Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense

Author: Type Ten Studios

50,000+ install


Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense
This is Hero Royale! Enjoy real-time, fast paced PvP and Co-Op battles.

Clash with epic bosses and their minions in defense of your kingdom. Collect powerful heroes and special abilities to build the ultimate battle deck and claim victory as you compete with players from around the world. With victory comes new stadiums as you climb the ranks and earn more chests, gold and trophies!

NEXT HERO – It’s no longer just a random roll of the dice, with the Next Hero button you can plan your merge and spawn strategy.

MASTER DECK STRATEGY – Choose which unit will be your Primary Hero and supporting cast as you head into battle. Decide which Ability card will best support your deck for maximum damage.

ABILITY CARDS – Complement the heroes in your deck with the perfect ability: Enhanced Attack Speed, Reroll, Energy Boost, Meteor Shower, Enhanced Merge, Instakill – these are just a few of the ability cards to collect and use!

• Real-time PvP fights in worldwide matches
• Join forces in a Co-Op battle to fight a common enemy
• Primary Hero – guaranteed to be the first unit spawned on your field
• Daily and Seasonal Crusades
• Conquer new stadiums
• Collect and level up Hero and Ability cards
• Earn seasonal rewards

Rush into battle to defend your castle, or join forces in co-op to fight against wave after wave of enemies. Remember, merge your heroes wisely because the best strategy wins!

PLEASE NOTE – Hero Royale is free to download and play, but some game items can be purchased for real money.

Detailed info

File size: 116M
Update time: May 10, 2022
Current version: 1.20.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Type Ten Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

EMoneyDatruth ILT

Would love to see events and more stuff to keep us social, I'm new so I do not know if we have clans or guilds. Make it so we can do things with our guild in different ways, I love to talk to others. 5 stars 🌟

Katlin Brockwell

Great game.

Ala Din

Its so cool

Jamie Day

I love this game! Great flow and rewarding. I wish you got more cards from chests. But that's the only thing really. Also could use some more options for towers! I definitely recommend

Wolven Bane

It's an okay clone of Rush Royale with slightly different character types and good art. There are two major game breakers though. First is the glaring calculation error. Everywhere, from energy gain in battle to crystal rewards, the game frequently "forgets" to add resources to your pool. I've missed literally thousands of energy gain from Red Beard and Sneak because of this. Second is the gacha heavily favors whales. There's 3-5 chances (2 guaranteed) per month to get a legendary for f2p.

Richard Dell

Fun and simple.


i listen to music and it cancels it for your music please fix

Jason Esparza

I really don't like this game

Ionut Alex

Used to be a great game, but now with the economy/chest rewards change its just sad

Rafael Amadeo

Cool game needs more cards and emotes

nathan schear

Pretty good game, I enjoy the ability to see what comes next. The drop chance seems a little off, but still good game over all

Wil Cordio

Well. I was going to give 5 stars. But For about a week the game was 10 times better than rush Royale. But now you can see the bots are taking over now. I have lost 8 PvP games in a row. I've lost a lot of trophies and don't think I'm going to catch up. This was my favorite game until today. It's a shame that these game developers just get greedy. I really wanted this game to be fair. But it is not. I will play again when they fix unfairness of game play.

Aleric Clay

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Steve Mcnally

Doesnt work after recent update

Tyler Gaddy



They are just another money hungry game. Ingame currency is insanely overpriced. Stole the entire concept from many other developers. Utter trash..

Derek Kirchner

Great game !!

Kolia Legend

Keep hanging

Sarah Bell

Still loving it,Absolutely loving your game,different to another game called rush r#####,dont go changing your game too much,rush r##### added too much pay to play stuff,your game is great,keep up the good work

Oats Bruthur

Yes good game. Would recommend

Etheria O M F G cata

One of the best Merge TD Royale games as of this posting. As long as they don't decide to turn it into an imbalanced pay2win mess then it should stay that way.

Wannen A

Deleted this game because of the Tutorial . You can't skip it and the tutorial takes you through every button and every menu. The game is simple and multiple games have the same concept so no need for all that. Bye

Dre GrishPöi

Addictive AF



J Paulin


Shawn Dome

Really fun game, was looking for a TD game other than Rush Royale, I like this one more

Iman Najmi

It's fun. Hope to see more features!

Jeff Robertson

It is a fun random tower defense game. The ability to see the next tower is a great addition to reduce some of the RNG that makes these games frustrating imo. Very F2P friendly so far.

brian kittle

It's like rush royale ALOT and i love that game but being 100% honesti got this at 8 pm and it's 6 a.m and I'm still goin. I'm loving the heros and abilities way more than how other games went about it.. great job guys can't wait to see what updates bring to this...new modes and different styles of play hopfully..at some point no rush it's all ready great =D

Arthur Kent

Smart and fun game for everyone to enjoy

clifford cooper

Wondering when clans are out.. as I have a clan on rush royale. And alot of the members are waiting till clans are out on this till they move over. :)

Matt Keeton

Great potential!

Dale McCullough


Ethan Hall

Nice little time burner

Adams Barnard

I have recently become a huge fan of these merge royale games and actually wanted to create one of my own but have no idea where to even start since I don't know how to code. All of the ones I've played have been the same though with very little creative change so I am impressed so far at how different this game has been and hope to see it continue growing and setting a higher standard for future games to follow.

robert westover

great deck builder

Mathieu Smith

Pretty good


There are a lot of games exactly like this one out there, but this one seems far more promising than the one with 3D models. That one is pretty but the experience sucks....this is still undeveloped and loads of fun.

