Heroes of Match 3

Author: Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.

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Welcome to the exciting Heroes of Match-3 universe!

Immerse yourself in a beautiful world of sweet history! The medieval atmosphere and amusing characters will not leave you indifferent. Match three sweets in a line and create many delicious combinations to help King Donuttan The Third regain his throne. Who knows, maybe YOU will become his heir?

Show your three-in-row puzzle skills and challenge other players in tournaments. Constantly earn bonuses by completing daily tasks. Play with your friends or other players around the world.

Dive into the world of grand battles and epic feats! Many heroes and lots of dramatic stories, as well as thousands of levels with exciting mechanics are waiting for you!

Game features:

✜ Satisfying: Gripping storyline, eye-pleasing graphics and fun gameplay.

✜ Entertaining: Go through the game alone or challenge your friends and players around the world.

✜ Fascinating: You will not get bored with a variety of tasks on thousands of different levels.

✜ Merry: Participate in tournaments and cups to appreciate the amazing in-game world and find out who is the best.

✜ Play everywhere: Automatic saving of progress allows you to continue the game on any platform. You can start playing at home on your computer and continue on any mobile device with the same game progress.

✜ Completely free: The game has plenty of ways to get extra coins, such as bonus games, rewards for tournaments, helping friends and much more.

NOTE: Heroes of Match-3 is absolutely free of charge, but you may want to pay for some additional game features.

Detailed info

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Update time: Sep 14, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cheryl Powell

very enjoyable and relaxing...

Yvonne Peddycoart

Started off easy and became more challenging, nice. Later it's levels we're too stressful because they were too hard.

Jimmy Guidry

a really great game

Christine Hamilton

i like this game

Katrina Gray

great hame

Jo-Anne B.

This game was fun with nice bright colours. I didn't like that I couldn't see how many moves I had. I'm sure it was there somewhere but I could not find it.

Nicolas Balleza

it's really fun

Christine Grochowina

When it works it is a great game. Although I have internet connection with all my apos and games, this one keeps telling me there is no internet connection and I therefore can't pkay it

B Soniya

cute and nice game different levels

Ryan Buytrago

I really love this game

Carolyn Williams

Boy what happened to your game i had to uninstall it back a while ago just now decided to reinstall it again it's plays really bad legs awful unplayable update i will be uninstalling it levels becomes unbeatable after awhile pay to play wish everyone good luck with this one have to keep playing levels countless of times trying to pass them not me I'm out 👎

Cecily Scott

I really like this game, it's different but the game play is slow, moving your pieces isn't smooth. The pop ups after almost every move is extremely annoying. I don't need to know that a move was awesome or great constantly. Again, I really like this game, but the timed boards are hard to clear because you only get 12 seconds and with all the interruptions during game play, makes it even harder, cause you're being distracted. I don't want to uninstall, but if I keep being annoyed, it's got to go

Larry Carter

well so far it's fun but I just started, well just have to C

Regina Lowery

Love this app.

Christine Roberts


Karen Hernandez

easy cool game. nice to have easy during getting ready for holidays 😊 happy holidays

Joyce Beavers

The time limit poison ruins the game

Daniel Saavedra

just started playing so far so good 👍

Sheila Saunders

it's really not what I expected, it's different and that makes it fun, ads short and few. Good Job guys.

Deborah Watkins

LOVE IT!!!!!! Still got it, still play it [almost every other day!] Absofreaknlutely love this game.

Susan Risdal

Works much better on phone than on PC. Nice time waster that keeps things interesting with changing game play.

Ma K

It's sad this game cheats so much. It removes lives, doesn't count levels passed in a row, coins disappear, you can use a booster the game removes but doesn't put into play, constantly removes turns while a turn is in play, and other stuff it shouldn't do that are what I say is the game cheating. Oh yes, this game will screw you over to keep you from passing the puzzle or level. Read rhe fb fanpage, plenty of others say the same. Don't know why it's so important for the game to do this but does

A Google user

I play this game on facebook, how can I connect to the one on facebook. All other games have a connect to facebook pop up.this make you start all over again. I want to continue on the one I already have. If I can't connect to my facebook one I will delete my cell phone one.

Andrew Carol Bell

not a bad time waster

Cindy L Mora

Just installed the game on my new phone now haven't played it yet tho

Roxanne Street

I paid $4.99 for 3 days of life and have not received it. When will i get what i just paid for?

Cherta Westfall



play this game and enjoy the fun .

Julie Britland

Had this game for months & was my favourite.. But stuck on level 939 for weeks as its impossible for me to pass it. Too hard😡👎 So thinking of uninstalling it😞💩 STILL THE SAME... STILL STUCK ON LEVEL 939👎😡😞 So got to uninstall my favourite game😡👎💩 Thanks for helping... Not.

