashes and reloads on me taking away all the progress.

Brett Bell

Pretty good time killer.

Peter Cila

I'm so far liking this game.

Thomas Evans


Zackaria Hoffman

Yes yes


I Can Let Mely Som Play On My Phone Now

Tim Van Waes

Very good game so far. Wish there were more skills to get, but what is there now is very well done.

Harpo Marx

Just another copycat game with high prices and of course.... an energy bar. Trash game.

Pier-Alexandre Fontaine

I've just started this game, controls are great and rewards are fair.

Duane Tarleton

it stops every time without a reason. it just stops and kicks me off