Nick Wilson

Really fun game! Only issue I've seen so far is after the match ends, my game freezes after I see the match results. I can close app and restart to play again, but its a little annoying. Please fix!

Sean G

Great game, very addictive.

EzY gaming

It doesn't even run.....when i open it shows makers name then goes white screen.

Quang Nguyen

No comments

Shrugs Alltheshrugs

Game is okay, not much different from Rush Royale in gameplay; cheaper upgrades for cards. Drains battery WAY too quickly, will likely uninstall.

Vincent Hardaker

Serious lag quite often

daretha Nagel

PvP lags so much it makes the battle drag out forever. Love the concept, will love to play more, but at the moment don't think it is enjoying.

Mathew Lopez

Overall, it was a great game. I love the perks. Just one comment on the selection monster: all eyes are the same size, and there's no horns or mouths, and there's no color in our reality lol. So, we are different shades of gray.

Jen Delaney

This is both an unbalanced mess and a huge waste of effort. Give it a huge pass right now because there are literally better games on the market. Maybe in a few months it'll be better.

Joseph Gossel

It's like every other tower combine game, but you know what your next tower combo is!! The blind rng is no more!! Cudos to the dev!

Zachary Bryan

I love the dynamic of the game play, and think they made it reasonable for how you get resources, but one it of every the times the advertisements lag and I have to force so the app. I'd give five stars for a little less of this.

Sugar Puss

I have just started, and fell in ❤️. Wish the store refresh rate was half of the 6hrs it takes. I also may have ran across a bug i will post in discord. Great game btw 👍

Bradly Alan

Hope this game is still this good when you start updating it.

Michael Moore

Need more things to do/clan but overall nice spin on the pvp tower genre but I know it's early stages of development so I'll leave at 5 stars for now.

Joseph Pamilar

I like how you have the system where you can see the next draw its so fun to strategize with that. Please keep up the good gameplay.

Darko Topalovic

Since this game is new there's such a good menu and gameplay I am enjoying so far keep it up the good work

Márton Borsos

Way better than all the other games in the genre

wilbur lee

Amazing game just love it

Steve Rebel

Game is ok BUT!! every time I play co op there's a connection problem half way through the game, other games are fine, which suggests your servers are no good, sort it out

Enver Kobinovic


Midnight Dream

Game won't launch

Aggelos Pipertzis

Game is realy nice even tho a little slow paced on the gameplay ... but i have a problem... since this morning my game decided to stay on loading screen indefinately... i left it on loading for up to 15 minutes hoping it will load... is there any fix for that ??

les green

Great game..


I love this game.... But recently switched phones after spending 30$ and my data didn't transfer i couldn't figure it out. I emailed the devs about my problem and they emailed me within 20 min and had transfered my data to my new phone within a day! Amazing this game deserves a play and the devs deserve some support thankyou


Im not watching an ad for every coop battle

Frank Morgan

Got done with tutorial, 1st match, up against a top player right off the bat, awesome. Uninstalled immediately. Want people to play this trash? Stop screwing everyone


Need update.!!

Hulk Gamer

Just s blatant ripoff of a better game. It's pretty comical and pathetic.


The tutorial ran perfectly. After that the game was almost frozen with lag. Turning off app and coming back does not help.


Game has a lot of potential. Pretty fun to play. Good game.

Rendra Infan Kurnianto

Amazing Tower Defense game


Really cool idea for units but game will freeze the heroes and enemy monsters and stop

stelthy 34

Changing my review as things are getting better. The update was a nice change. Still would be nice to gather some sort of chest after completing everything since I'm just building up shards and cannot spend them but co op has been pretty good.

Anand Patel

Love this game

Kev Bennion

Cool game . Great fun

ionutA angel

A nice tower defence game, way better than the competition because you can see what cards will be next and you can plan your decks, but I would like more graphics details, I'm sure it will come in time. Still missing the co-op, clans and emojis . This can be a 5 star game ... but its not there yet. 4 stars for now.

Joe Amin

Lets together were going to 7k trophies

Jeff Gennusa

This game is new, like launched last week. It only has pvp, but they are working on co-op and clans etc. So far, it's pretty nice. It has a nice feature to know what the next unit will be, which makes it more strategic than many games like this. You can also make a small purchase which will give you the rewards of watching videos without having to watch all the videos. This game shows good potential.

Sean Geo

This game is great! It's a merger game like Rush royale, random dice etc, it's got a great "next hero" feature that really adds to strategy and removes a bit of the rng. I love this feature. Like all mobile games you can pay to be max but they definitely haven't screwed over the F2P players! The battle pass is easy to do, just requires playing and a few hero/ability swapping. No win X amount or play with X hero/ability you don't have. I really like it and it's very addictive.


Great tower defense, card collecting game. Was just released on Nov 30th so a lot of new things are to be expected. I'm loving the background music, the mechanics feel similar to other games I've played but with a total different strategy which I'm loving. I'm only 50 game into playing the game and I won a legendary with the generous rewards!!! Keep up the good work.

Wibu Coding

No next button after tutorial

Valthroc Jenkins

Dev has been active on discord, keeps the community up to date, plus, I love the gameplay of it. For me personally I think it's all the info you get from the UI. Most games like these are just total luck. The way the games set up let's you have at-least a little better say of whats going on. Hope this game takes off so I have more people to play :)