Tiela Hicks

cool game

Angie Propheter

fun game

Rob Lenheiser

The perfect match of flawless mechanics, engaging game play, simple controls, and blazing graphics. I LIKE this game!!😃

Rusty Warriner


Susan Earle

Sorry not for me

Lorraine Harvey

good game

antoinette alishofski

great game lots of fun.😄😄😄😄😄

Carol Coutts

Finally, found good game tried them all toon blast homescapes pet rescue ,etc installed and uninstalled, so many this game has really got my attention enjoy, and so much fun, thank you makers of game 🤗

Anthony Sobeck

exciting game i like it especially the graphics and everything else

Cyberwizard Productions

Extremely frustrating that you cant turn the bouncing "use this booster" hint hand off. You either have to keep matching rapidly, or the hand shows up, bouncing up and down, pointing at boosters and then pointing at the board and telling you where to use them. Apparently the developers don't care that some people want to be allowed to think, and are capable of clicking a 'hint' button if they want one. The hand is so distracting that it is impossible to play this game. Also, the developers busy the game, so it's impossible to match quickly - and they frequently wipe out good matches as they do stupid stuff. All the little characters have to do their animations, a donut has to pop up and say things like "wow" or "low health" all while the bad guys are still hitting you and taking health away. But of course you are constantly offered 'boosters' to buy and other things that will make winning much easier. All together, this game is out to get your money, and frustrate you as much as possible. Avoid it.

Brenda Drosten

this is fun

Sandra Dalhouzie

Its a very addictive game.I love it.

Randy Cook

It's ok game

Dodie C

I have played many games and this is by far my favorite. There are ads but very short.

Amanda Clawson

Fun and more interesting than candy crush. I am really enjoying what the heros can do......they are funny and silly and is very much entertaining. I imagine developing this game was a lot of work. 🤟🤟🤟☺️☺️☺️🤓🤓🤓💫💫💫

black lotus xx

very cute. I enjoy it. not your normal puzzle game. love that my moves kick butt!

Desmond Ofordire

I find this game to be very enjoyable

Lori Lam

Fun game

Nancy Nelson


Mary Thomas

Little good game I like it

Mindy Deacon

Love the heroes games! They do get challenging but that's what we want right...most match 3 games are so easy!!

Hilary Harris

Love this game! Out of levels. When are new ones coming?

Karen Jeffries

A good one

Donna Foley


Beverly hopkins

Game is okay but as an older person I find it hard to see colours in the nets and stickers also very very hard to see

Elsie Denner

Can't connect why

Sharon Price

Nice game i enjoy playing

Eric Curtis

Not my style

Common Sense isn't 2 dimes and a nickel

This is a child's game

Patricia Hammock

So far not losing

Karen Bennett

Different match three game good variety of challenging and easier levels thank you:)🙂👍

Diana Schafer

It's different

Sue Harkins

Pretty fun game. 5 stars

Kim White

Love this game!! Awesome graphics great story line love different stages love the levels and you have work to win keep up the good work God Bless

tania eksteen

To soon will rate again later☺

Kris Kros

Nice game, and you can do all for free :)

Kymm Stephens

Fun game.

Juhari Lian Cheng Keong

Yes sir, it is so wonderful and lovely fantastic way for me to play on Heroes Match 3 and I have played before and it is really beautiful games

Rose Kalinowski


Lana Silvani

Kool Game

Teresa Mccroy

Love this game

Lyn Richardson

Love this game! Waiting for new levels as have completed and reinstalled twice already lol

Sherri Parks

Threw me out of the game, but, went back to my score where i left off! Game was pretty awesome!!! sometimes aggravating but other times not!! Thanks for sharing!!👍 i am a slow reader and while i was reader passed me into the next screen whether i was done reading or not!!!!

Holly Lee

I like this game but I've been waiting 4 months for an update.

Irene Bowen


Barnhouse Nanny

Easy fun

Aina Ariena

Play it all. Fun n enjoy the game graphics. But sound of the clown laughing is totally scary for me. Please update more level. Tq

james Sheppard

Bets game ever you need to download it takes up time if you are boared during covid lockdown

Darla Griffin


Aisling Morris

Fun n fruity

Coral Seymour

Absolutely love this game but gutted I've finished all the levels😟 when will there be more please??

A Google user

Figured out the shark levels, thanks

A Google user


A Google user

Like this game matching is fun

A Google user

Love this game

A Google user


A Google user

Very boring

A Google user

Like it real nice need more to it.

A Google user

So it's a good game

A Google user


A Google user


A Google user

Just downloaded bcs the other sugar heroes still hasn't updated & I'm loving it already.

A Google user

Good game just fed up waiting for new levels

A Google user

Great game love playing it

A Google user

Lots of fun.

A Google user

Fun, colorful, and challenging game. I absolutely love it & I play it daily. Thank you very much @ cleverapps

A Google user

Different than other games. A lot of fun to play!

A Google user

Cute game

A Google user

Fun but different kind of match 3 game.

A Google user

Another cuter version of my fav😁🍉🍏🍇🍥

A Google user

I like this game