Hero Spaceship

Author: TNT Game Developer

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Hero Spaceship is back, and it is mightier than ever!

While Hero of the galaxy uses its arsenal of weaponry, it needs YOU to guide him through the endless waves of evil enemies and become the ultimate hero spaceship.

As Hero spaceship gains experience through hard-fought battles, you decide which skills it learns.

Are you a fan of survival games or space hero games? From a complete noob to a warrior, a giant spaceship stronger, combine the best skills to destroy enemies and become the conqueror! You can create thousands of unique skill combinations to overcome the challenges and survive each wave of enemies’ attacks.

Hero spaceship has a lot of skills in weapons and assistive technologies, you get something new as you level up.

With simple and attractive gameplay, the game will bring more interesting moments of rest than ever.

If Hero spaceship is out of HP, your game will be over. But do not fret! You and your Hero spaceship can always come back stronger than ever.

Be the savior that Hero spaceship needs!

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Update time: Jul 25, 2022
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Developer: TNT Game Developer
Price: Free
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